Troops in desert warfare-adapted 4WD vans,Panhard VBL scout cars and Otokar Cobra APC spotted at 0900hrs, 15 May 2013

Troops in desert warfare-adapted 4WD vans,Panhard VBL M11 scout cars and Otokar Cobra APC spotted at 0900hrs, 15 May 2013


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  1. The drum beats continues to beat…Hoorah to the troops. Moraleeeeeee HIGHHHH!

  2. beegeagle says:

    Morale is very high, buddy.

    We are told to believe that about 30-35 units of desert warfare-adapted 4WD vans (paint scheme also desertified, ditto camo)and a similar number of Panhard VBL M11 scout cars and Otokar Cobra APCs have been moving in Borno alone.

    The gameplan is to attack and destroy all the training and operational bases in the desert areas hugged tight on the borders with Chad and Niger while the armies on the other side are primed and waiting in case the terrorists seek to retreat into their territories.In those sparsely populated areas, air strikes are going to be part of the action.

    All of this harks back to April 1983 when the pairing of Maj General Buhari, GOC 3 Armoured Div and Air Vice Marshal Alfa, AOC Tactical Air Command unilaterally blockaded our frontiers with Chad and counterattacked to reclaim 19 islands on the Lake Chad which had been occupied by Chadian troops, going on to seize 32 more islands from the Chadians.

    After a spate of denials, French satellite imagery proved the Nigerian occupation and our people withdrew. It was an armoured onslaught backed by MiG and A-Jet maneouvres direct from Maiduguri.

    Some of the sub-commanders who featured in that heroic effort were Lt Colonel Chris Ugokwe and the immortal Wing Commander Ben Ekele,distinguished Commander of the Air Defence Wing of the NAF.

    We shall overcome yet again. That is what it means to be Nigerian – OVERCOMERS! Watch us go, WORLD.

    • Blackrev says:

      Oga beeg abeg try as much as possible to keep us up to speed with pics about this mission since it’s in our territory. Unlike the mali deployment that later went underground.

      • beegeagle says:

        We shall try. God and a monumental fund of goodwill are on our side. So are BBM and WhatsApp.

        The uniformed chaps on this blog are just excellent and very resourceful. God bless us all and bless our FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA.

  3. Blackrev says:

    As much as i support this deployment, i hope our troops are professional enough not to violate the rights of innocent and non combatant citizens sha. May God grant them success

  4. beegeagle says:

    Our troops are deploying for action apparently. E go thick!

    How many of those Panhard VBLs do we have really? They are visible everywhere – I saw three in the Ovim-Ohafia-Umuahia axis alone where there is no war. Never mind what suffices in the Niger Delta..not to mention Kano, Damaturu, Maiduguri, Geidam, Nguru, Potiskum, Bama, Biu, Ngala etc.

    Do we still own 72 Panhard VBLs or has something flown under our radar by way of acquisitions? Remember the 2010 hunt for a squadron of Fennec helics, four large patrol craft, thirty gunboats and French armoured vehicles? Our friends at the global arms transfer registers could do us a favour and check to see if some more Panhard VBL scout cars have been acquired post-2010.

    Do tell us here or tell me backstage.Good morning all. The heat is ON.

    • Saints says:

      I do want to believe each columns has aerial cover. Especially those of the light skinned 4wd. And this heavy deployment might push Bh to the lower part of the nigerian rain forest belt. Surveillance should be more heavy around state borders to the unoccupied commercial zones

  5. Saints says:

    Sit back Generals. We are all going to enjoy this.

  6. tobey says:

    pls General beeg, what email address do i send the pics to?

  7. beegeagle says:

    Oga Tobey, reach me at

    I deleted the unfamiliar second photo which was posted in the comments section and which I said was sourced through a web search and was not sure of the story behind it but which had Panhard VBL and Otokar Cobra armoured vehicles.

    Tobey says the chaps in that deleted photo were 57 RC cadets of the NDA during a desert warfare training exercise at Yusufari. Perhaps that explains the “T11..T12..etc” inscribed on the doors of the Panhard VBL scout cars – “T” probably stands for ‘training’

  8. ocelot2006 says:

    Godspeed to our troops, but there’s URGENT need to swap out those soft skinned hilux for larger capacityMRAPs like the Casspire or Nyala. The Otokar cobra just won’t do. Maybe the NA and MoD need to learn a thing or two from the Nigerian Police Force.

  9. G8T Nigeria says:

    I want the Nigerian forces to make the first hard kill, strike and keep striking, the entire hemisphere of the three states locked down, searching every house, be it church or mosque. All politicians monitored and fones bugged. The Nig army then sends in relief materials with educational officers engaged in tutoring children. The international press well monitored and guided and any heralding false informations be sent out quickly. This is the last resort and we must support our president to make this work.

  10. ocelot2006 says:

    And it’s high time MOPOL squadrons and elite ATS and SARS units deployed to these areas are equipped with heavy weapons. If the DSS/SSS can equip its agents with the FN M-249 Minimi Light Machine Gun, I see no reason why the police shouldn’t do the very same. We even produce the heavier and more reliable GPMG locally.

    • Hey Ocelot….u sure the DSS/SSS pack the FN M249? That should be the SAW…right?

      • ocelot2006 says:

        Yes they are. Just after the ND insurgency and at the start of the kidnapping issue, the Delta state govt established a team made up of members of the JTF (Army and Navy), NPF MOPOL and ATS units, and DSS/SSS operatives. Apart from the CTAR-21 assault rifle, one of the agents wearing a black trench-coat and bandana (cheesy) was equipped with the M-249 Minimi LMG.

    • Akin Oges says:

      You are speaking my mind Sir. I had a privileged gist where FSARS (directly under FHQ Command – and hard as nails) engaged some bank robbers in the Abule Egba axis of Lagos not long ago; the robbers who were bearing GPMGs with the ubiquitous chain rounds and AKs with doubled banana clips outgunned this elite unit. What prevailed was the doggedness and battle experience of those chaps; as it was told, they disembarked from their unmarked 4WDs and flung themselves into the surrounding concrete gutters; the dare devil robbers then shredded the 4WDs with bullets. The operatives, satisfied the robbers have used up superior edge in firepower, engaged killing a good number; the robbers disengaged and escaped (the policy to recruit demobbed ex-MOPOL and ATS may be paying off then); but the point is made clear, the authorities should issue them GPMGs/Minimi(s) as a must.

      • ocelot2006 says:

        Ahhh…SARS. Arguably the NPF’s most dangerous branch. It takes a special breed of cop to sign up with a SARS team.

  11. peccavi says:

    Cry Havoc………………

  12. peccavi says:

    Just as an aside, there will inevitably be civilian casualties from this.
    It will be key that the FGN releases a public code of conduct which the troops are familiar with and that are also communicated to the inhabitants, telling them what to expect and how to cooperate with troops.
    This must also be announced to the foreign and local press so the world knows the FGN takes the rights and well being of its citizens.
    We know it works, Gowon did it during the civil war and despite the terrible things that led to the war, the rapid expanse of the army with partially trained and partially disciplined troops, there were no massive rights abuses at the end of the war.
    We showed the world with our no victor, no vanquished, we can do it again

    From a military point of view you will recall I suggested a multi divisional op to clear south to North. however this is totally pointless unless there are stopper groups in Chad, Cameroon and Niger. I have seen no mobilisations on those sides of the border.
    If the border is not sealed BH will simply run away and return again in force.

    This is not going to be decisive, however what we can say though is that the breathing space brought upon by this clearance op should be used by the FGN to fortify the towns and put in place infrastructure that supports the civpop and the military. Start improving standards of living etc so when the inevitable counter offensive starts from BH the people have a clear idea of who is the friend and the enemy.

    • jimmy says:

      oga peccavi great points to ponder.Collateral damage must be placed to a minimum and in areas where SUSTAINED COMNBAT takes placed aerial monitoring should be done.
      This I believe is one of the main reasons why NASSARAWA is under A DUSK TO DAWN curfew this is to forestall the attempted fall back plan for bh to fall back south.
      oga beegeagle I am beginning to suspect that the number of oktor cobra and Panhard VBLs are greatly under reported you recall a fellow ( probably you had reported that Nigeria ( an unnamed West African country) had placed an additional order.for more and some fellow bloggers had talked about how many they have personally seen in different states.

  13. Henry says:

    Oga peccavi, good points. To the latter, that is why the civilian government structure is in place, to take care of these issues.

  14. ifiok umoeka says:

    Greetings brothers, now I just have to grab my pop corn and soda. Like the sound of all of you, my brothers

  15. die9myte says:

    @peccavi very good point u raise there esp d last one about putting in place civil structures and amenities for the ppl,this cannot be over emphasis,so that when this ppl (possibly had luck to escape) and counter react,they ppl will hv had a proper sense of belonging and things they look up to,to call their own true dividend of democracy,so they will be overwilling to co-operate with govt to prevent just some callous ppl to destroy it.

  16. Yagazie says:

    GOD’s speed to our boys – I am confident that they will do a very good job and act in a professional manner- strictly observing the rules of engagement . Civillian casulties should be kept to a minimum and the millitary should actively engage in seeking to win ‘hearts and minds’ amongst the civilian populace.

    Also journalists (both local and foreign) should be embedded with the troops – and the Defence Information team at DHQ should give regular press briefings/updates- backed up with credible and incontrovertible evidence in the form of photos and satellite imagery. That way charlatans like the BBC, The UK Guardian and their lackeys – won’t have the space to spread their vile and misguided information/stories about Nigeria/ the conduct of our troops to the world. This is our war and we should control the news outflow and tell the story truthfully from our perspective.

    The enemy is to be dealt with ruthlessly and without mercy as they have ‘murdered sleep and shed so much innocent blood’- the same way our miilitary ruthlessly dealt with and crushed the Maiteseine sect disturbances/uprising in Kano during the early 80s.

    Meanwhile I am SO PROUD of our Armed Forces AND WE SHOULD ALL DOFF OUR CAPS TO THEM – check this out- they are simultaneously engaged in: (i) operations in the Niger-Delta – JTF-Op Pulo Shield (ii) internal security operations in Plateau/Nassarawa states (iii) internal security operations in Borno, Yobe and Adamawa states (iv) Ecowas peace enforcement operations in Mali (v) UN peace keeping operations in Dafur (vi) UN peace keeping operations in Somalia (MOPOL) (vii) peace keeping operations in Guinea Bissau (police contingent) – AND ALL THIS BEING DONE AT THE SAME TIME.

    Beegz and fellow Cyber Generals, is there any other country on the face of the African Continent that has a millitary that can truly match the breadth and depth of experience and ruggedness that our millitary have in jungle /mangrove swamp warfare, amphibious warfare, Desert warfare, urban/internal security counter-insurgency ops, airbone operations etc) all combined?


  17. Henry says:

    ****BREAKING NEWS****

    KANO – Nigeria has begun an offensive against Boko Haram Islamists, raiding camps in a remote northeastern park, while more than 2,000 troops have been deployed to retake territory seized by the insurgents, a military source told AFP Thursday.

    “Our men raided some terrorist camps in the Sambisa Game Reserve,” in Borno state, said the senior officer who requested anonymity. “So far 2,000 troops have been deployed to Borno,” he added, declining to comment on the forces sent to the other affected states of Yobe and Adamawa.(AFP)

  18. beegeagle says:

    Well done, my men. ATTACK them. They like to shed innocent blood. Make them spill their own blood for once.

    Do not forget to roll out the proven Panhard AML 60s and AML 90s. We own 180 units of those and 46 units of the more modern Panhard Sagaie..not to mention 75 units of EE9 Cascavel AFVs. Those AFVs have all been vetted in the desert – during the Libya-Chad War in the Aouzou Strip while France are fielding the Panhard Sagaie and Panhard VBL in Mali as we speak.

    Let us make the Panhard AML 60s/90s the expendable items of this expeditionary effort. They are tested and proven across terrains but are coming to the tail end of their distinguished service lives. Even France which popularised the use of the Panhard AML series AFVs did not field them in CIV in 2011 and in Mali, relying instead on the Panhard Sagaie.

    For ONE SHOT KILLS of those technicals in pairs, let’s back up these boys in Otokar Cobra and VBL armoured vehicles with the venerable, tested and rugged Panhard AML 60 which carries a 60mm mortar and the Panhard AML 90 which carries a medium calibre tank gun.

    As we head northwards towards Kukawa, Geidam, Damasak etc, we shall find ample space in pristine tank territory to clobber those terror-loving goons. Too many have gnashed their teeth on account of their exertion.

    God speed, gentlemen. Stay safe..feel appreciated and don’t listen to or read the foreign media. You shall win because you are the gallant tenacious troops of this Federal Republic of Nigeria who have always stood their ground in battle – from Burma to Sierra Leone, Abyssinia to Liberia – and most of all, God Himself is on the side of big battalions.

    “He who dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High, shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty..” The Lord is your Strength, gentlemen.

  19. beegeagle says:

    You are ON POINT there, Peccavi. Not a template to be ignored. Kudos.

    Mighty Yagz..da big masquerade! You get flow, man. I hail thee 🙂

    We do have seven battalions+a Company, support elements and an Air Detachment outside in Sudan, Mali, CIV, Niger, Liberia and Guinea Bissau at this time. There are also combative Formed Police Units in Mali, Guinea Bissau and Somalia.

    Simultaneously, we are tasked with CTCOIN in the Far North – JSTF and MJTF, CTCOIN-peace enforcement in Plateau and Bauchi states – STF and we have the complex and crazily multilayered COIN, littoral warfare, counterpiracy and anti-bunkering efforts of the JTF in the Niger Delta. The Navy are fully standing to the challenge of helping the sister republic of Benin with counterpiracy operations in their waters – Task Group 11.1 Op Prosperity.

    So that, factually, is the true picture.

  20. mike says:

    Oga yagz,you are right ooo.Gen beeg,you too much,nice pics.

  21. beegeagle says:

    Yeah Mike, good to see you again. War is good :)…if only because all the Beegeagle’s Bloggers who went AWOL are coming back vociferously..Admiral Rufus Rastus of the USA, then Tobey, now Mike. Where are Russell and Hussein o?

  22. beegeagle says:

    Hmn..tis a defence and security blog where discipline, loyalty, confidentiality and honour have to count for a lot. Otherwise, I would have just published the photo. Perhaps the chap in the photo is the publicity-shy type.

    Believe it or not, Camouflage1984 just sent me a photo of a Panhard VBL marked “200” and with the red-and-yellow colours of the Armoured Corps painted on it. What does that say?

    We started the day by saying that with the omnipresence of the Panhard VBL across the over 100 cantonments and barracks of the Nigerian Army, not to mention the numbers of them on the roll everywhere from Gashua to Geidam, Nguru to Potiskum, Bama to Biu, Jos to Kaduna, Maiduguri to Damaturu, Kano to Yola…not to mention the Niger Delta, the NA appear to have quietly ramped up their holdings of Panhard VBLs, a matter which becomes probable in the face of the publicised 2010 bid for French-made armoured vehicles.

  23. Drhobert says:

    Baba it has started.this is war make no mistakes about it.i look forward to seeing malian terrorists on our territory

  24. beegeagle says:

    Hmn..that reminds me. Which jets are we talking about here? Four modernised A-Jets were sent to Niamey for AFISMA. Could it be the Albatros jets in Maiduguri. Our own variants of Albatros jets are specially adapted for counterinsurgency operations.

    Concerning jet strikes, Nigeria’s variant of L39 is “ZA”. That is so attack-oriented. It is a step-up from the attack-oriented “ZO” variant which the Syrians have been using against rebels as we speak.

    L39ZA – NAF’s variant(24 acquired)


    Significantly upgraded L-39ZO for
    armed training and light attack,
    employing sturdier landing gear, a
    higher payload (total 1,290 kg (2,844 lb) and notably provision for a GSh-23L 23 millimeter twin barreled cannon attached in a conformal pod under the pilots’ compartment, having a 150 round magazine within the airframe. Outer pylons wired to carry K-13 or R-60 air-to-air missiles.”

    Ours have thrice been deployed either as fighters or for ground attack to my knowledge – in December 1991 to escort IBB’s plane from Lagos to Abuja, in 2007 at Panshekara and in 2010 when one forced down a Ukrainian plane ferrying arms to Equato-Guinea

  25. beegeagle says:


    Sambisa Game Reserve covers an area of 520sq km. It is about 70km south of Maiduguri, 15km west of Bama town and 50km northwest of Gwoza town.

  26. beegeagle says:

    Well, I recall that a pinpoint gunship strike and raid by JSTF troops took place earlier this year at Sambisa.

    Located only 10 miles from Bama, I am led to believe that IF the hoodlums who attacked Bama did not infiltrate from Cameroon, then they almost certainly came from this Sambisa Reserve or from the Mandara Mts.

  27. Eli Johnson says:

    Impressive show of force. I think also our neighbours will have better perception of Nigeria as a regional force. Reminds me of a Ghanaian Naval rating on operations in Sierra Leone, said they were awed when NNS Aradu (all though now old) entered the battle scene.
    Feel proud being a Nigerian

  28. beegeagle says:

    Gentlemen, I STRONGLY BELIEVE that this campaign is going to take our guys across the frontier into Chad and Niger, legitimately. You would be surprised about how much BH paranoia has gripped our neighbours. Two months ago, I read articles translated from French about stifling security measures at N’djamena Airport aimed at preventing a possible BH attack while people in the Diffa Prefecture of Niger have been feeling the heat of BH presence on their turf.

    The neighbours could have done intel work on their side and are just waiting to be sure that we are attacking on this side and they would get cracking at their own ends. Wait until the onslaught extends to the desert frontiers and see what happens next. Inevitably, a crackdown on this side would have already set off a heightened state of military readiness on the other side of our frontiers with Chad, Niger and Cameroon.

    The involvement of Chadians and Nigeriens at Baga, even without our knowing what roles they played in the fighting, might have been the signpost for the real possibility which President Deby has always been amenable to. Remember that last year during the meeting of the Lake Chad Basin countries to which Chad, Niger, Cameroon, the CAR and Nigeria belong, he called for a joint offensive against BH by the armies of the West and Central Africa borderland neighbourhood and affirmed their presence on the soil of all the countries bar the CAR.

    Keep your eyes firmly locked on these maneouvres, Peccavi. Who knows, SF chaps deployed under the auspices of the MJTF might well have crossed over to work with Chadian and Nigerien soldiers as we speak.

    Again, I repeat that Baga was the dress rehearsal for joint offensives to come but this time, inside Niger and Chad. This was what I was thinking when we talked about about expeditions(into Chad, Niger and Mali), Panhard AML60/90 and pristine tank terrain in Damasak, Geidam, Baga which are on the frontier…and BEYOND where we would inch deeper into desert terrain as we inevitably engage in hot pursuit missions in Niger and Chad. I see wide open plains, fleeing gun-trucks and the Panhard AMLs come to mind.

    Even for the purpose of interoperability, they are also mainstay in Niger and Chad, with Chad operating 82 Belgian-upgraded units of the Panhard AML 90 and its derivative(Eland) while Niger own a mix of about 120 units of Panhard AML 60/90.

    Both countries are amenable to the idea of joint ops and what I have in mind has been done severally between the pre-coup Malian establishment and the Mauritanians who have chased militants into Mali on numerous occasions and with the approval of the ousted Toumani Toure regime.

    When that begin happens under the auspices of the MJTF, you will remember that we said so at this time.

    Watch this closely.

    • jimmy says:

      I read the emergency decree very carefully and paid attention to the area of diplomatic channels.
      This to me was meant as an overture to Cameroon as well as a subtle warning that we may or may not stop at the border especially when we are in those mountainous regions where it is hard to distinguish whether you are in Cameroon or in Nigeria. Hence the fixed and ROTARY AIRCRAFT.

  29. Colonel says:

    I have been reading your blog without comment for some time now. I must say i’m quite impressed by the amount of factual information and attention to detail by Oga Beeg and a lot of other officionados of this blog. I must also commend your robust and unalloyed support for the improvements in the human resources, training, transparency and equipment for the armed forces.
    Do keep it up. You all have a lot of secret admirers who support your work.
    As Nigeria prepares to engage Boko haram with extreme prejudice, May God bless and guide Nigeria as we overcome evil forces bent on destruction in our beloved country…

  30. gbash10 says:

    God speed our gallant warriors,show them no mercy,shoot them in the skull and belly,crush their balls and will to ever cross our border again to kill Nigerians.
    God bless our troops and Nigeria!

  31. mike says:

    I wish our soldiers good luck.i hope they get the b*****ds.

  32. igbi says:

    It seems that some of our politicians don’t know they are supposed to encourage the soldiers,. One really wonders why we have those people protected by the SSS. They should protect themselves since they don’t know which side they are on.

  33. beegeagle says:

    NTA News at 2105hrs aired a report in which the Cameroonian Vice Prime Minister Ahmadou Ali expressed his country’s readiness to cooperate with Nigeria on trans-border security against the backdrop of a declaration of a state of emergency in three Northeast Nigerian states.

    The Cameroonian Vice Premier was in Abuja to deliver a letter from President Paul Biya of Cameroon inviting President Jonathan to a meeting on trans-border and maritime security in the Gulf of Guinea to be hosted by Cameroon under the auspices of the Gulf of Guinea Commission.

  34. beegeagle says:

    General Obix of Ukraine nko? I hope he is alright. Any technical hitches?

    • obi3000x says:

      Marshal beags, Sir! Gen Obix, GOC commanding 1st BE-CIS Foreign Legion reporting for duty! Just came back to base from SPEC vacation OP. No KIAs , no MIAs! 🙂

      • beegeagle says:

        🙂 General Obix himself! My man, I com dey wonder which kind AWOL wey you go wen all the cybermajors, cybercolonels and cybergenerals don appear for dis we cybergarrison ref NE Nigeria operators. See Major Ohis, Acting Major Benbella, Tobey, DrHorbert..everybody don reappear.

        Man, do keep tabs on procurement from the Russo-Ukrainian axis for us. Your knowledge and mastery of that strategic turf is a boon to Nigeria, I dare say. I hope the C-in-C splashes out on 8 Mi-17s and 8 Mi-24V within 0-60 days. Whether the frontlines expand or we have to undertake joint ops in Chad, Mali or Niger, we shall be needing them. US$70m and we are ready to pull them from good storage in Russia or Ukraine.No dulling, no skanking.

  35. majorohis says:

    It is About time!!!!!!!!

  36. beegeagle says:


    17 May, 2013

    Nigeria and Cameroon have agreed to strengthen cooperation and collaboration on trans-border security following the declaration of a state of emergency in the North-Eastern states which share borders with Cameroon.

    This was disclosed, yesterday, after
    President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan met with the Cameroonian Vice Prime Minister, Mr. Ahmadou Ali, who brought a special message from the Camerounian president Paul Biya to President Jonathan.

    A statement by the Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity,
    Reuben Abati, yesterday, said the
    special message from President Paul
    Biya included an invitation to attend a
    summit on security and maritime safety in the Gulf of Guinea to be hosted by Cameroon.

    He said President Jonathan accepted
    the invitation, and said current global
    security challenges make it imperative
    for countries to cooperate maximally
    in order to protect their citizens. “As criminality and terrorism have risen globally, it is important for countries to cooperate maximally, in order to protect citizens’, he stated.

    President Jonathan briefed the
    Cameroonian Vice Prime Minister about the state of emergency declared in Borno, Yobe and Adamawa States
    this week, and assured the special
    envoy that Nigeria would work with her neighbours to ensure security in
    the sub-region. He requested Mr. Ali to convey Nigeria’s appreciation to President Biya for the cooperation he has extended and the warm relations between the two countries.

    Earlier, the Cameroonian Vice Prime
    Minister, Mr. Ahmadou Ali, had told
    President Jonathan that his country was already identifying members that will form part of the committee on trans-border security.

  37. beegeagle says:


    May 17, 2013
    By Kingsley Omonobi, Ben Agande &
    Ndahi Marama

    Following the declaration of state of emergency in Borno, Yobe and Adamawa states by President Goodluck Jonathan last Tuesday, and the deployment of over 3000 troops and Counter Terrorist Squad (CTS) within 24 hours of the declaration, the military, yesterday, launched air and ground offensive in the thick forests of Sambisa, Borno State, an area which the Boko Haram sect was reported to have used as a recruiting and training base.

    A curfew (6 pm to 6 am) has also been
    imposed in the three states while banks and other public and government businesses have also been instructed to suspend their operations.

    Some of the residents in Yola, welcomed the offensive with a trader in Jimeta Market, Audu John saying, “the state has been under the control of gunmen for so long, this state of emergency is long overdue.”


    A senior military officer who spoke under conditions of anonymity said that soldiers attacked the area and dislodged the sect members who fled following the heavy military onslaught.

    The source added that the sect was yet
    to mount any serious offensive stressing that the Nigerian Army was backed by the Nigerian Air Force who are part of the operations. The source also said that soldiers are hunting down members of the Boko Haram sect in all their identified bases in Gashua, Yobe State.

    According to the source, “in line with the directive from Mr. President and military authorities to immediately dislodge the sect members, who are terrorising the states of Adamawa,Yobe and Borno in particular, as well as some other northern states of the federation since 2009 to date, our men raided some terrorist camps in the Sambisa Game Reserve, and other camps of the sect in the affected states, which I believe will have a positive outcome”.

    Another source who corroborated this
    claim said: “So far, more than 2,000
    troops have been deployed to Borno,
    and as I am talking to you, the massive operation and manhunt of Boko Haram members along Sambisa Game Reserve has started”. He, however, declined to comment on the forces sent to the other affected states of Yobe and Adamawa.

    The commencement of the offensive
    has also affected telecommunication
    services in the affected states as calls
    could neither be made or received which was believed was aimed at giving the security operatives easy chance to embark on their mission without hindrance.

  38. beegeagle says:


    17 May, 2013

    The Defence headquarters also,yesterday, ordered the deployment of
    more troops to take care of new
    hideouts (bunkers) and escape routes
    recently discovered. This followed intelligence reports that the Boko Haram terrorists and insurgents are now looking for how to escape the expected bombardments on their bases.

    It was further gathered that the new
    deployments would see units and
    military formations from the southern
    flank of the country being airlifted by
    Air Force Hercules C-130 and the G222
    medium range carriers to parts of the North as back up on standby.

    This is as a result of the fact that over
    half of the standing troops of the Infantry, Artillery and Armoured Corps in the Northern flank have continued
    to flood the three terror-prone states
    whose land mass and mountainous terrain is expected to pose challenges.

    A military source said: “These
    miscreants underestimated the
    capabilities of the Nigerian Armed Forces. What they are seeing now and
    running into their hideouts is just
    deployments and movement. Wait until we begin continuous bombardments, then they will realize that democracy doesn’t mean you take the country for a ride”.

    The Director of Defence Information,
    Brig. General Chris Olukolade, when
    contacted, confirmed that more troops
    are being deployed from other
    divisions of the Nigerian Army in the
    southern region. According to him, more logistics are also being provided by the military authorities to back up the deployment.

    Olukolade said that no amount of
    deployment of troops to the troubled
    areas would be too much until the
    terrorists are wiped out from the
    northern flank. He said that deployments have already commenced to all the border towns of the three states and that very soon the dividend of the operation will begin to manifest.

    Gen. Olukolade declined to disclose the
    number of troops so far deployed but
    said that a sizeable number are
    already on ground and if need be,more will be sent to the area. “As I am talking to you now, we are not only sending troops but they are heavily backed up with equipment that can stand the test of time when confronting the insurgency”, he added.

  39. beegeagle says:


    17 May, 2013


    (..)Olukolade (Director of Defence Information), giving THISDAY an update on the military operation in the affected states, explained that troops surge and deployment were ongoing, making it difficult to give a precise number of troops that would be used for the operations.

    He said: “It is improper for me to tell you the actual number since troops are still being deployed. “But the operation has started in earnest. The push is on… and we will give details of our achievements later not now.”

    Military sources confirmed that several arrests had been made with a massive manhunt still ongoing for the insurgents through cordon-off and search operations. “The efforts by the security forces on the ground are also being supported by aerial surveillance of the terrorists’ movement,” the source said.

    It was also learnt that the troops deployed to Borno and Yobe States had already reached the border towns of Ngala, Marte, Mafa and Konduga in Borno State; and Geidam, Gashua and Yusufari border towns of Yobe State with Niger Republic by Wednesday.

    To prevent the insurgents from fleeing their training camps, all the facilities of all the four telecom service providers— MTN, Etisalat, Airtel and Globacom—were shut down in the early hours of Thursday in Borno and Yobe States. A Maiduguri resident told THISDAY that they started noticing the lack of signals from the service providers at about 4.30 am Thursday.

    The deployment of more troops to the two states, according to a senior military officer, has been split into the two targeted areas of training camps and the border communities where the insurgents live and from where they launch attacks on military, police and Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) formations and posts in the two states.

    Speaking on the targeted training camps,the military officer said in Borno State, there are four camps at Mafa, Marte, Gamboru/Ngala and the Sambisa Game Reserve, comprising Damboa, Gwoza and Konduga Local Government Areas. In Yobe State, he added there are four training camps at Gujba, Geidam, Gashua and Yusufari.

    The Police Counter Terrorism Squad(CTS) has also been redeployed to Borno and Yobe States to add to the security forces already on the ground in the battle to uproot the sectarians from the two states. Ten vehicles, comprising trucks and luxury buses, were seen in Maiduguri bringing in the men of the CTS on Wednesday evening.

    A security source, who did not want to be named, told THISDAY: “As I speak to you, there is a serious battle between the military and the terrorists at their various camps. “The military and the police were deployed to the area to level the camps and capture the insurgents and that should be done within little time we hope.”

  40. Teeboy says:

    Finally! Decisive action is being taken. Godspeed to our troops. Rout those b*****ds guys and shut them down – permanently!

  41. Blacrev says:

    i also like that they are engaging with the public on this. dont wanna give their sympathizers in the elders forum the advantage of propaganda. me likey

  42. Debayo Adelaja-Olowo-Ake says:

    Good talk everyone. I particularly like comments related to safeguarding the rights of civilians. Inevitably, there could be some casualties amongst these but our commanders on the ground should familiarise themselves with Article 3 Common to all the 4 Geneva Conventions (i.e. the Laws of Armed Conflict or International Humanitarian Law). It suffices for this operation which I think is more or less an ISO. Gen Gowon even beat the world to amending those Conventions (by issuing the famous Code of Conduct to Federal troops during the civil war) well ahead of the international community adopting Additional Protocol II which situated civil wars within its scope of coverage of the Geneva Conventions. While we’re far from that scenario, Common Article 3 is sufficient and our boys have shown they can always be professional. Long Live the Nigerian Armed Forces. Long Live the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Vva Africa.

  43. Henry says:

    Nigerian Military: ’20 Insurgents’ Killed As Nigeria Takes On Islamists

    Lagos, Nigeria (CNN) — At least 20 insurgents were killed Friday as Nigeria’s military carried out an aerial bombardment of suspected militant Islamist camps in the country’s northeast, a Defense Ministry spokesman said. The raid by Nigerian Air Force jets and attack helicopters is part of what the military says is a “massive deployment” of Nigerian forces this week to tackle insurgent groups, including Boko Haram.

    “Our military has overrun a number of the militants’ camps in north and central Borno state,” said defense spokesman Brig. Gen. Chris Olukolade. “Within those insurgents’ camps, we discovered that they have been storing sophisticated, high-caliber weapons including anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons.” 2012: Who are Boko Haram? Asked if the military had inflicted any casualties on the insurgents, Olukolade said, “definitely so. Conservatively speaking, over 20 dead so far.” Members of the armed forces have suffered only minor injuries, according to Olukolade. “The operation continues, we are injecting even more troops and resources into those areas,” he added.

    The military operation was announced Wednesday, a day after President Goodluck Jonathan declared a state of emergency in Borno, Yobe and Adamawa states. The president blamed “terrorists” aimed at “rebellion” who have caused “fear among our citizens and a near breakdown of law and order in parts of the country.” He also noted a rise of insurgent violence in eight other states, including Nasarawa, where scores of police officers were killed last week. “Insurgents and terrorists,” including Boko Haram, are trying to destabilize Nigeria, Jonathan said. “The military operation will focus on tracking down criminal elements within the vicinity of border communities prone to terrorist activities,” Olukolade said Wednesday.

    He did not confirm the number of troops deployed or which units are involved in the military operation. Much violence over recent years has been blamed on Boko Haram, whose name means “Western education is sacrilege.” According to Human Rights Watch, the group has killed more than 2,800 people in an escalating campaign to impose strict Islamic law on largely Muslim northern Nigeria. Nigeria is Africa’s most populous country, with a population of nearly 175 million according to the CIA World Factbook, and is the political and economic powerhouse of West Africa.

