L-R: Air Chief Marshal Rafique Butt, Chief of the Air Staff Pakistan Air Force, Admiral Ola Sa’ad Ibrahim, Nigeria’s Chief of Defence Staff and Air Marshal Alex Badeh, Chief of the Air Staff Nigerian Air Force

Air Marshal Alex Badeh presents a souvenir to Air Chief Marshal Rafique Butt



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  1. jimmy says:

    Admiral Ola Sa’ad Ibrahim, Nigeria’s Chief of Defence Staff
    Anytime he is around procurement sales seem to pick , and get done I am hoping this is the case.
    Nigeria as a matter of security priority needs a better aircraft than what we have right now even a j10/ j17 will be considered an upgrade. Hopefully this will come to fruition.

    • Number one says:

      To the best of my knowledge the NAF have never operated a b.v.r capable fighter,so the jf-17 with the chinese lt-2 guided bomb is an improvement.I will like to ask is it feasible for us to operate a mix of the j-10/jf-17.

  2. beegeagle says:

    Methinks the JF-17 Thunder is BVR-capable to 90 kilometres. Not too bad. But the reason why I STILL want us to do a new: factory upgraded mix of sixteen JF17s and eight Su-27s, for a start, is because the Sukhoi is reportedly BVR-capable to 400kms. Incredible. Imagine an aircraft able to shoot down an enemy jet at Kano direct from Abuja??????

    Anyway, let’s do just that. FG pays for and has the Su-27s upgraded in Russia for $100 million while we seek out the JF17 Block II for $400m. They can pay in three instalments from the NAF budget while the FG makes special intervention funding of $280m available for the acquisition of eight Yak-130s and sixteen L15 Falcon jets.

    Come 2015 and with our pilots proficient on the airframes, the FG can then acquire six Su-30s and eight JF17s through a mix of funding from the NAF budget and direct intervention funding.

    With that, we can say we have a truly contemporary 4G/4G+ compliant NAF

  3. ifiok umoeka says:

    Gen, If u’re referring to the R37 nato code name arrow, then the flanker can’t shot it(it for the mig 31foxhound). Moreover, the missile is a dedicated anti AWACS missile and I doubt if a plane with good weight to trust ratio will not duck. The R77 or the R27 with the 77 guidance package like the one the chinese us may suffice
    On the other hand, i would say, go for the su 30 as most 27s are nearing the end of their shelve life(no matter how u obgrade physics is physics). Pls do u know what happened to those ex indian 30 that belarus was tipped to take?
    Finally, for commonality sake and ease of maintenance, if we are doing su, let’s pair with a downgraded J10, if it the J17 we want, then it’s smarter to go for the mig 35 like the israelis, japanese, singaporeans and south korea combine their F15s and F16s or the swiss their FA18s and gripens. U see when the chips are down, it’s logistics

    • Obix says:

      @Oga Ifiok, at first, the ex Indian SU30s which are being modernised to the SU30KN version at the Baranovich avia factory, were meant to be sold to Belarus (at a cost of about $15m apiece) because they are in dire need for modern aircfaft. Just last year alone they pulled all their 34(nos )SU24 and 21(nos) SU27 jets because they’ve reached the end of their shelve life.
      However, the ever unpredictable Belarus president, Mr Lukashenko sometime ago announced that they are not willing to purchase tokumbo jets and ordered 4 Yak 130s to be delivered in 2015. As a stop gap measure he is now asking the Russians to open an air base in Belarus to help secure their airspace while hoping to purchase new jets sometime after 2015. If the Russians agree, then the ex Indian birds would be sold elsewhere because they can’t be returned to Russia due to tax issues!

      • ifiok umoeka says:

        My o my, that’s about the same price with the L15 and yak 130. Pls this is what we should go for in place of the 27. Obix my bro, thanks a lot.

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