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  1. Anas says:

    Judgin by all these I see no reason why the iranian embassy is still opened in nigeria ! That’s a pretty impressive arsenal of weaponry that can wreck serious havoc wen unleashed on a country . And secondly I smell el zakzaky’s hands in all this we shuld remember he’s iran’s man here in nigeria

  2. agee says:

    Why re they all rusted? And I thought hezbollah was lebanese not iranian

    • igbi says:

      hezbolah is a part of iranian special forces that operates in Lebanon, they even formed a party and managed to get elected in Lebanon

      • ocelot2006 says:

        Hezbollah is not part of any Iranian Special Forces, but a Lebanese militant+political group armed and trained by Iran and Syria with the sole aim of ending Isreal’s occupation of Southern Lebanon (accomplished..kind of…). I think the unit you have in mind is the Qud Force.

  3. beegeagle says:

    They are not rusted, Agee.

    It is sawdust that is stuck to the weapons. They were immersed in sawdust for concealment. Humidity probably caused to the sawdust to become ‘caked’ and stick to the weapons.

    They were packed in insulated containers ( ‘cooler’ in Naija parlance – the sort used in selling satchet water and soft drinks or serving food at parties) and covered up with sawdust.

  4. xnur44 says:

    Hezbolah or not, this arms cache delivery appears to be external contributions to Nigerian terror cells.

    • xnur44 says:

      I believe that those who have misled the C-in-C to assume that he is dealing with an internal security problem that is ‘contemporary’ are as guilty as the militants we are now fighting. What we face is not an insurrection, rebellion or uprising, but a full fledged secession of a part of Nigeria and full installation of a dogma and their institutions in furtherance of their hallucinations.

      A hydra-headed monster has been planted here, gentlemen. It will take a ruthless military and political solution to pluck-up by their roots that which is planted! We shall do our best, but let us not let the ‘BRAVE’ go to their graves thinking we were cowards .
      God bless Nigeria.

  5. beegeagle says:

    By the way, 3 Motorised Brigade under General Ilyasu Abba has been doing very well with the raids and urban warfare since April 2012 when I first took notice of their diligent efforts and asked about the man’s background.

    Methinks I was told by some officers back then that he hails from Nasarawa State and that he has a son who is a Lieutenant in the Nigerian Army as well.

    Anyway, kudos to 3 Brigade. Rewind to 1980 and 146 Battalion under Major(later Brig Gen Haliru Akilu) of this same 3 Brigade, then commanded by Colonel(later Maj Gen) Yohanna Kure, it was which – in conjunction with the NAF – routed the brigands of Maitatsine from Kano following a episode of urban mayhem which left 4,177 persons dead in a two week-long spell of mindless violence.

    146 Battalion went to see action during the occupation of the Bakassi Peninsula and are today, deployed in Sector 2 of the JTF operations in the Niger Delta.

  6. agee says:

    Thanks for the info Gen. Beeg, and igbi

  7. Originalpato says:

    Oga Beeg what’s this about a soldier leaking a video about the current campaign against BH? The video claims that the JTF have killed more civilians than insurgents

    • CHYDE says:

      I saw the interview with a hooded soldier (the hood was actually made of camouflage material) claiming that a vast majority of people killed were civilians; women and children. Al jazeera carried it and were even showing clips and pics of soldiers in maiduguri

  8. ocelot2006 says:

    Kudos to the Army’s special forces group for this significant find. This clearly shows that the intelligence services and the military are on their jobs.

    That said, it’s kinda curious that hezbollah (a Shia muslim group) is in support of Sunni terror cells up north.

  9. ocelot2006 says:

    By the way, aren’t those landmines? And those artillery shells, if daisy-chained, can serve as really deadly IED capable of taking out a tank. Defence HQ REALLY needs to fasttrack the purchase and delivery of MRAPs for our boys in the field.