  44. beegeagle says:

    The VENERABLE A-JETS IN ACTION AGAIN..after a decade of sorties in Liberia and Sierra Leone(1990-2000)

    “Air strikes on Islamist bases”

    A Reuters reporter saw two Alpha
    light attack jets land at Yola in Adamawa state. Air Force spokesman
    Air Commodore Yusuf Anas confirmed
    that “air assets”, also including
    helicopter gunships, had been sent to support ground troops. A military
    source said there could be air strikes
    on Islamist bases.

  45. beegeagle says:


  46. beegeagle says:


  47. jimmy says:

    I am very glad that they are giving timely updates and it appears they are sealing of / attacking areas on simultaneous basis so these B——S cannot call their brothers to help out also the cutting of OF TELECOMMUNICATIONS is a masterstroke.
    This is the first time that the f.g. is getting it right . From the word go this amnesty business filled me with NAUSEA. I am glad that now the F.G. is deploying assets on a needed basis not on a cost basis.
    We cannot and shall not put a costs on the territorial integrity of Nigeria. Boston is one of AMERICA’S oldest cities and financially , historically and military hold a very sensitive location in AMERICA.
    The same with BORNO it dates back 400- 500 years and now we are beginning to see how strategic it is to our national security interests. I ALSO WANT TO COMMEND THE ARMED FORCES FOR USING THE C-130s for anyone who says we do not need those birds they can think again
    I will label this: this to shall pass:
    1) When this is over just like we did in the N. delta, Borno SHOULD BECOME GROUND ZERO for the h.q. of the sixth division with AOR covering all the mountains and all the way to the borders with Cameroon
    2.Maiduguri already has an air base it should be upgraded , the runway should be lengthened and strengthened, the imprint should be the equivalent of a full fledged air division .AFTER THE CIVIL WAR the F.G. stationed what is now known as the 82nd division in Enugu They need to do the same thing with the air force and the army with AOR FOR BORNO/ ADAMAWA/YOBE AND THE BORDER TOWNS. We do not want a waziristan or a peshwar on our hands.
    3.Sensitization of radical ISLAMIC preachers especially that of NON Nigerians has to be monitored.Freedom of religion is not a requirement to shout there is FIRE IN A CROWDED PLACE WHEN THERE IS NONE.
    4. Keep collateral damage to an absolute minimum.

  48. Henry says:

    ****** MATTERS ARISING*****
    **** BREAKING NEWS***


    At least 30 militants have been
    killed during air raids on their
    training camps in north-eastern
    Nigeria, officials say.
    An army spokesman said jets and
    helicopter gunships had been
    used to attack several camps.
    He told the BBC that a plane had
    been hit by anti-aircraft fire but
    had managed to return to base.
    States of emergency were
    declared this week in three
    north-eastern states hit by Boko
    Haram’s Islamist insurgency.
    Nigerian forces are trying to
    regain control in the states of
    Adamawa, Yobe and Borno.
    Meanwhile, explosions and
    gunfire have been heard
    overnight in Katsina state.
    Residents have told the BBC’s
    Hausa service that banks, police
    stations and prisons were
    destroyed in the town of Daura,
    near the border with Niger.
    They said they had seen the
    bodies of five members of the
    security forces and three
    militants, but there has been no
    official confirmation of casualties.
    Mobile phone networks were not
    functioning in many parts of
    north-east Nigeria on Thursday.
    A security official told the AP
    news agency that the mobile
    phone service had been shut
    down during the military
    Militants have previously attacked
    mobile phone masts in the area
    in an effort to disrupt
    Residents staying inside
    Some of the camps hit by air
    raids were in the Sambisa Game
    Reserve, about 70km (45 miles)
    south of the Borno state capital,
    Maiduguri, where the militants
    first emerged in 2009, said
    Nigerian military spokesman Brig
    Gen Chris Olukolade.
    He told the BBC that 30 militants
    had been killed since the latest
    offensive began on Wednesday.
    There is no independent
    confirmation of the number of
    The aim is to “destroy [Boko
    Haram] bases, apprehend as
    many of them as possible and
    bring them to justice”, Brig Gen
    Olukolade said.
    “It is not just Sambisa, every
    camp is under attack,” the
    Reuters news agency quoted him
    as saying.
    In January, the military said it had
    deployed helicopter gunships to
    destroy Boko Haram camps in
    the reserve, not far from Bama,
    where 55 people were killed in
    militant attacks last week.
    Brig Gen Olukolade said the plane
    damaged by anti-aircraft fire had
    returned to base safely, while the
    “terrorist base” was
    subsequently “completely
    This is the first time Boko Haram
    has been reported to have used
    such heavy weaponry against
    A Maiduguri resident told the BBC
    that the city was unusually quiet
    on Friday, with most people
    staying inside.
    Brig Gen Olukolade said “several
    thousand” troops had been sent
    to the three north-eastern states
    to tackle Boko Haram.
    The three semi-desert states,
    which border Niger, Chad and
    Cameroon, are roughly the size of
    England or the US state of Illinois
    but have a population of just 10
    The BBC’s Will Ross in Abuja says
    targeting Boko Haram’s rural
    bases or training camps should
    pose no great challenge for the
    military; the hardest part of this
    campaign will be in urban areas
    like Maiduguri, where the
    militants are living among the
    civilian population.
    The president said the army
    would take “all necessary action”
    to “put an end to the impunity of
    insurgents and terrorists”, saying
    they had taken down the
    Nigerian flag and replaced it with
    a foreign emblem in some parts
    of the country.
    Human rights organisations have
    criticised some of the Nigerian
    military’s previous operations
    because of the resulting civilian
    Boko Haram, whose name means
    “Western education is forbidden”
    in the local Hausa language, is
    fighting to overthrow the
    government and create an
    Islamic state in the north.
    Although they often attack
    Christians and government
    targets, they have also killed
    many Muslim civilians.

    • ocelot2006 says:

      What?!! AA fire?!! This is serious oh! ‘guess it’s time our gallant flyboys factor in SEAD during their combat sorties. Excellent work by the dudu boys, but it’s time the FG make the necessary arrangements to purchase the Su-25 Frogfoot.

      Oga Beeg, what’s your opinion on using our military’s Special Ops units and NAF to carry out raids across the borders, With the consent of our neighbours of course? I’m sure the Camerounians won’t mind.

  49. beegeagle says:

    There is an interesting pairing developing in Abuja right now. Deja vu.

    Fifteen years ago during the ECOMOG years, Mark Doyle was the BBC Special Correspondent covering the Sierra Leone Civil War in Freetown while Lt Colonel Chris Olukolade was the Spokesperson of the triservice ECOMOG also in Freetown. A lot of the war communiques emanated through these two men in a frank, respectful working relationship.

    Older and wiser, Mark Doyle is today the International Developments Correspondent for the BBC while Brigadier General Olukolade is the Director of Defence Information overseeing the triservice military operations in Northeast Nigeria.
    Mark Doyle has relocated to Abuja for the purpose of covering the War on Terror in Northeast Nigeria and he has today aired his first interview with General Olukolade. So both men meet again to discuss a familiar subject – WAR

    Ordinarily, I should feel reassured that Mark Doyle who I have praised severally for the fair coverage of ECOMOG activities in Sierra Leone, is apparently going to play the lead role for the BBC World Service in this War on Terror.

    However, the BBC are famously fickle in their Nigeria coverage, so I am hoping against hope that Mark Doyle, who was also part of an excellent posse of thoroughly professional World Service correspondents who passed through Lagos(1990-2000) – alongside Liz Blunt,Hillary Anderson, Barnaby Phillips, David Bamford, Alex Last and Dan Isaacs.

    Elsewhere, BEEGEAGLE WROTE

    ” During the Battle of Freetown II at Xmas 1998-New Year 1999, I was vacationing at the Chindit Cantonment in Zaria from where some units, mostly infantry and engineers, were rapidly airlifted to SLR. We put in 9,000 troop reinforcements in a record ten days.

    At 6pm everyday, and it was a very cold
    Xmas, the entire Cantonment residents
    were tuned to the BBC “Focus on Africa”.
    Sober-looking people walked about
    quietly with small radio receivers
    listening – at the mess, the phone exchange(we didn’t have GSM telephony
    then!) and even around the churches and mosque. People sat together discussing developments in the war.

    Those who had to be heard at 6pm
    everyday on the BBC were Mark Doyle,
    Lansana Fofana, Umaru Fofana, Winston
    Ojikutu-Macaulay and Mohammed Fajah-
    Barrie on the alien media side , allies such as the Kamajor chief, Sam Hinga-
    Norman, enemies such as Moskita and on the Nigerian side, the inimitable and very confident duo of Brig Gen Maxwell Khobe and Lt Colonel Olukolade. That 6pm broadcast determined if you were going to be hopeful or despondent for the rest of the day, IF your husband,father, uncle, brother or cousin was at the battlefront.

    Some people knew where their loved ones were deployed and if the fighting was fierce at that front, wailing women were not an uncommon sight after 6pm. Grim stuff. Not something which anyone who is from outside that ‘military family’ would readily understand unless they experience it first-hand.

    Olukolade and the likes of Generals
    Dogonyaro, Olurin, Malu and Khobe were
    stand-out performers during the glorious ECOMOG years.

    We look forward to even better communication from the frontlines of NE
    Nigeria, from the Niger Delta and from
    Mali. We do not know who speaks from
    Mali but Lt Colonels Sagir Musa and
    Clement Nwachukwu, in coordination with their boss Colonel Yerima, have
    really performed well for JSTF and JTF. It can only get better. ”


  50. Yagazie says:

    FANTASTIC – I had goose bumps reading this statement credited to the millitary :

    “These miscreants underestimated the capabilities of the Nigerian Armed Forces. What they are seeing now and running into their hideouts is just deployments and movements. Wait until we begin continous bombardments, then they will realise that democracy doesn’t mean you take the country for a ride”

    WOW!! – it’s as if the millitary have been like a ferrocious attack dog, chained and straining against a leash and now have been let loose to go after the bad guys. All the training and experience gained in past operations at home and abroad is now being brought to bear. I like the joint ops between the Army/Police and the Airforce. I also like the fact that the DHQ is giving regular press briefings- to as keep the populace abreast with what is happening.

    Beegz I believe the chaps in DHQ READ THIS BLOG!!!

    Gentlemen on a more serious note- We’ve read the report that one of our aircraft was hit by AA fire but managed to return safely to base. WE THAN GOD. However it shows that this is a serious business and that these insurgents seem to be very well armed. It also shows the imperative need for the Government to purchase armoured ground attack fighters like the SU-25 frogfoot.

    On another point, – how the hell did these bast**ds smuggle such heavy weapons into the country and what were our customs/intelligence community doing all this while?

    I agree with Jimmy that a new Army Division should be created whose AOR will cover Borno, Yobe and Adamawa – especially the border areas/mountains and highlands. Also brand new airbase should be built in Maiduguri and Yola for the sole use of our Airforce.

    • beegeagle says:

      The NAF have been on ground in MDGR and Yola for over 30 years. As of 1988, MiG 21s were stationed at the former while we had some Jaguar jets at Yola.

      Ever heard about 75 Strike Group, Yola and 204 Wing, MDGR? Both airports are very sparingly used – the odd bi-weekly 2-hour flight from Lagos by Boeing jet and as it pertains to MDGR specifically, when it is time for Hajj airlift operations to Saudi Arabia. The airports are virtual military airbases.

    • ocelot2006 says:

      My brother, I’m not suprised at all. Same thing happened during the Niger Delta insurgency. 2007, at the peak of the conflict, Port Harcourt was practically in the hands of these militants and other offshoot groups +cultists. The NPF was outgunned and powerless, with some of their facilities taking major hits (Mini-Okoro police station destroyed, SCID HQ attacked and almost gutted). Hell, I also lost an uncle (MOPOL) during a raid were the whole team was ambushed by a numerically superior enemy.

      Then the FG unleashed the full might of the JTF. My brother, that was the first time we heard of NAF Mi-35 helos carrying out combat sorties in support of ground troops in a built up area like PHC. Even Ateke almost joined his ancestors when JTF troops supported by Mi-35Ps raided his hideout in town. Too bad he escaped.

      • beegeagle says:

        My guy, I also remember when a Mi-35P launched a pinpoint attack which hit Soboma George’s hotel room at Mile 1 Diobu in the heart of Port Harcourt. Very clean strike.

        Unfortunately, the guy had got wind of the impending attack and had escaped minutes before the strike.

  51. jimmy says:

    One thing that is becoming apparent right form the word go
    1)The way the military is disseminating INFORMATION by the way of Brig Kolade is showing a lot of Professionalism .
    2) The F.G. is deadly serious about this we are being told that even more troops are being shipped via our c130s and g222
    3) S.F. are already involved it is known now that those airstrikes have stung those B—–S
    4) The evidence of the A.A. IS WHAT OGA DOZIEX and PECCAVI talked about extensively glad that has been taken out
    5) S.F.s. need to hunt those that try to slip away.

  52. beegeagle says:

    Mighty Yagz, you believe?? 🙂 Welcome to yesterday! How else do we get communique sent to us by JTF(a DHQ formation), DAPR, NN Info Centre (you saw the ‘NO COT’ thing two weeks ago where they asked us to partner with them)? You think we applied to be sent communique? They discovered and reached out to us…to my greatest delight. Hello..NN SBS INVITED us to see what they do..not that we applied to come and see!

    When you guys say ‘you believe they are listening”, I laugh cos you merely state the obvious. They were here before you arrived,

    You don’t wanna know who else is reading. Don’t want you to fall off that seat.

    Okay, nobody goes AWOL tomorrow. Special service on a budding NA capability will be featured. Be here very early. Tomorrow, you will find another reason to see that they are listening.

  53. beegeagle says:

    We always said that the Nigerian Army do not shy away from frontal collisions and they are doing just what I expected – arrive and tepid maneouvres. Well done and sustain the guts-and-glory effort. Hopefully, the loquacious BH come out and fight like men.

    ” I do not have ANY DOUBT at all that
    even if these terrorists occupied a town today, the NA would launch a counter-
    offensive within a week. There is
    NOTHING which they can fathomably bring and in whatever numbers – MRLs, RCLs, RPGs, mortars or artillery which the NA would not be able to counter many times over.”

  54. Yagazie says:

    General Beegz- I beg no vex- I no be doubting thomas o!! But its good to see confirmation/reconfirmation that chaps in the Millitary establishment read this blog. Yes I am well aware of the existence of the 75 Strike Group based in Yola and the 204 Air Wing in Maiduguri. Just not very comfortable with the thought of the airforce sharing facilities (i.e.a runway) with civil aviation – but I take on board your analysis/explanation that the airports are virutually millitary airports.

    On a lighter note – my geographical knowledge of Naija don improve no be small – Njala, Morte, Mafa, Konduga, Geidam and Yusufari- never heard of any of these towns prior to this current millitary operation!!

  55. beegeagle says:

    Gamboru-Ngala is a Shuwa-Arab dominated town on the border with Cameroon while Yusufari and Geidam are desert towns on the border with Niger in Yobe State.

    The Nigerian Armed Forces actually have their Desert Warfare Camp at YUSUFARI…which looks like what you find below














  56. beegeagle says:


    May 17, 2013
    United Nations

    Members of Boko Haram and other extremist groups in Nigeria, could face war crimes charges for deliberate acts leading to ethnic and religious cleansing, the UN has said.

    Rupert Colvile, the spokesperson for
    the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights(OHCHR), said this in a statement made available at the UN Headquarters in New York on Friday. He reiterated calls on Boko Haram and
    other extremist groups in Nigeria to
    cease their “cowardly attacks” against
    civilians, members of government
    institutions, security forces and foreign nationals.

    “The High Commissioner noted that
    members of Boko Haram, if judged to
    have committed systematic attacks
    against a civilian population on grounds such as religion or ethnicity could be found guilty of crimes against humanity. “Deliberate acts leading to population
    `cleansing’ on grounds of religion or
    ethnicity could also amount to a crime
    against humanity,” Colville stressed.

    In recent weeks, more than 220 people have been killed in violent clashes between military forces and the Islamist group, Boko Haram. OHCHR has urged the Nigerian government to abide by human rights principles during security patrols.

    The rights body also said it was
    concerned about the large number of
    casualties, reportedly including many
    civilians, and massive destruction of
    houses and property. Colville urged the government to ensure that international human rights law was respected during its emergency operations.

    Similarly the Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon had said he remained very
    concerned about the ongoing instability in the country. He underscored the need for all concerned to fully respect human
    rights and to safeguard the lives of all

  57. beegeagle says:


    Vice President Namadi Sambo, National Security Adviser Sambo Dasuki, Interior Minister Abba Moro, Defence Minister(State) Olusola Obada and the Comptroller General of Immigration lead the Nigerian participation in trans-border security talks with officials from Benin Republic.

  58. beegeagle says:


    Anti-aircraft and anti-tank guns destroyed in attacks on terrorist bases by NAF fighter jets and attack helicopters – DHQ

  59. beegeagle says:

    Gentlemen, looks like NA have reintroduced the GARRISON CAP of the 1980s and early 1990s era which was a favorite of senior officers such as Lt General Mohammed Haladu and Major General John Inienger, both of whom are now deceased.

    Seen the DAPR, Brig Gen Ibrahim Attahiru on TV News wearing one lately.

  60. J.A.Z. says:

    Fellow BE bloggers, I wish Nigeria success and security in this ongoing operation. May I please a somehow separate question:

    What do you think is the likelihood bh was behind the Kano VBIED bombings at the sabon gari bus station last month? This is in the context of my research whether or to what extent BH is responsible for the killings of many Asians in northern Nigeria, the killings of Christians at unis in Adamawa, and the recent spate of hi-profile kidnappings of people like Ali Monguno. BH did not claim these, including the Kano VBIED bombings.

    Jake, WPt CTC analyst

    • beegeagle says:

      @JAZ. The Great Jake of the Sahel live from WestPoint Combating Terrorism Centre. I salute you, my brother. We shall address the topic by or before last light. For now, let’s sustain the flow of gist from the frontlines lest we lose out on the needed tempo.

  61. triqqah says:

    This is better than amnesty!

  62. Joe says:

    The first part of the video shows NA deployment with otokar cobras, scorpion tanks…lemme not spoil it for you

  63. (@lordfej) says:

    then it shows a lot of soft skin 4wd

  64. igbi says:

    I think the president needs to call the USA to order.
    He needs to remind them that they do not govern us.
    He should tell john kerry to go and say the name of each civilian the USA killed in Iraq and Afghanistan before talking about Nigeria. But that would take years ofcourse.

  65. igbi says:

    Keep an eye on US embassy agents: they are spies.

  66. igbi says:

    Finally one person talking well in the foreign media:

    Can you imagine that some USA media would interview two white women who know nothing about Nigeria rather than interview a Nigerian while the subject is Nigeria.

  67. igbi says:

    Verry good paper, we must ask ourselves why the USA is helping boko haram with psychological warfare:

    • Henry says:

      Oga igbi abeg, we have had enough of this your anti- US rhetoric. You’ve passed your points and many of us do also share your sentiments, however it’s time to move on to constructively contributing to the threads in discussion.

      Thank you for your understanding.

      • ocelot2006 says:

        Oh thank you Lord. Finally.

      • Teeboy says:

        i can understand the frustration of you military service men and aficionados with the anti-US rhetoric spewed by igbi and while I think he has dwelled on it too much, he only speaks the truth. I repeat, keeping the US and their double-sided tongue at bay is part and parcel of winning this war on BH!

      • igbi says:

        What I am discussing is not sentiments, I am discussing psychological warfare.
        I have every reason to think that the USA is backing boko haram, and this is my only channel to expose that.

    • Teeboy says:

      Igbi, dem no wan hear anti-US yarn for yia o! They want to speak on purely military hardware, strategy, policies and operational matters. As a matter of fact, I posted quite a list of atrocities committed by the US government and it’s soldiers the other day and Oga Beeg refused to post it. Leave US matter out of it for now. Or perhaps you and I can meet on the back channel and have our own lil discussion?

      • igbi says:

        I was merely trying to raise the awareness of my people about psychological warfare and to inform them that the USA which we call friends are using it to help boko haram.
        I did that because I believe it is good to know who the ennemy is.
        There is something few people here want to imagine: what if boko haram was working for the USA ? I only look at the signs, and the body language of america speaks volumes.
        For the rest I think the generals are already extremely versed with knowledge of military stratégies and the use of weapons, the only help I can give is monitoring the press to see who is supporting who.

  68. beegeagle says:


    MAIDUGURI, Nigeria
    May 17 (Xinhua)

    Residents on Friday said the special
    military force deployed to the restive
    Nigeria northeast states of Yobe and
    Borno cordoned off border roads linking the two states and Adamawa to prevent the Boko Haram militants from fleeing to other neighboring states.

    President Goodluck Jonathan on Tuesday declared state of emergency in three northeast states of Adamawa, Yobe and Borno following increasing waves of killing and attacks by suspected Boko Haram sect. The three states share borders locally and have international borders with African countries Cameroon, Chad and Niger.

    Borno is the home base of the Boko
    Haram sect. “The road linking Adamawa and Borno has been blocked.People are not allowed to
    move into the neighboring states on the road especially early in the morning and by afternoon,” Adamu Baba, a cab driver said.

    A Xinhua reporter in the restive state said the cordon measure was to ensure the militant sect do not escape to the neighboring states as the bombardment of their camp is going on.

    Meanwhile, the advancing troops of Nigeria’s special task force have destroyed some insurgent’ camps in the forests of northern and central Borno. Chris Olukolade, spokesperson for the defense headquarters said in Abuja on Friday that heavy weapons, including anti-aircraft and anti-tank guns, were destroyed in the process.

    He said the special operations, which
    preceded troops movement, resulted in the destruction of much of the insurgents’ weapons. Logistics, he added, such as vehicles, containers, fuel dumps and power generators were also destroyed. According to him, the casualties inflicted on the insurgents in the course of the
    assault will be verified during a mop up.

    The defense headquarters in Abuja is
    quite satisfied with the progress of the operation and the fighting spirit of troops, he added. The spokesperson urged the task force to
    sustain the tempo. Also, border posts have all been manned by security agents to prevent the escape or infiltration of the insurgents. .

    The Nigerian leader also directed the
    Chief of Defense Staff, Ola Ibrahim, to
    deploy more troops to the three states of Borno, Adamawa and Yobe.

  69. beegeagle says:


    Published: 5/17/2013

    The state of emergency declared this
    week by President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria is a clear signal to that country’s armed forces that it is time for them to take decisive action. The declaration covers three Nigerian states that have been the site of violent standoffs between the central government and militant Islamists in a movement called Boko Haram. It is anti-Western, anti-Christian, and anti-moderate, even though half of Nigeria’s population is Christian, and most of its Muslims are moderate.

    Boko Haram focuses its rebellion on the education system, which it says is opposed to its kind of Islam. Hundreds of people have died in the fighting, and churches and mosques have been destroyed. Christian-Muslim competition for control of the oil-rich state dates from Nigeria’s independence in 1960.

    Mobilizing Nigeria’s 100,000 troops
    against Boko Haram will not be easy. The states that are the site of the conflict border Cameroon, Chad, and Niger, which have loose control of their territories.

    Nigeria’s military normally focuses on matters other than internal defense. There have been numerous military coups d’etat in Nigeria’s history. The military also pays close attention to collecting a big share of the country’s oil wealth. It has participated credibly in global peacekeeping operations, for which it is paid well. If it is properly focused, it is probably capable of bringing Boko Haram into line and restoring peace.

    There seems no role in these tasks for the U.S. Africa Command, which already has been involved in Libya, Mali, and Somalia, and is chasing the Lord’s Liberation Army in central Africa. Mr. Jonathan is right to give the mission to his military.

  70. beegeagle says:

    By the way, the foreign media appear to be resorting to emotional blackmail over the fact of being cut off from the NE Nigeria action. Too bad for anyone who hoped to win a Pullitzer at Nigeria’s expense.

    What is the BIG IDEA behind telling us what Senator Kerry AT THIS TIME about ‘abuses’ which had everything to do with Baga and NOTHING to do with the ongoing onslaught? Just so that they are shepherded in to come and write/broadcast their usual nonsense?

    What IF the military communique alluded to the arrest of “65 terrorists” and the killing of “10 suspected terrorists” believed to have escaped the onslaught at Sambisa Game Reserve as they sought to sneak into Maiduguri?

    All the hoopla about being already considered “guilty”? Is the work which the security forces do so arbitrary yet they nailed Abu Qaqa? Yet BH themselves are calling for the release of their “MEMBERS”

    Please can these guys just shut up for once?

    • beegeagle says:

      Well, what did we tell you? This was all leading somewhere.

      At 2010hrs(GMT+1), a purported security analyst Bawa Abdullahi Wase was on BBC Focus on Africa yapping a boatload about ‘transparency and openness’ in the coverage of the war effort. “Journalist should be allowed in to cover developments..bla-bla”. Is it a movie going on out there?

      Look, I was already listening to these chaps as a pre-teen BY MYSELF on a radio given to me by my father and I have done so for more than a quarter-century now. There is no trick emanating therefrom, now matter how subtly ensconced, which will escape our grasp even hours ahead of its being cooked up.

      All the scare mongering is emotional blackmail aimed at forcing the military into throwing open the theatre for all and sundry masquerading as journalists or activists to come and do their ruinous stuff.

      FG, just stand firm. OKAY? If they are so balanced, how come nobody has gone to review the photos released by NSRDA? If it were HRW making libelous allegations, they would make it the lead story on prometime news.

      If anyone wants to go in there, it has to be with ZERO participation by our security forces. No escorts for nobody. Tell your own story anyhow while the FG get Channels TV and AIT correspondents into the theatre to see and report on what they see. Let the world tune in to that or take a hike. Heads or tails, the more professional sections of the local media get their moment in the global spotlight. That is fair enough.

      After all, the skewed reportage emanating from Syria which they have forced the world to tune in to, emanates from ‘activists’ who upload amateur videos to Youtube and that becomes the news. If they can work with that, never mind the heart-chewing activists and those who burn tyres in their courtyards and claim that it is smoke from bombed-out homes supposedly attacked by Assad’s forces, why not Channels TV who are respected around our country for professional and balanced reportage?

      • Manny Aydel says:

        Gentlemen, succint analysis. I do hope the Minister of Information get to read these posts. Check out the long-standing anti-Nigeria policy of most of these news media to the point that when they report from Lagos or Abuja, they use ghettos as their backdrop. Even Aljazeera does it. Our Ministers gleefully accept that nonsense, instead of calling the bluff of these reporters! Yet Nigeria is the most urbanised country in the whole of Africa–each state capital is necessarily a city, plus Abuja, making at least 37 cities in all. We also have the highest population of Africans living in urban areas (Egypt and South Africa inclusive) as documented by UNFPA! This on-going offensive is indeed a good time to change many things, including the way we’re perveived and reported by the western and Gulf media (Aljaz). Indeed, I second the “motion” that the FG sends in Channels TV and AIT and let the global media take their feeds from them. Long live the Nigerian Armed Forces. Long Live the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Viva Africa.

  71. beegeagle says:

    Gentlemen, just to put things in proper perspective, the AOR for the ongoing war against terrorists spans 150,000 sq.kms of the 265,000 sq.kms which makes up Northeast Nigeria. The area affected by the state of emergency is therefore roughly equal to the combined LAND AREA of Liberia and Sierra Leone.

    Concerning border security, the area spans 1,400 kilometres(875 miles) of borders. By segments, these are the sectors

    – ADAMAWA STATE..shares a border with Cameroon alone. From the intersection with Taraba State just to the south of Gumti and on to Madagali, it is a 400km span(250 miles)

    – BORNO STATE…from the intersection to Adamawa on to the El Beid River, to the Lake Chad and onto the the west of Damasak where Yobe territory begins, it is a span of 640km(400 miles) of frontier with Chad, Niger and Cameroon.

    – YOBE STATE, which only shares a border with Niger Republic, has a span of 360km(225 miles)

    All of that spans mountain ranges(Adamawa, Alantika, Gotel and Mandara), wetlands(Nguru and Lake Chad) and desert. Not an easy task manning those porous frontiers.

  72. (@lordfej) says: igeria’s military has imposed a 24-hour curfew in parts of the north-eastern city of Maiduguri as its offensive against militants continues.

    A statement named 11 areas of the city where people must remain inside their homes until further notice.

    Maiduguri, capital of Borno state, has been an important base for Boko Haram Islamist militants.

    Also on Saturday, the military said 65 “terrorists” had been arrested as they tried to infiltrate Maiduguri.

    It said those arrested had been “fleeing from various camps now under attack”. However, there has been no independent confirmation of the claim.

    A state of emergency is currently in force in Adamawa, Yobe and Borno states.

    “In order to sustain special operations in the face of recent Boko Haram attacks, [a] 24-hour curfew is hereby imposed in the following wards,” a military statement said.

    Correspondents say the neighbourhoods listed are considered strongholds of Boko Haram.

    Witnesses said troops were stopping lorries from entering the city.

    The army said 10 suspected insurgents were killed in clashes with troops in Maiduguri on Friday and weapons were seized including rocket-propelled grenade launchers.

    Anti-aircraft fire
    Nigeria recently launched its biggest offensive against Boko Haram since the group began its insurgency in 2010.

    Nigerian war planes and helicopter gunships attacked several militant training camps in the north-east on Friday, officials said.

    Continue reading the main story
    Boko Haram: Timeline of terror

    2002: Founded
    2009: Hundreds killed when Maiduguri police stations stormed; leader Mohammed Yusuf captured and killed
    Dec 2010: Bombed Jos, killing 80 people; blamed for New Year’s Eve attack on Abuja barracks
    Jun-Aug 2011: Bomb attacks on Abuja police HQ and UN building
    Dec 2011: Multiple bomb attacks on Christmas Day kill dozens
    Jan 2012: Wave of violence across north-east Nigeria
    April 2012: Deadly Easter church attack in Kaduna; This Day newspaper offices bombed
    February 2013: French family kidnapped in Cameroon
    May 2013: Heavily armed incursion into Bama town
    Boko Haram: From preachers to slave raiders
    One plane was hit by anti-aircraft fire but officials said it had returned to base safely while the “terrorist base” was “completely destroyed”.

    It was the first time Boko Haram has been reported to have used anti-aircraft weapons.

    Also on Friday, US Secretary of State John Kerry urged the Nigerian army to show restraint and not violate human rights as it pursues the militants.

    Mr Kerry said there were “credible allegations” of “gross human rights violations” by the Nigerian military.

    Last November, Amnesty International accused Nigeria’s security forces of carrying out widespread abuses in their campaign against Boko Haram, including extra-judicial killings, enforced disappearances and torture.

    The BBC has also received reports of civilians fleeing remote areas in Borno State and arriving in towns on the border with Cameroon.

    • Teeboy says:

      Why have they decided to put the word terrorists in quotation marks?

      • beegeagle says:

        They are still not sure if they are “freedom fighters” or “terrorists” When they begin to take British hostages, they shall become ‘terrorists’.

        ANSARU are already that. Remember the killing of the Briton at Sokoto last year?

