Nigerian troops arrive in ‘new-concept’ Toyota Hilux counterinsurgency operational vehicles featuring in their maiden deployment.


Nigerian troops dressed up in desert camouflage and 4WD trucks painted in desert camouflage scheme





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  1. beegeagle says:

    Gentlemen, here is where to post news stories, videos, photos and to carry on the discussions spilling over from here


    as they pertain to the State of Emergency in parts of the Northeast and related matters.

      • beegeagle says:

        Yes, I did know about it. Remember when I mentioned something about the garrison cap lately? All the Generals, the COAS inclusive, wore garrison caps to the meeting.

        Actually, I saw a video clip of the visit last week on NTA News and heard that they held a closed-door session with the AFRICOM leadership. The new 101 Reserve Bn could be one of the things which cropped during the course of deliberations.

        However, the AFRICOM website did an uncharacteristically poor job of packaging the info for easy access to those who seek to disseminate the information FOR FREE in the interest of ties between the US and Nigerian military establishments. I tried for two days on the bounce and let it go.

      • wocon45 says:

        hmmmmm, interesting development though.

  2. ruggedbattalion says:


  3. beegeagle says:

    Ol’boy, your own name is even more impressive – ‘rugged battalion..850 attackers’. Welcome onboard, man.

    Gentlemen, I have just learned that MUJAO are holding Niger Army recruits hostage in Agadez. Since the Nigeriens are more open to joint ops than some of our neighbours, and given the fact the QRF commandos of the NAF are on ground in Niamey, we might as well moot the idea of a joint effort to rescue the recruits.

    If it works out well, we would have set a good precedent for the meaningful takeoff of joint operations and crossborder hot pursuit missions by our SF.

    Let’s think about that.

    QUOTE (from XINHUA)

    “Niger’s Interior and Public Safety Minister Abdou Labo said a suicide-bomber locked himself up in a house within the barracks together with young army recruits at the Agadez barracks.

    A military source said the house had been surrounded and that measures were being taken to arrest the suicide-bomber and set free the army recruits.”

    • neroomo@yahoo.co.uk says:

      Dats what we should be promoting in west africa more military corporations . That’s de only way to effectively deal with insecurity . We need to be our brothers keepers .
      Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless handheld from Glo Mobile.

  4. beegeagle says:


    24 May, 2013

    The Presidential Committee on Dialogue and Peaceful Resolution of Security Challenges in Northern Nigeria had no clue on how to meet the leadership of the Boko Haram insurgents, the Chairman of the Committee and Minister of Special Duties, Alhaji Kabiru Tanimu Turaki, SAN, said yesterday.

    Turaki pleaded for help in this regards
    from willing members of the public or
    anyone with links to the terrorists to
    initiate the dialogue process. He spoke when he led members of his committee on a courtesy visit to Governor, Alhaji Mukhtar Yero of Kaduna State at Government House, yesterday.

    According to him: “We want anybody
    that may have link with some of these
    people to direct us to ease the process
    of dialogue in such a way that will
    ensure transparency and honesty which are the hall mark of this committee. We on our own have no clue on how to meet any of their leaders.

    “The committee is in Kaduna State as
    part of its nationwide tour;particularly in the affected areas for the purpose of enhancing consultation.”

    • Saints says:

      Hmmm! I thought they were specially selected. Maybe GEJ even formed the commitee to make a fool of that decision to spray amnesty on terrorists because. His strongest statement against amnesty was. We cant give amnesty to ghosts. And our amnesty commitee members only came to that realisation after they ve started enjoying VIP treatments.

  5. kenee2k says:

    I don’t intend to reduce the level of the discourse but what are they you going to dialogue about. The demands Boko-Haram are making are simply not a basis for discussion they are an affront to the citizenry of the nation.

    These guys have gone around killing hundreds if not thousands of innocent people indiscriminately with no regard for any standard of human decency. How do you discuss with a FANATIC who borders on being deranged by the standards of common decency.

    I do agree that there should be some level of leniency with the foot soldiers of Boko-haram who may have been indoctrinated and radicalised a reflection of limited education and poverty. Otherwise actions should continue no negotiation with murderous terrorists.

  6. Yagazie says:

    Is this Turaki guy actually for real? ..And supposed to be a Senior Advocate of Nigeria to boot? (even though the SAN award has now been bastardized) – if the Amnestry Committee has no idea as to how to meet the leadership of the BH Terrorists (not insurgents) then they should simply disband. Please let the millitary get on with the job of dealing with these terrorist ba*t**ds. Amnesty my foot!!

    • asorockweb says:

      Awesome news.
      Intelligence wise, this leads me to some deductions.
      If the women and children recently rescued from the Sambisa Reserve were the same ones in the BH video featuring Abubakar Shekau (AS), then this implies that
      1) The attack against Bama was launched from the Sambisa Reserve
      2) That Abubakar Shekau was in the Sambisa Reserve
      3) That Abubakar Shekau is likely still in Nigeria (Adamawa?) or Cameroun – based on the location of the Sambisa Reserve

      Could AS have lead the attack on Bama? is he the warrior type or more of a charismatic motivator?

