An OCEA FPB72 Mk.II patrol craft seen here undergoing trials in France, last year. The Nigerian Navy commissioned three units of this vessel, alongside two additional units of Shaldag Fast Attack Craft in February, 2013.



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  1. makanaky says:

    Beegeagle tentatively when are the OPV coming ? i am becoming impatient and tired of waiting.
    I know it takes at least 2yrs to build such ocean going vessel.
    They should come and start saturating our water ways.

    • jimmy says:

      Try three / 4 years with a fully trained crew .This i believe was the time for ARADU. however ARADU is a much bigger ship i.e frigate..This opv will however be Nigeria’s first HIGH TECH OPV so even when it is ready the crew 50 -100 + will then have to travel to China , to train . and in the interests of political sensibilities bring the opv home.
      As the ITALIANS say” patienza ” till 2015/ 2016.
      most likely though knowing the Chinese and my fellow Nigerians who see the significance of this I PREDICT this ship will sail into NIGERIAN waters 2015.9note the M.O.U..was signed 2012

      • Solorex says:

        Most likely the last quarter of 2014 or early 2015, Ship building is more hitec than it use to be back in the early 80’s when Aradu was built, The Chinese yards would use prefab sections,so several sections would be built simultaneously (in separate areas of the yard) and assembled together in stages. More-so, it is an already modeled ship ( PN18 type has been built before-once built to specs, it would behave as predicted) Also, training is now largely modular and structured to be type specific(no longer craft specific) and you might actually not see 50+ going out at once to Chinese naval academy.

        Major source of Delay might actually be the armament integration( fire control system,radars,sensors e.t.c;We are still in the dark as to how well these ships are intended to be armed); this is because NN would most likely have demanded Western type systems( since this is the only once they are used to) which is most likely going to be installed by a third party (possibly in a third country).

        If the ships will carry Missiles, we will most likely see either an Exocet or Otomat than an C803/C802.

  2. ifiok umoeka says:

    I doubt exocet. I think teseo mk2a (latest otomat variant), kh-35, C-802, RBS-15, before exocet comes to mind. The C-803 would be the coolest. It supersonic and is in use on pakistani subs while the 3m54 klub (ss27 sizzler) would be better

  3. Spirit says:

    I think it will be the Ottomat (as it is on Aradu) since we are more familiar with it. I would also preffer the C802.

  4. beegeagle says:

    Our major platforms actually carry both Otomat and Exocet in equal numbers. The Combattante IIIBs came with Exocets while the Lurssen FPB 57s came with Otomats.

  5. gbash10 says:

    Our new OPV from China should be armed with the YJ-82/C-802 Antiship cruise missile instead of the Otomat or the inefficient Exocet,ask the Argentines their experience with the Exocet fuse during the Falkland/Malvinas War from 3rd April-14th June,1982.They could have caused unbearable lost to ships and crew of the Royal Navy Task Force. Are you surprised,the Exocet on the NNS Aradu might not be good as well! We need the Chinese or the Isreali Jerico AshM onboard our ships.

  6. beegeagle says:

    Roger that, Oga Gbash10.

    I do not know how to say this with a greater degree of calrity but the sheer accuracy and deadliness of the C802/C803 which, even Thailand, Algeria and Indonesia are hustling to acquire as we write this, makes them ‘gifts on a platter’ for the takers. What is the range of the C803, gentlemen…like 250 kilometres? How does any Otomat or Exocet match that, not to mention the 97% kill ratio? Does the awesome Yakhont AShM hit more accurately?

    In my quiet moments, I have thought to myself that given the chance, I would install a simple but lethal shore battery comprised of a 130mm long-range gun, a 107mm MRL and a two-cell C802 SSM luancher(a C803 costs $800,000) at each of our coastal radar stations.

  7. Solorex says:

    C802/803 is great but most unlikely, all the countries using C803 have an history of Chinese origin stuffs (Radars,Guns Et al) and have a large support base built over the years for this purpose ;however, C803/803 are well advertised missiles but untested in real combat situation, resistance to ECM,jamming and other desirable abilities are unproven beyond choreographed test. Also, the ships will have to come with Chinese origin control system ( i am not sure that the data link is standardized to communicate with much desired western origin seekers and FCS). This is most unlikely-the burden of total retraining and personnel re-adaption will discourage the navy.

    The greatest value of the C803 are: the apparent mach 2 speed at final stage,Mid course correction from aircraft or operator possible(re-targeting after firing), randomly self programmed maneuvers at the terminal phase of target approach and use of combined seekers(good ECM resistance) and the fact that its cheaper than counterpart of similar range.