      • Teeboy says:

        Yes o! It’s always about interests not right or wrong. Interests only

  73. peccavi says:

    Situation Friendly Forces
    Order of Battle
    2 x Alphajets based in YOLA
    Attack Helicopters (Number, type and location unknown)
    Aerial surveillance platforms (Number, type/ location unknown)
    At least 2000 troops (Type/ role/ formations unknown)
    Police Counter Terrorism Squad (Approx 500, Type/ role/ formations unknown)
    • State of Emergency declared in YOBE, ADAMAWA and BORNO STATES as of 14 MAY 2013 by President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (PotFRN)
    • 18.00-06.00 curfew imposed in ADAMAWA STATE
    • Mobile phones not working in YOBE, ADAMAWA & BORNO, networks reportedly shut down as of 0430 15 MAY
    • Nigerian Security Forces (NSF) have begun air-ground operations in the SAMBISA GAME RESERVE in BORNO STATE, supported by AH and ground attack aircraft
    • 1 x NAF aircraft reported damaged by AAA fire
    • NSF are reported to have deployed to border towns of NGALA, MARTE, MAFA and KONDUGA in BORNO bordering CHAD and CAMEROUN and GEIDAM (approx 100 soldiers in Hilux vehicles), GASHUA and YUSUFARI in YOBE bordering NIGER REPUBLIC by 15 MAY. Units reported to be mechanised and supported by armoured vehicles
    • Nigeria Police Force Counter Terrorism Squad (CTS) have been deployed to BORNO and YOBE with approx 500 men in a column of 10-11 vehicles of trucks and luxurious buses
    • IED detonated in MAIDUGURI MONDAY MARKET on 15 MAY. 2 x civpop killed, 1 x civpop wounded
    • Nigeria Red Cross on standby to aid civilians affected by the crisis
    • Explosions and small arms fire heard in DAURA, KATSINA STATE. BH allegedly attacked police station and bank, 5 NSF and 3 BH reported KIA

    Situation Enemy Forces
    Order of Battle: Not known
    • Head of CAN in BORNO STATE, Faye Pama MUSA murdered by suspected Boko Haram insurgents 14 MAY
    • En alleged to be in control of at least 10 LGAs
    • Aliyu TASHAKU an alleged Boko Haram leader gave conditions for peace negotiations
    o Release Boko Haram members
    o No more arrests of Boko Haram
    o Rebuild the sects mosques and members houses
    o Withdrawal of troops from religious centres
    o Once these conditions have been met they will meet with the Amnesty Committee
    • Boko Haram via Aliyu TASHAKU also (for the first time ) claimed responsibility in the incidents in BAGA and BAMA
    • Boko Haram has released videos of kidnapped women and children allegedly taken in retaliation for the arrest of their members wives in KANO, DAMATURU and BAUCHI (
    • En training camps reported to be located in MAFA, MARTE, GOMBORU/ NGALA and the SAMBISA Game Reserve in BORNO STATE bordering CAMEROUN to the east and CHAD to the Northeast and 4 others in YOBE STATE in GUJBA, GEIDAM, GASHUA and YUSUFARI bordering NIGER REPUBLIC to the North

    Situation External Forces
    US and UN condemn terror repeat calls for respect of human rights by all sides
    Initial broadcast by PotFRN indicates diplomatic approaches have been made to neighbouring countries to assist in apprehending fleeing insurgents, no reports of concurrent mobilisation
    Nigerian Minister on Foreign Affairs to brief EU Ministers on State of Emergency in BRUSSELS, BELGIUM on 16 MAY

    Closing the Door: This offensive will have been pre planned and from the indications follows a reasonably sound pattern. All previous incidents have been in a certain area which as previously noted were an insurgents dream, remote, porous borders with multiple jurisdictions, languages etc. It would appear the NSF has begun by hitting known en locations such as training camps etc. Unless the en is very foolish their casualties from this phase should be quite low as the remoteness should give them enough time to scatter before the assaulting forces can concentrate against them. The curfew in ADAMAWA is interesting as it is comparably benign but the presence of the MAMBILA plateau and other trans national routes would lead one to conclude that escaping BH fighters could loop back and begin operations in the rear of NSF operations, thus the mobile phone shutdown etc seems to be a measure to negate en communications and IED detonations. The strike ops will be successful but they are the easy parts. The en has used AAA weapons this indicates a capability and skill not seen before, it also indicates that rather than dispersing they were fixed and forced to fight, this is good.
    The negatives of this op are as follows. Once the en is pushed out of their areas they will escape across the border into similarly remote areas and reconstitute themselves. Without a matching mobilisation in Niger, Cameroun or Chad this problem will not end. The urban ops will result in large collateral damage and human rights abuses.

    Most likely En course of Action: They will retreat from the targeted areas across state and national borders and return in force with a campaign of urban terrorism and rural intimidation. I suspect they will begin laying IEDs on roads targeting not just government or military vehicles but civilian ones as well so as to reinforce the narrative that the government cannot protect the people. There will be similar attacks with mechanised troops and technical’s but they will gradually reduce as NSF destroys en men and material.

    Worst En Course of Action: BH withdraws in good order into Chad, Niger or Cameroun and reconstitutes. Taking an operational pause they reconstitute their money and supply lines and taking advantage of the massive deployments in the north, restart urban terrorism in the south. Nigeria does not have the combat power to garrison the major southern cities. Due to their cosmopolitan nature infiltration will not be as difficult as it would appear. Once the NSF are stretched dealing with the new wave of urban terrorism, BH columns reappear up north and begin capturing hamlets, using them to launch attacks against the NSF. The NSF being overstretched will respond with heavier and heavier firepower thus causing more collateral damage and civilian casualties, driving more civpop to BH for revenge.
    The NSF will not destroy BH with theis op but they can disrupt and defeat them. This will buy enough operational breathing space for the following tasks
    • Fortify police stations, government buildings and military installations
    • Register all local inhabitants in the Area of operations. Every adult must be registered as a voter with their biometric date recorded. Their addresses must then be logged with GPS and matched to maps and satellite photos and kept on a central database. Vehicles must be linked to the owners trough this data as well as driving licenses.
    • Recruit and train local militias to guard hamlets and villages. Initially unarmed they act as early warning systems for the NSF
    • Establish special courts for terrorism offences and begin processing all the detainees currently in custody, notify relatives of their location and status. This will buy alot of goodwill and also fast track the trial and convictions of those with cases to answer
    • Using the emergency powers begin implementing public works, using local labour, again it buys local goodwill and means local fighting age men are generally too busy working to fight
    • Publish the code of conduct ensure it is given to all troops with commanders at all level responsible for excesses whether on their orders or not and broadcast to the civpop in local languages.
    • Begin preparing police in the North west, middle belt and south for counter terror operations
    • Begin a media campaign focussed on different audience groups such as Nigerians abroad, foreign Muslims, western powers, African powers, northerners, people in the affected areas and the enemy. There must be a central narrative but tweaked slightly to suit each group and in the relevant languages. Key are Hausa, Arabic, French, English, Kanuri

    Hostages: very little has been said about the alleged hostages feature in the latest BH video release. If this is the reality it vindicates the previous analysis that BH/ Ansaru has seen the benefits of hostage taking as a revenue/ publicity gaining enterprise. However one wonders how much they have factored in the general indifference of Nigerian authorities to the case of non VIP hostages. Unless these women and children are related to VIPs it is unlikely there will be much of a response.

  74. beegeagle says:

    Nice one, Peccavi.

    I am thinking about the use of the Gazelle in Mali by the French and am hoping that we get to see our dedicated military variant Agusta A109 LUH. Those can be fitted with FLIR and are able to carry 12.7mm or 20mm guns and 68mm rockets.


    NTA NEWS reports that the ten fleeing insurgents who got killed and 65 suspects who were captured got caught by the Special Forces units. They were found with RPG launchers to boot.

    At the same time, the DDI are saying that people in the AOR need to be alert to the movement of people moving around with large containers in search of fuel. These are thought to be militants trying to shore up stocks incognito in the quieter backwaters out there and thereafter break out in doomed escape bids.

    • jimmy says:

      it is hunting time let the dogs loose

    • peccavi says:

      Gazelle is getting a bit old but beggars can’t be choosers. But we need Light attack/ observation helis. the Mi Series are awesome but they are really tank busters and its a waste using them against BH except maybe for long range strikes, for close support in COIN I say go light.

  75. jimmy says:

    This is an open letter to the Nigerian Military tasked especially with the objective of INFORMATION
    1) It is important to state at the beginning of every BROADCAST the main purpose of BOKO HARAM is to seek the overthrow of a lawfully elected democratic government
    2) The imposition of a single RELIGION on a Multi – religion non secular country called Nigeria
    3) This operation is to eliminate a group whose sole objective is to destabilize and kill as many Nigerians of all ethnic groups and religions
    4) INFORMATION as it has been carried out has been WONDERFUL ONE SOURCE AND ONE SOURCE ONLY. They are doing exactly what the Americans did with Gen. Colin Powell and Gen Norman SCHWARZKOPF. This needs to continue .
    5) This is a purely internal Nigerian matter . Foreign Journalist who sneak in from Cameroon/ Chad/ Niger in the event of being captured are their at their own peril there will be no costly rescue attempt.
    6) One highly respected journalists should be embedded with the troop safter that said individual has been thoroughly vetted.
    7) The F.G. should not make the mistake of apologizing to anyone for anything .Boston was SHUT for a whole weekend and the residents were told to stay indoors ditto Maiduguri in fact i would of suggested that should of been done Friday afternoon right after prayers .
    8) press conferences should be controlled , managed and just like Schwarzkopf used to say sometimes that question concerns operations we cannot answer it right now, not every question needs to be answered..
    9.The securing of the most important points along these borders is the first stage to winning this war
    10. Classified…….. they ( Nigerian armed forces )are i believe already doing it

  76. igbi says:

    I think every informed Nigerian can help in the war effort by monitoring the press and by marking the ones helping boko haram with psychological warfare, and finally by exposing those pro-terrorist media. I am happy that you people are already doing that. How I wish we had an even broader medium. By the way I want to add that Aljazeera has already started showing signs of sympathy to the terrorists.You can see it on the latest “Inside story” on boko haram. So please be carefull, some news agencies might be hiding their real agenda.
    Long live the Federal republic of Nigeria.

  77. beegeagle says:


    ABUJA, May 18 (Xinhua)

    Nigerian troops operating in northeast Borno State said on Saturday that 65 rebels had been apprehended so far by officers of the Special Task Force (STF).

    Spokesperson for the defense
    headquarters Brig.-Gen. Chris Olukolade,
    disclosed this in a statement issued in
    Abuja, saying the rebels were caught
    while attempting to infiltrate Maiduguri
    as they fled their various camps now under attack. The statement said the arrest was a continuation mission aimed at ridding the nation’s insurgent activities.

    According to the statement, a total of 11
    vehicles, four tricycles and 24 GSM
    handsets were also seized in the process. “All the suspects are in custody of the Joint Task Force and are currently being interrogated,” the military statement said.

    The statement added that most of the
    rebels’ camps were found to have been
    deserted by fleeing insurgents when STF
    troops stormed their occupied localities. The facilities have now been occupied by our troops, it said.

    The statement said further that, in
    another development, troops have
    engaged and dislodged elements of
    insurgent groups who carried out the May 7 attacks on citizens in localities such as Gamboru ward. It said a total of 10 rebels were confirmed dead during the operation while weapons such as rocket-propelled grenade launchers, assorted ammunition and rifle magazines were recovered.

    The statement also said some of the
    fleeing insurgents from various camps
    have been noted to be in search of fuel
    from neighboring communities.

    The statement said the Defense
    Headquarters had further enjoined the
    troops to sustain the intensity of the

  78. Joe says:

    Really oftopic but, just wanted to share footage of Nigerian police in Haiti, its not really much to see, but just wanted to share it, because the topic Of nigerian police in Haiti is hardly ever mentioned.

    • Obix says:

      Very impressive. The chaps look smart and professional. For excellent results,the government need to equip the NPF and improve their welfare package.

  79. Teeboy says:

    The terrorists are fleeing to neighboring states. I hope the military is keeping a eye on this.

    Emergency rule: Boko Haram militants flood Gombe, Bauchi

    Members of the boko haram sect

    Members of the boko haram sect
    | credits: File copy

    Following the declaration of a state of emergency in Yobe, Borno and Adamawa states, some members of the fundamentalist Boko Haram sect have started fleeing to neighbouring Gombe, Bauchi and Jigawa states, SUNDAY PUNCH authoritatively reports.

    On Thursday, members of the sect attacked two police stations and four banks in Daura, Katsina State.

    It was the first time the sect was carrying out attacks in Katsina.

    President Goodluck Jonathan placed the three states under emergency rule following unabated bloodbath and bomb attacks which have left hundreds of people and security officials dead.

    Security sources confided in our correspondents on Friday that following the increased pressure by the military, some of the insurgents have started sneaking out of the states.

    A top military official who pleaded anonymity because he was not authorised to speak on the matter said, “All the states are under intense military surveillance and we are ensuring that no one sneaks out but the insurgents have some secret routes which we are going to block. They will use these secret routes to sneak out because of the heat on them. Ordinarily, they will want to protect their wives, children and the weak among them.”

    One of the soldiers deployed in Maiduguri, the Borno State capital, also told one of our correspondents that some of the insurgents are fleeing the state to neighbouring ones.

    The solider who pleaded anonymity because of the sensitivity of the matter said, “We have reports that they are running away to neigbouring states and even neighbouring countries. We are doing our best to ensure that all escape routes are blocked.”

    According to the soldier, several residents of Gamboru, Ngala, and Marte, where the sect hoisted its flags are fleeing the area because of heavy military operation.

    A security expert and former State Security Service director, Mr. Mike Ejiojor, told SUNDAY PUNCH that it was possible that members of the Boko Haram sect would attempt to escape to states near Borno, Yobe and Adamawa.

    “Preventing them from migrating to neighbouring states is the essence of the state of emergency in the three affected states. We hope that it won’t be easy for them to migrate to other states especially if they have cells there,” he said.

    Another security expert, Dr. Ona Ekhomu, told one of our correspondents that there was a possibility that members of the sect that had fled the states, could regroup to launch massive attacks on the states under emergency rule.

    Ekhomu, who is the President, Association of Industrial Security and Safety Operators of Nigeria, said such a development could lead to having more states on the list of those under emergency rule.

    He said, “They will continue to launch attacks, it is not without doubt. Don’t forget that apart from the affected states, other states have some Boko Haram presence, so they may regroup. The military must ensure that they don’t escape from the states.

    “The military should use a lot of tactics to freeze the bad guys (Boko Haram). The essence of conducting the military operation in the North-East is to flush out or capture the Boko Haram elements. If they get away, then the purpose of the exercise is defeated.”

    He added that members of the sect might wear military uniforms to disguise as they were becoming more adaptive. According to him, it would become difficult to differentiate between a genuine military officer and a Boko Haram member in military uniform.

    Meanwhile, the Nigerian Immigration Service has deported 31,822 illegal immigrants from the country in the first five months of the year.

    The Public Relations Officer of NIS, Mr. Ekpedeme King, told SUNDAY PUNCH, that the figure represented the total number of immigrants arrested without proper documentation in different parts of the country.

    “According to our records, from January this year to the first week of May, the Nigerian Immigration Service arrested and repatriated 31,822 illegal immigrants. I know there is the temptation to link the number to the security situation in the country and the Boko Haram insurgency. But this is the total number of illegal immigrants we have repatriated so far this year, as part of our duties to ensure that every foreigner in the country has adequate documentation,” he said.

    Findings showed that most of the deportees were nationals of Niger, Mali and Cameroun, while a small number from other West African countries like Ghana and Benin Republic.

    Minister of Interior, Mr. Abba Moro, who confirmed this development, said the illegal aliens came into the country through the many porous border inlets, adding that to fight terrorism in the country, it was necessary to “throw them out.”

    Moro explained that the deportation was part of the measures adopted by government to check the incursion of strangers into the nation and to further contain the security threat posed by Boko Haram.

    According to him, it will cost about N500m to provide the manpower and gadgets needed at the borders.

    He said, “Manning our international borders effectively to check illegal entry of persons is almost impossible in the nation today. We have to admit the fact that we don’t have enough manpower and equipment to have real control of the situation.

    “And I admit to you that prior to the present situation we face, it used to be worse. We used to take so many things for granted until we came to the point of this daring and dire security challenge.

    “Part of the measures to succeed in the task had led us to getting into partnership with the American government to procure advanced surveillance equipment for better border security. The illegal immigrants were sent out of the country by the appropriate authorities under the ministry.”

    In a related development, Amnesty International has called on security forces to adhere to international human rights standards and the rule of law.

    It said it would continue to document human rights abuses by the security forces and Boko Haram, and the dire situation of the people trapped in the middle.

    It stated, “We will continue to call on the Nigeria government to take action to protect the population. Nigeria must adopt measures that prevent, investigate and prosecute attacks by Boko Haram, while fully respecting and ensuring human rights in accordance with Nigeria’s international obligations and commitments. The population will not be truly secure until everyone in Nigeria can be confident not only that the risk of attacks from Boko Haram has been reduced, but also that they will not face human rights violations at the hands of the very state security forces mandated with their protection.

    “Unfortunately, at the moment in Nigeria we have a situation where the military are behaving like they are above the law – like they don’t have to respect the rule of law. So, in some respects, the issue is not so much which law the military are operating under, although it is vitally important that the law complies with international human rights law and standards.”

  80. Teeboy says:

    A key issue that no one seems to be addressing is the capture (or death preferably) of Abubakar Shekarau who is allegedly holed up in Mali. This is key.

  81. G8T Nigeria says:

    I think we as citizens must come out loudly to thank the Nigerian Armed forces for its strong commitment to keep nigeria one. Flashing back to a statement credited to a foreign top figure that NIGERIA will break up on the lead to 2015. It now behoves on us to start looking under the table to pinpoint who the Real enemy is. There is something more than Boko Haram as a group, this i mean nations sponsoring terrorism and fueling national disorder politically and morally. The atitude of our Neighbouring countries sometimes call for concern. We may have lost track with the might of NSO now DSS and others but certainly after this war against terror we rlly need to
    1- Review our Foreign policy
    2- Spend more on Inteligence Gathering efforts
    Regional focus-Continental Focus-Global Focus.
    3- Undertake strigent Border monitoring efforts.
    Great Nigeria, great people, great Vision.

    • Acting Major Benbella says:

      Well, John Kerry had to say that? As if we care. I am sure that Nigeria’s defense leadership realize that America’s interests in Nigeria and in our continent is different from Nigeria. That is why I advocate that we should source our defense needs now, build support facilities to maintain, make parts and reverse engineer them. I think that it will help protect our capacity to take independent actions in pursuit of our security interests. No matter the costs we should begin in earnest. One gets the feeling that Nigeria’s unwilling involvement in the arc of terror is not accidental. That more efforts will be made to destabilize countries as the world fights for resources and areas of influence.

      • igbi says:

        I sense that there is a rift between President Goodluck and mr Obama: when was the last time they met ? I think President Jonathan has finally realised that the advices of Obama were likely to have hime killed and have the nation in flames. Can you imagine that up till now America still doesn’t consider boko haram a terrorist group ?

  82. Henry says:

    ****Breaking news****

    Un confirmed reports say NAF have deployed surveillance drones to border areas.

  83. Henry says:

    Move comes amid major offensive in three northeastern states against group seeking to create Islamic state.

    Nigerian soldiers have blocked roads out of a key northeastern city to deprive Boko Haram fighters of supplies in remote towns they control, the army has said.

    The military said on Sunday that its offensive against the group, which followed a declaration of a state of emergency in three northeastern states, was aimed at re-establishing Nigeria’s “territorial integrity”.

    The assault on Boko Haram, which has said it wants to create an Islamic state, included air strikes on strongholds in remote parts of northeastern Borno state, and has spread to the state capital Maiduguri, the fighters’ traditional home base.

    Residents said on Sunday the base had been blockaded.

    “There is a huge build-up of trucks loaded with essential commodities… along the Baga road on the way out of Maiduguri to the northern part of the state,” said Ibrahim Yahaya.

    “The drivers said they have been prevented by the military from going northward,” he told the AFP news agency by email.

    ‘Run out of supplies’

    The phone network in Borno has all but collapsed since president Goodluck Jonathan on Tuesday declared a state of emergency there and in two neighbouring states, Adamawa and Yobe.

    Chris Olukolade, a defence spokesman, said in a statement on Saturday that fighters on the run were scrambling for key supplies like fuel. He urged residents to report anyone trying to buy large quantities of fuel.

    The supply shortage has begun to bite in the town of Gomboru Ngala, on the border with Cameroon, where some Borno residents have fled to escape the air raids.

    “Trucks bringing in goods from Maiduguri have ceased since last week,” said resident Grema Babagoni. He said the supply shortage has pushed prices up by as much as 25 percent.

    “If the blockade continues for some time we may completely run out of supplies,” he told AFP.

    On Saturday the army declared a 24-hour curfew in a dozen neighbourhoods of Maiduguri, Boko Haram’s stronghold.

    The curfew in the main city in Borno state came as soldiers continued the government’s emergency campaign against fighters in the region on Saturday.

    A defence spokesman also said the military had seized stockpiles of weapons including rocket-propelled grenades, guns and ammunition from areas around Maiduguri.

    Boko Haram has carried out scores of attacks in recent years, and has become emboldened and better armed in recent months.

  84. doziex says:


    At the risk of hubris, I would remind this blog that I said all these things would come to pass,

    And more importantly, we(Our security forces would not have being made ready, by our leaders, men and women of no vision and imagination.

    The archives of this blog would always remain a testament to the fact that myself, and some others accurately predicted current events, and shouted at the top of our lungs for the federal govt to quadruple the size of our security forces then arm and equip them to the teeth.

    I said this, then, because it was easy for all to see that the excesses of our leaders have already done mortal damage to Nigeria, And our federalized security forces remain the only glue capable of holding this excuse of a nation together.

    The political leaders have remained highly corrupt and irresponsible. They have been so focused on their greedy thieving ventures, that they have refused to reequip our armed forces so they can word off the impending doom.

    Well, we are here now. Oga peccavi, I sincerely hope that you are right, and I was wrong, when you argued that MRAPS were unnecessary, and that NAF as is, is capable of defeating hordes of rebels invading in heavily armed technicals.

    Oga Beeg, I hope the L-39ZA are functional, and ready for war. I hope our Vickers tanks, our scorpions, our mowags, our palmarias and bofors are functional, and ready to answer the call in devastating fashion.

    For if these existing formations are not ready, and as we know, GEJ never authorized any strategic military build up to make up for an unserviceable armory, You all know we have just guaranteed that the CIA’s 2015 disintegration forecast about Nigeria, to come to pass.

    • jimmy says:

      OGA DOZIEX much repect for your comments and most times i do not even post a thread because you beat me to it.
      however easy on the break up comments and the fear mongering . A COUNTRY THAT CAN SUMMON up to what is clearly amounting to a division ( 10,000+) within a week despite all the hiccups across three SERVICES air force/ navy / army is not BREAKING UP ANYTIME SOON .Nigeria is much much stronger than this , also Reluctantly, grudgingly and some admiration is beginning to pour in for G.E.J FROM THE PEOPLE THAT MATTER THE MOST THE Nigerian people.
      The NIGERIAN PEOPLE who cut across all ethnic lines are encouraging him to be even more decisive, from what we have learnt on this blog our boys and girls in the miltary MORALE IS SKY HIGH.
      Before we look to people who depend on thieves likE CHALABI TO TELL THEM THAT THERE ARE WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION IN iraq, WHO COULD NOT EVEN PREDICT THE COLLAPSE OF THE SOVIET UNION, who had Satellite picture of a mass genocide going on in RWANDA and did nothing EXCEPT PONTIFICATE let us look look AND TRUST in own Nigerians. oga doziex it might interests you to know everyone who was associated with document has disowned it.
      Last but not least these type of documents started in 1983 WE WERE TOLD NIGERIA WOULD LAST ONLY 15 YEARS. The we were told Nigeria could not conduct back – back elections ( we have done three ) I AM VERY SURE WHEN 2015 COMES AND GOES THEY WILL TELL US SOMETHING ELSE THE SAME PEOPLE WHO COULD COULD NOT PREDICT THE FALL OF QADDAFI AND WERE FALLING OVER THEMSELVES DOING BIZ WITH HIM RIGHT UP TILL THE END ARE NOW EXPERTS? . I beg make we talk about CLEARING THE N.E.

    • asorockweb says:

      BH’s power comes from their ability to influence our politics.
      BH’s affects our hopes, dreams and how we as a nation value ourselves.

      As a pure fighting force, we shouldn’t very estimate BH.
      What is BH’s ORBAT?
      On a single day, how many men can they put on the field of battle?
      At full muster, can BH hold Kano city for 2 weeks?

      We should not fear BH, we should fears ourselves.

      • peccavi says:

        Oga Asorockweb: Again you are getting to the nexus of the issue. Militarily they are insignificant, their power is in what they make us do.
        so far they have failed to cause a Christian-Muslim war but they have succeeded in getting a massive reaction from the government and destroying ,any innocent lives. whether this will actually mean anything for their sponsors is yet to be seen

      • bomber says:

        You hit the nail on the head Oga Asorockweb. The way out is, there should be a common good that should propel us as Nigerians to overcome them (BH).

  85. Henry says:

    Oga doziex, 2 words for you, “fear mongering”. Do not forget that it was under GEJ’s administration our security budget got to 6 billion usd. This year’s budget for military and SSS/DSS is about 3.7-4 billion dollars.

    There are always going to be challenges in dealing with this insurgency, it is home grown. How are the russians doing with their insurgency , with almost weekly bombings in degastan and the northern causes. I have no doubt in my mind, that our security agencies would bring these problem under control. I do not see an end, how do you stop someone from blowing himself up, with a belief of paradise, if he does so.

    Marilyn ogar said the DSS, despite having budget constraints have been able to up grade and purchase modern equipment’s to deal with this insurgency. She made these comments 2 months ago when she was interviewed on channels tv. I have total confidence in her agency and the military.

    True, We bashed the military on the desert pick up thread, but we were also here when OGA beeg confirmed that the army has well over 200 VBL’s. 50 up armoured, up gunned and digitised pingzuaer’s were shown NTA news for all nigerians to see, before our troops departed for mali, I’m sure that more an in the offing. Including tons nd tons of nigerian army hardware profiled on this blog.

    You cannot allow another human predict your own fate. Fate is un predictable. For all we have profiled on this blog over the past year, it is amazing you still hold on to an un-substantiated claim of nigeria breaking up in 2015. A claim made with big multi-nationals in mind.

    Let me ask, if it happens, who loses at the end??? All 170 million nigerians, and the gainers would be the multinationals, just like in DRC.

    So my brother, careful what you wish for.

    • chyde says:

      Oga Henry you’ve nailed it. No one can determine your fate. If Nigeria breaks up ask yourself oga Doziex What your own fate will be. Nothing dey happen. The Nigerian armed forces full ground, we still need some upgrades though

      • jimmy says:

        AMEN we need the upgrades and the procurement.

      • igbi says:

        If Nigeria divides then Somalia will look like a childs playground compared to us.
        It would take more than 60 years for each entity to reach the level of 3rd world country.
        And all our neighbours will bully us so much …

    • doziex says:

      Oga henry one word for you, Logistics. Neither the russians nor the americans are as logistics and weapons poor as nigeria.

      Mali was a cake walk for the french, because of superior weaponry and logistics.

      we in nigeria, we would simply do like our pakistani mentors and chase and strafe BH all thru the game reserves. The way they chased their insurgents in their in country campaigns.

      But we will pay a terrible price chasing them on foot and in hilux trucks rather than horizontally and vertically enveloping them with MRAPs and Helicopters.

      And while we are wasting time chasing them around with our inadequate logistics, they

      would gain in experience, courage and strength.

      Call it fear mongering if you like, but nigeria as redesigned, is been held together by federal institutions, chief of which is the nigerian army.

      If they fail, we fail.

      This is not a soccer match between nations. And uncritical loyalty is not called for.

      This blog should be about the well being of our defense forces, BUT NOT THEIR CHEER LEADER.
      We must be detached enough to call them out on their failings.

      And the bitter truth, is that boko haram did not catch NA with it’s pants down. But NA/ our politicians watched and largely ignored the growth of BH.

      They have gone from throwing soda can made bombs, to overunning entire regions within 3 states.

      And I am the one fearmongering ??
      If you don’t believe me, ask the RUF, and the NPFL.

  86. beegeagle says:



    Nigeria’s military says it killed 14 Boko Haram militants and captured 20 others Sunday, as it presses its offensive against the al-Qaida-linked
    group in the country’s restive northeast.

  87. peccavi says:


    Situation Friendly Forces
    • Special forces continue ops against Boko Haram
    • 3 x KIA, 7 x MIA, 1 x MIA
    • MAIDUGURI sealed off, 11 areas placed under 24 hour curfew
    • Authorities request anyone looking to buy large quantities of fuel to be reported
    • Amnesty offered to surrendering insurgents

    Situation Enemy Forces
    • Reported 24-54 x KIA, 85 captured. 7 vehicles captured
    • En reported to be fleeing to the borders with CHAD, CAMEROUN and NIGER
    • En reported to be trying to extract vehicles and heavy stores

    Situation External Forces
    Vice President Dr Namadi SAMBO meets UK Department for International Development Secretary Lynne FEATHERSTONE to discuss security issues and challenges in Northern Nigeria

    Increased hardship for citizens as a result of these operations is not optimal. In future phases relief for civilians should be factored in. The FGN would do well to approach the US and UK to put their humanitarian money where their mouths are and provide relief for civilians. It is a win win for all sides. Nigeria defrays the cost of relief, the western powers get good PR and the suffering of ordinary Nigerians reduces.
    No pattern can yet be discerned as to the enemies next moves, once the enemy completely breaks down abandons vehicles and heavy weapons then it can be said that the offensive is succeeding.

  88. Spirit says:

    My Dear Generals

    Again I say, YOU WILL SOON SEE THAT THE NA IS MIGHTIER THAN YOU ALL THINK OR KNOW. A soldier friend said the military high command has been planning these fore months.

    GEJ has let out the hornets.

    Everything (known and unknown) is being thrown into this war. Morale (from Generals to recruit) is sky high. The best thing for any BH member to do now is to RUN LIKE HELL and pray he doesnt run into a trap.

    The major prob are the numerous border routes. Troops were deployed (to man/block the main ones) before the declarations but the they are too numerous. The local BH sympathisers are leading BH members through them.

    As per the deportation of 30,000+ illegal aliens, of what use is the deportation when they can easily trek back into Nigeria the very next day?

    Secure the border and half of the job is done. No matter the cost, secure this border.

    Incursion into neighbouring countries is inevitable if we are going to win this war. our neighbours are either too afraid of BH or they lack the wherewithall to fight the terrorists. We most likely have to do it ourself. I heard our SF have already located their camps in these countries. What is needed now is just the political will.

    The tactics is to shoot to wound, not to kill. As;

    1) Information can be extracted from the wounded
    2) WIA will likely delay others trying to rescue further exposing them to fire
    3) WIA will slow down the whole team during escape.
    4) It might lead SF teams to BH hideouts
    5) It might expose doctors/physicians/hospitals sympathetic to BH causes. Information can thereby be extracted from such physicians.
    6) Tending to the WIAs will tie down BH’s human and financial resouces.

    He said BH tactics is as spelled out above by Peccavi, but that the NA knows and are trying their best to twart them.

    God bless Nigeria.

  89. beegeagle says:


    20 May, 2013

    The military onslaught against the Boko Haram insurgents continued on Sunday with the killing of 14 more terrorists and recovery of seven vehicles and 13 telephone handsets, Defence Headquarters reported on Sunday. Three soldiers were also confirmed dead while another was declared missing.

    Director of Defence Information, Chris Olukolade, a Brigadier General, in a statement in Abuja noted: “In the course of special forces’ pursuits and operations, a number of encounters have ensued
    since yesterday (Saturday). “After a mop-up of scenes of battle, 14
    terrorists were confirmed dead, while seven vehicles and 13 telephone handsets were recovered. “A total of 20 terrorists were apprehended as they fled. Altogether, three soldiers died, while seven are wounded and are being treated in a military medical facility, one soldier is missing.”

    Olukolade disclosed that the dislodged terrorists were in disarray, and that a large number of them were heading backward towards various borders. “Dislodged terrorists have been noted to be in disarray with a large number of them heading backwards various borders. Their bases are being deserted but they
    are making efforts to evacuate most of the large stock of logistics, including scores of vehicles in their holdings.

    “The Special Forces troops have continued the attack on identified terrorist camps in the northern part of the country. “Patrols are also ongoing to secure towns and villages from infiltration, while
    curfews on identified flashpoints are being enforced.”

    Olukolade disclosed that in order to
    further equip the troops for battle, the required reinforcement and logistics have been delivered. “Meanwhile the required reinforcement and logistics have been delivered to the troops in the frontline where they have been engaging a large number of heavily
    armed terrorists since yesterday

    He expressed satisfaction with the troops’ level of compliance with
    the rule of engagement. “Defence Headquarters is quite satisfied
    with the high standard of compliance with operational orders and strict observance of the rules of engagement so far. “The forces have been directed to
    maintain the robustness of the patrols and enforcement of curfews and ensure that civilians are kept out of harm’s way as much as possible,” he added.

    Meanwhile, an elated President
    Goodluck Jonathan on Sunday thanked Nigerians for their support for the state of emergency he declared last week in Borno, Yobe and Adamawa states. He said the deployment of troops in the
    affected states following the declaration of emergency rule has started yielding the desired results.