  10. beegeagle says:

    OriginalPato, sometimes you only need to move on when you hear incongruent gibberish. If they have killed more civilians, then the ‘civilians’ probably took their rifles with them to the great beyond.

    Without scare mongering, how would people like Jon Gambrell and HRW be allowed into the zone? The same people who tell you that the security forces are holding ‘innocent civilians’ in detention centres whereas Boko Haram somehow, never cease to call for the release of their members?

    Coincidentally, BH have not carried out their trademark attacks on police stations and prisons in Borno since the offensive commenced. So were the ‘slain civilians’ the perpetrators of violence?

  11. beegeagle says:

    “The pictures appear to show the bodies
    of Boko Haram rebels and many civilians,
    including women and children.”

    end of quote

    That is what the Al Jazeera caption contains. They acknowledge that it was a raid on a terrorist camp. How do Yvonne Ndege and her minder, Ardo Hazzad, know the difference between Boko Haram and the civilians in the picture is the question? How do they know when and where the video was shot? I ask, because another video was circulated last November and it was only REUTERS who were classy enough to admit that they had been sold a dud.

    Remember these

    Do BH always wear uniforms or they are always dressed in mufti while the civilians who live in their camps are always dressed up in camouflage?

    • igbi says:

      I followed aljazeera during the events that took place in Libya, and during the ben laden years. I know their antics, they encourage chaos everywhere they go and they love terrorists. They work for the prince of qatar who is well known for financing terrorism, it is that same prince who financed MUJAO in mali.
      That is why I wasn’t happy that our officials kept giving aljazeera interviews and kept letting them interview the terrorists. Instead of that we should have informed our people about aljazeera.

    • Deway says:

      I watched this video twice and didn’t see any civilian that was harmed. That soldier is part of a grand scheme of northern political vipers and boko haram to discredit the state of emergency and the military offensive. The Aljazeera reporter said the soldier agreed to film the operation for aljazeera,, the so-called soldier also said when he got to the front, there were thousand of women and children lying dead on the ground, yet he could not show one evidence of a dead civilian. The only person I saw being dragged was either a dead soldier or a boko haram impostor in military camo. The report was a complete let down for Yvonne. nonsense.

      • igbi says:

        The dead guy was a boko haram terrorist, some of them wear fake uniforms hoping it will guaranty that the Geneva convention would apply to them when they are caught.
        My opinion: I don’t think the most fanatic ones wear uniform, I think the ones on uniform are more like mercenaries, they are also the most trained ones and the most informed ones.

      • CHYDE says:

        @ Deway there was something unnatural about that video

  12. Deewon says:

    This is a great shocker. No wonda imam shekau was claiming victory over jtf in his last video

  13. Deewon says:

    In the video recently released by the terror group ‘imam’ shekau stated that jtf troops often fled shoot up scenes.

    • igbi says:

      Would you sink so low as to believe a terrorist who thrives on the fear he projects. Without that fear, the villagers will lynch him and his men. He will soon be in JTF custody anyway.

    • igbi says:

      The famous aljazeera propaganda. Now if that guy is really a soldier on the field then he must have gone outside the field to meet aljazeera because no journalist is alowd on the field. So this would mean the “soldier” went awol. If he is a soldier he will easilly be fished out. And in that case I hope he gets the firing squad.
      But absolutely nothing indicates he is a soldier. he is probably a boko haram terrorist himself.

    • igbi says:

      One of the photos is that of the aftermath of that attack on the army base in Bama.It is the last image of the video, you can even see the white stones indicating that you are on a military area. They are trying to pass that photo as evidence of civilians being killed.
      I hope I am not the only one who noticed the photo, so can someone Watch the video again, notice the photo and report it to the authorities, so that aljazeera could be caught while at its dirty business.

