NNS Thunder F90 sails into Nigerian waters from the USA, January 2012

NNS Thunder F90 sails into Nigerian waters from the USA, January 2012

DATE: 27-29 August, 2013

VENUE: Lagos

The major themes which will be discussed are :

– Anti-Piracy Operations

– Cost-effective OPV and naval systems acquisition

– Multilateral and Innovative Protection of Offshore Oil Assets

– Technology Transfer and Development of Domestic Shipbuilding Capabilities

– International Best Practice in OPV Operations

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  1. Yagazie says:

    KUDOS to the NIgerian Navy for organising and hosting this conference. It will hopefully bring worldwide recognition and credibility to the capabilities of our Navy which is currently in the throes of expansion/mordernisation.

    A big thumbs up to the current CNS – Vice Admiral Dele Ezeoba (who was a guest speaker at the last OPV conference) and of course our indefatigable CDS- Admiral Said Ibrahim under whose tenure as CNS the current mordenisation of our navy gathered pace. Not forgetting our dear President GEJ who is matching his words with ACTION as far as the re-invigouration of our Navy is concerned.

    The Navy will in the next couple of years take delivery of a number platforms in the form of brand new OPVs(from China and India) and older OPVs in the form of excess defence articles (from the USA). Thus having this conference to rub minds with participants from other foreign navies that operate OPVs can only be a good thing.

    I am really impressed and PROUD of the quiet professionalism being exhibited by the Navy and the other branches of our Armed Forces/Security services.

    As a young school kid, I remember going on board visiting foreign warships when they berthed at Marina in Lagos – and I am looking forward to doing so again albeit this time on a major Nigerian Naval Vessel, when our Navy is restored to its former glory.

    With Lagos as the venue of the conference, I guess the foreign delegates participants will get the opportunity to visit the Western Naval Command HQ as well as the Naval Dockyard at Wilmot’s point in Victoria Island and possibly the Naval Air Station at Navy Town Ojo. A good opportunity to show-case our Navy/Naval establishments.


    • beegeagle says:

      Onward Together o…NN very restless. Always trying to break into new frontiers – comprehensive coastal radar network, Made-in-Nigeria warship, Navy Special Boat Service etc etc.

      🙂 Mek dem begin prepare logistics. We should be at the OPV Conference to provide niche coverage and methinks guided tours of the Naval Air Station at Lagos and the new FOBs would not be a bad idea.

  2. Yagazie says:

    Beegz, I second that!! You should be at the OPV conference to provide niche coverage of the proceedings with commentaries and photographs for all the world-wide followers of this blog. I trust the NN ‘go shake body’ on this one.

    Whilst our Navy is being expanded- it should not be forgotten that our Navy needs a MASSIVE INVESTMENT in frigates, corvettes, Landing Platform Docks, Replenishment Vessels, Maritime Patrol Aircraft, Helos (equipped for anti -sub warfare) and submarines. We could start by snapping up the 2 recently decommissioned Bremen Class F122 Frigtes from the German Navy.

  3. johnbest1 says:

    What does this mean exactly?? Because the nigerian navy doesn’t have modern opv’s or any durable or noteworthy opv’s so how can thy host such an event.

  4. beegeagle says:

    Brother JohnBest1, the criterion for hosting is neither the modernity nor antiquity of the OPVs in service. The incumbent CNS represented the Navy at the OPV Conference in Singapore a few years ago and the incumbent CDS also attended a similar event in Germany in 2011.

    The four in-service 1,041 ton Cat class ships were, ab initio, oceangoing buoy tenders – in effect, OPVs manning facilities in the deep offshore precincts of America and they were transferred to Nigeria to serve as multipurpose offshore patrol-logistics vessels.

    Never mind now when the Navy are expecting the delivery of two stealth P18N 1,800 ton OPVs from China and two Pipavav 2,000 ton OPV-corvettes(plus another two subsequently) within a space of 18-24 months.

    There really is no issue here, my friend. Let us wish them the best of luck and leave it at that. If we need more ships, we only need to say so. That is what even I want to see. Do note that fora such as these have roles in swinging things one way or the other for us. Ditto the NAF’s Air Expo. Let’s keep it real.

  5. Yagazie says:

    Beegz – on point!! well explained.

  6. jimmy says:

    Preach my brother ! preach!!

    • ifiok umoeka says:

      I agree my brothers. U see johnbest 1, our navy has a comprehensive plan covering short, mid and long terms. The best part of this is that we are well on mark to meeting these goals. POTFRN is doing a great job in this regard and we have no reason to start doubting now. What more, conferences that help foster professional exchanges and relationships are always good. Like gen beegz said, give us two more years and u’ll be surprise at what the NN would have become

  7. Spirit says:

    My dear broda johnbest 1,

    When you see aPcountry hosting such a conference like this, the aims are;

    1) Draw the attention of the politicians to issues and force them to act in your favour.
    2) Tap into the knowledge base of participants from other countries.
    3) Showcase what you have.
    4) prepare your men/officers for what your are expecting.

    These are what the CNS have in mind by hosting these conference. The attention of (not only African Navies) the whole world will be riveted on Nigeria during the conference. Our politiccians will be able to see for themselves that the nval brass are not exagerating when they drew their ‘shopping list’.

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