    In a statement by his Senior Special
    Assistant on Public Affairs, Doyin Okupe, the President reassured that his administration was determined to ensure that Nigerians were safe to undertake
    their day-to-day activities.

    Jonathan had on Tuesday last week in a nationwide broadcast declared
    emergency rule in the three states and directed the military to deploy troops. The troops went into action immediately afterwards with aerial bombardment of training camps and other strategic locations of the Boko Haram terrorist group in Borno State.

  90. beegeagle says:

    Yeah, Spirit !! I am relishing the moment. Our troops, particularly the SF chaps are doing a professional job. This has obviously been on the drawing board for a long time, going by their compilation of intel on their supply lines, bases and all that. The air of bravado has deserted BH who have staged botched attacks on two formations of the Armoured Corps since March 2013.

    Now, they cannot even muster a platoon of terrorists after mounting an operation using ‘technicals’ and spearheaded by a 200-man attacking force. They are in disarray. This is not good for their morale either since paranoia breeds mistrust and a witchhunt of ‘saboteurs’ is looming in the horizon. Where are their Malian and other Sahelian comrades in terror now? Apparently, Nigeria ain’t Mali. We are waiting for you guys to make a stand for it, so you know what we learnt from a decade of asymmetric warfare in West Africa’s hills, cities, villages and forests.

    Una terrorist mugu wey don dey galala since :). See fight na, una take off. Kai, BH fall hand sha.

    For now, according to immortal Fela, it is “everybody run, run, run..chaos! everybody, scatter scatter..chaos!’

  91. freeegulf says:

    from the speed of deployment and commencement of combat, it seems Defence HQ have been planning this desert ops for a while now. we re seeing replica blitz ala french intervention in mali.
    godspeed u brave warriors

  92. beegeagle says:

    Lemme preempt a brewing storm at this point by playing the role of mediator here, gentlemen.

    As the chief servant on board, I can tell you for free that it was never on the initiator’s mission statement to be either a CHEERLEADER or an IMPLACABLE CRITIC. We came here to tell our story as we know it and in counterpoise to the gale of misinformation out there about our defence and security forces as told by the media hegemons of the West, many of whom do not know any better. Thankfully, the Western World have tuned in to us, massively. Again, we came here to articulate what we perceive to be the hardware needs of our forces. Our archives tell the story. The beneficiaries of that effort in procurement advocacy have also warmed up to us.

    We broke new ground in venturing into the ‘very sensitive’ turf which many consider to be too dangerous in case you offend legitimate bearers of arms and terrorists…an unprecedented cutthroat venture and lurch into murky depths which, thank God, has been very well received. I suspect that our work has been more inclined towards constructive criticism and that has earned us TRUST.

    As the man behind the console, I can tell you for free that at the topmost level, both in Nigeria and in the USA, Beegeagle’s Blog is on the radar where it matters the MOST. The details would throw you off your seat, so let’s leave that out.

    Among other things, one is formally trained in HR Management and I know that to get the best out of people, you commend before you condemn.

    If we do not intend to to lose our high-perch audience,NOTE that it is not going to take us a step further towards the attainment of our goals if we consign every well-intentioned move or laudable development to the realm of tokenism. It would make us appear comical or leave us open to being criticised for wilfully obfuscating the facts. There are after all, two sides to every coin.

    As it stands, the military have put their best foot forward on this emergency-era crackdown in the Northeast. It is emblematic of the professional standards which the military have trained to attain and even the naysayers have not been able to cook up any stories. Neither have the garrulous Boko Haram made any stand anywhere that is in sync with the notoriety which they have gained for themselves. IF it is the ongoing developments which we are observing rather than speaking from any predispositions, then we would make ourselves less believable and indeed sound compromised IF we pretended that the ongoing onslaught has not pulled us away from the brink rather than edged us further towards disintegration.

    Concerning the matter of desert warfare, for instance, we need not argue towards our favoured outcomes to the exclusion of the reality. All of us, yours truly being at the head of that agitating crowd, urgently want to see a cascade of MRAPs coming to our rugged troops. They deserve it and that is what their work will require in the main for many years to come – Darfur, Mali, Nigeria come to mind.

    That however does not take away from the fact that the NA’s commencement of the putting together of a cohesive desert operations competency, has started off professionally with the acquisition of Toyota LandCruiser gun-trucks…whether or not we like soft-skinned vehicles.

    Right across the globe in every country where geography has made it imperative for military forces to establish desert warfare elements, the gun-truck and most especially, the Landcruiser gun-truck has remained an INESCAPABLE COMPONENT of that array. From China to Pakistan, Iran to Afghanistan, Jordan to Morocco, Iraq to Saudia, Sudan to Mauritania, Chad to Algeria, Mali to Libya, Egypt to Yemen, THAT is the global standard. Feigning ignorance of that FACT just because we crave MRAPs would only make the commenter sound less believable.

    We need MRAPs aplenty, YES. But to imply that Landcruiser gun-trucks(used by all the desert-fighting armies), uparmoured Pinzgauer gun-trucks(used by the Brits in Iraq and Afghanistan), Otokar Cobra(used by Turkey in Afghanistan and in Kurdistan; and by Iraq and Algeria at home) and Panhard VBL scout cars(used by France in Afghanistan and Mali), have not been sensible CTCOIN/desert warfare inductions by the Nigerian Army, would leave us open to ridicule. Facts must remain FACTS, regardless of the outcomes which we desire.

    That is why yours truly, who has been yelling for MRAPs, has in utmost sobriety, admitted that the array which the NA are building for our CTCOIN and desert forces is actually a very good one..without prejudice to my continuing clamour for MRAPs.

    Again, I cannot pretend that the NA have not sprung any surprises on us as far as equipment needs go. For instance, ALL the military equipment logs believe that we own 72 Panhard VBL scout cars. We doubted this – not when we have half that number deployed as training assets in training isntitutions and with demonstration battalions – such as at the NDA, ACC etc while the other half of that number(36) are visible on urban CTCOIN operations in Kano, Kaduna, Abuja and Jos. Never mind the major flashpoints that are Borno, Yobe and the Niger Delta AND the even distribution across battalions right round the federation.

    Sure as can be, Camouflage1984, craving absolute confidentiality, has posted me a photo of an acquaintance who is on the crew of, wait for it, PANHARD VBL NUMBER 200! So it turns out that, unkown to Jane’s, IISS Military Balance and SIPRI, the Nigerian Army actually field 200 or more VBLs – thrice as many as they have on their books. Remember that we have also shown you first photos of previously unknown assets such as Type 90 AA systems and tracked Spartan APCs.

    Now the point is this. Let us not pretend that we know all that is happening. Not even military personnel do, not when every new acquisition goes to the oblique realm of an “unnamed West African customer”. Jane’s Defence have themselves described the Nigerian military as being “famously secretive”.

    So assuming a minimum pile-on of 128 Panhard VBLs+the more commonly known 72 units and the uparmouring+upgunning of an initial 50 units of Pinzgauer and the acquisition of 35 desert terrain vehicles, we surely cannot, regardless of our expectations, pretend that nothing is happening without making ourselves appear like uncharitable critics.

    Lemme humbly suggest that as we advocate for the acquisition of all that we know our forces require – Casspir and GILA MRAPs, new and used corvettes and frigates, Su-25 COIN jets and Su-27/Su-30 deep strike air superiority jets, drones, LPDs and all else(and I shall continue to champion that noble cause), let us not be critical for the sake of being that.

    IF something which is laudable is achieved and when that coheres with global best practices, even if it does not go far enough, let us not pretend that it was a moronic step forward. Recognise gains made and continue to press for what you want to see sans denigration.

    That is how to engage meaningfully with your audience and to influence outcomes. Anything else and one might just end up sounding like an implacable malcontent whose views can be conveniently papered over. None of us, I imagine, wants to be that malcontent who gets consigned to ignominy on account of positing at all times that ‘the cup is half-empty’

  93. Henry says:

    You didn’t answer my question on how the russians are faring in dagestan, and the entire northern caucuses @OGA doziex. Just after the mountains is the city of sochi, were the winter olympic events are to hold. On the other side of the mountains is the northern caucuses, engineers working in ‘sochi’ say they hear bombings on an almost weekly basis.

    My point is even with superior fire-power and logistics, the russians have been battling insurgents since 1994 in their very own territory, it doesn’t guarantee success. It makes the job easier and faster, but it would not guarantee you victory.

    We have no doubt complained about the ratio of skinny’s to MRAPS in our military, but on the other thread OGA beeg, and in particular OGA peccavi made a convincing case for the 4WD’s. I’m sure he(peccavi) was speaking from experience.

    We have jets deployed, MI series deployed and our AGUSTA’S deployed. Of course not in the numbers we all wish for, but none of us here on this blog can state with certainty the number deployed.

    This blog provides us the avenue to both cheer lead and proffer solutions for our defence needs. We have done that over the years and we continue to do that as we type. We have called our leaders out on many of their failings, multiple times on this blog. We cannot just sit, criticise, criticise and criticise. When they do well we praise them, when they fail we criticise them constructively. Not just to sit and hope that one man’s selfish prediction, finally comes to pass.

    I would not want to say caught un awares, but the army was distracted by the militancy in the delta at the time, nigeria was barely producing 700 thousand barrels of crude per day, at the height of the niger-delta crisis.
    This is a factor that cannot be over looked. However the army, reacted poorly at the time. Today though, the army has trained more than 15,000 counter terrorism troops in kachia, kantagora and JAJI, a remember pasting a channels tv news report, and another blogger pasted a BBC report showing our troops counter insurgency training. All in all the nigerian army is adapting well.

    In nigeria, there are competing demands and not enough money to deal with our expectations. We cannot just spend 10 billion dollars on the military alone, when east-west road hasn’t been completed, benin-ore-lagos road( which is complete now), power stations extra extra, we would not stifle our nations growth because a few people have decided to blow themselves up for some belief.

    Boko-haram did not over-run any region or state. I am resident in nigeria, my job allows me space to travel across nigeria, there is not a region or LGA in nigeria were the federal government has lost control over.

    Again I state equivocally that you are “fear mongering”.

    • beegeagle says:

      🙂 Make una leave Dagestan and Mali oooooo.

      CTCOIN is no tea party. Sri Lanka were able to defeat the Tamil Tigers after 26 years. All credit due to the gallant Sri Lankan troops, the LTTE did themselves in by mixing guerrilla and conventional warfare.

      Elsewhere, FARC have been fighting in Colombia for 51 years, ETA in Spain for 44 years, the PLO and allied Palestinian groups against Israel for 45 years, Naxalite rebels in India for 45 years and Kashmiri rebels for 23 years, MILF in The Philippines for 45 years, PKK rebels in Turkey for 30 years, among others.

      After 2 years and 8 months, our own forces are coping well and the tide of battle and fatigue shall have BH worn out and in disarray by or before December 2015 – with or without amnesty. So they can sustain their doomed antics for only so long.

      • Colonel says:

        Interesting but valid thoughts on worldwide CTCOIN OGA Beegs….
        However, i do not want Nigeria to spend donkey years on the boko haram problem to the detriment of major industrial development of the country.

        i am a big fan of spec-ops intelligence gathering and pre-emptive strikes. Hit and hit hard with overwhelming force early on ,and without pause, in any insurgency. Then deprive the insurgency of the factors which propagate them…The border areas are a key weak point for Nigeria wrt CTCOIN. Nigeria should seriously consider fencing off significant portions of Nigeria’s borders with Niger + chad and mount significant drone, aerial, human, satellite and CCTV monitoring of the rest.

        Oga Beeg, one area that has not been covered here is the role of Medevac, helicopters, surgical teams and trauma management for our CTCOIN troops. Can u throw some light on this?

    • doziex says:

      Oga henry I answered your question.

      No body said winning an insurgency is easy. However the russians, the indians the US, the algerians all have enough “Strategic depth” in their defense forces such that no matter the knock they take, defeating them is not even a conceivable option.

      By strategic depth, I mean size, numbers, redundancy. back in the day, nigeria had so many world class soccer players, that one could say we had a deep bench.

      No matter how many players got injured, or were not released by their clubs, the quality of the green eagles remained intact.

      Say what you want about the russians, but an army with access to say helicopters by the thousands, is simply better and more resilient than one that can only field a few dozen.
      These equipment and their operators, are going to succumb to crashes and enemy fire as the tempo of activity increases.

      That is why it is more desirable for NA to be more sufficiently equipped that it is now.

      The importance of the nigerian army to the survival of the nation is incalculable.

      The politicians are more part of the problem than the solution. The general populous are struggling, frustrated with the status quo, but have no clue how to collectively reverse the downward trend in nigeria.

      This leaves the military as the nations only salvation. So who ever is holding the purse strings should save their do little attitude, and their economizing for another time.

      We must survive 1st, then we can talk about building civilian infrastructure.

      • doziex says:

        As for your fearmongering accusation, you dont need me to paint a picture for you, what nigeria would look like, if this counteroffensive fails.

        Some time ago, you believed we had enough mi-24 attack helicopters, because you saw them flying over your compound or something.

        Well more recently, I see you have joined the advocacy for more MRAPs, more Helicopters. I wonder what changed your mind ?

        The truth that is staring us in the face, is that the nigerian armed forces, is poorly equipped to handle the numerous existential threats that face our nation.

        And with 50 billion dollars in foreign reserves, why is that a tolerable fact for you ?

        Our borders are porous, our skies are undefended, our territorial waters, are haven for pirates and oil bunkerers.

        Our recon ability is very poor. Our military effectiveness is declining, even by african standards,

        And all you want to do, is sing praises ??

        Suit yourself Boss.

  94. beegeagle says:

    Again, I have come to understand that the military thrive on tests of will and resolve. So if you are going to communicate or sell ideas to them from a standpoint of “my way or the highway”, emotional blackmail in effect, you would have lost them before the dialogue commenced.

    That is the reason why all the antagonistic foreign journalists are right now watching the military action in Borno from a thousand miles away in Lagos, instead of being shepherded through the frontlines under military protection or being embedded with the troops upcountry.

    Let us keep all of that in view as we make our respected views known.

    • jimmy says:

      There is no question while we have been critical on this blog and sometimes overly critical on this blo.Most of us (99%) Please forget the 1% they really don’t matter.99% of us want what is good for the Military.Recently (Sun) I read an interview by one of Nigeria’s most respected Generals Maj Gen OLUTOYE ( RTD) where he called out OBJ for some of his shortcomings.
      Let me be emphatic OBJ did a lot for the military .The creation of a new division 81st . A lot of administrative changes in the military that not only retired all officers who had served in a political capacity but more importantly based on reports of people still serving it it virtually impossible to even talk about organizing let alone carry out a coup because of the way the Military is run today .
      OBJ did not take the N- delta INSURGENCY serious and in his constant appeasment to the west under procured the military to the extent we got a rebuke from the U.N. in Sudan.Enter Yaradua ( M.H.R.I.P) and G.EJ we are talking of at best a 5 year period what the two of them have done for the Navy is unbelievable we have an entirely new command ( Central), FOBS , MULTIPLE SHIPS COMING ON BOARD from now till 2015 and beyond , U.A.V.S , coastal radar systems.The ARMY is still under procured but before this over ( BORNO) THEY WILL GET PAID. Right now it is a given the army will expand to 6 + divisions ( 150,000+) compare that to OBJ who initially thought it would be a good idea to cut the army to 50,00 thankfully he rethought the idea. The army still needs MODERN TANKS , Modern Mraps, MODERN MISSILE SYSTEMS.THESE ARE FACTS OGA BEEGEAGLE regardless of competing needs. They will need to find the money it is there.
      The air force having been shortchanged going all the way to IBB WITH HIS HYPER PARANOIA NEEDS MODERN AIRCRAFT THEY NEED IT 1) They are due it and we should not short change on saying that the j10or j17 is okay it is not they need a ten year plan to go from su27/su30 to su 35 if you ask for peanuts you get monkeys . This is what they need let us not shortchange them. Nigeria even before this stage was making more than enough money. The Russians told us point blank according to bloggers we can afford it . We have seen the benefits of just repairing our c-130s we have to continue forward . I look forward to this crises coming to an end in 2014 and the armed forces reaping the benefits procurement wise.
      Lastly do you know the battalion commander LT COL. AYODELE of the 31st battallion @ Kastina personally led the repelling of the b.h according to the guardian as a result was shot twice it would be nice if we give him some appreciation on this blog. Especially as he was following LT GEN Ihejirika’s maxim that the senior officer is responsible for the security of the BARRACKS.

  95. G8T Nigeria says:

    The word WHY helps us to go beyond limitations in analysing issues, basing arguments and reaching a clear focus on the matter on ground. I make no mistake asserting that BH will never and can never win over Nigeria but strongly i am condemned to ASK why do the governors keep avioding the real issues on the table. NGF warns that the Nigeria Forces shd work within their rules of engagement as directed by the president. WHY do they avoid condemning the activities of BH, Why is GEJ and the military seems to be adviced, warned, cuationed,
    Condemned all the time from the very persons whose house is on Fire.

  96. beegeagle says:

    Nice sitrep, Peccavi. Ya hand dey show dia, old soja.

    You can make it even better by pepping things up with developments on the other sides of the anarchical and quadrangular neighbourhood.

    For instance, are you guys aware of the fact that Cameroonian troops last weekend were involved in some security incident with Seleka rebels from the C.A.R in one of their border towns where straying rebels have often sought refuge? That replicates the situation with Boko Haram on their borders with West Africa. So they are on a heightened state of alert with a view to mitigating the effects of two ‘virulent’ regional conflicts playing out on their frontiers

    :)Hopefully, BH offend them as well so that they can run back into Nigeria where we shall have them for barbecue. Terror-loving airheads.

  97. beegeagle says:

    Yeah, concerning the Gazelle helics..naaa, not recommending them. I am just saying that, being armed helics rather than Hind-class flying tanks, we could replicate what they have done using our own decent fleet of militarised Agusta A109 LUHs.

    Give us a chance of putting them to the test, so we see how they complement the Hind helics which have struck time and time again in the Northeast and the Niger Delta and have no point to prove as far as lethality goes.

    An A109 LUH with a FLIR device, a .50 cal and 68mm rockets. Nimble and good to go against fleeing terrorists. The Hind and A-Jet can hit the bases and gun emplacements.

  98. Colonel says:

    Oga Beeg, i daresay aerial oversight is monumentally critical to the ongoing CTCOIN operations.

    Each “operational sector” should at least be supported by helicopter gunships-MIL hind class and light attack helicopters- weaponized/ militarized A109 LUH or MIL Mi28 ‘Havoc’

    The special forces ‘units’ on ground should also carry miniature hand-launched ‘amebo’ drones for localized surveillance…

  99. beegeagle says:


    20 May, 2013

    Nigeria’s military said Monday it had re-established control in five remote areas of the northeast where Islamist insurgents had seized territory, as it pressed on with a sweeping offensive against Boko Haram militants.

    The military has “secured the environs of New Marte, Hausari,Krenoa, Wulgo and Chikun Ngulalo after destroying all the terrorists’ camps,” a defence ministry
    statement said. All of the areas in northern Borno state near the Cameroon border were considered Boko Haram strongholds.

    President Goodluck Jonathan, who
    declared a state of emergency in Borno and two neighbouring states last week,said the insurgents had chased out local officials in some areas and removed the Nigerian flag.

    Residents have previously told AFP that New Marte and Krenoa were among the areas targeted by military air strikes in the offensive launched last week. “The troops are already interacting with locals and citizens assuring them of their safety and freedom from the activities of
    insurgents,” the statement further said.

  100. beegeagle says:


    20 May, 2013

    Nigeria’s Army has imposed a dusk to dawn curfew on Yobe State with effect from Monday May 20. The curfew is to be observed across the
    state daily from “6:00 pm to 6:00 am local time.”

    The decision follows Governor Ibrahim Gaidam meeting with the heads of law enforcement agencies in the state. Gaidam urged the “citizens to cooperate with the security agents and pray for a
    lasting peace in the state.”

    The military had imposed similar curfews on Adamawa and Borno states.

  101. Major Ohis says:

    Cameroon is going to see some action in the up coming months if not days.

    • jimmy says:

      WOW I HOPE THIS TRUE because we do not want this b—–s migrating anywhere except to hell where there are no virgins.

  102. (@lordfej) says:

    Nigeria: Boko Haram Islamists ‘arrested’ in Maiduguri

    Nigerian troops have been trying to flush out militants from their strongholds
    Continue reading the main story
    Nigeria under attack

    Tough battle ahead
    From preachers to slave raiders
    Going global?
    Fear in Maiduguri
    About 120 militant Islamists have been arrested in Nigeria’s north-eastern city of Maiduguri, as they were organising the burial of a commander, an army spokesman has said.

    The military has also recaptured five areas from the militants, he added.

    There has been no independent confirmation of what the army has said.

    President Goodluck Jonathan declared a state of emergency in three north-eastern states last week to quell the insurgency by the Boko Haram group.

    full story at the link. please if this is true then it shows an evolution of the military.

  103. Obix says:

    My Ogas, abeg make una hold me. Some of our journalists are lborrowing a leaf from some foreign media houses. Now Boko Haram is addressed as ‘secessionists fighters’ ! Haba!

  104. beegeagle says:

    🙂 Well, tis my birthday today. The Nigerian military, by this offensive, have given me the best possible birthday present. I thank them wholeheartedly.

    • demola says:

      Happy birthday, beegeagle

      • J.A.Z. says:

        I’d also like to extend Happy Birthday to Beeg from the US – and give thanks to Beeg and co-bloggers for providing sharp, incisive assessments of the situation in Nigeria, as well as regional and international comparisons. So, this one’s for you, Oga!

    • jimmy says:

      Happy birthday

    • Cryptologist says:

      Happy belated birthday Gen. Beeg . You sure a jolly good fellow, thanks for this platform to air our views and gain concise info about our own Nigerian security forces.
      Cryptologist – Canada

    • ifiok umoeka says:

      Though this is belated, Happy birthday sir. I’d like to specially thank u 4 this platform. God keep you sir.

  105. (@lordfej) says:

    LE GEN bon anniversiare Le General Beegs joyeux anniversaire, je vous souhaite tout le meilleur et je prie pour que votre rêve de frégates, sous-marins et la supériorité aérienne combattants coe à passer. Je prie aussi pour que MRAPs viennent également de passer, mais surtout peut-il être bien avec vous et les vôtres. au nom de Jésus amen.

  106. Colonel says:

    HBD Oga Beeg, Have a good one!

    And god bless and guide the Nigerian armed forces as they fight against incarnate evil- both foreign and domestic.

  107. Obix says:

    С Днем рождения, Генерал Бигигл! Желаю здоровья, счастья и профессиональных успехов! Всего самого наилучшего. Пусть Бог благословить вас во всех делах. Аминь! 🙂

  108. beegeagle says:


    21 May, 2013

    The liberation of the towns came as
    soldiers apprehended 120 members of the Boko Haram group who were
    ironically making arrangements for
    the burial of one of their commanders killed in confrontation with the military.

    Following the onslaught, the terrorists were said to be fleeing towards Chad and Niger republics but they are being contained by troops at the borders. A statement signed by the Director of Defence Information, Brigadier General Chris Olukolade on the development said: “The Special Forces have now secured the environs of New Marte, Hausari, Krenoa, Wulgo and Chikun Ngulalo after destroying all the terrorist camps sited in the vicinity of these localities. The troops are already interacting with locals
    and citizens assuring them of their
    safety and freedom from the activities of insurgents.

    “Terrorists fleeing towards Chad and
    Niger Republic are being contained as they have had encounter with Multi-National Joint Task Force in various locations towards the border.
    Advancing troops also observed a few shallow graves believed to be those
    of hurriedly buried members of the
    terrorist groups.

    In Maiduguri, about 120 terrorists were arrested as they organized burial of one of their commanders who died in an encounter with Special Forces the previous day. “The arrested insurgents are in custody of the Joint Task Force where they are being interrogated”.

    Meanwhile, Defence Headquarters
    said it has observed the use of
    photographs purportedly taken in the
    areas covered by the operations and
    “wishes to state that the photographs are questionable as they do not reflect any related reality of the social or geographical environment.

    • jimmy says:

      These group of people should be very carefully interviewed in separate groups.
      1) Amnesty should be offered first to to those who are married with children on condition they sing the news.
      2) Filtration should also take further to see if any blood relatives of SHEKAU are present.
      3) The infamous siege at WACO TEXAS taught A VALUABLE LESSON TO THE FBI/ ATF/ THAT IN MOST SITUATIONS OF adherent followers they are divided into two groups the “dead wood ” those who are not real fanatics and the” live wood” the hard core they need to distinguish between the two groups it is very likely someone in this group may lead them to Shekau or his second in command..

      • beegeagle says:


        Tuesday 21 May, 2013

        Hundreds of members of the militant Islamic sect, Boko Haram, who are fleeing military attacks in the border communities of Borno State, are regrouping in the mountainous forests of Adamawa State, a top Defence source told The PUNCH on Monday.

        The source said that militants,who were dislodged from Sambisa Game Reserve and other camps in Borno, had sought refuge in the Adamawa forests, especially in the Zumo area of Song Local Government Area. He also said that the sect members had been sighted in the forests of Maiha and Fufore local government areas of the state.

        “Most of the Boko Haram members who are running away from the military operations in Borno are moving into Adamawa State. They are regrouping in Zumo area of Song Local Government Area. Some are in Fufore and Maha local government areas. This particular area has a combination of mountains, rocks and bushes that extend to Cameroon,” he said. Our correspondents learnt that the sect members mingled with civilians when they were escaping from Borno to Adamawa State.

        Adamawa has a complex topography comprising mountains, rocks and thick forests that extend into the nation’s border with Cameroon. It is a mountainous land crossed by the large river valleys – Benue, Gongola and Yedsarem. The valleys of Cameroon, Mandara and Adamawa mountains form part of the landscape.

        The source, who spoke with The PUNCH, on condition that he would not be named, said that the focus of the Defence authorities that are coordinating the fight against the militants would change in the next few days from northern Borno to Adamawa State. He further stated that the influx of suspected insurgents into Adamawa explained the decision of the Defence Headquarters to deploy additional 1,000 troops in the state in preparation for a similar military operation in the area.

        The source said, “This might be the reason behind the decision of the Defence Headquarters to deploy additional 1,000 soldiers in the state. “The attention of the Defence authorities and the Special Forces deployed to flush out suspected Islamic militants in the North- Eastern part of the country may shift from Borno where some of the earliest battles have been fought to Adamawa State.”

      • jimmy says:

        THIS IS GOOD NEWS the hunting must continue an enemy on the run is psychologically damaged , no food going into inhospitable mountainous areas must be pursued mega phones and loudspeakers should be used in a Female voice in HAUSA , KANURI , AND FULANI and ARABIC TO APPEAL TO THE WOMEN FOLK TO GIVE UP THIS IS THE WEAK LINK. The borders at Cameroon marked and unmarked must be shut and aerial surveillance is a must.

  109. beegeagle says:

    Thank you for the birthday wishes, good people. Much appreciated. Obix I don’t read Russian script o 🙂 even as I understand what LordFej wrote. Remain combative, Demmy and Jake, say me well to our well-regarded brothers around you – WPt CPC and Jamestown Foundation. You are all blessed.

    Gentlemen, let’s welcome the Colonel. We shall find him to be a valuable addition to our fold.

  110. beegeagle says:

    Reports indicate that a spike in the number of troops deployed to Adamawa is underway. 1,000 more troops are expected to be landed there in the coming days.


    “At least 200 troops were confirmed to have been ferried into Adamawa State on the southern flank of the northeast presently under emergency rule.”

    • jimmy says:

      By the time this operation reaches it’s peak between the three states i envisage close to 10,000 personnel actively involved it is good that we are now taking the fact we need the c-130s and the g222 round the clock also the new 737 that was purchased last month now looks like money well spent. There are a lot of lessons to be learned from this operation just the logistics alone is testament to what Nigerians can do when they are tasked to do stuff -and given the opportunity to perform.

      • beegeagle says:

        Some of the reports which we heard yesterday spoke about troops haven ‘landed’ in Adamawa.

        Juxtaposed against General Olukolade’s earlier statement ref C130 and G222 planes ferrying troops from down south into the AOR, it is almost certain that these troops arrived from garrisons in southern Nigeria and they were flown in for rapid deployment.

        Otherwise, it is about 1,350km by road from Ibadan and 1,440km from Lagos to Yola at the nearest end via Benue(Katsina Ala-Zaki Biam corridor) – longer if you go through the Jos route. That much I remember from our time dispatching cross-country trucks to Adamawa.

        This is hardly the time for such long journeys by road. My most accurate guess is that these guys were flown into Yola.

  111. triqqah says:


    …’On 5 August 2011, Brazil started Operation
    Ágata, part of a major “Frontiers Strategic
    Plan” launched by President Dilma Rousseff in
    June, with almost 30 continuous days of
    rigorous military activity in the region of
    Brazil’s border with Colombia, it mobilized 35
    aircraft and more than 3,000 military
    personnel of the Brazilian Army, Brazilian
    Navy and Brazilian Air Force surveillance
    against drug trafficking, illegal mining and
    logging, and trafficking of wild animals’

    On 15 September 2011, Brazil launched the
    Operation Ágata 2 on the borders with
    Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay. Part of this
    border is the infamous Triple Frontier.

    On 22 November 2011, Brazil launched the
    Operation Ágata 3 on the borders with Bolivia, Peru, and Paraguay. It involved 6,500
    personnel, backed by 10 ships and 200 land
    patrol vehicles, in addition to 70 aircraft,
    including fighter, transport and
    reconnaissance aircraft. This was the largest
    Brazilian coordinated action involving the
    Army, Navy and Air Force against illegal
    trafficking and organized crime, along a
    border strip of almost 7,000 km.

    Similar to what we are doin here in nigeria.
    The main drawback is that the BH can flee to neighboring countries to regroup if similar action is not done by our neighbors.

    After this op I suggest they take a look at another approach. The plan, target
    BH leadership and focus on
    eliminating most of the powerful economic
    and military fronts.

  112. beegeagle says:


    Tuesday, 21 May 2013
    Written by Ibrahim Abdul’Aziz

    No fewer than 200 troops have so far arrived in Adamawa State to effect the implementation of the state of emergency slammed on the state by the federal government.

    Addressing the troops, Brigade Commander of the 23 Armoured Brigade Yola, Brigadier General Fatai Oladipo Alli, urged them to restore law and order in all parts of the state.

    “I urge you to conduct yourselves in this onerous national assignment with the highest level of discipline, professionalism, and abide by the rules of engagement and the code of conduct that will be given to you”, he said.

    Alli, who is also the operational commander in the exercise,reminded the troops that the purpose of their deployment to Adamawa was to ensure that law and order is restored against the backdrop of social insecurity that has bedevilled the state for a long time. He said the troops will be deployed to all nooks and crannies of the state especially border local governments where attacks have become rampant in recent times.

    He also warned them against misconduct during operations and to respect the communities where they will be sent to in order to avoid unnecessary civilian casualties as the emergency rule lasted.