  14. Blacrev says:

    lol… i just couldn’t stop laughing when i saw the video. so, aljazeera with all their money and “professional” journalists can not find a reliable person to shoot video with solid proof, instead they are showing us how the military have killed plenty boko haram fighters without civilians in the video.. lol abeg, me like the video jare (seeing the body of those dogs being dragged)
    Although what annoys me is the caption “civilians killed in Nigerian military offensive”. while what they are showing are bodies of boko haram fighters killed in battle. abi the guy battery die when he reach the 3000 civilian bodies. lol
    Point is that the guy should be found and killed. he is a traitor and a boko haram member in the military.
    Aljazeera don fuck up big time.

    • Obix says:

      @Oga Blacrev, it’s like we were thinking with the same brain at the same time! ha ha ha! I believe that guy is not a soldier. If he was really out there he would have mentioned particular places and described particular operations ……! Junk journalism by Aljazeera!

  15. Obix says:

    Cyber Generals, this is probably one of the most baseless and ficticous reports i’ve ever heard. Ndege is beginning to sound like Afua Hishirishi or whatever she calls herself. So, they want to prove to me that this so called soldier, fully armed with a video recorder wasn’t able to show any concrete evidence to back up his claims? Do they think that showing us blurred images of dead bodies is enough? We’ve saw those pictures months ago and those are not civillians murdered by the JTF.
    Oga Igbi, you are right . The last photo showed dead BH fighters that met their waterloo at the gates of Bama barracks. The dead guy in camourflage with his bum in the open is clearly a BH fighter. If he was from the NA his comrades would have carried him with honour!
    My Ogas, make we shine our eyes very well. We are well informed and that’s why we are smarter than these media houses that are trying to undermine the brilliant job being done by our brave men and women out there.
    This report didn’t raise a singe hair on my body.
    Have a great weekend!

  16. beegeagle says:

    31 May, 2013

    THE Nigerian military Friday said a total of 56 identified insurgents were apprehended with the help of Military Police dogs. Also, it said a group of terrorists moving from village to village in search of large quantity of food were tracked and apprehended, following a tipoff.

    Director of Defence Information (DDI),
    Brig- Gen. Chris Olukolade, said in a
    statement in Abuja that items
    recovered from the arrested insurgents
    include seven packs of IEDs (Improvised
    Explosive Devices), two Rocket Propelled Gun chargers, a rifle magazine, two machetes,bomb detonators, camouflage and other military uniforms. Others were medicines equipment, charms, seven vehicles, including a Jeep and eight tricycles.

    Olukolade further disclosed that the
    terrorists were moving around in a
    Toyota Land Cruiser jeep, with
    registration number Borno XA 428 ADM. He stated that the vehicle, which was
    suspected to have been stolen, was
    eventually impounded at Daban Masara,
    with weapons, such as AK 47 rifle, single barrel shotgun, double barrel shotgun and various calibres of ammunition.

    The Defence spokesman stated that the
    campaign to rid the country’s territories
    of the insurgents continues, adding:
    “The intensive cordon and search
    operation being conducted by the
    troops of the special forces received a major boost from civilian cooperation in
    communities close to locations under
    focus. “It is believed that some stranded
    terrorists are keen on establishing new
    camps and are being trailed accordingly.

    “There were also a few encounters with some insurgents in forest locations,apart from the identified and destroyed camps.”

  17. Blacrev says:

    I think the military as a matter of urgency need to respond to this video not later than tomorrow. This has always been my concern – foreign propaganda for boko haram.
    I fear this would be the same mistake the military made when amnesty international with Sahara reporters posted fake videos of violations, only for the military to respond when SR have admitted their mistakes. By then the world had believed the story, since no response from the military only meant it was possible. Please the military need to respond harshly before some yeye human rights watch will show satellite view of my back yard and call it a scene of massacre. God bless our warriors in battle

  18. Henry says:

    This is what happens when our very own local media thrives on reporting cheap beer parlour gossips” and “hear say”.

    Instead of them to encourage the nigerian population by reporting positive stories in their father land , the likes of and co, only know how to copy and paste news reports from AFP, for stories happening in their very own back-yard.