    However, C802/803 does not have secondary use capability. like recent Exocets and Otomats does, it cannot double as a good LACM, due to its high speed, it cannot hug terrains and is constraint to fly a trajectory for good part of its journey making it vulnerable to been shot down(theoretically) when used for land attack. The extended range is of no good use except the Navy will install OTH radars of such range( cost/complexity will make this most unlikely), else navy will need specialized aircraft(even more cost) to make use of that long range advantage

    New block 3 Exocet are nearly maintenance free,evolved,can double as Land attack cruise missiles with same deadly sea kill capacity and can practically carry any required seeker. it also has better stealth characteristics than C802/803 (stealth serves better than speed or range), Block 4 Otomat are even better.

  8. gbash10 says:

    From my earlier comment,I actually meant the Isreali-built Gabriel IV/V Anti-ship Cruise missiles instead of the Jerico which is an intermediate range ballistic missile,IRBM.
    @Solorex,are you aware that the Chinese developed the C-802/C-803/YJ-8/CSS-N-4 Sardine from the Exocet and Harpoon subsonic Anti-ship missiles?
    The chinese can still develop these missiles to have dual use just as the Exocet and Otomat have both evolved.
    The Nigerian Navy,NN,will continue to train and retrain her sailors and officers in other to transform into a 21st Century Blue-Water Navy fighting force,no matter where the equipments come from.
    Note that most chinese weapons and equipments are clone or reverse-engineered from Western and Russian defence materiale with chinese improvement.Check out the C-602 a derivative of the RGM-109 Tomahawk/MRASM;and HN-1,2&3 family of air launch anti-ship cruises which are analogues to the U.S. BMG-109 Tomahawk,etc.
    @Gen Beeg,the C-802/C-803 AshM can not be compared with the Kh-61 Oniks/Yakhont/SS-N-26 Stallion in terms of accuracy in the sense that the Yakhont has an advanced Granit-Elektron seeker which is a digital monopulse which has dual mode,active and passive antiradiation homing capability,this means it can homing on a ship’s radar emmissions on the passive mode or active mode, if the ship’s radar is turn off by homing on the reflected radar energy from the targeted ship being painted an attacking ship or aircraft,where as the C-802/803 use active radar seeker.
    The Yakhont missile is said to be resistant to chaff and a number of angle/range deception jamming techniques.
    Great Patroit, please check-out the latest Isreali-built Gabriel IV&V,and the Russian-built Raduga 3M82/kh-41 Moskit MVE/SS-N-22 Sunburn Anti-ship cruise missiles.
    These are the kind of lethal anti-ship cruise missiles the NN should be craving to have in their inventory,ONWARD TOGETHER!

  9. ifiok umoeka says:

    I was just thinkin how to integrate an IRBM in an 1800ton OPV ie after you gotten the Israelis to par with it. Better the gabriel. Lol. Well, the 802 is a great descendant of the styx (grew to become silkworms used in the gulf) while the 803 is supersonic version of the 802 influence kh55/as15kent, kh 15/as 16kickback, kh 31/ as 17 krypton families. Moreover, the 803 cruises at subsonic speed(so it does terrain following) and goes supersonic @ terminal stage. However, it has only been bought by pakistan for her subs and that speaks volumes. The sunburn is a monster but why put this in a toy ship(u don’t honestly consider an OPV a war ship)? Either we get FFG and or DDG(with proper self defense sys) class ships or get FAC and load them for hit and run within shore based air cover. Leave the OPV to patrol our EEZ and perhaps hunt subs. Thus, the 802,kh35etc are good enough

  10. Manny Aydel says:

    Generals, I haven’t heard of aspide or seacat missiles which the NN is also quite familiar with. Are they out of manufacture or obsolette? Aren’t we discussing surface-to-air capability as well?

    • ifiok umoeka says:

      Actually, we are talking anti ship though solorex prefers one with a secondary land attack capability(which makes sense). As for the seacats are museum piece and the aspides would need extensive modification to it guidance sys and rockets motor. As we all prefer non america (the ESSM would have great), I’d go for the barak 1 & 2 from Israel, the navalized buk/shtil 1 (sa 17 grizzly) or it chinese copy(HQ16a/ly80) and kashtan, kinzal (sa 15 gaunlet) or the chinese FK1000/LD 2000. It would be quite interesting to see if the russians will navalize their pantsir/sa 22 greyhound. I hope we could get us one of those. But these are pretty serious and expensive stuff (cheaper than a lost ship though) as u’d need to integrate them to the ships fire control sys and radar. Its interesting what the south africans have on their valour class meko 200s, even the finnish have them on their halima FACM, the umkhonto, seems it pretty tight as brazil, algeria, sweden etc are lining up to buy

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