  113. peccavi says:


    Situation Friendly Forces
    • 1000 extra troops to be sent to ADAMAWA
    • Approx 2000 people reported to have fled from ABADAN,MALAM FATORI and other villages to BOSSA, DIFA PREFECTURE, NIGER REPUBLIC
    • Curfew relaxed in parts of MAIDUGURI
    • NSF reports they have secured the areas of NEW MARTE, HAUSARI, KRENOA, WULGO and CHIKUN NGULALO, destroying all insurgent camps and securing the towns and villages

    Situation Enemy Forces
    • 120 insurgents allegedly captured at the funeral of their commander


    Media ops: There is a dearth of footage or independent verification of the claims of the NSF. Although the NSF is very forthcoming with information with regular press conferences, very little is independently known. There are several factors. The days of one state broadcaster are over, somehow footage and reports will come out of the area of operations, and like anything it can be spun one way or the next, the media is a voracious beast and will look for any type of comment to fill the hole, the NSF is in the best position to craft and take hold of the message now early on in the campaign before public opinion inevitably shifts. It is a great mystery to me why the NSF do not release at the minimum still pictures at the end of each day. Even if its soldiers on patrol in Maiduguri or happy citizens in Yola, or damaged buildings in Daura, it will keep people from speculating. On the other side it can be seen that the FGN has engaged with a particular group extensively, i.e. the EU and US, however again this message is at the governmental level which is useful but one must bear in mind these are democratic governments that will soon be coming into an election cycle, if there is a hint of scandal they will happily ditch Nigeria, it can already be seen that messages from the UN and US focus heavily on NSF adherence to human rights as much as condemnation of BH this is not just an operational failure in that these allegations persist and are not dealt with but that the message has not been crafted properly to influence these key leaders. Key leader engagement is paramount but not just for the EU/ US/ UN but within NE Nigeria, Cameroun, Niger, Chad and the Islamic world. I am seeing Nigerian officials on Al Jazeera English but what about the plethora of Arabic language stations? One can argue that the recent rash of kidnappings demonstrates that BH/ Ansaru have been cut off from revenue streams from criminality in NE Nigeria/ the Sahel or from Gulf State donors but as we all know no condition is permanent. Within the next 7-10 days allegations of excesses will begin, footage of refugees from across the border will emerge, satellite images of the fighting zones. We can fulminate about the perfidy and fickleness of the media and the international powers or we can prepare for the inevitable.
    This dearth of info leads me to look at the story so far in 4 strands, the tactical, operational, strategic and grand strategic but weighing them against the COIN dictum of SHAPE, CLEAR, HOLD BUILD

    Tactical: reading between the lines I would guess that the operations went thus. An intelligence picture has been created shaping the battlespace, with troops inserted in overwatch of enemy positions. Once the order was given to go, air strikes were called in against enemy positions followed up by clearance ops by strike forces. The massive troop deployment we have seen to my mind is not for the actual clearance ops but to cut off the enemy escape routes. The pattern of deployments to Adamawa and border towns indicates to me that the SF and other units are gradually pushing the enemy towards stopper groups. Mention was also made of multinational task forces, we know this is a pre existing unit/ structure around Lake Chad that has cross border capability. It would be interesting to know how that unit has been reinforced and its rules of engagement tweaked. Depending on how much surprise was achieved the enemy will most likely lose alot of supplies, vehicles and weapons. The fact that they chose to engage aircraft indicates they rather foolishly chose to stand and fight rather than dispersing. By this stage they will have very few fied bases left except maybe a few well disguised caches. Those insurgents who can pass as natives would have ditched their weapons and tried to blend in, others will have broken down into small groups and headed for the border areas to try their luck.

    Operational: the key operational question is how to fix large numbers of the enemy so they can be killed or captured. After the initial days of the operations this will become increasingly difficult as the enemy numbers dwindle and they leave the battlespace in multiple directions. It is interesting that the NSF claim to have arrested 120 insurgents at a funeral of one of their commanders. A tactic of the US and Israelis (and Russians) in their wars has been to exploit the family links in many insurgent group. So if Commander A is oga pata pata and commander B is his uncle or Commander C is his brother. It has been known that B and C will be targeted even though they are minor players, essentially to force A to come out to attend their funerals where he can then be killed or arrested. This is why so many drone strikes take place in and around weddings and funerals. Insurgents all over the world use family ties and exploit them by marrying into local tribes, this is being turned against them. It is a useful tactic but has the downside of turning Commander A who might be viewed as a trouble maker and never do well onto a martyr and if at the same time innocent member of the family are harmed or detained there is now a blood feud with the entire family, clan or tribe. I don’t know what actually happened but it is an interesting one. The clearance phase will soon end and it will go to the Hold phase, where the huge troop numbers will be useful. We are unlikely to see the large scale invasions of urban areas for a while now, but IEDs will start reappearing, the size, complexity and deployment will indicate how much damage has been done to the enemy. But the hold phase is key, obvious targets such as police stations, military bases, government buildings, banks, food stores, vaccine warehouses, schools, mosques etc must be fortified. Patrolling must be increased and citizens positively engaged. ALL ADULTS MUST BE REGISTERED. Anyone without an ID must be registered within a given deadline, the biometric voter id must be used, in urban and rural areas patrols must use that info to verify who is actually in the area.

    Strategic: the enemy will disperse. Either amongst the population or into ungoverned spaces on all sides of the border. There are 3 key strategic questions. 1) how to destroy the insurgency (2) how to sustain this tempo of operations (3) how to stop it from reoccurring. The insurgency will not be destroyed by this op, they will return, how strong and how potent depends on too many factors to list. The Mambila Plateau is key, hence the deployments and reinforcements to Adamawa. What is interesting is the effect this insurgency has on our neighbours, many of whom depend on Nigerian smuggled fuel and other goods. The effect on cross border trade is huge as will be the effect when the enemy reconstitutes themselves across state of national borders and begins attempting to influence things there. This will stand the FGN in good stead for the next cross border phase of this op which will happen if not in this campaign then in another one. Without it the enemy will never be weakened to such a point that they negotiate. Sustaining the tempo is another issue. We have forces in Mali, Sudan, Somalia etc etc. Possibly the coyness of Nigerian forces in Mali now becomes apparent. The last thing we need is to sustain major combat operations abroad as well as a major insurgency in the North east, a simmering one in the Delta, the Plateau, ethnic militias etc. The army is expanding, however internal security is not an army issue, it is a policing issue. Thus the training, pay, equipment behaviour and practices of the Nigerian Police are a strategic issue fundamental to our existence. Constantly deploying the military is illogical and a waste of resource. Preventing reoccurrence is a purely governance and Law and order situation again. Under the emergency powers a special court can be set up, with fast track streams, dedicated prosecutors and defenders, judges and investigators. Justice needs to be done and seen to be done. The offer of amnesty still on the table is good as it gives foot soldiers a legitimate option to take but this must be clearly enumerated. Releasing non combatants held as ‘hostages/ sureties’ for their suspect relatives a well is key. A country needs to guarantee against unfair detention.
    The strategic development of infrastructure such as roads, culverts, irrigation anti desertification projects etc are key, they regenerate economic life and keep ordinary citizens, the enemies cannon fodder busy. Any return to the amnesty settlement stupidity will spell the end, as every single tribe and group has legitimate grievance and the only consistent message is that if you take up arms against the government, live long enough you will make it big. To summarise
    • Special courts with fast track trials and sentences served out of location
    • Basic infrastructure works given to local contractors who must hire a 90% local workforce
    • Give the terms of the amnesty; it must not involve financial gain
    • Release detainees that have not been charged

    • jimmy says:

      Based on your sitep which is being taken very seriously by those in the upper echelons
      ( already GEJ has ordered the relase of what i would regard as some of the dead wood – women and children who were caught up in the bh upheaval.)
      There is a growing sense if this is already not happening that S.F. are / will be conducting raids into Cameroon. Despite what we have heard about CAMEROON are tey the weak link? ( please this not Cameroon bashing). THIS IS COLD HEARTED LOGIC should Nigeria do the dirty work? for them since it is beginning to become apparent they can’t do it or they are afraid of the backlash

      • peccavi says:

        Abeg I want commission oh, tell the higher echelons to forward the cheque sharp sharp!!
        The porousness of the border means that the boys will most likely be crossing the border inadvertently, that is an entirely different proposition to a deliberate cross border op, which will be illegal without Camerouns express permission which I can;t see them giving

  114. beegeagle says:


    20 May, 2013

    Nearly a week after Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan announced the deployment of thousands of troops to the country’s war-torn north, officials say they now hold more than 200 suspected Boko Haram militants.

    Nigerian military forces said Monday they have captured 120 Boko Haram militants during the past 24 hours alone, and now are occupying five former militant bases and the surrounding areas.

    In a statement sent to reporters, Defense spokesperson Brigadier General Chris Olukolade also denied rumors that people in the three states under emergency rule – Borno, Adamawa and Yobe – are fleeing to neighboring countries. There has been no word from the militants themselves since the Nigerian
    offensive began last Wednesday, and
    VOA is unable to independently verify the government’s claims, due to blocked roads and the fact that phone lines largely are shut down.

    Despite what the military says is a rapid takeover of territories once held by Boko Haram, security experts say the insurgency, already nearly four years old, will not be quelled easily.

    Security consultant and retired Nigerian Army Captain Umar Aliyu said to defeat Boko Haram, Nigeria’s armed forces need better intelligence and a plan to help
    alleviate poverty. Boko Haram has an
    ideology, he said, but their real strength is masses of impoverished, uneducated young people with nothing else to do and few other ways to make money than to take up arms.

    “This situation calls for understanding.Understanding on the part of everybody.The army, the civil populace, the government and also members of the international community,” he said.

    Aliyu also warned that the military needs to gain the trust of the population in order to gather intelligence that could prevent Boko Haram members from going underground during the offensive.

    Both Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International have previously accused Nigerian military forces of human rights abuses, including shooting suspects and
    burning down homes, as they tried to
    stamp out militant violence. Human Rights Watch says 3,600 people
    have died in the past four years in
    violence related to Boko Haram, including hundreds killed by security forces.

  115. igbi says:

    Happy birthday sir, may God reward you for all the service you have been providing our beloved country.

  116. igbi says:

    It seems western journalists are trying new ways of bashing Nigerian army, indeed they are now saying that we are asking for “Niger’s military support”. definatelt these journalists will stop at nothing. Making Nigeria look bad helps them sell papers.
    What actually happened is that Nigeria is asking Niger not to let the fleeing terrorists to establish a base in Niger.
    Here is the infamous article written by a quack:,0,2718004.story?page=3

    • asorockweb says:

      The article is informative.
      Journalists are humans with their own individual styles, outlooks, and biases.
      Not everyone loves Nigeria, even before Boko Haram, even before Abacha.

      I only get upset when they make up numbers, like the BBC headline after the raid on Camp 5, in the last days of the gunboat war in the Delta: “… 1000s dead …”

  117. ocelot2006 says:

    21 Gun+Canon+MLRS salute to the founder of this great military blog, Field Marshal Beegeagle. A very good fellow and a real Nigerian Patriot. We hail thee, sir.

  118. Teeboy says:

    Happy Birthday Beeg. 21 gbosas for you sir! Keep up the good work

  119. beegeagle says:

    I actually think the narrative boils down to the Nigerien writer, Abdoulaye Maasalatchi.

    There is nothing here that is newsworthy or new. Anytime there is an offensive on this side, all the nextdoor terrestrial and maritime neighbours automatically set off the panic button by themselves.

    What that means is – guard your end of the frontier to prevent straying miscreants from destabilizing your country. If anyone chooses to stay aloof, they would have themselves only to blame since the Nigerian military uprooted the insurgents but did not direct them to flee in any particular direction.

    We have done our best by deploying to the frontiers. The bottomline of this report is that if anyone manages to break through that cordon, the nextdoor republics should be ready to apprehend them for their own sake and at another level, possibly hand them over to Nigeria.

    As you well know, there are Nigeriens and Cameroonians in BH. Mamman Nur, believed to be their no. 3 man and mastermind of the UN House bombing at Abuja, is a Cameroonian. Alongside Imam Shekau, Abubakar Kilakam who is an ethnic Kanuri and a Nigerien from Diffa Prefecture doubled as co-deputy leader and chief logistician for BH during Mohammed Yusuf’s time as leader. Kilakam was instrumental in setting up the first-ever BH camp in the desert at Kanamma in NE Nigeria, a mile shy of the Niger border.

    So Nigeria are merely telling them to what is needful in the interest of both countries. Are you not aware that BH goons were arrested at different times in the Zinder and Diffa Prefectures of Niger last year?

    So all of this is nothing new. The chap is just trying to make a headline out of nothing. Last year when isolated LGAs were placed under a benign state of emergency, Cameroon moved troops of their 32 Motorised Battalion to Mora which is directly on the approach roads to our border at Banki, NE Nigeria. The was their own self-preservative maneouvre because of the expected spillover effect. That is the reality which Niger have been alerted to, assuming
    that they need to be reminded. Not while ordinary people in northern Borno are already crossing the border into Niger as a precautionary measure

    Again, note that when the Nigerian military cracked down on aspiring insurgents in the Mandara Mts in 2004, they told the Cameroonians pretty much the same thing

  120. beegeagle says:

    Coincidentally, Igbi, the problem which I see is the subtle attempts at setting off alarm bells by the foreign reporters.

    That said, there is indeed a disingenious gameplan shaping up at this time whereby the foreign media are trying to blackmail the FG into allowing them into the frontlines to do their insidious stuff, using false humanitarian concerns as reason. We must remain vigilant.

    2,000 people crossed the border into the town of Bosso in the Diffa Prefecture of Niger and because they cannot get into the zone, they are latching onto the lacuna to pretend that they are fleeing from the fighting whereas this is clearly a precautionary measure expected of anyone with a ticking brain namely, flee from a potential battleground while there is still time to do so.

    Those who are cooking up those tales hope to cash in on the unending stories of abuse to set off alarm bells on behalf of the humanitarian agencies and bring pressure to bear on the FG to send in foreign journalists to ‘verify’. It is none of their business. This is an expected migration of people from a turbulent zone. If they are so concerned, they should go to Niger and meet the refugees there. But we do not need any foreign journalists in Borno where the people in whose interest they are feigning concern have already exited Borno. The places to go to for their favorite content are Bosso in Niger and Fotokol/Kousseri in Cameroon.

    Better still, if they desperately need to observe a conflict or play the role of war correspondent, they can go back home and kickstart an insurgency in their countries so they can experience it first hand. What is going on in Borno is neither a Nollywood movie nor a game of “Command and Conquer”, so they need to stick their noses elsewhere.

    Openness my boots.

  121. ifiok umoeka says:

    Great work guys. Great sitrep oga peccavi. Welcome colonel. Dear gen beegs, is there a way we can lease mil mi 17s? U see, there’s no telling what damage a squad of spec ops dudes can do if placed in a nice place at the right time. This segment of our war on terror will be won quicker, if we have info on time and we have people who know what to do with it. I must assume that we have access to commercial sat pics but can we move our MR bird in the south for a little while?
    What of our L39s? If we can equip them with laser guided ariel rocket (crv 7pg and roketsan cirit), we’ll have lower collateral damage.
    Finally, do we have time line for this ops?

  122. freeegulf says:

    time limit for the ops is to cripple the terrorist movement, defeat their fighting capability and the fed govt will step in with amnesty on the table, see if that military offensive has soften them much.
    amnesty is still in the cards, this offensive is only to break their backbone and have them crawl to abuja with NEF in tow, asking for amnesty.

    the military should be allowed freedom of action and not be curtailed by any political timetable or appeasement from the politicians. there’s a need to fix these terrorists in known locations and destroy them before they can disperse in face of superior forces.

  123. igbi says:

    I hope you people forgive me for asking this question again: is the USA really our ally ?
    I can’t believe all the anti-Nigeria propaganda coming from USA government at this momment.
    And of course Obama choses not to pass Nigeria for his second visit to Africa.
    Since 1970 all USA présidents have paid Nigeria at least one visit while they were présidents. But Obama, the supposedly black president choses not to.
    So I am asking myself what they are up to. It might be time for us to recall our embassador and send theirs back: Did you read what the former ambassador john Campbell wrote ? Can you believe our soldiers protected that idiot ?

    • CHYDE says:

      Why ae you so worried about the US, They have their own problems just as we have ours, does Obama’s Visit to Nigeria change the present situation of the country? Abeg he is free to go anywhere he chooses, just as we are free to make our own choices.

  124. Donspony says:

    Saw this pic of a ‘technical’ recovered by the JTF in Borno state weeks back.
    Has what looks like an improvised tripod to mount heavy machine gun or an AA.

    • asorockweb says:

      Nice pic.
      The number plates for the Technical is still attached (Borno plates).
      That would imply it was stolen?

      • igbi says:

        Stolen, or given or bought. The only thing we know is that the plate number is from borno.

      • beegeagle says:

        Oga Asorockweb at the TOP! Thank you for all the technical advice on the ICT aspect of this blog. Much appreciated.

        Meanwhile, that is indeed a Borno registration number from MAGUMERI Local Government Area to be precise

      • asorockweb says:

        Oga Beegs, Thanks.
        Thanks for the Blog itself.

  125. beegeagle says:

    As an aside, let me thank you, gentlemen, for the outpouring of warm birthday wishes. May God continually make His Face to shine upon you.

    Thank you.

    • igbi says:

      The president only mentioned the women, but you can trust the journalists to twist everything. I think he is doing it in order to show a good image of the armed forces.
      But the problem to me is that to these anti-Nigerian journalists either we are weak, either we are monsters. They can never see us as strong or kind, so any kindness shown will be interpreted as weakness and every strenght shown will be interpreted as barbary.

    • igbi says:

      The thing I don’t understand is why the president doesn’t have the women judged.
      Why must they be released ?
      Judge them first, then free those who didn’t help their husbands cut peoples heads.
      This decision is highly political, it iw really not the best. He should have had them judged.

  126. jimmy says:

    The women and children should be released in INTEL circles they are the dead wood not the hard core it actually i.m.h.o serves it lessens the resolve of some of the men to continue to flee/ fight for a cause that is now D.O.A.This is also the type of amnesty that the majority of Nigerians are willing to support they will be released to the custody of their respective state govt . this is quite a different scenario also this will draw those who are tired of running, fighting and dying who really have no stomach for it after being chased from MALI to NIGERIA. There has to be an outlet for those who want to surrender .

  127. beegeagle says:

    Thanks, Oga Ifiok.

    We do have the L39ZA aloft. Last year at the Air Expo, two units served as escort to an Alenia Surveyor. I thought we would see them in action as well but the NAF chaps know best which of the light attack jets does it best at a time like this. I guess they are too used to the A-Jet.

    No need to lease Mi-17s. Just buy! As we speak, if we wanted 10 units of Mi-17V5, we could get them off the huge stocks which the Russians have in reserve for $45 million. No need to lease. Nigeria is not that cash-strapped. We only need to prioritise. We need the Mi-17s for liaison, medevac, transport etc at a time like this.

    Inside the State of Emergency AOR, it is over 500 miles from Gumti to Nguru. We need to cover vast distances and to move troops quickly. The Mi-17 is still the most rugged and durable transport asset as we speak. There is not a lot to think about in that when Algeria own 9= units of Mi-8/Mi-17/Mi-171Sh

    Personally, I have been calling for a special procurement fund of $200 million to be domiciled in the Office of the NSA so that we can respond to the ebb and flow of security challenges sans the bureaucratic encumberances of the ministries and officialdom. The NSA and the service chiefs can them decide on what to splash out on.

    We need to talk less about competing demands and SECURE our unity and territorial integrity first. It takes funds and snap decisions to make that happen.

  128. beegeagle says:

    Oga Jimmy, BH is a joint headache for Nigeria, Chad, Niger and Cameroon. Nationals of all four countries, to varying degrees of culpability, belong to the group and while Nigeria is the battleground, the rest of the neighbours territories’ are rear bases. Cameroon know this.

    This is neither the time to be ultra-nationalistic nor recalcitrant. If the Nigerian SF chaps are deemed to have the momentum and readiness to take out their targets, the Cameroonians should oblige them. Mali did that for Mauritanian until the March 2012 coup, allowing Mauritanians who they knew had the momentum and the asset base, to engage in cross border hot pursuit missions into Mali. Get to google and see what it says.

    If they allow the terrorists to evade capture because they want to assert sovereignty, we shall be here to jointly endure the ill effects of that mishap.

  129. bomber says:

    Happy Birthday Oga Beeg.

  130. beegeagle says:

    Oga Bomber, thanks. Much appreciated.

    @Oga Peccavi. Many thanks. Action don start, na boring times wey you need now? 🙂

    Roger the sitreps. Well done. If you can, let’s know anything of military interest taking place across our frontiers.

    @LordFej. Try abeg since your French is good. What’s ‘gwan’ in Chad, Niger and Cameroon? What are their troops and gendarmes doing in sync?

  131. beegeagle says:


    22 May,2013

    The Joint Task Force on Internal Security (JTF) in Yobe has banned hawking and begging around security checkpoints in the state, a statement said in Damaturu yesterday.

    The statement by JTF spokesman Lt. Eli Lazarus also advised hawkers to use “designated markets and other approved places for trading activities.’’ “Henceforth, anybody found hawking around security checkpoints will be arrested and prosecuted,” the statement stated.

    It further warned beggars against squatting around checkpoints to beg for alms from motorists lined up for stop and search operations. Hawkers and beggars in Damaturu and other major towns in the state often besiege security checkpoints to do business and beg respectively.

    Our correspondent reports that most of the hawkers are young ladies selling pure water, boiled eggs and groundnuts while the baggers are old women, blinds and lepers using teenagers to beg from motorists or any passerby.

    Yobe government on Monday reviewed the curfew period in the state from 8pm to 7am to 6pm to 6am after the Federal Government declared emergency rule in the state with two others

  132. beegeagle says:

    Smart move which should be made standing orders across the AOR.

    During the early days(2011) of the JSTF, I recall some disingenious tactics which the insurgents used against the JSTF.

    On one occasion, a lady or somebody dressed like one dropped an insulated flask (we call it a ‘cooler’ in Nigeria) from which she was selling ‘pure water’ close to a military patrol vehicle and moved off.

    As these things happen, it contained wired explosives and as soon as she was out of sight, the flask exploded. The blast killed a soldier and wounded five of his mates. At another time,they found IEDs hidden in a tree above a checkpoint!

    So let everybody lay off. If you need to beg for alms, go to the entrances to mosques, churches, markets and stadia or go home. Hawkers should also relocate. They are checkpoints – not trade fair grounds. The earlier, the better.

    • G8T Nigeria says:

      Happy buffday oga beeg, more grease to ur elbows.
      This present situation offers the much needed opportunity to upgrade Nigeria Military standards in terms of procurements and very importantly maintainance facilities. There is no other time than now. Come 2015, and GEJ is onboard, we need not worry then. I bliv he will put some venom on the face of the Nigerian Forces.
      For the release of women and children, we must define what AIDING and ABATING the enemy stands for. No matter who is culpable shd be tried. Long ago a woman was cuaght with bags of garri and AK47 rifles hidden in it. If we then limit our choices of potential enemy which i presume is only for political point then we create more problems. However, i think the Govt is playing the Carrot and stick approach on the fight against BH, this is good only if reciprocated.

    • ifiok umoeka says:

      U see, I mentioned the L39 because I think we have a @ least 23 survivors and they are in good shape compared to the alphas (though the alphas have a heavier payload, are faster and better at CAS). As for the 17s, if we had them in place b4 the fireworks started, it would have helped in inserting fire teams in the path of fleeing BH boys and the body bags would have been staggering for the enemy. It’ll be a tragedy if BH is allowed to retreat intact, he who runs… Make no mistake, the winner of this battle is dependent of who can maneuver better and faster. It’s mobility and logistics, it’s intel and precise strike. The faster we get this over with, the better. Otherwise fatigue sets in after the initial bustling with moral has given way to ‘normalcy and routine’
      On another note,, where are the para boys and what are they doing in this ops? My mind goes to our boys in markudi jumping in hostile terrain and taking out the enemy with sniper fire and ambushes.

      • ifiok umoeka says:

        I agree, we should be careful not to throw the fish back into the water just because, it’s a she. However, let’s remember that this war is not just about bullets but about ideology, so the women and children will of course look good and looking good equals winning on the hearts and minds front

      • doziex says:

        Thank you sir !!

  133. ocelot2006 says:

    Oga Beeg, what’s the update on the other militia/cult group Ombatse?

  134. beegeagle says:


    Wednesday, 22 May 2013
    Written by Abdullahi Tasiu Abubakar,

    The Nigerian army confirmed yesterday that many suspected insurgents have been arrested and detained in Adamawa State. The state is one of the three states that are under the emergency rule; the other two are Borno and Yobe.

    The Commander of the 23 Armoured Brigade Brigadier General Fatai Oladipo Alli, who confirmed this to journalists in Yola, said more arrests would be made. However, when asked about the number of people arrested, he said: “Yes, I know the number arrested but I won’t tell you that now”.He also did not disclose where they were arrested and the identities of the suspects.

    Daily Trust learnt that some of the suspects were arrested immediately after gunmen attacked some parts of the state before the emergency rule was declared.

    The commander had on Monday warned the troops deployed to fight insurgency in the state against engaging in any act that could violate the rights of the civilian population in the state. The first batch of 200 troops that arrived in Yola on Monday was part of the 1,000 additional troops the army authorities approved for deployment in the state.They would be working with the other troops earlier deployed in different parts of the state.

    Army sources told Daily Trust that the new troops would be sent to the flashpoints where insurgents are suspected to be hiding. Among the local government areas where such flashpoints exist, they said, are Mubi, Maiha, Madagali, Michika, Hong and Ganye. All of these areas had in the past faced attacks by gunmen who killed many people, they said.

    Meanwhile, the army yesterday relaxed the dust-to-dawn curfew imposed on the state, reducing it by one hour. A statement by the spokesman of the 23 Armoured Brigade Lt Jaafaru Mohammed Nuhu said the curfew is now 7pm-6am instead of the original 6pm-6am schedule.

  135. igbi says:

    I just read a new article in which buhari is completely defending boko haram.
    Now it seems buhari is a boko haram sympathizer or a boko haram commander.

  136. igbi says:

    Buhari is campaigning for boko harm in the north. He is trying to recruit for boko haram:

  137. Henry says:


  138. beegeagle says:

    🙂 O’boy, ‘aluta’ dey ya body gan

    Sha..we shall have a new thread running tomorrow. For now, we are ‘trending’. We had a 250-comment, seven day plug in view for this one. Do not forget that a coherent picture gets built up over time and with a sustained sequence of comments – like the SITREPs and backgrounders which give the foreign watchers,newshounds and analysts an idea of the big picture as we build up to a real momentum.

    You can see that we are building up a picture of the troop surge in Adamawa elsewhere, in tandem with this.

    Thereafter, we can renew while the old thread gives way naturally on its own terms – the BAMA thread refers. That quietened down and after 48 hours, the state of emergency era began.

    Until tomorrow then…

  139. beegeagle says:

    Meanwhile, Nigerians were already seeking refuge in the Far North of Cameroon and in the Diffa Prefecture of Niger many, many months before the current wave of migrations. Heads up for those setting off alarm bells at this time

    NIGERIANS SEEK REFUGE IN THE DIFFA PREFECTURE OF NIGER (2012),000-Nigerians,-fleeing-Boko-Haram-violence,-take-refuge-in-Niger–12-853943-101-lang2-index.html


    So that is the story. They fled from Boko Haram to be sure.

  140. beegeagle says:

    Well, what did we tell you earlier on about people who have ‘ticking brains’ taking the precautionary step of leaving areas which could become battlegrounds?


    Published on May 22, 2013
    by pmnews

    The Red Cross has said at least 2,400
    people have fled violence in northern
    Nigeria just as the country said Tuesday it would release several suspects held for “terrorist activities,” including all women in custody, in what it called a peace gesture to the Islamists it is battling in the north, reports AFP.

    According to the Red Cross on Tuesday, the fleeing people were being provided with emergency supplies in the Diffa area of Niger. “These people, most of whom are
    originally from Niger but settled in
    Nigeria some time back, in some cases decades ago, are completely destitute,” said Jean-Nicolas Marti, head of the International Committee of the Red Cross’ regional delegation for Niger and Mali. “They have been taken in by families that are sharing their meagre resources with them.”

    The Red Cross noted that the Diffa area was the scene earlier this year of severe flooding. “If population displacement were to continue at the current pace,or to increase, there is a risk that the delicate economic and food balance in the area could be destroyed, with consequenThe Red Cross noted that the Diffa area was the scene earlier this year of severe flooding. “If population displacement were to continue at the current pace,or to increase, there is a risk that the delicate economic and food balance in the area could be destroyed, with consequences
    for the resident population,” said Marti.


    In neighbouring Cameroon, authorities have tightened border controls to prevent fleeing Boko Haram insurgents from taking refuge there.

    “But it is not easy to track down
    suspected Boko Haram members because of the porosity of the borders,” a police officer in the Fotokol district told AFP.

    “With the massive influx of Nigerians last week, it is absolutely necessary to intensify patrols so that certain members of Boko Haram do not infiltrate into our territory.”

    Motorcycles and Cameroonian vehicles are not allowed into Gamboru, a Nigerian border town. Residents are only allowed to cross a
    bridge linking both borders by foot
    between 0900 GMT and 1700 GMT.

  141. peccavi says:


    Situation Friendly Forces
    • Citizens reported to be fleeing to CAMEROUN, with several hundred seen in the village of SERAM
    • Curfew timings in YOBE STATE relaxed to 1800-0600
    • Curfew timings in ADAMAWA STATE relaxed to 1900-0600
    • Military in 3 day Civil Military Cooperation (CIMIC) meeting with civil society stake holders: NGOs, media and paramilitary services in ABUJA to chart common purpose. Organised in conjunction with the US Embassy
    • Multi National Task Force reported to be blocking enemy withdrawal into CHAD and NIGER
    • Troops form 174 Bn from IKORODU, LAGOS STATE arrive ADAMAWA STATE in the AO of 23 Armoured Bde
    • PotFRN orders the release of all females and children held in connection with terrorist activities in the North. To be released to the custody of state governors for further rehabilitation and then into the community
    • The cost of cattle and food stuffs in the area of operations has doubled
    • N187.4m earmarked for Boko Haram victims in YOBE STATE
    • ICRC and Red Cross Society of Niger are looking after 2,400 refugees from Nigeria in DIFFA PREFECTURE. The refugees are ethnic Nigeriens who were long term residents in NIGERIA

    Situation Enemy Forces
    • En reported to be moving to KADUNA and KANO on commercial transport
    • En forces reported to be regrouping in ADAMAWA STATE
    o Sightings reported in ZUMO, SONG LGA and forests in FUFORE and MAHA LGAs

    Situation External Forces
    • EU Foreign policy Minister Caroline ASHTON expresses concern that ‘heavy handed tactics could be counterproductive’


    Prisoner Releases: this should in fact be described as a prisoner exchange. Although the humanitarian reasons for releasing all non combatants particularly female ones from indefinite (and potentially illegal) detention are overwhelming, this act is unlikely to have been an altruistic one. Boko Haram (used generically to cover Ansaru and others) have in fact been kidnapping on the same scale as in the south. There have been 4 main types, kidnaps for ransom of locals, kidnaps for ransom of internationals and kidnap as hostages and kidnap for forced conversions. The latter was hallmark of the pre 2009 Boko Haram, there is little open source data with numbers but this practise has been recorded. The kidnap of Nigerians for ransom has reached epidemic proportions but like much in this conflict is under reported, professionals such as doctors and teachers seem to be targets for assassination as much as kidnap whiles other professionals or their relatives are regularly kidnapped. How much of this is terrorist fundraising, how much is criminal and how much is a mix of both is a mystery. Taking foreigners is much much rarer and except for 4-5 cases has not really been prevalent. This is logical as although the pay off would be much higher, the amount of pressure and resources brought to bear against them would be overwhelming, kidnapping locals due to the poor performance of the NPF has a higher chance of success and a higher cumulative pay off. Kidnap for hostages is again a recurring feature with locals kidnapped to dig trenches and act as servants in the rural mountain phase of the early sect and now with women and children (allegedly relatives of security officials) kidnapped and displayed in the latest Boko Haram video. Much like everything in this insurgency, it follows an illogical, irrational pattern of its own. Whilst in the Niger Delta, kidnapping of expatriates began as a PR tactic, in which hostages were well treated (in fact most came out expressing complete solidarity and sympathy with their captors) and then turned into a insurgent fundraising tactic and then a purely criminal protection racket finally evolving into the free for all that exists today. In the Northern insurgency it went from kidnap for conversion, to kidnap for ransom of locals, kidnap of locals as hostages and then kidnap of foreigners for funds and PR. Yet again the tactics have been very illogical with majority of the foreign hostages killed by their captors which again is a very bad way to do business as the Somali pirates will tell you. Kidnapping unfortunately will increase. It is a relatively easy crime with a high payoff and thrives in environments with weak rule of law and weak law enforcement.

    Mambila Plateau: this area has obviously been identified as Vital Ground both by the enemy and by the NSF. This area again is classic guerrilla country, heavily wooded, mountains with abundant fresh water and food, good cover from view, natural choke points for ambushes, extending deep into Nigeria and Cameroun. The enemy can use this area to regroup and rest and slip back and forth across the border at will, there are also several well established smuggling routes in the area. For the FGN this Plateau is like a thorn in the side of Nigeria. If the enemy reconstitutes themselves they are in a good position to infiltrate deeper and deeper south and finally achieve the strategic effect they haven’t so far by threatening the oil industry.
    This is obviously a well planned and intelligence driven op, with a good appreciation of the enemies courses of actions taken into account. It would appear the main effort is to destroy as much enemy men and materiel as possible while forcing the enemy towards the borders and away from the population centres. With forces in Adamawa setting up blocking positions, others in Borno and Yobe pushing the enemy north and east and the multinational task force on the borders, the enemy is in essence in a well defined trap. Well defined does not mean well set and inevitably a large number will get through the cordon, the key task is for the NSF to force the enemy to fight, the more they stand and fight the more will be killed and the higher the attrition rate. The fight in Adamawa will be exhausting and tactically difficult but if the enemy chooses to oblige could be decisive in this campaign.

