Nigerian troops arrive in ‘new-concept’ Toyota Hilux counterinsurgency operational vehicles featuring in their maiden deployment.

Nigerian troops and Toyota Hilux patrol vehicles in Yola



Gentlemen, just to put things in proper perspective, the AOR for the ongoing war against terrorists spans 150,000 sq.kms of the 265,000 sq.kms which makes up Northeast Nigeria. The area affected by the state of emergency is therefore roughly equal to the combined LAND AREA of Liberia and Sierra Leone.

Concerning border security, the area spans 1,400 kilometres(875 miles) of borders. By segments, these are the sectors

– ADAMAWA STATE..shares a border with Cameroon alone. From the intersection with Taraba State just to the south of Gumti and on to Madagali, it is a 400km span(250 miles)

– BORNO STATE…from the intersection to Adamawa on to the El Beid River, to the Lake Chad and onto the the west of Damasak where Yobe territory begins, it is a span of 640km(400 miles) of frontier with Chad, Niger and Cameroon.

– YOBE STATE, which only shares a border with Niger Republic, has a span of 360km(225 miles)

All of that spans mountain ranges(Adamawa, Alantika, Gotel and Mandara), wetlands(Nguru and Lake Chad) and desert. Not an easy task manning those porous frontiers.

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  1. tim says:

    Questions bugging me, where will shekau be, and what is the estimated strength of BH?

  2. Originalpato says:

    Men…irrespective of the large border span, the NA moved in real slow.

  3. makanaky says:

    Oga tim my instinct tells me shekau is in Cameroon ! Mali is too hot for any sensible terrorist at the moment, Niger and Chad is a no go area, Cameroon is very indifferent to the assault by Nigeria only paying lip service which makes its territory a safe heaven for terrorist.
    They will pay a heavy price for harbouring BH as their military will not be able to defend the country when the pendulum swings the other way.

    • tim says:

      That seem logical i and a couple of guys have always thought that, some even think cameroon is a silent sponsor to BH……. But the security forces kill and capture BH members every week, and up till some weeks back, were able to mount operations using 00’s of manpower,still able to gather more than 100 for a burial…..when alot are scattered all over……. To me logically death rate, fear factor, lack of free will, capture rate, abscounding rate….should have reduce BH number to not more than 300……. What is that factor(s) that is allowing their manpower to increase? Could it be vandetta against the security forces, foreign influnce injecting their own trained manpower,shooter for hire,adrenaline rush, believe in the cause they are fighting for and so on……..if this factors are not checked, we will fight this war till I give birth to my grand kids……..and no matter who or what entity you are or represent we all go weary of prolong conflicts.

    • igbi says:

      I think Cameroon would like to see a less powerfull Nigeria. Since the Bakassi affair, the Cameroonians can’t sleep well. They are afraid. So I am sure that they would like Nigeria to break up. Chad is an other strange country. Chad has ambitions way above its capabilities. Chad would actually like to become a regional power and for that it needs Nigeria to make way. The terrorists caught in Lagos were chadians. Niger gives cheap labour for anything, even terrorism. So my friends, it is possible that these our 3 neighbours are acting together in secrecy against us.
      Let’s not forget the USA who think West african ressources would be better in USA banks and who are jelous that Nigeria is much more friendly with France than with the USA.
      I think we must really deal with the border problem, and increase the size of our armed forces. An ary of 400 thousand, an aiforce of 30 thousand and a navy of 70 thousand men would be a good start. We must make sure we are able to make every single weapon we use, we must really industrialize (if we don’t then we die). We must create more jobs for our people and give them a sense of national pride. Education should be free for everybody and we must teach them some civics and geopolitics so that everybody understands what is at stake.

      • Detona says:

        My brother, flesh and blood hath not revealed this to you.

      • Originalpato says:

        My brother what Nigeria needs is a dedicated border guard force of say 20k men and jacking up the the NA to 400k.

