Brigadier General Chris Olukolade
Director, Defence Information

1 June, 2013

THE Defence Headquarters has described life in the captured camps of the terrorists as dirty. A statement issued Saturday by the Director of Defence Information, Brigadier General AC Olukolade, said that troops have continued to stumble on strange and bizarre objects, including used and unused condoms, charms and amulets of various shapes in the camps deserted by the Boko Haram sect. Other common items usually found in the rubbles of most of the destroyed camps, according to him, are syringes, test tubes and hand gloves.

“Apart from chemicals and materials for
producing Improvised Explosive Devices
(IED), Kayode said, narcotics of all types
are also found to be common features
as troops combed through camps in
Sambisa forest, New Marte, and others. “Vehicles and various brands of electronics believed to have been stolen
from various parts of the country were
also found abandoned or destroyed in
the camps or the escape routes of the
insurgents. Most of these items were either destroyed or set on fire as the
terrorists fled in different directions.”

Meanwhile, Olukayode disclosed that
DHQ Assessment teams have been
drafted to Yobe and Adamawa States to update reports on the conduct of security operations in those states since
deployment of troops in line with the State of Emergency. The outcome, according to him,“will also be presented for DHQ’s further strategic guidelines for the subsequent phase of the operations.

“The Defence Headquarters has noted
the dissemination through the channels
of Aljazeera Television reports alleging
massive civilian casualties in the ongoing security operations. It wishes
to point out that the video clip being shown on these Aljazeera reports has no bearing whatsoever on the current
reality in the operations areas. It is
noted in particular that the footage
being referred to as civilian casualties
were actually pictures of the destruction perpetrated by the terrorists at the police stations and prisons in Bama Borno State on 7 May 2013, when the insurgents attacked the town.

“It is equally noteworthy that all the
soldiers participating in the Special
Operations have remained restricted to
operational areas since the mission
started and could not have been
available to grant the purported interview shown on the clips. “Besides, the identity attributed to the interviewee is therefore doubtful. It is
noteworthy that the Defence Headquarters had earlier alerted the
public on the desperate attempts being
made or put together to discredit the ongoing well-planned security
operations. It is unfortunate that the
medium of Aljazeera is again being
used for this unfortunate design.

“Thus DHQ once again affirms that there
has been no collateral damage to civilian lives and property in the scale
presented by Aljazeera since the
operation began. The unfair report is,
therefore, to be discountenanced as part of the mischief aimed at undermining Nigeria’s security, territorial integrity and sovereignty by some foreign media and individuals.”


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  1. triqqah says:

    Condoms, syringe, narcotin … This shows the world that this people are not religious fanatics but brainwashed jobless individuals. Those charms didn’t do them much good. I wonder what good Aljazeera will get if they tarnish the image of the country and undermine the efforts of this Op. I had always held Aljazeera on high esteem due to their daring journalism and reporting methods but now I’m not so sure.

  2. G8T Nigeria says:

    Alast, we re responding to these foriegn town cryers who re bent on discrediting our beloved Nation. Some of us have noted strongly ajazerra and its likes on thier mission to blackmail us. Criticism Is far welcomed in a modern world but not in this dimension and we must tell them better how our stories goes. Ajazerra cook up stories time after time against the Nigeria forces and no one ever bothered why dey dont also show the killings done by mental retarded boko haramist, why dont we see documentary of chopped up heads or the condition of victims rather its all abt the nigeria forces killing civilians. I never saw these media campaign during the invasion of libya or iraq and one wonders in the midst of this successful operation what does ajazeera seek to gain. I think the very language they understand in literal world is legitimate agression. SEND THEM PARKING. When dis is done others will adjust then make consultations first bfore going on air with stories, videos created and wired from terrorists directly. This is just one thing obj did not tolerate from CNN.

  3. Spirit says:

    So much for the ver sinfull ‘western civilisation@ and the ‘great satan’ propaganda.

    Lying hypocites!

  4. Anas says:

    Na so conji dey hold extremist? Looool imagine individuals that r claimin to fight for God are busy doin things that run contrary to his teachins SMh and secondly we need footages from d frontline to counter d tale by moonlight by yvonne ndege n her gangs in al jazeera, al jazeera hs rly dissapointed those of us who see them as an alternative to d mainstream media

  5. Spirit says:

    DDI, I beg nail them with a video footage!

  6. beegeagle says:

    Dis wan don pass ‘congeal’. Na ‘accumu’. Who sabi wetin dem dey strafe…donkeys? Women dey dem camp? 🙂

  7. Blackrev says:

    Am still not satisfied with this reaction. Go to yvonne’s twitter account and see how some Nigerians are praising her for her brave effort. ‘and you know i warned that majority of Nigerians are ignorant and gullible’.
    Jonathan need’s to man up and let these people know they have to right to cause confusion in the name of ‘freedom of press’.
    Aljazeera has to go so as to send a message to SR and the rest.

    • igbi says:

      There are a lot of lessons we could learn from Algeria:
      white media doesn’t like us because we are the biggest black country on earth and we are destined to stand on the same level with the superpowers.
      arab media doesn’t like us because we are secular.
      in this context, why are we accepting foreign journalists to have audience in Nigeria ?
      Democracy doesn’t mean stupidity !
      Many countries in this world (including in Africa) what Nigeria to be destroyed. Some would be verry happy if a genocide kills more than half of us. So why do we tend to trust them so much ? Why can’t we be proactif ?
      A little background check on aljazeera would have told us never to let them in.

      • igbi says:

        Many countries in this world (including in Africa) want (not “what”) Nigeria to be destroyed.