    • ifiok umoeka says:

      Oga peccavi, great rep as usual, I wish we could insert SF rangers in the Adamawa forest. I’ve been crying for airlift asset wish could have sped up deployment. Well, like I said earlier, this can only be won by knowing where the enemy is and knowing what to do with the info and doing it quick. We must be flexible to fight a fluid battle and command and control, surveillance, SF and air strike will win this battle.

  142. beegeagle says:

    Well, our neighbourhood has changed forever. In 2011, Nigeria became the first country to experience suicide bombings in West and Central Africa. Come February 2013, Mali joined the list of terror-assailed countries. Now, quiet Niger have seen ‘pepper’

    We need to come together and chase these anarchists out of our neighbourhood.


    May 23, 2013

    Officials in Niger say a military base and a French-owned uranium mine were hit by separate bomb attacks early Thursday, wounding an unknown number of people.

    Paris-based Areva says 13 of its
    employees were wounded in the attack in Arlit, a mainly industrial town in the north-central part of the country.

    Witnesses say the attack was carried out by a suicide bomber who blew up his vehicle outside the facility.Around the same time, Niger security
    officials say a car bomb attack occurred outside a military barracks in Agadez,about 250 kilometers to the south.

    It is not yet clear who is behind the
    attacks. Niger has contributed troops to a West African force fighting Islamist insurgents who had taken over parts of neighboring Mali.Islamist fighters have carried out
    several attacks in the region in
    retaliation for the offensive, which initially was led by France.

  143. beegeagle says:

    18 Nigerien soldiers killed in suicide attack on army base in Agadez; MUJAO claim responsibility – AFP

    • peccavi says:

      If you want to complete the good news, the 2 clowns who murdered a soldier in London yesterday were Nigerian

      • igbi says:

        Now let’s see if the press calls them rebels or militants or terrorists.
        I think it’s time the whole world faced the reality that terrorism is a common problem we must face together and condemn everywhere it appears: even in Syria.

      • beegeagle says:

        Aaahh Igbi, so you were already off the starting blocks :-)? Cynical bloke.

        TERROR is the word – no talk of deprived, run-down neighbourhoods, poverty, police-oppressed youths..NOTHING..just terror suspects and terror attack. No double speak. Sadly, it makes me wonder how false-hearted our partners really are. BH who even slit the throats of kids returning from writing GCE exams last month are ISLAMIST MILITANTS(why not freedom fighters?) while the butchers of Woolwich are ‘terrorists’ and ‘terror suspects’

  144. Yagazie says:

    Peccavi – Please for the record – the 2 clowns they were british born and bred of nigerian parentage. They are Bona filde British Citizens. Born into Christian homes and radicalised/converted to Islam in their teens. They’ve never set foot in Nigeria!!

    • CHYDE says:

      Well said @ Yagazie, if they won medals or did something great, they would refer to them as BRITISH, otherwise they would be referd to as British CITIZENS of WEST AFRICAN DECENT or NIGERIANS.

      • CHYDE says:

        Thats not to suggest that i am in support of the devilish act that those two boys engaged themselvs in

  145. beegeagle says:

    Jeez..Peccavi, those were truly despicable and confident skunks. They knocked the guy down, dragged him to a corner and slaughtered him ala BH and then, chopped the guy up like bad meat 😦 One of them even had the spleen to give a stand-up pep talk on the spot rather than run away.

    Here I was thinking Somalis from the badlands of Mogadishu. A lot of our compatriots have indeed become macabre in their outlooks on life. Let’s face it, people, Nigeria has been sucked into the mainstream of global terror in much the same way as we used to read about Afghan, Saudi and Pakistani ideologues and terrorists. What with Boko Haram, ANSARU; Farouk Mutallab and now, these comedians. So have Mali with MUJAO and Ansar Deen – both of which also have Nigerian members offshoring in West Africa.

    Interestingly, these killers in London were at once labelled ‘terror suspects’ whereas BH who do more outrageous things for sport are described as ‘Islamist militants’ by the British media. Anyway, when you have their names, do let us know.

    Attack on a military target in London yesterday, first-ever suicide attacks in Niger today. Cameroon, CHAD..una dey dis we area o, so heads up. Naija are on a heightened state of alert already.

    Na wa o..crazy, messed-up world. Do you know the victim, Peccavi and have the killers indicated what their motives were for the savage slaughter?

  146. Yagazie says:

    Igbi- the Brisith Press have beaten you to it- true to type they ‘ve already been labelled as islamic terrorists.
    The amazing thing is that the gruesome murder/near beheading took place a few metres from a millitary barracks (Royal Attillery Barracks in Woolwich SE London ). They deliberately drove their car onto the pavement to pin the victim (an off duty british soldier- who happened to be wearing a shirt signifying support for the armed forces) against a pole and then jumped out and set upon him with knives and a meat cleaver virtually decapitating him. They then dragged and dumped his body unto the street.

    The 2 ‘clowns’ even encouraged passers-by to film the whole incident and then they waited for the police to arrive and then charged at them brandishing knives and a revolver. A police markwoman (from the Armed Response Group) shot both of them- not dead – unfortunately and they are now in hospital under armed guard.

    Now I’d like to see John Kerry the American Secretary of State call for restraint and for the British Millitary to show restraint and ‘respect the human rights’ of these ‘civilians’. [just being sacarstic!]

    • G8T Nigeria says:

      Thank you so much oga beeg, since the culprits were not attempting to run nor evade arrest why shooting to incapacitate. There could be a much lighter western method of dealing with terrorists. If the culprits were numbered abt 20, can we now say all will be shot. HRW will tell us better.

  147. beegeagle says:

    Got that, Mighty Yagz, until fresh facts emerge. Anglo-Naijans then.

    What is going on really? Britico-Pakistanis and Somali-Americans going back to their roots to serve the cause of terror? What next..Anglo-Nigerians coming over to aid ANSARU and BH?

  148. Yagazie says:

    Mon General Beegz, – That is a real possiblity and not as far-fetched as it may seem.

    A lot of British Born and Bred kids with ‘ethnic’ roots outside the UK (e.g. Somalia, Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq and sadly now Nigeria) – are becoming radicalised by a lot of Islamic teachings that go on in some mosques, the internet and DVDs and they see the West’s involvement in places like Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Libya and Mali as a jihad against muslims- (wrong in my view). They thus think it’s their duty to take up arms to protect their ‘brothers and sisters’. Don’t be surprised if some of them turn up to aid ANSARU and BH here in Nigeria.

    A remote but credible possibility? – look at the underwear bomber who almost brought down a plane in the US. Nigerian parentage but spent most of his life abroad and was radicalised in the UK whislt studying at LSE. These are very scary times and our intelligence services need to be extremely vigilant.

  149. peccavi says:

    They are not Naija Nigerians, they are British born Nigerians who have missed road in a way and manner that is beyond comprehension. Identity of the soldier is not public yet. Excluding people on courses all I know of are accounted for
    These clowns are such fools its beyond me, complete embarrassments to themselves and their families.
    My vex is not just that they committed this act, but so barbarically and such a classic example of work no pay as I’ve ever seen. Of all the issues in Naija you can live, fight or die for they decided it was jihad that as their problem
    Losers who don’t know why they were born. It is an insult to share the same nationality with them. From now on they are British

    • beegeagle says:

      Were they on hallucinogens or on a cocktail such as Bongo coffee, Tramadol and high-quality glue? Kill and STAND. The other guy even had the temerity to stand and deliver a pep talk and then, the police arrive and they also attempt to get the cops down?

      Men, those are hardened criminals and profound crackheads.

      • igbi says:

        The funny thing is that I know that area of London verry well. I used to go there on visits. I was even planning to go to and look for a job in England this summer, but I think the racial tension is going to be too much. I foresee many attacks on black people and on Nigérians especially.

    • igbi says:

      You know, my mum used to tell me that the Nigérians born in England behave better than those who came from Nigeria to England: well I will always have this to prove her wrong.
      I was born in Nigeria and in France I managed to get a masters degree in the field of pure maths, underfunded and isolated. While those guys were born there and look at what thay have become: animals.

      • igbi says:

        I didn’t phrase this sentence well (sorry I speak french most of the time)
        You know, my mum used to tell me that the Nigérians born in England behave better than those who came from Nigeria to England: well I will always have this to prove her wrong.
        I was born in Nigeria and I managed to get a masters degree in the field of pure maths in France, underfunded and isolated. While those guys were born there and look at what thay have become: animals.
        Now its better.

  150. freeegulf says:

    niger has been hit too by these islamic terror. maybe if same thing happens to cameroun, they would take boko haram more serious. not wishing evil on our neighbours, but we really need to see hands on border security and active fight from the camerounians concerning these terrorists.
    if boko haram find haven in these neighbouring countries, we would have no choice than to conduct combat sweeps and military offensives into these countries.

    • jimmy says:

      oga freegulf

  151. igbi says:

    Western media would not call boko haram terrorists until they start killing white people.
    The label “terrorism” is more of the value they attach to the people being killed.
    If Ben laden had killed only black people they would have call him a militant or a rebel as well.
    But what the white media fails to notice is that acting like that encourages the ideology of terrorism.
    The western media and some western governments made themselves the apologists of terrorism.
    They gave the impression that terrorism in Nigeria or Libya or Syria was not a bad thing, that it was somehow justifiable and that it wasn’r real terrorism because white people weren’t killed.
    As Lutherking said: “injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere”.
    The only way to fight terrorism is to condemn it at once all together, wherever it apears.

    • G8T Nigeria says:

      In addition,in nigeria they tell us it is usually caused by poverty,lack of Education, unemployment and so on but lets see if these could be the reason for this ungodly act. Lets monitor every bit of the news and study the patterns but the least is for them to claim mental disorder. May the Victims soul rest in peace.

  152. gbash10 says:

    @Gen Beeg Happy Birth Day,d announce by Mr President to release captured Boko Haram Terrorist would be a Big blunder just as he did by retaining the 3 governors of Borno,Yobe and Adamawa states,if it is true.
    Gen. Muhammadu Buhari we already know is a radical islamist hence a BH sympathizer,invariably he is a Terrorist to the core,he would NEVER smell the sit power in Nigeria ever again!
    @Igbi every thing you have been saying on this blog is TRUE!
    When it comes to National Security,politics should be set aside.
    The FG and the Military High Command should ignore all advice and comments from foreign leaders and their hypocritical press,rubbish!

  153. Yagazie says:

    E be like say you go get to start another thread for this topic (i.e. – the murder of a british soldier by 2 radicalised terrorists), so that this particular thread can concentrate on its main puropose – the State of Emergency in the 3 Northern Nigerian States/Nigerian troop deployment to combat same..

    • igbi says:

      Believe me, what happened in England is going to affect what is happening in Nigeria: The white media might finally stop helping boko haram with propaganda, and the british and american might help us with intelligence data.

      • ifiok umoeka says:

        Network has dealt with me since yesterday, otherwise I would be all over this issue. But let me agree with u guys, I wish I could go on BBC world have ur say and tell them what hypocrites they are. Even when details were sketchy, they had already called the guys islamic terrorist and not islamic militants and like you said they are of Nigerian descent as if that has anything to do with this

      • beegeagle says:

        Some of these glaring cases of double standards and hypocrisy can be challenged. I am a known quantity to the BBC, so I am actually looking to the rest of us to be vociferous about these things. Obix, Henry, BigBrovar, Deway, WoCoN45 and a few of us here actually challenge these people when they talk a lot of nonsense.

        Sometimes, take a minute to go to the Facebook Page of BBC AFRICA and make known the true position as you see. That is the best habit we can develop other than beinf Beegeagle’s Bloggers. “Evil thrives when good men do nothing”

        Go there and use your intellectual firepower to roll back ignorance. As it stands, the sort of Nigerians who dominate the discussion out there are the sadomasochists and cotton picker types who derive sadistic pleasure from the routine abuse, denigration and profiling of Nigerians which is mainstream activity out there.

        We must always endeavour to be the drivers and agents of the change which we seek. That and ONLY THAT was what gave rise to this Beegeagle’s Blog. Let us do so for ourselves and for our country.

        Goodluck, my brothers, as you do so.

  154. G8T Nigeria says:

    The way BBC puts it is quite funny. ‘KiLLERS BELIEVED TO BE OF NIGERIAN ORIGIN’ if it were Andrew Osagie, Lawrence Okoye, Abiodun Oyepitan and others they would rather refer to them as Britons. Thank God they had never bn to nigeria b4 so lets see if poverty in uk is the problem. Thank God for this blog, we shd keep exposing them and their Patterns Of reporting. Oga beeg make we relocate From here o.

  155. beegeagle says:

    BBC have revised their usual condescending manner of questioning which they rigidly stick to when reporting from Nigeria.

    IF the butchers of Woolwich had attacked in Nigeria, the line of questioning would have been

    – “This must be hugely embarrassing for Nigeria, happening so close to a military barracks and in the federal capital city”

    To that, their ‘attack dog’ in Abuja,Chris Ewokor, would respond “infact, this is a hugely embarrassing. I spoke to people on the streets of Abuja and they are saying that if this can happen in Abuja, an attack on a soldier for that matter, nowhere in Nigeria is safe”

    – “Many experts in Nigeria are calling this a failure of intelligence. They are saying that if security forces can protect themselves from attack, then nobody in Nigeria is safe”

    To be sure, I am not making this up. The BBC folk reading this can go check their archives from the time when ANSARU attacked and freed detainees at an Abuja Police Station. Go on, tis your archives..check! Are you scared of your materials?

    ALAS, it is Britain’s turn today. The attack happened within the vicinity of a Royal Artillery barracks, it was an attack on a soldier, right there in the city of London.

    As I write, I have not heard one BBC report which has alluded to ‘a failure of intelligence’, ‘an embarrassment for the government’ or any cynical and scathing remarks.

    So why is that, coming from an organisation which pretends not to have any capacity for sobriety and are often caught using polemics when reporting Nigeria with a clear view towards inciting the people against their government?

    We still have not seen any basis for the high-decibel noises about impartiality, objectivity and balance which they hold forth as mantra. Empty sloganeering?

  156. beegeagle says:

    Please gentlemen, did Sahara Reporters actually claim that this terror attacks in Niger took place on the Niger/Nigeria border, as a news story in the “Daily Independent” suggests? Is that ignorance, mischief-making or just disgraceful journalism? I ask because Arlit and Agadez are so far away from the Nigeria/Niger border that they must each be a minimum of 500 miles clear of that border!

    Na wa oooo 😦

  157. Yagazie says:

    Gentlemen I have already put out a strong rebuttal/comment on the BBC News website regarding this issue and the BBC’s pathetic attempt to link the killing in woolwich to Nigeria. Let’s see if the BBC are man enough to publish my comments unedited.

  158. Yagazie says:

    Yes just as I thought have checked the comments secition of BBC News website again this morning and they have not yet published by comments/rebuttal – 24 hours after I sent same. Pathetic but not surprising.

    I note that they are now trying to cover the embarrasement of the security serivices by saying that it would be almost impossible to prevent this type of attack. As Beegz has so rightly pointed out if this had happened in Nigeria , we won’t have heard the last of it from the BBC, with all type of silly and snide comments, justifying it on a failure of intelligence, brutality of the security services, endemic poverty in the North, corruption etc.

    On another point- note that no mention has been made of name of the second attacker. Maybe he does not have Nigerian roots?

    • Akin Oges says:

      Good observation on the thick silence regarding the 2nd attacker’s roots. Again, reading the Evening Standard on the way home from work yesterday in the tube, it appears the two crazed characters were sufficiently known to the MI5 (one was actually refused leaving the UK to Somalia on account of security report – serious business that). Bottom line: security/intelligence failure. Oh, the two oafs are black English; completely acculturised. Oga Beeg, one good aspect about London is her resourcefulness to stoically carry on when shocks happen (remember IRA attack on Isle of Dogs in the mid 1990s and 7/7?). There would be the odd or pedestrian backlashes, these would be inconsequential silliness (nonetheless, it will be wise to be tactful). The authorities instinctively appreciates the inherent danger of permitting a ” we-and-them” mindset to set-in in a multi-ethnic London at this critical time. Therefore, nothing untowards. Finally, BBC’s skewed type of reporting maybe coming home to ‘sing kpalongo’. Good morning to all the Beegeagle’s Generals, Colonels, Lt. Colonels and Majors. Doing a brilliant job guys!

      • Akin Oges says:

        Pardon, the word is “bottomline”

      • igbi says:

        Let me share some information about the two terroristes in London:
        they were followers of one radical islamic cleric, this is him:

        I don’t know why the british forces still haven’t arrested him, he has been preaching terrorism for more than a decade in England.

      • beegeagle says:

        Yeah, Akin. I heard that he was arrested during the demonstrations over the Danish cartoons which offended many muslims worldwide. That was 2005 or 2006

      • Teeboy says:

        That’s because the British people are a bunch of pussies. The UK needs to grow some cojones and crack down on these hate preachers that are allowed to speak freely and spread their poison. They still can’t get Abu Qatada deported cos of his so called human rights and softy softy approach to things. Abu Hamza had his hooks removed as soon as he arrived Supermax, Arizona and was kept in isolation for good measure.
        These dudes I hear never even set foot in Nigeria before and why radicalized entirely in the UK

    • Obix says:

      @Oga Yags, i thought i was alone. They didn’t publish mine either. I asked them to tell the whole world why they referred to those killers as “of Nigerian origin” and refer to the ones who win medals for Britain as just “British”! To put the icing on the cake, i asked them to tell us how to properly address the Queen since according to Wikkipedia “Elizabeth bears lineage from, amongst others, Armenian, British, Chinese, Cuman, Czech, Danish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Monégasque, Norwegian, Old Prussian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Swedish, and Ukrainian, ethnicities”.

  159. beegeagle says:

    @Oga Ifiok+Akin Oges. Thanks a bunch

    @Mighty YAGZ. You have done your duty and I expected no less. But that is the BBC I know too well and that was why I suggested that you gentlemen try the BBC AFRICA Facebook Page. They have heard all from me already and Nigeria bashing was the reason why we fell apart. I abandoned them to their unclear designs.


    Seem to, Doziex? So you thought I was joking or ‘raking’ when I said that they visit the blog by the dozens everyday? So we blast for them to hear because what I cannot say in front of you, I would not say behind your back. That would amount to cowardice and back-biting.

    Lemme tell you a story. I was already a VOA and BBC listener before I was a teenager, thanks to having keyed into the habits of my late US-educated old man. A man who can tell you when the likes of Hilton Fyle, Tunde Obadina and Elizabeth Obadina worked forl the BBC is no rookie listener.

    And we have never been pedestrian listeners. When a BBC World Service Audience Relations team visited Lagos to speak to ONLY four Nigerian listeners at the Eko Meridien in February 2003, I was one of them. I spent my $100 travelling from PHC to go and meet them. Back then, I would be walking on the streets and my phone would buzz. Someone from the BBC wanted to speak to me. Their email invitations and letters of gratitude are still in my mailbox as we speak. I thought we were friends and so I always obliged them.

    Moving on, at the get-together, I recorded an intro for them, gratis, which was beamed worldwide for two years on the trot. My offering on that recorded programme was also beamed worldwide. They even commended yours truly for speaking so authoritatively and ex tempore in a follow-up email.

    This same Beegeagle it was who recommended that they introduce interactive text messaging on BBC Africa and it was done with effect from the very next day, 13 February 2003. The BBC know who to take seriously when they are not chasing after demons.

    The point of departure came when some people out there grew a brain and began to use my nation as their emotional punching bag. I put in my best to set the records straight but when you seemingly have an agenda to run down a nation, any light bringer is an enemy.

    As some on this board have attested to, you cannot set the records straight with the BBC and hope to get heard. So they censored my communication. In return, I gave them one final round of bollocking via email and assured them that we had parted ways. They would neither read nor hear from me again.

    I have kept my word for over seven years now and even now, thanks to the ongoing wonder on this blog, they cannot believe that they lost us. They knew we were good..but never quite believed that we were this damn good because we did not pop up from Oxford perhaps, and simply cannot believe that they have lost their unheralded asset of the highest value, who could have added value to every facet of their operations. They failed to think outside the box and to keep a serious eye on their wild card entry who emerged from nowhere. Now, we have Don’t mind me joo. best friend out there was the inimitable and excellent, Liz Blunt, with whom I used to exchange emails. I continue to hold her in the highest esteem till tomorrow and feel like her nephew really since she was already on the payroll of the BBC even before I had been born. She is damn good. May God bless her continually. She was fair to us and always told the story to its completion in an objective way – no biases, no bitterness, no predispositions. Someone splashed a bit of her work here the other day, remember? I really feel sad that I do not ask after her as often as I used to. Hopefully, I should do so this weekend.

    By the same token, the BBC World Service pushed a succession of very good and fair-minded corresponspents through their Nigeria Desk between 1990 and 2002 – Mark Doyle, Hillary Anderson, Dan Isaacs, David Bamford and Barnaby Phillips. I have a good measure of respect for those ones as well anyday and hope that they stay the objective course.

    • Teeboy says:

      Well said, Beeg, well said. You truly are an inspiration. I may not have the time to contribute to hthe blog all the time but I always endeavour to keep myself updated by stopping over everyday. Keep up the good work sir!

  160. beegeagle says:


    (in fairness to that new correspondent, he has made a deliberate effort to offer balanced coverage ever since)


    By the way, the new BBC World Service correspondent in Nigeria this weekend served us what he called a Nigerian Government scam in his “From Our Own Correspondent” offering. He was referring to the $6.8bn Fuel Subsidy scam.

    Cynical stuff generally and with two major howlers as well.

    – according to him, the fuel subsidy scam is equal to a quarter of the entire NATIONAL budget looted. Well, he probably thinks he is still in the unitary republics of East Africa where he came from.

    For the avoidance of doubt, the NATIONAL BUDGET would include the totality of the Federal, States and Local Governments budgets(in which case, another $25bn in states and LG budgets has to be factored in) whereas what he meant was the $31bn FEDERAL GOVERNMENT budget. To amplify issues, he called it the ENTIRE NATIONAL BUDGET. How about some fact-checking before going to press or journalistic paradigms are all set aside when reporting from Nigeria?

    – “Dr Udenta Udenta, a rights activist and fierce government critic”, said Will Ross.

    We have told you foreign journalists and diplomats that your excessive dalliance with ‘activists’ will always leave your perspectives skewed and leave you embarrassed. Since he does not know, having only just arrived in Nigeria, let us tell him what he has just walked into.

    Is it the same Dr Udenta Udenta who we know who has now become a fierce government critic? Since when? Perhaps as a result of not being patronised by the present FG? During the Abacha years, that same guy and a certain Kaduna-based lawyer, Festus Okoye, were the foremost apologists for that evil and oppressive regime. Udenta O. Udenta was a hireling who would call the Radio Nigeria network phone-in programme “Radio Link” every Saturday between 8 and 10am to justify the indefensible. Festus Okoye, who has also now become an activist, mostly used to feature as a studio panelist.

    To be sure, the late Zakari Mohammed used to be the anchorman back then. Go and check that out. I do not expect a BBC which has lulled itself into lethargy with claims of expertise to know that. They think they know..if only they knew better.

    Can Dr Udenta, the BBC’s purported fierce anti-government critic, look us in the eye and deny the anti-people role which he played during the darkest days of military rule in Nigeria?

    So much for fierce government critics.
    Who next will they fly his kite? I hear that Prof Auwalu Yadudu, Abacha’s Special Adviser on Legal Matters who was the brain behind all those draconian decrees, is also now an ‘activist’. A law lecturer at Bayero University, he was the mastermind behind the decree which nailed Ken Saro-Wiwa – a clear case of judicial murder.

    You impressionable ‘Johnnies Come Lately’ shall continue to fall victim to your insidious predispositions and penchant for always seeking out and embracing dissidents, purported activists and lackeys who can be used to subvert your host countries until you choose in your innermost hearts to be deliberately balanced and objective..rather than merely grandstanding about ‘impartiality’ whilst exhibiting clearly discernible biases. The saga continues…

  161. beegeagle says:


    Well, those guys are mostly full of crap – from gut to heel and they are mostly compulsive and tactless talkers as well.

    And they have this annoying way of passing off their views as those of their listeners because they know that it is an unpopular take. So they leave it till they are about to sign off for the day and air their rubbish.

    Yesterday, JSTF came under attack – even their own BBC Africa reporter, Abdullahi Kaura Abubakar told them that his sources said so. In their cynical manner, BBC Africa again found a way of ascribing another silly commentary to a purported listener

    “Are we sure that the victims are not innocent civilians? That was how they shot innocent civilians in 2009…the troops are poorly trained”

    Okay, in 2009 some killer cops went overboard but in most of the altercations, it was face-to-face engagements between the security forces and Boko Haram. When they attempted to storm an army barracks, over 100 of them got killed. At their Railway Compound stronghold, they engaged the militants in an overnight firefight before troops subdued them and knocked down their stronghold with light mortar bombardment. Colonel Ahanotu led that operation and if you search for that name on their BBC website, you can read the story. So why are they now turning the exception(the cop who extra-judicially executed BH suspects)to the rule?

    If the troops are poorly trained, they have held this big and unwieldy country together for over half-a-century without calling for support from British troops.

    Since they know so much about COIN ops, why have Iraq and Afghanistan which in combination have a smaller muslim population than Nigeria not yet been quietened down? Since their own troops are so well trained, how come they nearly got run out of Helmand Province in Afghanistan? If they are so well trained, why did the IRA campaign in Northern Ireland last 28 years? That is the reason why I say that BBC Africa are often guilty of feigning amnesia.

    That silly line was thrown in by a bad mix of an anchorman, from whose own country’s timid troops (a veritable parade ground army who are only good at peacekeeping and riot control but are zilch on combat experience) two national leaders – Patrice Lumumba and Samuel Doe were captured, and this on a messed-up BBC Africa, SIMPLY to deny JSTF the joy of their battlefield gains.

    In their engagements, the JSTF do not fire mortars or RPGs, so that casualties are DELIBERATELY kept low. Same reason why they use HMG-armed Panhard VBLs and Otokar Cobra armoured vehicles – NEVER tanks or heavy calibre 90mm gun-armed AFVs such as Panhard AML 90s, Panhard Sagaie or Cascavel. Neither have they used any calibre of artillery in the Niger Delta or in the North. They use helicopters, not fighter jets. You have seen the river gunboats and landing craft in the Niger Delta which only carry .50 calibre HMGs and AGLs for precision strikes. They do not use wide-dispersal munitions or weapons systems which increase the possibility of collateral damage on account of impacting a wide area. Our troops are BRAVE and they only do CLOSE QUARTER COMBAT – no long range/high impact tank assaults, artillery barrages or jet strikes.

    For God’s sake, it is about keeping casualties down and mostly about avoiding collateral damage to civilians in creek-bound villages and in northern towns.

    Almost without exception, whenever there are explosions during battles between troops and insurgents, it is Boko Haram who are detonating IEDs and lobbing improvised grenades in cans! The JSTF can use mortars, AGLs and RPGs but in order not to widen the scope of casualties, they win the battle first and then bring in bulldozers to destroy the stronghold.

    The notable exception has been the 2009 attack on the Railway Compound stronghold of the insurgents which is actually a large complex where they had almost exclusively taken up residence which was captured and mortared to rubble.

    So why is it that in the warped mindset of BBC Africa agents provocateur, it always boils down to being “poorly trained?” What is really wrong with the one track-minded colonial subjects who orchestrate these things at BBC Africa? Profiling, racism and stereotyping? Let us remain poorly trained but Britain will not do the training – the USA and Israel shall. So keep on marginalising yourselves by your bare-faced anti-Nigerianism as championed by the BBC.

    Britain seek a return to the colonial era relevance which they enjoyed in Africa and see Nigeria as the major plank in the attainment of that elusive goal. If they have the FG and Nigeria under wraps, the rest becomes easy on account of an expected domino effect around Africa. Unfortunately, Nigeria have plans of growing into their own, her people supremely self-assured and independent-minded while the FG are moving away from Britain and warming up to the USA and China.

    For this and another reason which shall be explained later, BBC AFRICA have been drafted to undertake a “punitive expedition” against Nigeria with a view to ensuring that the resolve of her government and people are broken, since their paymasters are only comfortable with kowtowing, cowering and aid-dependent African nations.

    Yesterday, insurgents engaged JSTF troops in a firefight, lobbed IEDs yet the BBC seek to shift the focus to civilian casualties rather than the undisguised and shooting militants or were the phantom civilians armed?

    In Pakistani Waziristan and Afghanistan, thousands of innocent civilians have been accidentally killed or maimed in NATO-led drone strikes. HOW COME the BBC have never pinned that down to poorly-trained ISAF troops? Double standards? These guys must really be messed buts, ifs and hows about that.

    The Army have been training thousands of troops in urban operations, fighting in built-up areas,ambush defeat and close quarter combat. Another batch were inducted only yesterday! Not so for Boko Haram.

    What is to say therefore that Boko Haram and not the security forces are responsible for the collateral damage? If Boko Haram had defeated the JSTF instead, would the BBC doubt that it was troops and not innocent civilians who got killed?

    There is another reason why the BBC are so hostile towards Nigeria. We are glad to have them as enemies and we shall see who loses out ultimately. Anyway, Nigeria, the BBC’s second largest audience in the world, is the ONLY country in black Africa where the BBC have not been permitted to run FM stations. That lies at the core of their very hostile coverage of Nigeria -in effect, “why not Nigeria, the biggest African prize?”

    That show of confidence and daring to be different is what Nigeria are paying for. But the BBC shall not have their way regardless because that organisation is a subversive and neocolonial agency. You guys can go cosy up to all the other kowtowing nations of Africa.

    • CHYDE says:

      Field Marshal , where do you get all your info from? Nice one. Never knew you were a gifted writer, i am sure the likes of Late Achebe and Soyinka must have groomed you. Lol I Know some black belle people are reading this blog so i have this to say. The ‘blacker your stomachs, the greater the heights we attain as a nation. We don’t need people telling us how to live our lives. Period.

    • Akin Oges says:

      Cry havoc (!!!!), to borrow from Oga Peccavi. I can see fire as you thump those keys on you keyboard. Kai…. Gen. Beeg, nah vex be this Ooooo….. Lol. Seriously, I am loving it big time. More feathers to your already busy fedora. Be Blessed Sir.

  162. ifiok umoeka says:

    Oh my, no wonder why they call you the field marshall! That was deep, didn’t know that you had such pedigree. Wao! Incidentally, my dad taught me how to listen to news. I remember following the black hawk incident in somalia in 1992 or so on VOA. I grew up sleeping to and waking to VOA. BBC had always been the magazine(focus on africa), radio and tv(I did CNN mostly, with Al Jazera, BBC, etc) has been recent. Sir u’re informed and in form.
    Talking about stereotypes, I don’t think that the BBC is that dumb(they have access to the most reliable information, I’m sure that their SIS or MI6 is very active in Nigeria as well as their shell petroleum agents, remember wikileaks?), I think it’s deliberate and I agree with you on their strategic interest to call the shorts in Nigeria as well as not have anyone(we are the only ones who can do that in this part of the word as we did concerning zimbabwe in the late 70s, I guess they are still mad) stand up to them and the other Berlin conference partners.
    When you talk corruption, who is more corrupt than they with every deal BAE has been involved with mangled with corruption from saudi arabia to south africa! In the military front, they still talk about they falklands which they would have lost had it not been for the foolishness of the argentine junta leadership then. I sill remember how their SBS team had to rescued in the early days of 2003 invasion of iraq! No one talked about training. May I not even go into their part in human right abuses in iraq and afghanistan as we as their part in the drone war (they are the second largest and active operators of the reaper drone). Yet, their skewed reporting is always tailored to meet their objectives. No wonder Al jazera (a response to stereotypes) is always blasting them(not as if they too are without sins).
    Bottom line, like I’ve been saying, I wish that Channels and others will grow to become major players in the world league(Al jazera), till then, as we grow, we must keep doing what we are doing, like beegz said, evil triumph when good men do nothing. Cheers

  163. beegeagle says:


    PARIS, May 24 (Xinhua)

    French special forces joined an operation in Niger after two suicide bombs hit a military base and a plant run by French nuclear giant Areva
    in northern part of the country on
    Thursday, Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said Friday.