      If he is the warrior type and is still in Adamawa, the questions is: when the net is closed in Adamawa, will he stand and fight?
      Was the entire operation pre-planned to capture AS?

      Deductions and extrapolations.

  7. beegeagle says:

    Good one. Emergency rule has been good for the anarchical Northeast. Ten quiet days. Buggers on the backfoot.

    Meanwhile, Akpos(Nigeria’s Asterix) has started his nonsense yet again. He says we now have 37 states in Nigeria…the latest being the “State of Emergency” 🙂

  8. beegeagle says:


    23 May, 2013

    In the north (Borno State) over 10,000 civilians have fled their homes to escape air attacks against suspected Boko Haram camps. Some of these camps are in or near residential areas, and a lot of civilians were very close to the explosions and gunfire from ground troops.

    Many civilians living near the borders of Chad, Niger, or Cameroon have fled the country, as that is the only sure way to escape the air attacks. Boko Haram violence has caused nearly 4,000 deaths in the last four years, most of that
    has been in the last 18 months. Over 10,000 have been wounded and thousands are in jail, either convicted or accused of working for Boko Haram.

    In the northeastern city of Maiduguri a week of traffic blockades has reduced food and other shipments. Prices in the markets are up over 25 percent and there is a lot of unhappiness over this. The offensive in Maiduguri is similar to
    the one in 2009, that left over 800 dead
    and reduced Boko Haram activity for a
    year. But many innocents died in the last
    offensive and the security forces are
    under orders to minimize that this time around. There are fewer civilian losses
    this time around, but it will be a week or more before the exact number is known.

    This offensive has made better use of
    intelligence work and air power. Boko
    Haram had become bold and sloppy in the last year, often not trying to hide their rural bases. It was the same situation in city neighborhoods where Boko Haram had a lot of supporters, or the locals were too terrified to help the security forces. The police stayed back but took notes.

    As a result of all the intel the ground and air raids hit many Boko Haram base areas,causing thousands of Boko Haram men to flee with little baggage and few
    weapons. This is a setback but cellphones and determination will enable the Islamic terrorists to reorganize and resume their attacks.

  9. beegeagle says:


    By Barth Ikebe
    24 May, 2013

    Troops of the Special Operations have
    rescued three women and six children
    after overrunning three terrorists’ camps in the notorious Sambisa forest area of central Borno in the ongoing onslaught against terrorists.

    The women and children who were
    kidnapped from Police Barracks and
    environs during the May 7 attack on
    Bama had been held in the camp since
    their abduction and were featured in the video by the leader of the group, Abubakar Shekau, recently. Troops combing the forest are however yet to locate one other woman and her two children.

    Meanwhile, a Defence Headquarters
    operational Assessment Team led by the
    Chief of Training and Operations, Major
    General Lawrence Ngubane, have been
    visiting various locations where troops
    are deployed in operation. The team has been in the field to ascertain the progress and effectiveness of the deployment in the operation.

    The seven man team has returned to
    Abuja to brief the Chief of Defence Staff
    after three days at the operation area.

  10. beegeagle says:

    Friday, May 24, 2013
    By Barth Ikebe,


    The troops participating in the operations against the Boko Haram sect in the Northeastern part of Nigeria have been commended for demonstrating a high level of professionalism in the operations. The operations have routed terrorists from some camps in Borno State and other states of the Federation.

    The Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), Admiral Ola Sa’ad Ibrahim, said that the feat performed by the soldiers was a major achievement in the process of restoring
    normalcy to communities that have been held captive by terrorists activities.

    ‘A major test case’

    Speaking in a message delivered to the troops by a Defence Headquarters Operational Assessment Team led by Major General Lawrence Ngubane,Admiral Ibrahim expressed delight that no civilian casualty has been recorded in the process.

    “The progress recorded in the operation so far is a source of pride to the military and all Nigerians. “I urge them to continue to adhere
    strictly to the Rules of Engagement and all codes of conduct stipulated for the operations… The whole exercise is a major test case on the capacity of the security forces to manage the nation’s security issues as mandated by the
    Commander-in-Chief,” he said.

    The CDS address which was transmitted to troops in various deployment locations by General Ngubane, expressed a firm belief that the security agencies in
    Nigeria were capable of discharging their task of defending the nation’s territorial integrity professionally.

    Work within the law

    “Troops must not make themselves
    vulnerable… Those who carry arms
    against the state and citizens are the ones we are fighting against,” he emphasised. The CDS said he was certain that the mission to defeat the terror in record time would be accomplished considering
    the superiority of the troops in terms of training and the backing of Nigerians.