  19. (@lordfej) says:

    the general ihejerika has said it there are boko haram sympathisers in the army

  20. beegeagle says:

    Fair enough. Last time it was a 2009 video used to blackmail troops in Jos which was dusted up for propaganda in November 2012.

    Igbi is right. Those are military precincts right there and the last military formation which BH attempted an attack on was Bama on May 7th…one week clear of the state of emergency declaration. It suggest that the footage is archival material which has nothing to do with the current offensive.

    So someone disingeniously ‘cut and joined’ unrelated footage to make a story? What is to say that it was not the bodies from the “2009 Uprising” while another clip from 202 Battalion at Bama got mixed into the medley which was then made into a tale and aired by Al Jazeera?

    Then Yvonne’s minder, Ardo, (who has similarly helped to derail the VOA’s Nigeria coverage by stuffing Heather Murdock’s activism-inclined mind with a cascade of melancholic tales), decides to push his own narrow agenda and put confusion in her head and a Yvonne, desirous of that Pullitzer, goes ahead and makes a story out of nothing.

    The FG really should be firm on this matter because we might just find out who is on Boko Haram’s payroll at Al Jazeera. I am almost sure that this “arrangee video” was put together by her Nigerian “minders and helpers”.

    So DHQ need to find out what the gameplan is because if this is not defamatory then it is clearly aimed at forcing DHQ into a flurry of denials and into arranging guided tours for unscrupulous journalists. See how she posts nonsense and claims with relish to be reporting “exclusively from Maiduguri?” She cannot be our guest and yet make a career of undermining our national security interests.

    DHQ only need to expose the lies in this video and then ask Al Jazeera to recant. If they do not, the Federal Government should withdraw her work permit and shuffle her out…simple. Everyone comes in here and goes berserk because that is how to win a Pullitzer, they imagine. Our own Dele Olojede won his Pullitzer Prize right there in America and it was neither gun violence nor gangland warfare which he wrote about.

    Before now, it was Jeff Koinange playing cheerleader for MEND. Then, most callously, he went further to suggest on CNN that Nigerians prefer military rule – that, coming a few short years after 15 years of ruinous military rule. All of that from a blissfully ignorant but self-assured reporter who would say on CNN that “Nigeria is equal in size to France” everytime without any fact checking whatsoever. A national outcry over that “prefer military rule” drivel led to his eviction.



    Finally, I repeat that DHQ need to encourage responsible local media such as Channels TV, “The Guardian(NGR)” and AIT by providing the logistical support needed for them to work proficiently in the frontlines. If they ask us to come and do a report on what goes on there, we shall do just that.

  21. Anas says:

    Guys cmon let’s connect d dots , hezbollah is merely an extension of iranian al quds force yes they were established to expel israel frm southern lebanon bt if I’m nt mistaken israel has withdrawn frm southern lebanon as far back as year 2000 . Hezbollah doesn’t make a move without approval frm tehran as we speak now hezbollah is involved in d syrian conflict I e on assads side so there s no way hezbollah wuld creat a cell in nig without iranian knowledge the earlier we open our eyes about the true intentions of iran d beta for us

  22. Cryptologist says:

    Iran is the primary supplier and financier of hezbollah a lebanese terror group although they are politically recognised in beirut. Its safe to say iran fights a proxy war with Israel through hezbollah i.e first and second intafada. They both shia sects and of course you know iran is the home of shiite moslims which is at harms lenght with saudi’s wahabihsm and sunni moslems. Just last week hezbollah teamed up with pro Assad fighters in the ongoing syrian civil war.

  23. Cryptologist says:

    Iran is the primary supplier and financier of hezbollah a lebanese terror group although they are politically recognised in beirut. Its safe to say iran fights a proxy war with Israel through hezbollah i.e first and second intafada. They both shia sects and of course you know iran is the home of shiite moslims which is at arms lenght with saudi’s wahabihsm and sunni moslems. Just last week hezbollah teamed up with pro Assad fighters in the ongoing syrian civil war.