  164. beegeagle says:

    Nigeria need to recognise its ‘soft power’ assets – both material and human – and PROP them up instead of looking on, passively. We are neither too poor nor bereft of men and minds to create our own PressTV or Huffington Post in the media orbit.

    In a country such as Pakistan, the ISI would have found a way of dramatically but surreptitiously boosting the profile of a credible operator such as Channels TV.

    In Nigeria,it is always ‘siddon look’. Sadly, a patient dog eats no bone. We had better know what we are doing. The world outside moves fast and we must move with it.

    See how PressTV and AlJazeera are pouring ‘reverse HEAT’ on the traditional global media hegemons whose tyrannical disposition has helped to heat up the international space, infernally?

  165. Yagazie says:

    Cybergenerals – apologies for once again going off on a tangent – but this seems to be the ‘hottest thread’ at the moment.

    It seems the Nigerian Navy is organising a conference OPV Africa which will take place from 27-29 August 2013 in Lagos Nigeria. The website is

    The list of speakers scheduled to deliver papers at the conference makes very interesting reading. Well Done Nigerian Navy!!!

  166. igbi says:

    That extremist cleric was interviewed after the attack, and this is what the british government responded to that interview: “She said: ‘We all have a responsibility, including the media, not to give airtime to extremist voices”
    But ofcourse they change that Policy when it comes to boko haram.
    Here is what a former british colonel said on tv: “Yesterday Mr Stewart, a former Army colonel, said the time had come to tear up human rights laws” and “Mr Stewart, a former commander of UN forces in Bosnia during the Balkans conflict, added: ‘It may not be as democratic as libertarians would like but, I am sorry, we are fighting a war.’ ”
    Where are all this people when western governments are media bashing Nigeria ?

    • beegeagle says:

      Very big food for thought, Igbi.

    • peccavi says:

      Oga Igbi,
      Maker I tell you something that will hopefully calm you down. There are no permanent friends, only permanent interests. No one on this planet loves you so your country better accept it and start planning for it.
      If you don’t like the way people tell your story, tell it yourself. That is what Oga Beeg is doing with this blog, thjats why members of the Nigerian forces take time to send him stories and photos. Thats why people like myself try and add our 2 kobo.
      Do you know how many people have pointed this blog out to me without knowing I comment here?
      Do you know how many diplomats, journalists, analysts check here?
      And this is a blog started by a private citizen.
      So direct your rage at a government that has the talents of 160m of the finest brains on this planet the resources of a rich lands and lets uneducated fashion editors publish stupid stories that go viral around the world without a counter story.
      So rather than fulminating about the BBC,CNN write to your senator or Governor and ask about NTA

  167. Yagazie says:

    @Oga Obix, – well done at least you have played your part. I have often said on this blog that we should not give too much airtime to the antics of the BBC.
    They claim to be independent put report news from their own (read as ‘western’ ) perspective.

    Case in point- Boston Marathon bombing in which 3 people were killed received blanket wall to wall covering on the BBC news channels over a period of about 1 week.

    Building (Garment Factory) collapse in Bangladesh in which over 1,000 (yes one thousand!) people died, received only cursory coverage from the BBC.

    As far as they are concerned nothing good comes out of Africa. The British Prime Minister David Cameron came to Nigeria (lagos) on a working business trp – the visit was not even reported on the BBC News Channels.

    If however there is a riot/bombing in any part of Nigeria, the BBC reports it and never fails to add the silly rider no matter how irrelevant which goes along the lines of – ‘Nigeria is an oil rich country yet more than half its population live on less than $1 a day and corruption is rampant”

    Go the country file chapter for Nigeria on the BBC news (Africa Section) website. We have been a democracy for about 14 years now- however the opening entry for Nigeria is as follows ‘after lurching from one millitary dictatorship to another…’

    Please lets just leave the Biased/Blinkered Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and talk about more important things!

  168. freeegulf says:

    well, we all knew how this was going to play out in niger. i know some where hoping to see Nigerian forward deployed troops assisting Niger in the agardez hostage crisis, but with real politik, it was always going to be the french.

    french special forces re currently deployed in that conflict zone. french afrique would always look up to France first before asking help from a fellow African country, even if they re neighbours.
    the french have their uranium mining firm, areva, based in Niger, they re part of the problem, when and how they resolve the insurgency inside Niger will continue to have a big impact on the country’s security.

    • peccavi says:

      Abeg we have our own problems, wetin concern Nigeria for Agadez? There was always going to be a counter strike by MUJAO, AQIM and co, Chads own is coming.

      • jimmy says:

        AMEN my brother let us look carefully when the kata kata ends the Nigeriens and the Nigerians coming back to Nigeria from DIFFA .

  169. beegeagle says:

    Gen Freeegulf, the French did not allow the Nigeriens any time to consider any joint ops with Nigeria. I am sure they used the guise of French nationals coming under attack at AREVA in Arlit to stymie that possibility by moving in very quickly.

    They won’t be around in the neighbourhood to play interloper forever. The fluidity of the security situation between northern Borno and the remote Diffa Prefecture of Niger could still see a snap joint op between us and the neighbours at anytime, even this weekend. You can only keep nextdoor neighbours apart for so long.

  170. freeegulf says:

    so true. it is called collective security for a good reason.
    the french have been playing both sides with this berber/tuareg issue for decades now.

  171. Yagazie says:

    General Peccavi, well said.

    We should tell our story from our own perspective ourselves.

    The Government should give serious consideration – no – should take steps to ensure that NTA International is ugraded to compete with the likes of BBC, CNN, France24, Aljazeera and CHINA today. India has its own 24 Hour News Channel – NDTV and even South Africa has e-NCA a 24 Hour news channel broadcasting from Johannesburg (Sky channel 517). Take a couple of million dollars from the Excess Crude Account (with the consent of the National Assembly) to do this.

    NTA International should have its own dedicated channel on Sky so that it can be viewed by all on a 24 Hour basis. African Independen Television (AIT) which is a privately owned TV station in Nigeria is easily available on Sky Channel 183.

    Thus I can’t see what the problem is for the Fedral Govt to implement this for NTA international. The Ministries of Information, ICT, Science and Technology and Foreign Affairs should put heads together to see how this can become a reality . “E no hard and e no be rocket science.”

    It’s all about ‘soft power’ – i.e. – projecting a postive and true image of ourselves on the world stage.

    • peccavi says:

      The thing tire me, NTA doesn’t even have a website.
      Again Nigeria sleeping on the job. A very very simple job

      • Teeboy says:

        The only way NTA is ever competing with the likes of CNN, BBC, etc is if it’s bought over by private individuals with new funds & life injected into it. We all know how government bodies are operated: forever marooned in mediocrity and hopelessness. Just imagine a serious news organization not having a website – in the year 2013!!!

  172. peccavi says:


    Situation Friendly Forces
    • 3 x women, 6 x children in NSF hands. Identified as the 9 out of the 12 women and children in the latest Shekau/ BH video. Kidnapped from BAMA on 7 May from the police station they were found in the SAMBISA forest area of BORNO STATE. 1 x woman and 2 x children still unaccounted for
    • NSF has destroyed 3 x en camps in the SAMBISA FOREST. They held dormitories, medical facilities, fuel depots and bomb making equipment

    Situation Enemy Forces
    • 4 x civpop killed by BH in MAIDUGURI Mallam Bitrus KOJI, his son and his employee an Al Majiri boy and a medical student. The latter 3 unnamed
    Situation External Forces
    • US Secretary of State John KERRY in ADDIS ABABA, ETHIOPIA states ‘….that Boko Haram has wantonly upset the normal governance of Nigeria in fundamental ways that are unacceptable’ and that ‘Nigeria has a right to defend itself and to fight back against terrorists…’ and in conversations with the Nigerian foreign minister ‘We have talked directly about the imperative of Nigerian troops adhering to the highest standards and not themselves engaging in atrocities or in human rights violations. That is critical,’


    Free at last: the 3 women and 6 children freed recently were taken from Bama 3 weeks ago, from the Police Barracks. Their case is interesting for 3 very good reasons. The first is that Boko Haram has consistently requested that women and children detained by the NSF be released as a condition of any amnesty or talks. The PotFRN announced a release on 21 May and 3 days later these hostages are found. Now although the NSF says they were rescued after a firefight, I find this to be unlikely, (although not impossible) as the BH holding them would have had no sense in keeping them whilst on the run except as bargaining chips or not killing them when friendly forces were close as they have consistently done in the past. This leads one to the conclusion that they were deliberately left to be found or the NSF directed to them. This is an interesting development because it means that the BH holding them were in communication with the NSF, were sufficiently convinced that the release of their own females would take place that they kept their side of the bargain. This is all conjecture but it shows there is a plus to the carrot and stick policy, the offer of amnesty was operationally sound, (depending on whether it’s a genuine sustainable DDR programme or a cash handout scheme as in the Niger Delta) as it gives BH foot soldiers and commanders an option other than fighting.

    The second factor which is very interesting is that they were taken on 7th May appeared in a video around 14 May with Shekau. Although he was never in the same shot with them on the version I saw it would indicate Shekau is in the vicinity of North East Nigeria. Unless the videos were shot separately and spliced together (a reasonably high possibility) then it is proof Shekau is in the area of operations. If it is the latter case then it is still interesting in that it proves Shekau is in close enough operational contact for all this to take place.
    Now if we take it on face value that Shekau is actually a senior commander in BH and not just the guy they picked to make noise on the videos then this leads us to the 3rd interesting reason which is that Shekau was obviously linked to the BAMA operation and the subsequent hostages thus any negotiation now has the approval of a senior operational BH commander, or discipline has broken down to the point junior members are cutting deals.

    So I will summarise the assumptions (1) the man we see on the videos we know as Shekau is genuinely the senior BH commander (2) He is in the NE Nigeria-SE Niger-SW Chad-NW Cameroun Axis (3) The hostage rescue was as a result of a negotiated exchange rather than unilateral action (4) that exchange was agreed at the BH command level.

    We only need a few of these assumptions to be true to understand the insurgency is at a critical point. Now this does not mean they are defeated but under sufficient pressure to consider other actions and their command leadership close enough to be neutralised

    The Right to be Right: the constant refrain from the EU, US, UN and western and Nigerian NGOs since this op started have been for the NSF to ensure they safeguard the rights of civilians. It is a trifle grating that John Kerry is still on this mantra even in Addis Ababa but the concerns are founded in good reason with the Nigerian Armies persistent allegations of excesses in all its campaigns possibly with the exception of the Congo. Now all armies are accused of excesses and excesses take place in all armies. Part of this issue is the lack of follow up redress or attempts to ensure there is no repeat. Although this is a depressing feature of Nigerian public life there is little or no accountability or command responsibility for excesses even those committed on home soil.
    Now excesses happen in all armies the question is the remedies?
    And what does this have to do with the western powers.
    Well Nigeria is a quagmire for western policy makers. It does not fall into the category of fragile, post or pre conflict, aid dependency, nor does it lack the human or material resources to make things happen. It has a commodity that the world needs; the western powers don’t buy it there are many who will. It is difficult to sanction and being one of the most powerful economies impossible to isolate. The political elites do not necessarily respond to normal tools of statecraft. If weapons technology or skills cannot be sourced from the EU/ US they can be brought from the wide variety of vendors on the market. In other words the normal coercive methods do not work on Nigeria, thus the western powers in order to retain influence need a stick and a carrot. The stick is the constant and unchecked rights abuses the NSF continues to be accused of. US law prohibits military assistance to countries that violate the rights of citizens or do not obey international law. The carrot is offering assistance in security sector capacity building from counter narcotics, ant terrorism, counter terrorism, border security, maritime security and civil military cooperation etc and defence equipment transfers. The narrative of an abusive security sector is familiar to most Nigerians, that narrative has been successfully taken and reinforced on the world stage by the EU/ US with the assistance of genuinely well meaning NGO’s.
    There are several remedies to this. The first and most obvious is preventing abuses from happening. Investigate allegations and punish the guilty. Make sure this policy is heavily publicised both within and without the military, let it be known to citizens, make examples of offenders. And have a clear media strategy for false allegations of which there are and will be many, have a clear process for dealing with allegations that people believe in and recognise. Have published compensation rates for victims of BH and for things damaged in military ops. engage local and some foreign NGOs take them along as observers during ops. let them see the military as a force made up of human beings who are doing a difficult job in difficult circumstances. Embed journalists with units.
    In essence the US’s overwhelming strategic imperatives in Africa are preventing it from being a base for attacks on the US homeland and ensuring US economic interests such as energy and as a market for US goods and services. An Islamic safe haven in West Africa would mean sea lanes to western Europe, the Americas and Asia could be threatened, Gulf of Guinea oil is a counter balance to Russian and Middle East oil, Nigeria is a huge English speaking market but much like in Syria the US has no good options to exert influence, by emphasising the rights narrative the US government has created the conditions where it can halt assistance at the point Nigeria needs it the most. President Obama misses Nigeria on his visit again is reality it means nothing but it is again part of the public narrative that Nigeria is a naughty boy. This is good geopolitics for a country with limited options. Nigeria can only counter this by cleaning up its record and showing that its cleaning up its record. If the well being of Nigerian citizens is not incentive enough of course.

  173. jimmy says:

    I guess I will unwittingly be no300 for a reason.
    oga peccavvi thank you for your on point SITREP analysis since we have now let the cat out of the bag, The focus should now be on capturing / killing SHEKAU as the king England said in the movie “Brave heart” it makes no difference.
    Shekau is in Nigeria period it logically makes sense that he straddles the border between Cameroon / NIGERIA . this is because with so many troops closing the Cameroonians are definitely very uncomfortable shall we say skittish ?. PAPA FRENCH will take care of her french citizens but with the french hostages in their minds they want this fool dead and i am sure they told their ——- in Cameroon if he is in Cameroon either take him out or we will look the other way when the Nigerians take him out.
    Not only do all signs point to this but the taking of women and children shows the length and desperation this —hole will stoop to since this is the ultimate of abominations in ISLAM.
    HE HAS TO BE CAPTURED THIS IS THE ULTIMATE GOAL. The NSF cannot and should not relent on their recent successes. They should reprint the posters and the reward , the reward should be upped to 100million Naira someone will cough/ talk/ sing. He is not a ghost, just another —HOLE who uses the toilet/ bathroom like everyone else . Please i beg in the name of GOD find him.

    • J.A.Z. says:

      It’s interesting though that there’s no word about some of the others BH has reportedly kidnapped in recent weeks, and whether they will be “traded” for BH prisoners (“women and children” as Shekau demands). For example, the head of the Borno water board (Baba Gujbawu) may be in BH hands, Abba Kagu, younger brother of the Shehu of Bama, identified as Abba Zaru, and others… If it was BH and not nonBH criminals who kidnapped them.

      • ifiok umoeka says:

        It’s irrelevant if the clown is a top BH commander or not. His image is irrevocably tied to BH and if he is killed then BH suffers a big blow. Why should we capture him? so that he is freed as part of amnesty? So that he escapes or so that a repeat of what stated this phase BH onslaught occurs. I say, give him the bin laben option.
        On the other hand, while I agree with what we’ve said in the case of the image/media dynamics, let remember that for some of us, this is the only platform to vent! While our venting should be moderated, we should try to stop people from saying it how the see or feel it

  174. ifiok umoeka says:

    It’s irrelevant if the clown is a top BH commander or not. His image is irrevocably tied to BH and if he is killed then BH suffers a big blow. Why should we capture him? so that he is freed as part of amnesty? So that he escapes or so that a repeat of what stated this phase BH onslaught occurs. I say, give him the bin laben option.
    On the other hand, while I agree with what we’ve said in the case of the image/media dynamics, let remember that for some of us, this is the only platform to vent! While our venting should be moderated, we should try to stop people from saying it how the see or feel it. Maybe my oga igbi, u should to it down as not to sould like press tv why gen peccavi u should be more accommodating as I was beginning to sense, was it irritation or impatience?

    • peccavi says:

      Both irritation and impatience my Oga. Nigeria is falling behind in silly easy areas. John Kerrys comments are what is dominating the media, absolutely no counter from Nigeria, nothing at all. So once again our adversaries (and I don’t mean that in a confrontational way just that these are people we are in contest with) have set the message for us to react to.
      It is anathema to me for civilians particularly Nigerians to be harmed, there is far too much suffering in Nigeriua already, so have a strong code of conduct makes sense. Using that code of conduct to get our critics to shut the hell up makes sense upon sense.
      Again Shekaus true status is irrelevant, you are right, in the propaganda game he is what they say he is. But I would suggest not turning him into a huge bogeyman but seeking to capture him and extracting every last ounce of info from him and then let him rot silently in prison somewhere. Let the lessons from the ND insurgency persist, rewarding thugs is just moving the problem down the road not solving it.
      If you watch this below you will note the high level of scepticism from the AJE journalist. AJE is one of the most sympathetic or at least knowledgeable channels and if we are losing them we are in trouble. Part of the frustration I think is due to the lack of access and the reports they must be getting from their sources that contradict the official line. Take the bull by the horns embed them in a unit for a week. Even if that unit just wanders around a benign bit of the desert, they will not know and it will give them an exclusive that will keep them happy and onside.

  175. Yagazie says:

    Oga Peccavi – your sitrep analysis was quite brilliant. Well Done!

    I totally agree with your take on the hostages (women and children) that were ‘freed’ by our security services. BH left them behind for the security services to find, as it would have been totaly counter-productive to their cause to have them killed/executed- especially after the Fed Govt had released all BH women/children being held in detention.

    On the comments by the US Foreign secretary John Kerry, even though he is beginning to sound like a cracked record, there is a lot of truth in what he is saying. Based on past experience (Odi, Zaki-Biam etc) our millitary pay scant heed to human rights when conducting millitary operations amongst the civilian populace- and so if our millitary don’t want to have this negative ‘dog-tag round their necks, then they should ensure that all military engagements are conducted with complete compliance to the rules of engagement. John Kerry is a decorated vietnam veteran, and so I have a lot of time for what he says on this issue.

    • igbi says:

      Nagasaki, Hiroshima, Vietnam, Iraq, Afganistan: How many civilians diead in each one of those US military operations ?
      How many civilians would have died in Odi and Zaki-Biam if it was the US which did the operation instead ?
      So I can conclude by telling you that our military cares about civilians and human rights much more than US military and government.

      • igbi says:

        The problem with us Nigérians is that we are always too ready to believe the foraigner has good intentions, colonization and its massacres showed us otherwise, yet we still commit the same mistakes. Kerry doesn’t care about Nigeria and its civilians, he has an agenda.

    • ifiok umoeka says:

      My bro, u knw that from the onset, I’ve been advocating for human right on this blog and phrases like winning the hearts and minds are re-occurring decimals in my postings. I doubt if there’s any member of this blog who doesn’t root and hoot for treating people with dignity. I think our grouse is with people who when faced with similar circumstance in the past have responded in a certain way yet when the discus involves us, they put up a holier than thou attitude yet in their case, they where worse off. We all understand that our boys need to improve on the human right front and in the past, they where appalling in this regard. Having said that, I think we need to do more! The military authorities need to take not of this and expedite action on this front and add this to the articles in the retraining curriculum. If we are to see Nigerians love and respect their security service (not for fear of what they can do to them but because we are proud of them) then the narratives and stereotypes must change from a we and them to an us and they military has this responsibility. When was the last time you saw a police man helped an old lady with a heavy load? What of the soldier help a little child cross the road? When did you last see a security agent help a distressed man get his broken down vehicle to move or give a confused person proper direction to where her wants to go? I know we are in trying times but after all have been said and done our military boys are first ours and they are human. To set the narrative, can we start seeing photos of the army engineers fixing bridges and building schools? If we want to see nigerians waiting for our boy to embark and disembark with a cheer like was henry or peccavi observed on that flight, then we must do justice and be seen to be doing it

    • peccavi says:

      Thanks Oga Yagazie
      I completely agree that the security forces needs to protect the rights, life and property of our citizens, its a trifle depressing that it needs to be said over and over again.
      I was just trying to analyse and figure out why the narrative from the EU/ US etc has been so consistent and strident on this point overshadowing their condemnation of BH. Some of it is genuine but alot is geopolitics, I see no reason why emergency legal powers can’t be included so detainees can be processed a code of conduct for troops promulgated and a clear detention policy so at least relatives know where to go to find their kin, guilty or innocent. Rule of law is the greatest weapon here and again we are missing an easy trick

  176. unofree says:

    Good job Nigerian army.

  177. igbi says:

    I don’t think Cameroon is doing enough against boko haram.
    I actually think that they are doing nothing against boko haram.
    Maybe a sound warning should be given to Paul Biya.

  178. Manny Aydel says:

    Dear Compatriots,
    For those interested in reading the study on ECOMOG and EUROCORPS which influenced the creation of regional standby brigades by the AU please see:

  179. peccavi says:


    Situation Friendly Forces
    • 1 x KIA member of MJTF (nationality, service branch and rank not known presumed Nigerian) in operations in NE BORNO STATE
    • 1 x civpop hostage freed in SAMBISA GAME RESERVE
    • Weapons captured in operations in KUMSHE and BULUNKUTU included double barrel shotguns, rifles, pistols and ammunition
    • 6,000 refugees from NIGERIA repor0ted to be in BOSSO, DIFFA PEFECTURE, NIGER REPUBLIC.

    Situation Enemy Forces
    • 3 x en KIA, 25 captured including ABBA a known commander
    • En said to be withdrawing to KANERAM DAN KATSINA, TUMBU DABINO and MALLAM FATORI, north east BORNO STATE
    • En alleged to have burnt down a primary school in GUSHAU, killed 1 x Reverend LUKA, 1 x unnamed businessmen and his 2 sons
    • Alleged BH commander SHEKAU releases video claiming ‘victory’ over NIGERIAN forces, reiterates threat to kidnap women and children until all BH ‘women, children and brethren’ are freed and invites jihadis from Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan to join them


    Holding the line: the clearance phase of this op progresses alongside the Hold phase which has been will soon be elevated to the main effort/ priority. How will the enemy react?
    The enemies stated objectives were to replace the government of the FRN with an Islamic government and ‘Islamise’ the FRN. To achieve this they attacked security agents and agencies and churches hoping it would seem to spark a mass counter strike by Christians and thus a religious war. As this has failed in order to sustain the insurgency they must demonstrate that they still have the capability to fight. With fully mobilised security forces in their midst any attempt to hold ground or concentrate for a prolonged period would subject them to the superior numbers and firepower of the NSF. With the NSF having disrupted the urban IED cells they will also need to build new cells, new supply lines, train personnel and maintain their messaging.
    In other words they will most likely go into an operational pause. This operational pause will be used for fundraising, recruiting, training and limited counter strikes.

    Fundraising will most likely be through various means mainly crimes such as kidnap for ransom. This will be focussed mainly on the local middle and professional class. This demographic has the means to pay or at least access to sources of payment, little or no private security and are relatively powerless so their travails will not provoke an overwhelming law enforcement response. This will be supplemented by bank robberies and attacks upon cash in transit. Other fund raising efforts such as spectacular kidnaps of westerners or foreigners might be attempted but unless they can snatch emotive hostages such as western women or western children, it is unlikely that ransoms will be paid. Virtually no kidnap of westerners in the North has resulted in big payouts or prisoner releases (to my knowledge) except that of the French family. The lessons from Mali where this empowered and encouraged insurgents has been learnt. There will also be robbery, extortion rackets and illegal checkpoints (IVCP) used to ‘tax’ smuggled and legal goods

    Recruiting: BH has recruited through indoctrination, coercion, inducement and conscripting prisoners freed from jails, it has also attracted vengeful youth after NSF excesses as well as genuine fundamentalists and other West Africans. However it is unlikely that there will be many willing recruits after the depredations of the last few years. It will be clear to all but the most fanatical that there is no hope of total victory and the brigands and criminals can only be sustained by money and impunity. I suspect there will eventually come to the point where young men and boys are forcibly conscripted or else a heavy proportion of foreigners will come on board. Unless BH can reinvent itself as a Kanuri nationalist movement or espouse genuine nationalist or populist policies and curtail its indiscriminate attacks on the populace or introduce certain elements of social work it is unlikely to attract volunteers beyond the vengeful or criminal. This means numbers will most likely dwindle but those remaining will most likely be the most skilful or fundamentalist or both. The Shekau video calling for jihadis from Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan is wishful thinking of the highest order. Currently jihadis have a wide choice of theatres from Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia, Mali, Libya, The Caucasus etc. In the jihadi world Boko Haram has not yet achieved legitimacy, much less celebrity/ must travel status. It has not yet been able to attract fighters from within Nigeria or from countries further than Nigeria’s immediate borders. That fighters in those theatres would leave their own rather interesting fights to join a confused one in the middle of nowhere tells us of BH’s desperation or delusions of grandeur. Other than forcible conscripts the best sources of manpower will be foreigners, al majiris and people seeking vengeance after NSF excesses.

    Training will involve low level training thus we will see cruder and less reliable IEDS and less capable gunmen. Selected cadres will most likely link up with MUJAO in Niger/ Mali but the fact that that group no longer has a safe area and is engaged in a transnational fight will most likely see BH elements wasted in MUJAO’s campaigns rather than gaining knowledge and experience. The same applies for al Shaabab and AQIM, training and skills will improve slowly but depending on how much in house skill remains will most likely not be to the same quality in terms of devices and tactics as before.

    The limited counter strike will serve the purpose of maintaining BH credibility in the jihadi world, maintaining morale amongst members and sapping the morale of the NSF and public through a steady drain of casualties. The enemies best chances would be low scale stand off attacks that give them the best chance of preserving their personnel and and cause attrition to the NSF as well as provoke an overreaction by the NSF. There will be low level low tech attacks such as assassinations, arson attacks against isolated targets such as churches, schools, government buildings etc. This can be best achieved using IEDs against remote roads frequented by the NSF, attacks by IEDS on patrols in rural areas, using their small numbers and mobility to ambush NSF patrols and attacks on isolated units. Intimidation and assassination in urban and built up areas as well as kidnapping will increase both as acts of coercion and fundraising. Spectacular attacks against churches or other high value targets outside the core North-North East axis will be much fewer; mortar and rocket attacks against population centres of NSF bases will take off (if those weapon systems are available). You might also see targeted assaults on fuel tankers or other commodities being transported for 3 reasons, (1) they are easy undefended targets (2) they have an impact on the civpop that is clear (3) fuel marketers will pay for safe passage

    Friendly Course of Action: The main effort of this current offensive has been to push the enemy away from population centres by denying them safe havens in and around Sambisa Game Reserve and Lake Chad and to harass and disrupt them and prevent them from regrouping again in Nigeria and near the main population centres.
    To defeat the enemy in this campaign and hold onto the initiative the NSF must hold the ground, of which I would suggest key terrain in this situation is the Lake Chad-Maiduguri -Sambisa axis and the Mambila Plateau.
    Key terrain: this area is within the enemies core tribal areas, as described before it is a remote, multi lingual, multi jurisdictional area that can be exploited and the enemy have by their actions identified it as important for the success of their mission. The issue with an insurgency is that even if you garrison one area the enemy just moves to another area. So the priority should be to ensure that wherever they are far enough away from main population centres that any large scale attacks can be detected and destroyed before they enter and that IED’s and the IED supply chain can be disrupted away from the cities leaving any IED cells within the cities isolated. Second objective is to prevent them from setting up the kind of bases that existed in Sambisa anywhere in Nigeria or in range of Nigeria.
    I would suggest 3 concentric rings of security which I would describe as Deep, Close and Secure

    Deep: I would define this as the theatre in which NSF are able to use ISR (intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance), firepower and aggressive manoeuvre to defeat the enemy. The core elements are:

    Securing the border: a combination of manned border posts patrolled by local auxiliaries as well as military, customs etc forces. Remote sensing should be used to the fullest with UAVs, patrol aircraft weekly reviews of satellite images to build up patterns of life and transport as well as to identify new structures, routes or settlements. Mounted, vehicle, camel, motorcycle and foot patrols between and behind posts. Aerial patrols both high altitude with fixed wing and lower altitude with helicopters in conjunction with long range vehicle or foot patrols.

    Securing inter state, intra national, and intercity supply routes: again a combination of fixed positions and patrols. Permanent vehicle check points of along these routes with patrols moving between the villages and area flanking the roads. Again very manpower intensive so the use of auxiliaries should be explored.

    Securing ungoverned spaces: without actively garrisoning these areas places like the Sambisa Game Reserve can be secured by simply employing a large number of park rangers, they do not need to be armed they will simply report when they detect signs of human habitation where there shouldn’t be or increased habitation. Remote sensing again with satellite imagery aerial and foot patrols can be used. In other areas train unarmed local militias, their job is not to fight but to pass on information.

    Close: defined as the theatre in which the NSF defeats the enemy by impeding his freedom of movement within and in the immediate vicinity of population centres. The close battle again is manpower intensive, it will again consist of a series of fixed position, vehicle checkpoints and fortified police stations and military outposts. With smaller population centres like villages and hamlets making of a sector and larger population centres such as cities divided into a series of sectors. With each sector being a self contained unit capable of being held and shut down by a single ground holding unit. The concept will see vehicular entrance and exit from built up areas channelled through specific locations, foot traffic will be subject to random stops and checks. Not every village can be garrisoned thus the FGN should provide phones and other communication devices and rudimentary training in public safety. The objective of this zone is to so constrict the enemies freedom of movement that they are forced to initiate their attacks at one of the outposts in order to be able to break through to the main targets or the populace, to counter this each sector has a Quick Reaction Force which is used to counter any threats or breaches

    Secure: involves using non violent tools to keep the populace safe. Such as the provision of streetlights, ID cards, fencing and barbed wire. Community policing, public safety training such as IED awareness, first aid, personal safety/ anti kidnapping training and other measures. It is key that the populace is fully involved in the security measures and benign security measures such as registering adults and children, a vehicle database, accurate maps with overlays for populations by age, clan, tribe, social and commercial groups etc are introduced. Not only does this information aid criminal investigations it helps correctly direct resources for development.

    • jimmy says:

      Nice one oga peccavi , this is intense in terms of man power what are we looking at in terms of personnel.? BRIGADE LEVEL 3000-5000 + Also what is your take in the hunt that we know is already taking place for that numbskull SHEKAU? as you recall IN YOUR SITEP according to the military one of his couriers was found dead along the no man’s land straddling between chad and Nigeria ( god who lives in these god forsaken places except these type of special a -holes sorry just venting;(! )

    • asorockweb says:

      Oga Peccavi, well done.
      “The Shekau video calling for jihadis from Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan is wishful thinking of the highest order”
      .. Well said. All Jihadis are currently streaming to Syria for the ultimate showdown with Hezbollah.

      “Selected cadres will most likely link up with MUJAO in Niger/ Mali but the fact that that group no longer has a safe area”
      …I think they have a new safe area: Southern Libya. The problem with southern Libya is that nobody will intervene; the West will not return to Libya. The terrorists will be safe in Libya for many months, maybe years.

    • CHYDE says:

      Nice one Peccavi,

    • igbi says:

      By “fighters” do you mean terrorists ?
      Or do you mean wrestlers or boxers ?
      Lol, but please just be precise, don’t say “fighter”, say terrorist.

      • Teeboy says:

        Thank you for that. Any description below that would be a disservice and injustice to all those that have been affected by the actions of these terrorists.

    • igbi says:

      Contrary to peccavi’s analysis, I think we should take the bastard of boko haram’s call for alqaida seriously. but I think it is a good thing because those guys are going to be used as moving target practice by our soldiers. They will be betrayed by the colour of their skinn, so they can’t hide amongst the population. I don’t think it is a good defence to say that we should not mind the desperate call, peccavi we should rather be looking at how prepared we are: borders, weapons, mass recruitment into the armed forces, media, traitors among the politicians, etc…Are we politically ready to invade a few countries to chase alqaida ?
      We should be. I think it is the right time to spend a lot on the Equipment of the armed forces. Because what we need is for the situation to end as soon as possible, we know we are stronger than them, yes, but what we need is to deal with them at the speed of the light in order to not disturb our economy.

  180. peccavi says:

    Oga Jimmy, this will pass a Brigade task.
    To give an accurate force number I’d need to do a proper combat estimate which na serious work and I dont have any of the info needed
    The cities will soak up huge numbers of troops, as well as the borders. I would say at least 2.5 brigades worth of men. Which brings us onto another discussion of sustainability cost and combat power.
    Catching Shekau will be difficult unless he slips up badly. but it will be a mix of luck and old fashioned police work. Thats why I say he should not be a focus because he might never be caught and he will be like bin Laden, sending out silly vidoes taunting the government.
    Track him down by all means but even if he is killed or captured BH will keep going, the head we need to cut off is higher than Shekau.
    Oga Asorockweb: I agree that Southern Libya is a new hotspot but they will be launching operations in Libya, Algeria and Mali. A few will come down to harass Niger, Chad and Nigeria but I think that they will be quite busy in that area soon enough.