    “Troops must exhibit high standard of commitment and discipline in all steps taken during this operation. This is not an exercise but a real operation,” the CDS declared,urging the troops to bring their training to bear and work within the law.

    Addressing communities in the
    operational area, the CDS’ emissary, Gen Ngubane, thanked the people for cooperating with troops operating in their locality. He said the Defence Headquarters was delighted that there had been no report of molestation or abuse of citizens’ rights since the operation began.

    The team was sent to go round the
    operational area to assess the progress of the mission. The General noted that the soldiers were there to end the harassment by the terrorists whose activities had been hampering the peoples’ social and economic activities such as farming,schooling and public service.

    ‘God sent’

    In Kirenowa, a community leader in the area said the presence of the soldiers was a great relief. He said many citizens including himself had to flee from the town to Maiduguri to escape from harassment by the insurgents.

    According to him, the previous day after the soldiers’ arrival was the only period he was able to sleep deep. Another village head said his people were peace loving and believed in Nigeria. He said the soldiers were ‘God sent’ and would continue to get his people’s cooperation.

    An ex-police Inspector, who is also one of the youth leaders, observed that the community had never welcomed Boko Haram. He urged the security personnel to remain and ensure the continued safety of Kirenowa.

    In Gamboru Ngala, a community leader expressed the community’s appreciation to the troops operating in the area,assuring them of his community’s cooperation in order to continue to make the town safe and secured.

    The team later visited the Kaigama of Dikwa, who, despite being ill, said he was happy to welcome the delegation. He assured the military of his people’s cooperation.

    The DHQ team had earlier visited all the deployments locations in the various captured camps and enclaves of the terrorists. It also took progress reports from all the front line commanders. Before departing the mission area, the DHQ team visited all the wounded
    soldiers some of whom were being
    treated at the University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital.

    The team has returned to brief the Chief of the Defence Staff after a three day tour of the operation area.

    The Special Operation to rid the nation’s border territories of insurgents began on 16 May 2013. Camps of insurgents have been sacked and destroyed with a lot of terrorists captured while some died in the encounters with the Joint Task Force troops.

  11. beegeagle says:

    Compatriots, whatever you do make certain to be here bright and early tomorrow.

    Plenty tory dey 🙂

    @OptimusPrime007. Ore, we have unfinished business. Reach out.

  12. jimmy says:

    o boy i go sleep with one eye open like cyclops!

  13. beegeagle says:


    25 May, 2013

    The Defence Headquarters (DHQ)
    yesterday said that troops on operations
    in the North-East have found revealing
    documents on the identities of some
    undisclosed persons connected with Boko Haram.

    Director of Defence Information (DDI),
    Brigadier General Chris Olukolade, who
    made the disclosure while briefing
    journalists in Abuja, said that the
    documents would be very useful for

    Stating that this was a fallout of the
    bombardment of terrorists’ camps, he
    said six children and three women, who
    were taken hostage by insurgents, were
    also rescued from the caves of the
    enemies. The women and children were said to be among 12 persons kidnapped from police barracks and environs during the May 17 attack on Bama.

    General Olukolade regretted that three
    persons, a mother and two children, are
    still missing, but gave assurance that
    troops, who were seriously combing the
    forests and destroying more camps,
    would free them.

    “Troops of the Special Operations have
    rescued three women and six children
    after overrunning three terrorists camps
    in the notorious Sambisa forest area of
    central Borno, in the ongoing onslaught
    against terrorists. The women and children, who were kidnapped from
    Police Barracks and environs during the
    May 7 attack on Bama, had been held in
    the camp since their abduction and were featured in the video by Abubakar Shekau recently. Troops combing the forest are however, yet to locate one other woman and her 2 children,” he said.

    He informed that operations of the troops were concentrated in the forests to destroy all camps where insurgents
    hibernate, stressing that troops have also taken over all the camps where
    insurgents were operating.

    The DDI said that an assessment team
    from the DHQ was in Borno State and
    interacted with citizens who expressed
    joy at the military presence assuring the
    military of all supports. He said that citizens have revealed that insurgents were invaders alleged to be from Chad and that they were happy that they would be free from them.

    “A Defence Headquarters operational
    assessment team led by the Chief of
    Training and Operations, Major General
    Lawrence Ngubane, has been visiting
    various locations where troops are
    deployed in operation. The team has been in the field to ascertain the progress and effectiveness of the deployment in the operation. The seven-man team has returned to Abuja to brief the Chief of Defence Staff after three days at the operation area,” he said.

  14. beegeagle says:


    MAIDUGURI, Nigeria
    May 25 (Xinhua)

    Nigerian troops operating in northeast
    Borno State on Saturday said there is no
    collateral damage in the current military
    offensive against the Boko Haram

    Spokesman of the Joint Task Force, Lt Col
    Sagir Musa, said in a briefing with
    journalists in Maiduguri, the state capital,that no civilian was killed during the airstrike on the three of the Boko Haram camps at Sambisa Game Reserve on Monday.