  8. Colonel says:

    I really would encourage beegeagle bloggers to engage some of these lies being peddled by people like jon campbell and yvonne Ndege etc in their tweet pages or wherever they pop up. It is quite clear that army DDI is not countering these people articulately enough.

    Kenya is engaging Al shabab and having “collateral damage” to innocent somalis in kenya and somalia as well…i don’t hear the western press going apeshit about it.

    I don’t know how well developed Nigeria army or DDI’s psych ops department is, but they really have to improve in their ability to wage internet wars against people who are bent on giving Nigeria or Nigeria army a bad image…
    As Chinua Achebe said, if u don’t like the story told about u by others, tell it yourself…

  9. Tope says:

    I tink the DDI should do what the French Legionnairres and Special Forces did in the Invasion for Mali, they showed their Weapons, DDI should alert all media houses from TV to Newspapers to Carry a 1 month long Media Backlash against how Foreign Media Tell Stories on Nigeria, im nt saying no one has the right to criticise but be balanced and speak the truth.

    Al Jazeera has Joined BBC, Sahara Reporters, CNN to give fake news its such a Sad tale, DDI should engage very influential Cool headed Nigerians to start a campaign to understand the Threat Nigeria is facing and to Actively respond to them, HRW and co keep making Fake Videos well its time to play Psy-Ops on their Cable and trust me they wont want Backlash all Nigeria has to do is Talk to each Media’s Govt and dey will face pressure.

    Except Nigeria has become a Battleground for “Who Covers the News First” both East and West want to create their own Spinoff, DDI should maintain Daily Sitreps wit Frontline Image and even an Operation in Progress it would shut them up Forever.

  10. G8T Nigeria says:

    Its interesting to hear condoms scattered all over the place.i guess there were some form of rehearsals in anticipation of meeting HEAVENLY VIRGINS. @ colonel i concur, it is a matter of national security for DDI to engage in media warfare not being the one responding all the time. That places us on the defense. Post so many videos on social media showing violent crimes, (including this latest discovery of condoms) of BH activities. Come to think of it, a soldier well engage in front line battle in an emergency combat operation leaves his post and travel back to town meets yvonne Ndege for an interview. this is a very big slap and a total mockery of this present operation. The following questions belies the very motive-
    1. Was ajazerra looking to recruit an insider and for what purpose.
    2. Did they confirm the authenticity of the acclaimed soldier’s identity.
    3. Did the pictures shown confirms the acclaimed soldier’s position.
    4. Did ajazerra call on to Nigerian forces for their own side of the story which is in line with global best press practises before going on air. NA WOW O

  11. Solorex says:

    When you leave an adequate reporting of your own actions in conflict zones to international news organization, they would adequately emphasize and report the portion that sells well-namely human right right abuses,your perceived errors,your misdeeds…

    Aljazera spends good money to get news and won’t support you except doing so has good audience appeal, if it takes murdering your image before the international community to get good audience,they ill do it, its another form of professional responsibility- the one that guarantees their global relevance and financial survival.

    The Fault stay solely with DHQ. The world has moved beyond the era of stern looking general giving periodic press conferences and releasing choreographed interviews. DHQ needs to have its own people in the free press world(a portion of US press loyal to Pres. Bush convinced Americans Saddam had WMDs and technically fueled the 2nd Gulf war, even when there was none- this is how powerful the independent press can be in the hand of a discerning government,albeit a lying one )

    DHQ and FG must make local reporters fall I love with them and have a subtle Socio-Political pressure points for a limited consensual control of independent press,We are Nigerian and we are used to believing nice looking newscaster from independent TV stations than Well manicured soldiers. The Soldier in question should not be difficult to identify;too much info has been provided. Finally, FG needs to wake up,NTA has poor picture quality,monotonous programming and disdainful to an average viewer, it would have closed down were it a private station! The propaganda is an important path of the operations, it needs to be taken to International news channels by all means possible, we need to see sensational clips on you tube and Vimeo. We need to see well finished interviews with liberated captives and touching stories of individual soldiers that risked their life to combat terrorism.

    FG needs to be the one driving the news not Aljazera!

  12. ifiok umoeka says:

    Col, tope, G8T and solorex, God bless u. We all get it, how DHQ can’t leaves me in wonderment. Gen Beegs and others including yours truely what been typing our thumbs numb saying this but these guys are obviously telling us that the Nigerian military do not recognize that battle fields are the media, the prize the heart and minds of people and that information is the weapon of choice. Does the NDA even have psychological warfare in the curriculum and how up to date is it?

  13. agee says:

    Permit me to digress a bit, was I the only 1 that didn’t see any real civilian looking casualties in the video by the “aljazeera spy” in the army? Except for the charred body every other one was that of people on camo, in relatively peace minna u dare not get caught on camo not to talk of in borno. And what would civilians be doing in a place like sambissa forest at a time like this? And lastly how possible is it for a soldier on an operation like this to leave the base camp without detection? Why wasn’t yvonne monitorred while in maiduguri?

  14. ifiok umoeka says:

    Agee, the point is not necessarily about the truth, in psychological warfare, perception in every thing. We all know that propaganda is mostly exaggerated or false but we have to counter it! Do you think that everyone has access to see and analyze the video like u? Is how the respond to this distorted piece of information important? U do the maths. If you can control what people hear and the decision they’ll take may affect you, then it’s important to address them to make sure that they hear urside b4 making their decision. Will everyone believe urside? No, but then u have people who will stay on ur side. The fewer enemies u have, the better. Just ask the Americans.

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