  24. igbi says:
    The presidency has reacted to the wave of propaganda.
    I hope aljazeera gets escorted to the airport and without their Equipment which I would like to see destroyed as punishment for trying to destroy our dear nation.

  25. beegeagle says:


    1 June, 2013

    A combined team of the Army, Police and the State Security Services (SSS) sealed the popular Amigo Supermarket in Abuja yesterday. Weekly Trust reports that combat ready troops arrived at the supermarket around 7pm and ordered both customers and staffers out of the building located on Adetokunbo Ademola Crescent, Wuse 2 Abuja.

    Nigerian security forces in Kano had named the owner of the supermarket Fauzi Fawad among a Hezbollah cell in Kano. Fawad is also said to be a part owner of Wonderland Amusement Park situated near the Abuja city gate. It could not be confirmed whether the amusement park was also sealed last night.

    While all Nigerians customers and staffers were asked to leave, our reporter who was there last night noticed that all Lebanese and other foreigners were evacuated in two 30-seater civilian buses.

    “The soldiers and SSS came and asked everybody out of the premises but held the Lebanese and ordered them to enter the two civilian buses parked outside,” a witness who does not want to be named said.

    Also, the Military Police and men of the Nigeria Police mounted road blocks at the both ends of the street from Ahmadu Bello Way and Ibrahim Babangida Way.

  26. peccavi says:

    The Lebanes have their fingers in every dodgy buy from oil bunkering to money laundering, no one will be convicted for this except maybe the mai gaurd.
    Most of those weapons are unserviceable, very poorly stored which is interesting in themselves. You do not store weapons in sawdust, that just silly. weapons are metal, they rust, sawdust absorbs moisture, without giving too much details you do the exact opposite. Most of those weapons will not function, nor will the RPGs or loose ammo. Although the explosives can still be used and the AKs if cleaned and oiled might work.
    I suspect something was planned along time ago or these weapons were part of a larger shipment that passed through Nigeria (possibly part of the shipment that was intercepted a while back)
    Why are the Shia stockpiling weapons in Nigeria? There are no Shia strongholds in West Africa per se.
    I suspect this is simply Hezboallah/ Lebanese arms dealing without any political undertones. The RUF traded extensively with Hezboallah as diamonds are perfect for terrorist purposes, easy to transport, high value and relatively untraceable. The Hezboallah links to the Sierra Leone and Liberia issues are a very dubious adjunct to those wars. Those supply chains still exist, maybe they have been reversed to bring weapons in

    • ifiok umoeka says:

      Because they want to attack Israeli and perhaps american interest where ever they can. Remember Georgia and S.E. Asia(was it indonesia or thailand?)

  27. jimmy says:

    What i don’t understand from this episode is why would a few lebanese jeopardise decades of friendship/ hospitality / great opportunity why? Nigeria is going to maintain good relationsships with Israel regardless of whether we have a Muslim Northern (Yaradua rip) or a Christian (Goodluck) because they don’t preach to us. So for Iran to plot anything in Nigeria will be a lose- lose situation .Anyway REGARDLESS of the admittedly poor condition of the anti TANK and other missiles, THIS IS THE SECOND TIME and whom ever is behind it should pay a severe price.

  28. Manny Aydel says:

    Aljazeera is not a privately-owned TV station. It is owned by the State of Qatar and this country and the motley of small Gulf states (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Bahrain etc) aim to replace the big Arab states like Egypt, Libya, Syria etc (in terms of power projection, diplomacy and prestige) that have been engulfed in insurrection. Indeed, if you closely analysed Aljazeera broadcasts during the so-called Arab Spring, you would have noticed that the station is a veritable tool in the hands of the Gulf states to attempt the achievement of this objective. Nigeria has to watch the station closely! It is better to give more room to Central Chinese TV (CCTV), in the absence of our empowering Channels TV rather than give Aljazeera a free reign.

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