    “Diligent, painstaking and careful military planning were done before we carried out the operations in all the Boko Haram camps but I can tell you, there is no collateral damage. No civilian was killed in the operation,” he added.

    He said the military would dislodge the
    insurgent group should its members re-
    group anywhere in the West African
    country. The JTF has no plan to barricade
    Maiduguri, the epicenter of the
    insurgency, as being speculated,
    according to the spokesman.

    “It has come to the notice of the Joint
    Task Force Operation Restore ORDER the
    purported rumor going round that the JTF will barricade Maiduguri metropolis. The rumor urged residents to purchase
    foodstuff and other domestic needs to avoid been taken unaware,” Sagir added.

    “In view of the above, the Joint Task Force wishes to inform members of the
    public to disregard such rumor as it has
    no plan to barricade the city or any part of Maiduguri metropolis. “Law abiding members of the public are requested to continue with their normal activities. The JTF’s main concern is to ensure security of lives and properties and the success of the special operations currently ongoing in the state,” he said.

    Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan on May 14 declared a state of emergency in three northeast states of Adamawa, Yobe and Borno amid increasing waves of killing and attacks by suspected Boko
    Haram insurgents. The three states share borders and have international frontiers with Cameroon, Chad and Niger. Borno is the home base of the Boko Haram sect.

    • ifiok umoeka says:

      When I hear these, I feel so proud. I have maintained that we must take utmost precaution to minimize lost of innocent lives and collateral damage. To hear this gladdens my heart. I hope the military can start showing us pics and vids and channels, NTA and ait can be called in for some exclusive tours of the war zone, only then can we think of an intl news outlet to invite in period

    • ifiok umoeka says:

      When I hear these, I feel so proud. I have maintained that we must take utmost precaution to minimize lost of innocent lives and collateral damage. To hear this gladdens my heart. I hope the military can start showing us pics and vids and channels, NTA ,ait and of course BEEGEAGLE can be called in for some exclusive tours of the war zone, only then can we think of an intl news outlet to invite in period

    • asorockweb says:

      here a new article from Reuters regarding GEJ’s “surge” in the North East.


      I believe that for BH to be broken, the people of Borno MUST want BH broken.
      Breaking BH must be foremost on their minds.
      The FG can only actualize the desires of the people of Borno.
      Many years ago, the militants were kicked out of PH because the governor and the people wanted them kicked out of PH.

      The governors and people of the North East must wish for the demise of BH before it can happen.
      Without the demise of BH, those dreaming about development and jobs can forget it.

      Just saying.

      • beegeagle says:

        Just saying it with you, my Oga at the top :-). It goes without saying really.

        Apparently, we were reading that at the same time. Check the frontpage. FULL SPLASH.

        REUTERS show class with their multisided and balanced coverage which does not seek to adhere to stereotypical imagery and impressions, yet again.

  15. beegeagle says:

    Something special ON the cards for tomorrow. Call sign for “don’t go AWOL” :-).Lots of talking points likely to emerge

  16. ifiok umoeka says:

    Can’t wait

  17. Spirit says:

    I am glad that once again the Nigeria Military has put doubting thomases to shame. They believed we cant carry out precision strikes and surgical hits, Some even said that civilian casualties will be more than that of terrorist. Now they know better.

    I am very proud of our boys.

    • beegeagle says:

      Me too, sir. That is why our innate confidence and swagger as a people has never stemmed from people’s validation of who we know ourselves to be and what we can do when we set our minds to the task.

      Have you ever sensed ANY doubts in yours truly about the fact that these insurgents and terrorists cannot be reined in?

  18. Spirit says:

    I hope the rescue mission was captured on video. It would be a sin if it wasnt.

    This is the stuff of serious PR.

  19. beegeagle says:

    (details released by the Director of Defence Information, Brig.Gen Chris Olukolade)



    Troops of the Special Forces have
    intercepted messages sent to fleeing
    insurgents urging them not to give up but fight to the end. The attempt by some of them to heed the call was foiled during the weekend as they were trailed to some settlements and towns towards the border where they plan to regroup.

    Troops of the Multinational Joint Task Force carried out an operation which resulted in the capture and destruction of the insurgents assembly points sited in the outskirts of Kaneram Dan Katsina, Tumbu Dabino and Mallam Fatori area north of Baga. The towns and settlements have now been secured while cordon and search operation is also ongoing in the area after the insurgents have been dislodged.

    Meanwhile, a total of 25 insurgents
    were rounded up while 3 died including a high profile terrorist identified as Abba- who has been on the list of most wanted persons. This incident happened during an encounter with troops of the task force as the insurgents were finalizing moves to carry out an extensive terrorist operation around Maiduguri.

