Obiora Ani
24 May, 2013

The Nigerian government is collaborating with the United States and China to procure appropriate technology to man the country’s borders.

The Interior Minister, Mr Abba Moro said
in view of the increasing security
concerns, Nigeria needed over 244
million dollars to effectively install
electronic surveillance gadgets round the nation’s borders. While briefing the National Working Committee of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) in Abuja, Moro explained that the US State Department which offered to assist Nigeria as part of its international war against terror has already picked some components of the facilities which a private Chinese company, under a Public Private Partnership (PPP), had quoted.

“We are making efforts to procure
appropriate modern technology to be
installed along our borders and we are
collaborating with the US State Department and a private Chinese
company for which we had initially received a cost of 244 million US Dollars. With the assistance of the US State
Department, we realised that some
components of the offer we got from
the private firm was contained in what
the State Department would be offering
us,”he says. “When we have done this, the temptation of illegal entry into Nigeria will be reduced,” the minister stressed.

Mr Morro said the government had
entered into a memorandum of
understanding with a private Chinese
company to procure e-border control
equipment and surveillance.

Illegal routes

Expatiating on the issue of border control,though Moro acknowledged that the country’s vast borders were porous, he said when the projects to be mounted by the US State Department and the Chinese company came on stream, the illegal 1,497 routes into the country would be effectively policed.

Moro disclosed that 30 illegal guard companies have been discovered, while
the operator of one of them was in the
net. He said he decided to harmonize the issuance of such permits in line with
extant rules which permit the ministry to be the only authorizing organ when the ministry realized a serious infraction of expatriate quota and other forms of racketeering involving foreign

The minister explained that “his ministry was collaborating with the Border Development Agency to construct
Border Plazas at 84 sites which he hopes
would promote commerce along the
border communities and reduce illegal
activities along the borders.”


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  1. jimmy says:

    Indeed this is the first administration going all the way back to THE SHAGARI administration who ordered the retaking of the villages at chad to finally take Border security very SERIOUS. I have said repeatedly.this war is not about POVERTY BUT INSECURITY where by every tom dick and harry enters and leaves Nigeria with no record of his or her visit:.Gun runners , oil smugglers drug smugglers, people with bad intentions mixed with people with good intentions all come a calling. There has to be a process. To reiterate my point . These custom control points cannot be simply kiosk ready made to be blasted to pieces to by an rpg. THEY MUST BE HARDENED FORTRESSES LIKE OGA DOZIEX AND PECCAVI HAVE SHOUTED THEMSELVES HOARSE ON THIS BLOG ABOUT. .Once again well done.

  2. Yagazie says:

    Sometimes I get a bit irritated with statements like this that come out from the Goverment.

    The Goverment says it needs $244 million dollars to execute this project – yet we have about $5-$7 billion sitting in the Excess Crude Account (some of which is shared every so often b/w the Fed and State/Local Govts,) and foreign reserves of about $48 billion. I am certain that the Government also has an undiclosed sum of money (running into $millions) as a security vote.

    The main/first business of Government is to PROVIDE SECURITY FOR ITS CITIZENS, so all we want to hear from the Inernal affairs minister is that the security posts/electronic surveillance equipment HAVE BEEN built/procured and are now operational, and not some long bible story of what they intend to do.

  3. originalpato says:

    In addition to the installation of surveillance equipment to be installed at the border plazas, the FG should setup a dedicated Armed Border Guard force that will man those equipment.

  4. beegeagle says:

    One more meaningful venture/area of intervention championed by the security roundtable of the US-Nigeria Binational Commission.

  5. gbash10 says:

    That is good news from the US government to Nigeria,however,I strongly believe the Obama Administration can do much better than this,especial in the fight against Terrorism,by make available some logistic support equipments such as the CH-47D Chinook heavy-lift choppers(at least 24 units),18 units AH-1Z SuperCobra attack helicopters to the Nigerian Army Aviation unit,12 unit AH-64D Apache Longbow attack helicopters to the Nigerian air force and 12 units S-70A Black Hawk helicopters and 200 units Hummvee MRPA,all these drawn from the excess stock from Iraq and Afghanistan war.
    A friend in need is one who has been doing the job but lack the logistics to prosecute the war on terror properly.

  6. Yagazie says:

    gbash10 – nice wish list but it’s unlikely to happen!

    In any event I would be more comforatable with us purchasing the attack/heavy lift /transport helos from either China or Russia as they don’t mix business with ‘concerns for human rights’ and as such we won’t be liable to be crippled with sanctions when we need to use these assets.

    Furthermore if we purchase these items from China or Russia\Ukraine, we get what we pay for and not some stripped/downgraded export variant that the US would sell.

    Furthermore if we tried to purchase these assets from the US, flexibility of use becomes a serioud issue, as these purchases are very likely to come with a long list of dos and don’ts with regards to their usage and that we can do without.

  7. Henry says:

    OGAgbash10, you’re chances of getting to the moon are much much higher to reality, than that your american wish list coming to pass.

  8. Spirit says:

    Haba Gbash10!

    Those are ‘very complex and technica’l hardware from the USA that our simple brains are not designed to operate. We may end up hurting ourselves trying to use them.

    Una don offend me o. My dog is more likely to speak English than any of those hardware sold to Nigeria. If we ‘behave’ properly, we might get the CH-47 Chinooks (we got 1 before) and maybe some Humvees (with strict instructions on the kind of food to eat before you can operate them). But the others? I beg forget it.

    Lets be thankfull for the USCG ships we are expecting soon and other defense cooperation.

    • CHYDE says:

      @ Spirit, ‘food to eat before operating them’ e Never reach like that o. Hehehehehehe.
      But in reality i dont see the dreams of Gbash10 coming to pass, Thank GOd for Russia, China et al.

  9. ifiok umoeka says:

    Oga spirit, that’s a good one. I’ve not heard that one b4. Then again u guys are right. How ever, I refuse to call it human right requirements, it’s just ‘my Mercedes benz is bigger than your’ and I have and you don’t attitude. They are ready to sell ti India and they are telling me human rights. Let’s buy russian, italian, german, chinese etc. India and south korea are about to build a mid range copter. The later’s attack copter is in advance stage. I say we get from these guys, russians and chinese and add a capacity building/ tech tranfer and 15yrs we’ll be making and selling our own.

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