    Oga Igbi: it does not matter how much we recruit, spend or equip. All we are doing is managing a problem. And stop talking about invading countries. It is not just impossible but fairly ridiculous

    • CHYDE says:

      Exactly Peccavi, Igbi should stop all these invasion talk. It doesnt sound and feel right.

    • igbi says:

      “rediculous” is your own opinion. “impossible” is where I ask for a proof.
      I can see that you made an analysis earlier, so what I ask is a proof of the impossibility to invade a neighbouring state. Didn’t alqaida recently invade mali ?
      Would our position be comfortable if some of our neighbours were invaded by alqaida and they couldn’t do anything to defend themselves and alqaida were using our neighbours as a base to lunch suicide attacks against us ?
      Didn’t France recently invade northern mali to get alqaida out ?
      was that also ridiculous ?
      So let me rephrase my question: what shall we do if for example Niger was taken over by alqaida ?

    • igbi says:

      And please I didn’t understand this ” it does not matter how much we recruit, spend or equip. All we are doing is managing a problem”. I explained why we need to recruit and equip more: the faster we solve this problem, the better it is for our economy. The more time we take, the more investors we lose, the more fiscal evasion we will witness. If you want to contradict what I said then you need to do better than that.

      • peccavi says:

        Oga, you misunderstand the nature of this discourse, you addressed a statement to me and courtesy requires that I give you a response.
        When you tell me who you wish to invade and how, what mass recruitment you wish to undertake and how you wish to pay for it I can tell you in detail and bandwidth permitting with diagrams and bullet points how ridiculous the idea is. If not we can let this matter lie here and move on.

      • igbi says:

        peccavi, let’s start with the budget of our army. Why not release about 10 billion dollars for Equipment and training of new recruits.

      • igbi says:

        and I mean immediately.

      • CHYDE says:

        @Igbi Al qaeda invaded. Mali guess what? They’ve been flushed out. France DID NOT invade northern Mali to flush out Al qaeda. Creating a problem to solve aother won’t help in any way. Diplomacy still remains our best option

      • igbi says:

        @CHYDE, France did invade northern mali to drive alqaida out.
        I don’t know exactly what made you people so soft.
        This just reminds me the people that keep comming out saying that “dialogue” is the only way to defeat the bullets of boko haram.

      • igbi says:

        I think our problem is that we think we can get everything for half the price, but let me tell you that you can’t buy security for half the price. I hope to hear verry soon in that we are seriously investing on our armed forces.

  181. Blackrev says:

    @igbi, France was formally invited to help Mali defend it’s territory. They didn’t just invade it. @pecavi, i really think the army needs to start showing clips of capture terrorists, if they intend to win this propaganda war. We know how ignorant and gullible majority of Nigerians are and it’s just a matter of time with a few more boko haram claims that people with start doubting the whole operation.

    • igbi says:

      It seems we still don’t take the media side of war efforts seriously enough.
      This is how a few mercenaries from South africa were able to claim that they did all the work in Sierra Leone. But i don’t really blame the army, with the kind of funding they are getting, they have to spend every kobo on active combat.
      A country of 170 million people, I wonder, that terrorists felt bold enough to attack us. And we are there happy to get phased out boats.
      Things are not going fast enough for my taste.

    • peccavi says:

      I really struggle with that one as well, why not parade them in front of the cameras. Why not videos and stuff. The message is constantly controlled by our adversaries. Look at Shekaus video. Masterfully done if I may say so and quite convincing. again the narrative is being lost

  182. (@lordfej) says:

    there is a difference between an intervention and an invasion. an intervention is when a sovereign power requests assistance from another sovereign state. eg france et mali. please invasions are expensive abeg

    • igbi says:

      But if necessary then we must, right ?
      And I call invasion the fact of sending soldiers armed men into a foreign country.
      Intervention is invasion, even if the government of the land asks for it.
      Using the word “intervention” as a military term is not appropriate.

  183. peccavi says:


    Situation Friendly Forces
    • 3 x Lebanese arrested in KANO with an arms cache, although not directly linked to state of emergency alleged to be linked to Hezboallah

    Situation Enemy Forces
    • Excerpts of SHEKAU video show 10-20 fighters with weapons and body armour, faces obscured, 4-5 4WD vehicles similar to those used by the NSF in make and camouflage pattern, at least 1 x mortar, at least 4 x RPG tubes, bodies claimed to be those of security force personnel, weapons, ammunition and a chair. Location unknown. Also featured were 2 x burnt out vehicles, possibly VBL’s. Declares all public servants from teachers to soldiers irrespective of religion to be enemy

    Lies, damn lies and video: the enemy video is instructive in what it says and doesn’t say. On face value it is excellent propaganda that gives the impression of defiance and is reinforced by the videos of captured equipment and destroyed vehicles. The provenance of these images is dubious but the captured vehicles show the distinctive modifications of Nigerian COIN vehicles. From a media ops point of view this is bad for the NSF as it not only presents an alternate narrative but presents it clearly and in an easily viewed and understood medium. Whilst the NSF has limited itself to press conferences and grainy still photos the enemy has shown moving pictures that seem to support its own narrative. All that is required is for the enemy to start having embedded reporters and it can claim victory in the media campaign.
    From an operational point of view the images are ambiguous as there is no indication when these vehicles were captured or the burning/ burnt vehicles filmed. The vehicles could have been captured during the raid on Bama. The mortar could have been purchased and just used as a prop. I am at a loss to explain the chair.

    But taken at purely face value they are indicative of the skill and tenacity of the enemy, if these vehicles were captured it would indicate the occupant were either killed or incapacitated or they were stolen from a poorly guarded outpost. The destroyed vehicles are par for the course but the post combat videos would indicate that either the NSF conceded the ground or were pushed back. It is more likely that these videos came from ambushes on isolated patrols. The loss of vehicles is bad but not the end of the world.

    One of the iconic images of the early stages of the Iraq insurgency particularly in Basra were images of Iraqis dancing around burning British patrol vehicles, with the narrative being the insurgents had destroyed the patrol and the vehicle. This was only partly true, while the insurgents had obviously successfully attacked a patrol, causing a vehicle to be abandoned, part of the drill for extracting from an ambush was to burn the vehicle with a phosphorous grenade to prevent it being captured and destroy sensitive kit, the distinctively bright flames generally indicated this was how most of these vehicles were destroyed, which indicated that the ambushed patrol carried out their drills properly and extracted successfully and destroyed the disabled vehicle. What was not shown were the numerous enemy casualties British counter ambush drills caused.

    A particular incident I recall involved a patrol we were on to the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) at Basra Palace there was demonstration going on at the time, we tied in with the incident commander and proceeded through this area in our unarmoured landrovers, getting to the CPA we were watching TV when we saw the very demonstration we had just driven through being broadcast live, and from the images it looked like W0orld War 3. We finished our cold cokes (one of the benefits of going to CPA or US bases was the food and drinks, the Italian were better they had non alcoholic beer and very beautiful women) and left again, very mundane no incident, back at our base we saw the evening news which replayed that footage with the story of how we had control in Basra.
    The essence is that there is reality and there is how it is presented. We might be winning the war on the ground but we are totally losing the way it is being presented.

  184. beegeagle says:


    POSTED ON FRIDAY, MAY 31ST, 2013 By Stella Odueme-Omona/Abuja


    Director Defence Information, Brigadier General Chris Olukolade,said in Abuja that the message in which the insurgents leadership called for support from Afghanistan and Pakistan and others to enable them fight the troops, confirmed that they were overwhelmed by the military operations.

    “Meanwhile, the Defence Headquarters has observed that attempts are being made by insurgents and their collaborators to push into public domain questionable and manipulated messages meant to misinform the public.

    “The message which calls for support
    from Afghanistan and Pakistan as well as other cohorts of the insurgents is clearly a confirmation of the level of pressure which has been brought to bear on the insurgents,” he stated. He assured Nigerians that the army was equal to task in fighting the insurgents.

    “There is indeed no cause for alarm as the insurgents are actually in flight,necessitating their call for help from their foreign allies. The operation to put an end to the activities of insurgents is continuing and in line with overall plans for the nation’s security,” he maintained.

    • igbi says:

      I warned about aljazeera’s love for terrorists, but nobody listened.
      Now aljazeera is actively doing propaganda for boko haram.

      • ifiok umoeka says:

        Greeting brothers, great job everyone. Let me quickly say that we need to the enemy seriously. U never underestimate ur enemy. That’s why we are here! Without profiling anyone , think we should pay attention to our arab friends as well as our nigerian brother who have grown abroad. If u’ve been listening to the news lately, u’d remember the iranians and lately the lebanese. What of if they make up their mind to gives us what to pursue by throwing in an occasional aid to BH? Remember mutalab? The UK butchering is still fresh. What of if someone make available a few million dollars to BH to transport just a few radicalized boys from UK down here? This leads me to an issue. We have never heard about a bank account belonging to BH seized. In counter terror circles, the rule is follow the money. I think it’s high time a crack EFCC is brought in to join the effort with the singular mission of following the money. The foreign trail is NIA and interpol territory. We can get our partners involved.
        On the other hand peccavi bro, the QIF must have @ least 12 terminators to be effective. Throw in 8 albatross with rockets and we are in business. The collectives worked well in vietnam and in uganda, this is the best mission for SF as they can live with locals and teach them how to beef up their defense. But, they must have air support and drones

  185. peccavi says:

    Oga Ifiok: I’ve said above and previously, the nead we need to cut off is not Shekaus. There are no trials as yet, the Ndume that was arrested is still free. Explain why we cannot have a Special Court on Terrorism and Ethnic Disturbances. No rights are stripped just dedicated courts, judges, prosecutors and if necessary legal aid for defenders and investigators, to fast track all cases relating to terrorism in the BH crisis and once this is set up similar ones for Jos etc. If people see justice being don they will be more willing to come forward. It is ridiculous. MASSOB members who played football or something are being tried for treason, Niger Delta militants are billionaires and BH is being offered amnesty. Politics is not my realm but purely from a military/ COIN point of view its ridiculous. So if MASSOB starts blowing up mosques will the treason charges be dropped? Its ridiculous.
    I bin no wan comment this weekend but this Al jazeera video don vex me

  186. peccavi says:


    Situation Friendly Forces
    • Al Jazeera English news reports shows footage allegedly filmed by a NIGERIAN soldier showing an NSF mounted patrol, dismounted troops and dead bodies some of whom appear to be wearing webbing or a back pack. The soldier states he has seen ‘over 3000 bodies’ including women and children. The soldier is allegedly ‘known to AJE’. There is no way to verify the images or allegations of the soldier. FGN states the images are from the earlier BAMA incident
    • 6 x women, 14 x boys (Aged 9- 14 years) released from JTF to BORNO STATE Governor, Alhaji Kashim SHETTIMA in MAIDUGURI. Children to be handed to the Ministry of Women Affairs, each parent that claims and keeps their child in school will receive N10,000 monthly.
    • The youths were used as spies and lookouts, against soldiers and traders, particularly those with large amounts of money. They also stated they were used to burn down schools for which they were given N5,000 and a keg of petrol. They also stated they were used to carry stolen goods
    • Information they gave upon interrogation led to the arrest of their masters in the sect.
    • 17 x women and 21 x children (8-15 years) released by JTF in DAMATURU to YOBE STATE Governor Ibrahim GAIDAM
    • The youths were all Al Majiris

    Situation Enemy Forces
    • 2 x CHADIANS, 5 x NIGERIENS arrested at TUMBU GINI on the CHAD border. The leader of the group alleged to have gunshot wounds.
    • 56 en captured at DABAN MASARA, BORNO STATE. Alleged to have been foraging for food. Captured with 1x Toyota Landcruiser, unknown number of AK 47, single barrel shotgun, double barrel shotgun, 7 x IED, 2 x RPG, 2 x machete, detonators, military uniforms, 7 x other vehicles, medicines, charms and equipment and 8 x tricycles. The operation was conducted with the aid of police dogs
    • KANO LEBANESE Community Chairman Tahir FADLALLAH states ‘members of the community….unequivocally condemns crime in whatever form’, in relation to arms cache found in KANO. Denies personal involvement
    • Checkpoints reinstated in FAGGE and SABON GARI areas of KANO due to arms cache

    Situation External Forces
    • US Government Country Report on Terrorism states the NIGERIAN government has failed in its efforts to address the grievances of the people of the north and concentrated on the use as force in its security strategy

    Behind the curtain: the report by AJE is a good and bad thing, combined with the prisoner release it gives us our first insight into this conflict beyond controlled propaganda and messaging by the combatants.

    The video shows a mounted patrol with VBLS and 4WDs in moving through broken sahel scrubland, dismounted troops are shown in a roughly extended line. It is unlikely these soldiers are actually advancing on the attack as their weapons are held loosely by their side and a friendly type vehicle is seen ahead of them. The terrain is interesting, it is in fact good infantry terrain good for a defender with wood blocks, easy to dig trenches, good cover for extraction etc but also for a well balanced force. Dismounted infantry supported by vehicles to the rear and on the flanks should be able to successfully fight through, unless there was a significant enemy mine threat, combined with helicopters the force should be able to find, fix and destroy the enemy if properly handled.

    The individual in the video claims to have seen 3,000 corpses, a claim that is somewhat ludicrous as one would have to wonder at the population of the area in question. In essence it would need a sustained bombardment of a heavily built up area.
    The images were to heavily censored to discern any women or children but the corpse all appeared dressed in military pattern. I would not suggest the person in the video is lying but seriously overstating things. There are logical things in his pronouncement such as BH fighting from within built up areas. As stated previously as they are pushed back they will fight from within villages not just for cover from view and fire or to negate the firepower and manoeuvre of the NSF but to cause casualties amongst innocent civilians for propaganda and recruitment purposes. In essence there is nothing unexpected here. As has been said ad nauseum, easy tricks are being missed, in response to a video and sensational headline we get a dry press release, rather than videos from the military in response, the void that the NSF has left in terms of useful media products such as good quality photographs or videos or even interviews with soldiers or locals or limited press access will be filled with things like this.

    The release of the young fellows is instructive and their testimony fills many planks and helps us understand the tactics and procedures of the enemy. The use of children is a standard insurgent tactic. They are small and unobtrusive, strong, trusting and in the case of all these victims young al Majiris (AM) some of whom do not know their parents or even hometowns who survive in these harsh male dominated worlds by begging, in other words they are perfect foot soldiers, uneducated, tough, alienated and desperate. The enemy uses them to spy on not just the military but civilians, with the latter establishing targets for robbery and the former to establish routines and patterns of behaviour. The enemy also uses them as BH franchises to commit minor acts of terror which keep the fear of BH intact but with little danger to the BH main players. However the importance of citizen engagement and policing is apparent as they were arrested due to tip offs and the information provided led to the arrest of their handlers. They were also used as porters for stolen goods. It is imperative that these children are not harmed when captured, decency, common sense and intelligence gathering demands it. It is imperative all AM institutes are registered with the government, the students registered and their parents located. It is necessary for the FGN and State Government (SG) to immediately invest in turning these institutes into proper educational institutions giving instruction in basic literacy numeracy and the like as per the curriculum as well as Islamic Studies. The teachers or owners must be vetted and put though a training process. These children are urban foot soldiers, an army in waiting; it is a serious folly to not get them now before it’s too late. It is better and cheaper to invest in their education than their destruction.

    This again informs the importance of registration of all residents. The NSF must also up its game, passive surveillance like this is key to how insurgents launch their attack and using AM children is key. Again by ensuring certain basics are done, basic security and counter insurgency measures fall naturally into place, hire street sweepers, clean streets mean less places to hide IEDs, fill in pot holes, ditto. All children in school, thus a child on the streets during school hours has a case to answer. Mass employment schemes counter desertification would be excellent, training thousands of young men to plant trees and in soil management and forestry would tie them up first in education and then training thus reducing the amount of unemployed young men hanging about.
    Nature abhors a vacuum, be it in employment, COIN or media ops

    • ifiok umoeka says:

      It’s this selective response that is creating all this restiveness. Those reports are making it look like the present govt impoverished the north. From economic dev to education, the govt has to move in an inclusive manner. Maybe christians will also create their own crisis and demand for amnesty and the govt to sponsor mission schools. Pls can someone tell those clowns that the military led by northerner impoverished the north and that most of the oil wells in the niger delta are owned by retired army gens of northern descent

      • peccavi says:

        I completely agree.
        Can you tell me which state, tribe or region in Naija that doesn’t have a legitimate grievance?
        Rather than solving the problems of the Niger Delta, cleaning up spills, stopping gas flaring and ensuring development, the govt preferred to pay off a bunch of thugs. The MASSOB guys played football or something and are being tried for treason, Ken Saro Wiwa and MOSOP tried the non violent approach and were hung.
        So what exactly do you think is going to be the preferred method of engagement?
        However the al Majiri issue is a ticking time bomb. You have a huge generation of uneducated, unemployed and unemployable young men. We can either point fingers or solve the problem. We need to engage the young ones and if we cant stop the al Majiri thing then control it. The ones already grown need to be engaged, this is why I think a labour intensive anti desertification programme will be a good one, thousands of young men out in the bush planting trees, getting paid and getting skills.
        It would be nice if past governors, politicians and military administrators were probed, audited and tried but I’m not holding my breath.
        They will not suffer the problems that will come, their children will be in Dubai. We have to start taking governance seriously

  187. ifiok umoeka says:

    What have the northern govs and elites done concerning it? What of the religious orders and society? See, until there is 1st a change of heart by all stake holders, there is little the govt can do. While the govt, local, state and fed must fix infrastructure and create opportunities, the people must 1st accept that they have responsibility for their kids and until society frown upon it, does irresponsible dandies will just keep supplying even more kids to plant trees (I.e. If they take ur suggestion serioursly) and they will use religion as an excuse.

    • peccavi says:

      I totally agree with you. However I am pointing out that we have several hundred thousand, hardened, alienated males, who are completely unemployable and know nothing but Islamic teaching. They are tough, desperate and hopeless. They are an army waiting to be armed. We can remove them from the recruiting pool or we can wait until they mass in the desert. I am not a sentimentalist, I am a pragmatist.
      The child soldiers in Sierra Leone and Liberia originated from urban street children, they were not hard to indoctrinate but they still needed drugs etc. these ones are already trained in rudimentary and half baked Islamism. they have been abused and put upon all their lives. Even if the economy of Nigeria and the North magically improved what are they going to be other than labourers?What are they going to do with the legions of children they have but send the boys to be Al Majiris at 5 and the girls to marry at 8?
      there is exactly the same problem in the south particularly in Lagos but no where in the same magnitude with the easy access to weapons, disreputable creatures and weapons.

  188. peccavi says:


    Situation Friendly Forces
    • Boko Haram and Ansaru have been declared proscribed groups, membership of which can lead to a 20 year prison sentence

    Situation Enemy Forces
    • Father of Inna GALADIMA, BORNO STATE COMMISIONER FOR WOMENS AFFAIRS kidnapped from his home in MAIDUGURI on Sunday 02 JUNE by suspected BH. No contact thus far with kidnappers

    Situation External Forces
    • The US State Department has added Abubaker SHEKAU to its Reward for Justice list with a bounty of up to $7m, the highest amount of the 5 just added and in the second tier below the ‘up to $10m’ category
    • 22 prisoners escaped from prison in NAIMEY, Sunday 02 JUNE, break suspected to be engineered by Boko Haram, escaped prisoners include NIGERIEN, MALIAN terror suspects

    Of sticks and carrots: as previously discussed it is this writers belief that the US with limited options in terms of dealing with Nigeria has created more smoke than there is fire in order to leverage advantages in any dealings. I believe this is reinforced by the addition of Shekau to the US State Department Reward for Justice, particularly at the second tier. It is the type of gesture which looks good in the press and diplomatic circles but is generally meaningless. This is why.

    Most of the people on that list are international terrorists in the truest sense of the world in that they have engaged in or facilitated major attacks or sustained campaigns across international boundaries. Most have either attacked US or Western personnel, interests or targets. Others are major financiers or of sufficient jihadi pedigree that even if they are not directly enemies of the US and are attacking a US rival such as Russia, they are listed but not as high as Shekau, a man whose organisation has attacked a single international target, the United Nations, an international group and whose ability to project power has prevented him from carrying out a sustained campaign in the Islamic Northwest of Nigeria much less the Islamic West or Christian south.

    I consider it to the balance to the sustained barrage of criticism that Nigeria has received and been reinforced over the past few weeks. $7m is less than what it costs to sustain operations in Niger for a month. If it is ever paid out it is nothing to the US. Although some of these rewards are claimed (i.e. Saddam Hussein’s) most are not. What it does do though is give the US rhetorical solidarity with Nigeria without them having to do anything more than send out a press release and ring fence a budgetary item.

    This scepticism is not to totally denigrate the idea, rhetoric is useful in itself and whether you like it or not, once the news hits his inner circle there will be one or two weighing up their chances of living long enough to enjoy the money, likewise he will be lying in bed wondering which of his men he can really, really trust. Ironically though this may give him the international jihadi credibility he so desperately craves. Note the lack of chatter re Boko Haram on jihadi networks and the lack of foreigners further than Niger getting involved. However if skilfully played this circumstance can be exploited by the Nigerian government for further concessions from the US government.

    And this is the crux of the matter, the US is playing chess with us and we are playing draughts. Boko Haram is not an existential threat to Nigeria and will not threaten (by itself) the unity of the country, energy sales or US investments most of which are in the south. What is a threat to the US and Nigeria is a combination of crisis in the Delta, North, Middle Belt etc, combined with political or electoral disagreements. All of these crises’s happening at the same time will overwhelm Nigeria’s security sector. In order to sustain combat operations troops would have to be withdrawn from peacekeeping duties, police withdrawn from benign areas leading to an increase in other words anarchy.

    Nigeria can carpet bomb Maiduguri and I strongly suggest the US wouldn’t care (Pakistan sponsors the very people the US is fighting in Afghanistan, regularly allows rape victims to be executed, is celebrating the first elected government in its history to complete its turn, developed and proliferated nuclear weapons, sponsors terrorist attacks on the world’s largest democracy and is the US’s third largest recipient of military aid. I haven’t even started on Kyrgyzstan or Kazakhstan).

    Nigeria could detainee half of Borno State without trial, (to quote a US Attorney General ‘ the Geneva Conventions are quaint’ and don’t apply in a war against terror).

    They are not being hypocritical; they are steadfastly protecting their interests which in terms of Nigeria is a stable/ low oil price. The US doesn’t care if we are ruled by a dictator (sales didn’t stop during Abachas days although he could no longer drink tea with the Commonwealth Heads of Government), caliphate or President as long as the oil flows in a regular quantity and cheap price. This is a sound and credible policy. The question is what is Nigeria’s policy towards the US, how are we implementing, how are we influencing them? What tools, weapons and resources do we have to get what we want from them?

    What exactly do we want from them?

    • Manny Aydel says:

      Oga Peccavi, this analysis is succint! Jeremy Bentham it was who described international relations as the ‘relations between nations.’ The question that logically arises from this is how does Nigeria see its relations with the United States in terms of furthering both its national and strategic interests? As Peccavi has insinuated, have we actually articulated these interests? Who drives the articulation process? Is it the Ministry of Foreign Affairs? Is it our defence establishment (talking of our strategic interest) ? Is it someone close to the President in the Villa or is it the President himself? To situate this within the larger picture, what exactly is our foreign policy today (considering that our current foreign affairs minister, during the fighting in Libya, once said we should not be bothered about blacks being targeted by the rebels since those blacks were not Nigerians)! Can the country with the largest black population on earth confidently make such assertion as Ambassador Ashiru made and expect to sustain its credibility in the comity of nations? So, Peccavi has indeed asked a critical question which must be answered promptly and in a way which encapsulates the totality of our aspirations relative to our relations with the United States.

  189. ifiok umoeka says:

    That is a question I’ve been asking. The truth is that as much as we taunt the africa is the centre of our foreign policy, we don’t have one. As long as our leader enjoy their loot undisturbed then that policy is good enough. However, let me state here that foreign policies steam from national vision and forget all this seasonal catch phrases that politicians make, until we have a coherent national dream, then our foreign policy will be fragmented at best

    • peccavi says:

      Ogas na so I see am. We cannot even say Africa is our main focus as we have withdrawn from Africa, the 2 most powerbrokers in West Africa are Idriss Deby of Chad and XXXX of Burkina Faso (incidentally neither are democrats which is interesting in itself).
      We have conceded even West Africa to others much less Africa. Libya, Congo, South Sudan, Somalia, what is Nigeria’s strategic input? How are we influencing things? Even in the Gulf of Guinea Angola is aggressively pushing ahead and I forsee an alliance/ understanding between them and Equatorial Guinea to Nigeria’s detriment.
      We need a clear strategic vision and plan that defines what and where we are going as a nation, emanating from the head of the political leadership and implemented by the Foreign Ministry.
      Nigeria unfortunately is way way too blessed, we do not have the kind of existential threats that other countries have that make them wake up and be serious.

  190. ifiok umoeka says:

    Bulls eye

  191. peccavi says:


    Situation Friendly Forces
    • UNHCR states that 6000 civpop (mainly women, children and the elderly) fled to NIGER consisting of 2,692 NIGERIANS,3,544 NIGERIENS and 94 other nationalities mainly CHADIAN
    • Civpop reports increase in price of food, fuel and increase in armed bandits in the area
    • National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) deploys relief supplies (food and medicine) to refugees in NIGER
    • JTF has closed the MAIDUGURI-BIU Road (187km) and MAIDUGURI-GWOZA (135km) both leading to the SAMBISA GAMES RESERVES FOREST to motorist and cyclists, isolating 12 towns and communities DAMBOA, BAMA, KONDUGA, ASKIRA and GWOZA. Alternative route via the desert are being used by the civpop
    • BORNO STATE Commissioner for Health Dr Salma ANAS-KOLO states that the incidence of sexually transmitted diseases have increased due to forced marriages by Boko Haram as well as stress related illnesses amongst women
    • BORNO STATE Governor Kashim SHETTIMA relaunches immunisation programme in KIRENOWA recently liberated from Boko Haram
    • CHAD BASIN development authority reports that the wheat harvest was disrupted by Boko Haram who also disrupted irrigation programmes in the MARTE area. 3500 out of 5000 hectares remains unharvested, and no rice cultivation at all
    • Food shortages reported in the Area of Operations
    • Youths in MAIDUGURI have formed what they call a ‘CIVILIAN JTF’ (CJTF) allegedly with 300-500 members, at least 20 from each ward in MAIDUGURI headed and trained by a popular local hunter Ali QUARA. Armed with machetes, sticks and juju.
    • CJTF have allegedly captured 10 x BH in GWANGE II,
    • CBN has sent out a directive for banks to check for BH bank accounts by looking “All banks and other financial institutions (OFIs) are by this letter required to check their database for the names ‘Jamaatu Ahis-Sunna Liddaawti Wal Jihad’ otherwise known as Boko Haram sect and ‘Jama’atu Ansarul Muslimina Fi Biladis Sudan’ as well as their associates and to report the same to the Central Bank of Nigeria”
    • Curfew relaxed in DAMATURU, YOBE STATE to 21.00 to 06.00, remains 18.00 to 06.00 in all other parts of the state

    Situation Enemy Forces
    • 13 x civpop killed in MAIDUGURI by en
    • 16 x En KIA in MAIDUGURI.
    o First 8 killed around 22.30 Thursday 6 JUNE. 3 x teenagers allegedly arrested with weapons led NSF to 5 others who were their alleged handlers, who resisted arrest and were killed near BIU ROAD BRIDGE
    o Second 8 infiltrated HAUSARI WARD, MAIDUGURI of Friday 7 JUNE in a Toyota Hilux hiding weapons in a coffin and opened fire on SHEHU STREET, killing 13 x civpop. Apparently a revenge attack due to the actions of an anti BH Vigilante Group in the area. When attackers ran out of ammunition they were captured by the Vigilantes and handed over to the NSF. They were subsequently shot while trying to escape.

    Situation External Forces
    • US updates travel alert warning its citizens not to travel to YOBE, ADAMAWA and BORNO STATES and avoid all but essential travel to 18 other states
    • JAPAN pledges $120m to aid counter terror efforts in the Sahel, to train 1000 personnel and donate another $1bn to resolve the root causes of instability and terror in the region

    Vox populi: Conventional armies through the ages have always presented a problem for smaller non state combatants. They could never match them in firepower/ weaponry, numbers, training, supplies etc. In the days of swords, spears and arrows insurgents attempted to negate this by using impassable terrain such as mountains, forests, jungles, hills and swamps to break up enemy formations and launch piecemeal attacks. This tactic remains in place till today but with the advent of airpower much more negligible.

    Helicopters can land troops in any of these terrain, aircraft can detect insurgent bases and attack them, even in areas with jungle cover like Vietnam and South America, airpower can deliver men and ordinance of insurgents when previously conventional armies would have had to travel for days or weeks with long vulnerable supply lines to get close to the insurgent camps.

    Thus nowadays there is only one remaining type of terrain that is truly no go for conventional armies and that is the human terrain. People are as varied and difficult as landscape with social, cultural tribal, religious groups as varied as hills, mountains and deserts. In Nigeria’s case we have all those variations of terrain within our borders and all those variations of people within single families or compounds. Firepower negates insurgent mobility; airborne troops and air delivered munitions cut off insurgents and allow penetration into difficult terrain, superior training negates insurgents in a straight fight. However there is very little that armies modern or otherwise can do to circumvent the human terrain (short of complete depopulation). Ever since smaller, weaker forces have attempted to take on larger ones the population has suffered.

    Thus in the current phase of this op we are seeing the people now coming to the fore,, from refugees, to farmers to vigilantes. This is a war amongst the people and the people are finally finding a voice.
    The formation of a vigilante group is a positive and negative sign, it is a sign that the local population has been convinced that they can act against the enemy and that the enemy is not coming back to inflict wholesale reprisals. It is a sign of confidence by the civpop.

    However Vigilantes are dangerous beasts. Unless tightly controlled they simply become another group of lawless brigands, oppressing people and causing a nuisance. Vigilantes are useful but nothing stops me from denouncing the guy who’s babe I want to toast or the one I owe money or the one who beat me up as a child as BH. It is a positive trend but as Colombia, Guatemala, Algeria and other places show, pro government militia end up being as bad as the people they are fighting.

    There is the issue of refugees. Accounts indicate these people are refugees twice over, most vacated their villages when BH came and set up. Their stories are of forcible marriages and brutal rule by BH. For a poor people living hand to mouth, the presence of BH was not a positive in any way. Once the offensive started they moved again. The danger again is that Refugees camps are prime targets for enemy forces, as it is a place to get recruits, rape victims, food and water.
    What is interesting is the alleged lack of young men in these groups, are they hiding in the bush, forcibly or voluntarily recruited, killed or arrested by the NSF? It is curious.
    What is imperative is that the NSF screens the camps and ensures that not only are the inhabitants provided for but that they are screened and registered and interrogated.

    The human stories predominate, now that there has been limited media access. And the good news is that the people are on the side of the NSF. Whether because they are the lesser of two evils or out of genuine principle and patriotism is debatable.

    However it is clear that Boko Haram has exploited the local populace and squandered any
    chance they had to build a genuine popular movement. From indiscriminate attacks, destruction of schools and killing health workers there is absolutely nothing in their agenda that makes sense to a rational person.
    The vital ground in this campaign is the populace in the area of operations. Their consent, safety and well being are the only relevant measure of victory.

    • agee says:

      I think it would be best, if every member of this vigilante group is documented, and a proper system developed to monitor their activities during and after this campaign; it would also be safe to provide employment for them in one form or the other, those who can still b educated should be, those who can’t should b given vocational training, or engaged in agriculture amongst other activities. This should in my opinion eliminate a situation of risk, where they turn out to be exactly what they are fighting at the moment.

    • asorockweb says:

      Oga Peccavi, another good one.
      One comment:
      You said “What is interesting is the alleged lack of young men in these groups, are they hiding in the bush, forcibly or voluntarily recruited, killed or arrested by the NSF?”
      The ancient roman army travelled with their logistics train which normally included their women and children. Are the refugee communities without young men the logistics train of BH?
      Where are the true believers of BH?
      Even the most ridiculous of believes have ardent followers.

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