    The captured ones were all apprehended with their weapons which include rifles, pistols, double barrel guns and various calibres of ammunition during a raid operation of the JTF in Kumshe and Bulunkutu area. Although they succeeded in killing a security operative of the Task Force, they were all apprehended before their main
    planned infiltration with more arms to cause mayhem in the city.

    In Sambisa forest, troops combing the forest continue to make more discoveries. A man who had been held
    hostage in the forest since last year
    escaped bound in handcuffs as his captors fled during the troops attack on the biggest camp in the forest. The freed
    hostage is being treated by the Task

    The troops are dominating the forest as they find a number of fresh graves, more arms and ammunition, burnt vehicles and other equipment.

    More updates as the operation continues.

    • jimmy says:

      oga beegeagle one of the things the d.h.q is reluctant to discuss that i hope you can bring up. Unlike before when B,H.has been very bashful even in suicidal defeats Moguno (comes to mind). they have been very quiet not only with their CASUALTIES but the question is the number of hastily buried graves that the army has been discovering..They say dead don’t talk but these graves could it be filled with foreginers i.e non nigerians. i don’t mean to sound macabre but i read this line at least twice in dhq reports of hastily buried bh CASUALTIES.

  20. Spirit says:


    Give them no rest

  21. beegeagle says:


    by Aminu Abubakar
    KANO, Nigeria (AFP)

    The leader of Islamist extremist group
    Boko Haram claims in a video obtained
    by AFP on Tuesday that Nigerian soldiers
    have retreated during an ongoing
    military offensive and insurgents have
    sustained little damage. The video marks the first public comments from Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau since the start of a sweeping offensive by the Nigerian army on May 15 and also includes a call for foreign Islamists to join the fight in Nigeria.

    Shekau’s whereabouts cannot be
    determined in the video, in which he is
    shown seated while dressed in
    camouflage with a turban, an AK-47 at
    his side. His comments contradict statements from the military, which has claimed major successes during the offensive, including the destruction of Boko Haram camps and dozens of arrests.

    It has been impossible to verify the
    claims of either side independently, with the military having cut mobile phone service in much of the country’s northeast and access to remote locations restricted. “Since we started this ongoing war which they call state of emergency … in some instances soldiers who faced us turned and ran,” Shekau said in the hour-long video. He claimed Nigerian forces “threw down their arms in flight.”

    He called on like-minded Islamists in countries including Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq to join the fight to create an Islamic state in Nigeria.

    “We call to us our brethren in these
    countries I mentioned. Oh! Our brethren,
    come to us,” he said in the video, which
    alternates between Arabic and the Hausa language spoken across northern Nigeria. The video later purports to show vehicles and weapons seized from Nigerian soldiers.

    Shekau, designated a global terrorist by
    the United States last year, repeats
    earlier statements that Boko Haram “will not stop the kidnap of your women and children until you set free our women and children, and our brethren.” He also says Boko Haram’s goal is either
    the creation of an Islamic state or

    The video was delivered to AFP though
    an intermediary in a manner similar to
    previous Boko Haram messages. The
    images of Shekau in the video are
    consistent with those previously

    Nigeria launched the offensive against
    Boko Haram after President Goodluck
    Jonathan declared a state of emergency
    in three states in the country’s northeast, the Islamist insurgents’ stronghold.

    Several thousand troops were deployed
    and fighter jets hit alleged Boko Haram
    camps. On May 20, the military said it had re-established control in five remote areas of the northeast where Islamist insurgents had seized territory. It had also claimed the arrests of 120
    suspected insurgents.

    The military’s latest statement says 25
    insurgents were arrested and three killed during operations at the weekend,
    including one identified as “Abba”
    included on a most-wanted list. One
    soldier was also killed, it said.

    “Troops of the special forces have
    intercepted messages sent to fleeing
    insurgents urging them not to give up but fight to the end,” the statement said. “The attempt by some of them to heed the call was foiled during the weekend as they were trailed to some settlements and towns towards the border where they plan to regroup.”

    Last week, the military also said it had
    freed three women and six children
    abducted by Boko Haram. Nigeria’s government has also pledged to release certain suspects held in connection with the insurgency as a peace gesture, including all women and children.

    Boko Haram has waged its insurgency
    since 2009, with an estimated 3,600
    people left dead, including killings by the security forces. The group has pushed for the creation of an Islamic state in Africa’s most populous nation and largest oil producer, though its demands have repeatedly shifted.

    It is believed to include various factions
    with differing aims. Nigeria’s military has come under heavy criticism over its response to Boko Haram, including allegations of extra-judicial killings, arbitrary arrests and unlawful detentions.

    • agee says:

      I don’t think the contents of most of this propaganda videos should be made public by mainstream media. They end up getting free publicity, emboldening them in the process, and putting fear in the heart of the people.
      I also believe there should be a form of censorship on contents on the internet, I know this is a topic of hot debate in the IT world, it should be considered.

