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  1. Anas says:

    These guys shuld be drafted to the northeast we hv no business watso ever in nyala cos d darfur conflict has to a great subsided so it wil make sense if d govt wil engage in phased withdrawal of our forces in sudan and relocate them to the volatile N E

  2. beegeagle says:

    I read somewhere, even if that has yet to be made as an official statement, that there is to be a drawdown on the personnel drafted to Liberia.

    At this time, we have four battalions in Sudan, two battalions in Liberia, a special training and assistance mission in Liberia, a battalion in Mali, a medical unit in Cote d’Ivoire and a company in Guinea Bissau PLUS MILOBs in dozens of other places.

    Methinks we could conveniently pull back two battalions from UNAMID and one battalion UNMIL and in their places send a Construction Squadron, a Signals Squadron and three 140-man Formed Police Units to Darfur and another two FPUs to Liberia. Let’s keep a total of 2,000 troops in Darfur for a maximum.

    Liberia has by and large stabilized and there is unlikely to be any spike in tensions before the next polls in 2016. One battalion good enough for Liberia as things stand.

    That frees up three battalions for military operations at home. The borders are vast and porous, the frontlines extended and the communities, legion. There is a critical requirement for liberated areas to be garrisoned. No makeshift arrangements.

    If we pull out too soon from liberated areas, insurgents will attempt to move back in. We have to secure communities, patrol borders and keep an eye on footpaths in desert and mountain precincts. The only deterrence is to have boots on the ground since BH, on the evidence of what are seeing now, are apparently gutless lemons.

    Countries which, alongside Nigeria, are the major troop contributing countries in Darfur include Rwanda and South Africa. They do not have any very serious military situations to handle elsewhere and should send in a battalion each as Nigerian troops pull back to go and fight the insurgents at home.

  3. freeegulf says:

    well, being a regional or continental powerhouse comes with responsibilities. it is the difference between Nigeria and other troop contributing nations. we have to keep stabilizing troops stationed in different parts of the globe. it goes to show that the military is seriously under equipped and undermanned. optimum strength should be far higher than a 100,000 officers and men. however, we cannot negate our responsibilities or reduce our threshold in global peacekeeping. the answer lies in troops strength and material support increase.
    the armament industry is receiving a boost. this vertical growth will continue in the near future as we take our rightful place in the committee of nations.

  4. makanaky says:

    Freeegulf you have taken the word out of my mouth ! continental powerhouse comes with responsibilities, live up to it or keep queit and let the likes of Chad who are becoming serious take over.
    Nigeria just need to increase its troop strength and provide them with modern firepower required as soon as possible.
    To be honest they have performed well in the last few days in the fight against BH, if provided with the right equipment they will certainly do more.

  5. freeegulf says:

    well said gen makanaky. the high command are up to the task. however, its our politicians i m concerned about. their grasp of geopolitics isn’t anything to admire. the general staff need to constantly update their political masters about the needs of these several fronts.

    with the ongoing military offensive, it is pertinent that operations will push deep into neighbouring countries. chad and niger might not be a problem, but cameroun, hmm, that’s a diff case. they re not too keen on engaging boko haram in order not to steer things up in their neck of woods, how the military planners will go about this will be quite interesting to observe.

    guinea had similar case with the RUF in the 90s. they only sent troops into SRL in order to keep the rebels from their territory (wise move) but where never really interested in actually going after the rebels in a proper offensive. it was until the UN peacekeepers came in, and Taylor overplayed his hand by sponsoring rebels from LBR and SRL for destabilization in Guinea did they finally go all out against the RUF (the rebels retreated right into the retreating hands of Nigerian troops that where bailing for their blood). cameroun should either mount pressure on BH from their territory, or look the other way when the Nigerian military mounts hot pursuits into their territory, no other alternatives.

    these multi-front deployments will bring reality to the MOD and their need to acquire more hardware, the air force will feel this ‘stretch’ even more.

  6. Yagazie says:

    Algeria with a population of about 36 million people has a millitary of over 150,000 troops.

    Eygpt with a population of about 83 million people has a millitary of over 300,000 troops.

    Ethopia with a population of about 84 million people has a millitary of over 145,000 troops.

    NIGERIA with a populaton of about 160 million people has a millitary of about 100,000 troops. We are clearly under strength compared to our population.

    The answer lies in at least increasing the size of our millitary to at least 200,000 troops. The Army Divisions should be increased from the present 5 to at least 8 Divisions and creating 2 Army Groups (4 Divisions in each Army Group) with each Army Group headed by a LT. General and the COAS being a full general. General Beegz has in an earlier posting on this forum gone into this in very elaborate detail.