  4. ifiok umoeka says:

    I would say niger as the place is so vast and easy to hide. Not that the nigerien are habouring him. They are too smart for that… are they?

    • tim says:

      I hope in the scheme of things the National Intelligence Agency has him in their sights or have a very good idea whee he can be found……. They should be a loud voice in the BH saga also.

  5. beegeagle says:

    Gentlemen, believe it or not, these guys breezed in overland direct from Lagos with a stopover at Abuja. Just seen the video report on NTA News

    They arrived in these brand-new vehicles and a few of the 3-ton ‘technicals’ which we posted photos of in the DESERT WARFARE THREAD.

    They are troops of the 174 Motorised Infantry Battalion, Odogunyan barracks, Ikorodu in Lagos. The troops set out from Lagos at first light, in dozens of shiny 4WD trucks and 3 tonners which appear to have been purposely acquired and delivered for this mission, on Sunday May 19th and arrived in truly bullish mood at 0045hrs on Monday, 20th May.

    They were later addressed by the Commander 23 Armoured Brigade, 8rig Gen Fatai Alli who charged them to adhere strictly to their rules of engagement. He briefed them on their mission as directed by the C-in-C.

  6. jimmy says:

    Can we see what these three ton technicals look like.

  7. Spirit says:

    A friend who saw them in the eraly hours of today said they were jubilating and singing and in very high spirit, with residents of Ikorodu hailing and cheering them on.

    Good hunting

  8. jimmy says:

    Like I said this is the best thing GEJ has done since becoming PRESIDENT – security wise. This is the first real documented EVIDENCE OF TROOPS IN HIGH SPIRITS thousands of miles away from BORNO. .Happy hunting.

  9. beegeagle says:

    They look just like these. The only difference is that the colour scheme is the same as that on the Toyota trucks on this page.

    Since last year when I first saw these 3-tonners with the QRG near Okene, I have seen Isuzu, Mitsubishi Fuso and the Chinese variant(Dong Feng or something like that) in three different colour schemes of olive and camo which might be indicative of the intended AOR.

    @Spirit. My man, wey you now? Na AWOL you dey so? 🙂

  10. beegeagle says:



    Army sources told Daily Trust that the new troops would be sent to the flashpoints where insurgents are suspected to be hiding. Among the local government areas where such flashpoints exist, they said, are Mubi, Maiha, Madagali, Michika, Hong and Ganye. All of these areas had in the past faced attacks by gunmen who killed many people, they said.


    Mubi, Madagali,Maiha and Michika LGAs are located in the southern and central sections of the Mandara Mts. Ganye LGA is in the Alantika Mts area. It is here that the famous KOMA people, are to be found. All are located near the frontier with Cameroon

  11. jimmy says:

    This is very good news . I have shouted myself hoarse on this blog to seal the borders and access to the borders in this regard I now offer nothing but praise and gratitude . This becomes like a domino effect good habits breeds good deeds. When all access points points become secured. Incidents like baga and bama become a distant painful memory it also vindicates what we have been saying from day one . Just like in the N- delta make security a no.1 priority and then when this achieved other things start to fall in place. A b.h who is running from place to place is of no threat to anyone but himself and sooner or later one of two things will happen either he will be captured or killed.

  12. Spirit says:

    The Beeg one,
    I dey una back like a stubborn ezcema. I dey follow everything closely and I dey gbadun una .
    The time wey work come dey show face coincide with ‘serious action’ for front.
    By the time ur guy get time to log on, ground go don full with very infomative and accurate posts by oga Jimmy, peccavi, Henry, originalpato, optimum, igbi, tim and all my other others too numerous to mention. E be like say most of my ogas here dey attend briefing and strategic planning meetings with CDS and CAS and other top JTF commanders o.
    You will notice that the few comments Im able to post are usually late at night or early morning.
    I repeat, I dey una side. over!

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