  22. beegeagle says:

    Lol..this voluble, brain-dead donkey flapping his thick lips again.So why are you not inside Nigeria since you are in a supposed position of strength? Why are you calling for help from global jihadists? Are you still in Baga, Marte, Maduri, Kirenowa etc? Why not take journalists on a guided tour of ANY of your strongholds instead of posting your photo-shopped videos? Dude, come inside Nigeria and fight like a man.

    You are still running your mouth while people who you kept incommunicado using fear as a weapon of control are now speaking out loudly in Maiduguri and chatting with REUTERS?

  23. beegeagle says:


    28 May, 2013

    The Chief of Defence Staff, Admiral Ola Sa’ad has said the feat performed by the soldiers to rout the Islamic sect, Boko
    Haram, is a major achievement in the
    process to restore normalcy to
    communities that have been held captive by terrorists.

    In a message delivered through the
    Defence Headquarters’ Operational
    Assessment team led by Major General
    Lawrence Ngubane, he expressed his
    delight that no civilian casualty was
    recorded in the process and that the success recorded so far is a source of
    pride to the military and all Nigerians. He enjoined them to adhere strictly to the Rules of Engagement and all codes of conduct stipulated for the operations.

    According to him,‘’troops must not make themselves vulnerable’’ continuing, he said “ those who carry arms against the state and citizens are the ones we are
    fighting against.” The soldiers released photographs showing various scenes of villages,abandoned camps, some expended bullets and anti-aircraft shells, burnt vehicles, abandoned medical equipment and fuel dumps belonging to fleeing insurgents.

    The team passed through New Marte
    towards the Chadian border which is
    characterised by a large expanse of land
    which used to be the Chad Basin
    Development Authority’s irrigated land
    for wheat and rice plantations. The whole place is currently deserted. The Joint Task Force interacted with the
    locals who expressed happiness with the presence of the troops.

    When the residents of New Marte were asked of their relationship with the terrorists, they replied that the insurgents couldn’t have been Nigerians but people who came from outside the Nigerian borders to take over their communities.

    Government intervention

    They expressed happiness over the
    government’s intervention aimed at
    ridding the Nigerian territories of
    insurgents. Some of the photographs were those of some vehicles belonging to the Chad Basin Development Authority that were stolen by the rebels. These vehicles were however burnt by the insurgents when they were pursued by the troops.

    The military showed the camouflages
    used by the terrorists while carrying out
    attacks on people. The camouflage uniforms were recovered from the insurgents and were not the same with the type worn by the military.

    At a camp in Kirenowa towards the
    Chadian border, it was discovered by the
    troops that the insurgents who used the
    camp as their base, had their own
    hospital and had about ten vehicles burnt before fleeing the camp. A similar camp was also found in a surburb of Baga town. Hospital materials such as a large number of testtubes, manuals explaining how to perform surgical operations and food items of various kinds were littered there. These camps were completely destroyed by the troops. The team said that the materials found in these camps have become very useful for intelligence. In the Kirenowa community the village head conducted the JTF and the team from DHQ round the community so they could address members of the community.

    Gamboru Ngala was another community
    visited by the DHQ team. The team noted that the community members always referred to the insurgents as invaders who are not Nigerians and are happy that the troops have come to liberate them.

    The team took time to counsel the
    youths; advising them that western
    education is not sin as propagated by
    book haram. They advised the youths to embrace western education so they can have a better future.

    The essence of the team’s visit, according the Director Defence Information Brigadier General Chris Olukolade, was to check the compliance to the directives when the operations began and to check the progress of the operation and ensure there is no violation of any type. The Director said there has been no civilian casualty and troops have no problem with the local communities.

    • igbi says:

      There are a lot of news papers doing propaganda for boko haram right now.
      I think it is in their ploy to force the army to let them in the north east.
      But they have gone too far, they should vacate Nigeria immediately.

  24. G8T Nigeria says:

    Shekau is hiding somewhere in west africa, and the earlier we spread financial will to get him the better. IF United States can spend millions of dollars accessing local militias in Afganistan, pakistan to get OSAMA despite all its military surveillance arsenal, why not we do same going beyond placing a price on his head. It only takes a good Mentalist/cash to turn his fighter against him. I guess he communicates more on Youtube to his followers hence have him cut off. AFP too can tell us more on why such video came abt since dey have no rep on the field. Who wired it and from what IP address located in or outside Nigeria, This is not FREE PRESS at all, giving the very common enemy an edge in a battle the dead knws it worths fighting. We must Just tell these international press agencies to make consultations first. Since there is no story on human right abuses i guess this is the new info dimension. AU is quite right accusing ICC of onesidedness hence i dont expect anyfin better from these people who never sees anyfin good abt Nigeria.