    OGA -Beegz , Happy Birthday O! More grease to your elbow and more amunition to your magazine pouch!! Enjoy!!

  7. freeegulf says:

    NA has always been understrength, except for the 70s (the NCW cumbersome army structures) when the army numbered over 250,000 at its height.
    its imperative that we stick to flexible and highly mobile combat groups. irrespective of the army’s administrative structure (division,corp, military district or region) we should try not to overburden the already heavy bureaucratic system.
    while i do agree with the fact that there is a high attrition rate among senior officers, and that there is a need to create more positions for this very senior officers, however, it shouldn’t be allowed to affect the fighting form of the men. we don’t want a top heavy army. the US army as it is today, is becoming very top heavy with too many generals pushing pen.

  8. demola says:

    i undestand that we should have an army not less than 300000 in size, but i still cannot find any logic to surppose that NA at this present time is having problems sustaining the deployment of 10000 i undestand that we should have an army not less than 300000 in size, but i still cannot find any logic to surppose that NA at this present time is having problems sustaining the deployment of 10000 i undestand that we should have an army not less than 300000 in size, but i still cannot find any logic to surppose that NA at this present time is having problems sustaining the deployment of 10000 i undestand that we should have an army not less than 300000 in size, but i still cannot find any logic to surppose that NA at this present time is having problems sustaining the deployment of 10000 men.

  9. beegeagle says:

    Very senior cybergenerals present.

    Nigeria is UNDOUBTEDLY in the throes of a manpower expansion drive NOW. That is why we have this year alone read about new battalions which shall be established in Ekiti, Ilesha, Doma, Kafanchan, Mubi, Damaturu and Serti. And that is not the final list. We know what the ideal is but the reality is that the units are still on the drawing board and the intention is clear but that is for the medium term. So how do we optimize our deployment of the numbers available at this time?

    Our troops abroad go on six month tours of duty. We can afford to keep four battalions and two squadrons out there in the interim while we mind our own business first. Continental commitments cannot take precedence over national defence.

    If we keep four battalions, an air detachment and two squadrons plus a medical unit outside at a time of war at home, do we realise still exceeds what South Africa who have no wars to fight anywhere, retain outside of their shores?

    Methinks what I have prescribed is fair enough. In the lead-up to their last polls in Q4 2011, President Sirleaf of Liberia specifically requested that 3,000 Nigerian troops be sent from home because that was what she felt comfortable with at a time when Liberian mercenaries affiliated to Ivorian rebel groups had begun to use the renote east of Liberia as rear base and thereby triggering off a rash of security incidents as the elections approached. The ominous drumbeats of war were being sounded again and apprehensive Liberians called for the country’s defensive posture to be strengthened. That was why Ma Sirleaf came to Nigeria to seek for assistance. NA have no point to prove really.

    As we increase the size of our army, there shall be a time when we can conveniently deploy ten battalions abroad. For now, the timing is wrong and we can ill-afford any posturing of any sort. We need to man our turf critically. Like I said earlier, we have no point to prove.

    The FG and the Army have agreed that there has to be a spike in the manpower strength of the NA and we are nearly all for it.

    That said, the DDI General Olukolade has just confirmed via NTA News that there shall be no drawdowns on the footprint outside our shores. All normal rotations continue as previously scheduled.

  10. freeegulf says:

    my marshal, yes, NA has nothing to prove, however, there re commitments the armed forces have to meet up with. it is not about showing off or bribing for UN perm seat, rather, the harmony and security of the continent is in our best interest.

    there re so many hot spots in the continent and more re brewing. it will be hard for Nigeria to stick with Mali or Sudan only. there will be cases where NA has to deploy as much as 7000 officers and men (this excludes air force detachment ) in various flash spots. and these will be cases that will be so imperative that we Nigeria will find it so hard to shy away from due to security and humanitarian needs.

    like the famous saying; its better to have and don’t need it, than need it and don’t have it.
    we live in volatile times, and the competition for scarce resources its getting even more nasty.
    though i m not much of the birthday type, happy belated birthday herr marshal.

  11. mike says:

    Oga beeg happy birthday

  12. beegeagle says:

    I salute you too, Mighty Yagz and Oga Mike. Many thanks.

    @Freeegulf. Generalissimo, roger that. Same page. So more troops we shall muster and we shall do the needful. Come the day!

  13. freeegulf says:

    yes, we have to, dangerous times, my marshal

  14. freeegulf says:

    with might and temperance the armed forces would come out better in every conflict and vanquish their enemies

  15. jimmy says:

    Unrelated posts but i think this bears mentioning because i have been one of the foremost critics of the police . Please see the link.

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