  25. beegeagle says:


    ABUJA, May 28 (Xinhua)

    Military authorities in Nigeria said on Tuesday that a terrorist believed to be a close associate of insurgents’ leader Abubakar Shekau has been found dead. A statement from Chris Olukolade, the
    Director of Defence Information, said the deceased was believed to have died
    while he ran errands for Shekau. The defense spokesman, however, was
    silent on the true identity of the dead

    The statement said two other terrorists,
    one of whom was confirmed to be a
    Nigerien, were now in the custody of the
    multinational joint task force. The statement said the three terrorists were in the process of crossing the border to the neighboring Niger through the Lake Chad.

    “They have been confirmed to have
    operated in Baga and participated in
    perpetrating arson and other atrocities
    around the vicinity of the town,” the
    statement added. “They have been relocating from place to place since they left Baga last month,” it said.

    The statement added that more troops of the Police Mobile Force had joined the
    operations as more towns were being
    secured in the operations to rid the
    nation’s territories of terrorist activities.

    • jimmy says:

      I wanted to send you this when i read it a few hours ago but i have been extremely busy. unfortunatley the bastard is dead before he could lead them to his master but the security forces are close. HE MUST BE FOUND. He is hiding out between the towns straddling the borders between CAMEROON and NIGERIA OR CHAD and NIGERIA.

  26. igbi says:

    Please can you provide an update ? What is our media team doing.
    I have no doubt boko haram is being crushed, but I think the military press team needs to do more.

  27. beegeagle says:


    29 May, 2013

    The troops of the Joint Task Force (JTF) have stepped up their onslaught against members of the Boko Haram with the use of trained Military Police dogs to foil insurgents’ infiltration, capturing 50 of them in the process.

    This was disclosed Wednesday by the Director of Defence Information (DDI), Brig-Gen. Chris Olukolade who said that these intelligent dogs were participating in the cordon and search phase of the Special Operations against terrorism in the country.

    • igbi says:

      why even border to arrest them, just send them to their graves. Why waste our time and money to arrest them ?

    • agee says:

      I remember when the CAS annouced the purchase of these dogs to help fight the insurgency, Nigerians started ranting on social media making mockery of the army chief and the army in general; I hope they are now seeing the role of K9 units in insurgency.

  28. beegeagle says:

    From experience, the majority of our compatriots who rant the loudest and run down every gesture are congenitally ignorant.

    That is one reason why I do not hang around most of the mass membership fora where people talk before they think as a matter of a self-loathing disposition.

    When the first mixed crop of 300 commandos, K9 teamsters and trainers and combat engineers returned from the USA in November 2011, our compatriots had a lot to say because it is ingrained in some of us to rant interminably without any reality checks.

    But we noticed that after each IED attack, the combat engineers moved in to defuse unexploded devices and make the area safe while K9 teamsters, during cordon-and-search operations, would go round with these war dogs which are able to sniff out the materiel used for IED production and that contributed a lot in the identification of IED-making facilities.

    Even in the face of this reality, the most malevolent sections of the media carried on as if the ‘clearing up+demining’ which was a reason why blast scenes get cordoned off, was one hollow ritual whereas the writers are the ones whose ignorance interferes with their appreciation of the modus operandi.

    Again, when troops cordoned off an area to search, invariably war dogs sniffed out hidden ‘chemicals’ used in the manufacture of IEDs and more intensive searches usually led to the discovery of detonators and other tell-tale signs of culpability in terrorist actions. Yet that same blissfully ignorant section of the media continued to create the impression that people were just arrested arbitrarily, regardless of the fact that BH themselves continue to call for, in their own words, “the release of their ‘detained’ MEMBERS”

    We do have media wings in the insurgent groups. Trust me

    • igbi says:

      It all boils down to the way we control the media entering our country. As I have said before, wz are too kind. The west preaches media freedom but doesn’t exercise it.
      I think we could follow the example of algeria in the way we handle the press. Nigérians are ranting because the press is misleading them, yet what are we doing to stop the propaganda comming from the media ? Nothing !
      Even South Africa doesn’t allow the press play around like that.

      • agee says:

        Our own media and journalist, to me are the main problem. Sahara reporters, and other journalists that never have anything positive to say about Nigeria are all Nigerians. Some of their antics boils down to two things, pure mischief or sheer laziness; else tell me why wen the baga issue broke out, they were reporting things like JTF invited their chadian and Nigerien counterparts to kill Nigerian citizens. If a student like me that has no biz with journalism, knew about the MJTF, I expect every journalist or media house talking defence should know that.

      • igbi says:

        Shara reporters is not Nigerian my friend, it is american. Don’t be fooled. Their head quarters are in New York, their masters (the people funding them) are in new York.
        But for the other journalists I agree. I think we have to control them. there are ways to do so. And about the coverage of what happened in Baga: the journalists know the soldiers did no atrocities, they know about the MJTF, but they chose to lie for their own agenda: to sell more, to gain popularity, to create havoc, because they hate the military, because some foreign nation paid them to do so, …
        We need to control the media circulating in Nigeria.
        The media is a tool people can use to start wars.
        The west knows that if it controls the media then it controls the nation, beware my people, don’t fall for their “freedom of the press” nonsense.

  29. beegeagle says:

    Brigadier General Chris Olukolade
    Director, Defence Information

    30 May, 2013

    Nigeria’s military on Thursday dismissed as “empty propaganda” claims by Boko Haram’s leader that soldiers have retreated during an ongoing offensive, insisting the campaign has heavily damaged the Islamist insurgents.

    In a video obtained by AFP on Tuesday, Boko Haram chief Abubakar Shekau said soldiers have at times “turned and ran” when facing Islamist fighters and rejected military boasting about the success of the operation.

    “We consider it as empty propoganda,” defence spokesman Brigadier General Chris Olukolade said of the video. “To the best of our understanding, at the moment (the insurgents) are in disarray. They are on the run and so many of them have been captured,” he told AFP. He declined to provide figures of those captured or killed in the operation launched on May 15 after President Goodluck Jonathan declared a state of emergency in three northeastern states considered Boko Haram strongholds.

    Shekau’s whereabouts, which cannot be determined in the video, remain unknown. “I don’t know his location but I know that intelligence is trailing him,” Olukolade said.

    Shekau called on like-minded Islamists in countries including Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq to join the fight to create an Islamic state in Nigeria.Olukolade suggested the plea for foreign assistance implied weakness. “If they are still firmly on ground why does he need help?”

    The United States and analysts have voiced concern over the prospect of widespread civilian casualties during the operation, with Nigeria’s military having been accused of massive abuses in the past. Olukolade told AFP he has seen no credible evidence of soldier misconduct in the offensive. With the military having cut mobile phone
    service in much of the northeast and access to remote locations restricted, rival claims about the conflict have been impossible to verify.

    Olukolade said that air strikes used so far have primarily included covering fire for ground troops tasked with storming Boko Haram camps. The military has claimed the destruction of several such camps, primarily in Borno state, Boko Haram’s traditional base.

    Boko Haram has waged its insurgency since 2009, with an estimated 3,600 lives lost, including killings by the security forces. The group has pushed for the creation of an Islamic state in Africa’s most populous nation and largest oil producer, though its demands have repeatedly shifted.

  30. beegeagle says:


    30 May, 2013

    The Defence headquarters in Nigeria says trained Military Police dogs participating in the cordon and search phase of Special Operations against terrorism in the country have foiled various attempts being made by the insurgents to escape to enter towns and cities in the Northeast.

    The spokesman, Brigadier General Chris
    Olukolade, said this in Abuja and
    explained that efforts of the specially
    trained dogs have so far led to the arrest
    of over fifty terrorists, who were trying to infiltrate Maiduguri, Borno State capital. He said that more than fifteen of them were arrested with arms concealed on their body or properties.

    In the meantime, cordon and search has
    been intensified as the forests in the
    Northeast are being combed for terrorists. At Deseri forest, 3 Hilux vehicles mounted with anti-aircraft guns were destroyed while one Volkswagen Golf car and 4 motorcycles were also recovered.

  31. beegeagle says:


    31 May, 2013

    The defence headquarters yesterday said it identified five Nigeriens and two Chadians allegedly arrested alongside fleeing insurgents. It also said there were indications that insurgents may have been calling for foreign support.

    Defence spokesman Brigadier General Chris Olukolade said “five Nigeriens and two Chadians are among the fleeing insurgents apprehended by the Special Forces as troops continue their pursuit of terrorists dislodged from their bases.

    The seven were among the nine arrested at Tumbu Gini, a border town with Chad as they tried to cross the borders into Chad.

  32. beegeagle says:


    POSTED ON FRIDAY, MAY 31ST, 2013 By Stella Odueme-Omona/Abuja


    Director Defence Information, Brigadier General Chris Olukolade,said in Abuja that the message in which the insurgents leadership called for support from Afghanistan and Pakistan and others to enable them fight the troops, confirmed that they were overwhelmed by the military operations.

    “Meanwhile, the Defence Headquarters has observed that attempts are being made by insurgents and their collaborators to push into public domain questionable and manipulated messages meant to misinform the public.

    “The message which calls for support
    from Afghanistan and Pakistan as well as other cohorts of the insurgents is clearly a confirmation of the level of pressure which has been brought to bear on the insurgents,” he stated. He assured Nigerians that the army was equal to task in fighting the insurgents.

    “There is indeed no cause for alarm as the insurgents are actually in flight,necessitating their call for help from their foreign allies. The operation to put an end to the activities of insurgents is continuing and in line with overall plans for the nation’s security,” he maintained.

  33. ifiok umoeka says:

    Gen Beegs, I remember asking about our k9 assets in the 111 men cameroun strip. Though I got no reply, I’m happy 2 see that man’s best friend is giving its fair share. Wao! Are they dorberman our german shepherd? Wish I could get pics.

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