Chief of the Naval Staff, Vice Admiral DJ Ezeoba concludes a ship inspection mission at the NNS Delta in Warri, Nigeria


3 June, 2013

The Chief of Naval Staff, Vice Adm. Dele
Ezeoba on Monday called for
cooperation between African navies
towards benefiting from the abundant
wealth which the sea can provide for the
people of the continent. He said that there was need for application of political will by African leaders towards the realisation of this objective.

Ezeoba said that the sea occupies three
quarters of the earth and that the need to install relevant infrastructures would l
give Africa advantage in tapping into the unexplored resources of the sea for
national and continental development.
The Naval Chief said in an interview in
Johannesburg that it was important to have an enduring legal framework that
would allow African nations to interact
freely at sea. “This can help in building structures that will help the continent promote economic development,” the navy chief said.

“If we are able to enforce the legal
framework, it would allow for mutual
cooperation by way of training, joint training and exercises by ensuring
that we enforce the rights of innocent
passage as capture within framework of free navigation .

“All these will promote the economic
development of our continent and
ensuring that our maritime bases is safe
for other purposes,and that is the key for
economic development, and that is the
focus for the 21st century,’’ Ezeoba said.
He said the success in the promotion of
developmental initiatives cannot be
pursued in isolation.

“We must give room to working
together for the overall benefit all
countries in the continent, because that is what will be needed to create a safe
environment across the continent while
working within the framework of Sea Power for Africa agenda.

“Africa is the continent of hope and
Africa is the beckon of the future, we
have no choice than beginning to put
structure in place to ensure that we
optimally actualise these objectives.

“That is one of the plans we would be
consolidating because within the
framework of the sea power for Africa
which we are proposing, there is a platform for us to interact and cross fertile of ideas and develop a common platform in terms of strategies that will help us to further develop capacities.

“ What is important is that developing those capacities must be anchored on
synergy of effort and economic of
resources that will ensure that we
maximise the gains for our capabilities.“Knowing that there are some countries in Africa that have very limited capability to protect their maritime
base,’’ Ezeoba said.

In his contribution, South Africa’s Director of Naval Personnel, Adm.Asiel Kubo, who was present during interview, said cooperation between Nigerian and South African Navies was long overdue. He stressed that the African continent stands to benefit from the cooperation between the navies of the two countries.

“I think this is long overdue, I believe
that the cooperation between Nigeria and South Africa can actually help in the
development of the whole continent in
terms of the relationship between the
two countries and collaboration between all the countries in the continent.

“We are not pushing for Nigeria only, but we are pushing for the entire continent. But we all know that Nigeria is the powerhouse in the continent and just as South Africa is also emerging as a powerhouse in Africa, so if the two countries work together, I think the Africa will benefit immensely,’’ Kubo said.

Adm.Ezeoba is in South Africa to follow
up on the bilateral defence protocol
signed between Nigeria and South Africa during the State visit of President
Goodluck Jonathan to South Africa in May.


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BEEG EAGLE -perspectives of an opinionated Nigerian male with a keen interest in Geopolitics, Defence and Strategic Studies
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  1. Bola David says:

    Nice move…

  2. jimmy says:

    I am anxious to know the contents and the outcome of these BILATERAL AGREEMENTS Nigeria signed with South Africa. What is in it for Nigeria what is in it for South Africa..
    At the height of the yellow fever fiasco on this blog We talked about the positive way forward would be for both countries to cooperate especially on defence and oil issues, it appears that this is coming true.

  3. Colonel says:

    I don’t think south africa can ever be a reliable partner or friend to Nigeria. There is a lot of negative energy they tend to direct against Nigeria. I recently read about attacks on Nigerian citizens resident in SA.
    The Nigerian military must proceed with extreme caution…
    My 20.5 kobo on the matter.

  4. Yagazie says:

    Colonel- I agree with your sentiments. Nigeria and South Africa are in an unspoken competition to be the top-dog in Africa. However whilst there is undoubtably some tension in the relationship between the two countries, I don’t see why that should forclose the possibility of having some form of millitary co-operation between the two countries. Specifically – I would wish to see our Navy have naval excercises with specific emphasis on ASW operations – as for now South Africa is the only sub-saharan navy that operates submarines. When our Airforce obtains decent fourth generation fighters- then we could have Air excercise with the South Africans who operate the Saab-Grippen Fighter/Hawk jet trainers. I would also want our defence industry – DICON to see if it could work with the south african equivalent- DENEL or ARMSCOR? Then there is the question of shipbuilding- both countries could co-operate in this area as the South Africans have a decent shipbuilding capacity- SAS Drakensberg (a fleet replenishment vessel)- which is currently their biggest ship was built in Durban. If the likes of Eben are still around – then we could get some of the aparthied era members of the then SADF special forces (parabats, Koevoet etc) for millitary (bush) exercises. Not the present SANDF personnel please!- with all due respect.

  5. Tope says:

    @Colonel Well said but lets consider the logic behind this…..these two countries are the 2 biggest Economies on the Continent and have large populations and lots of buisness associations and assets.

    @jimmy for me i would think it will cover MRAPS for the Army, Refurbishing of OPVs and maybe submarine Warfare for the Navy and for the Airforce Drone Manufacturing etc.

  6. G8T Nigeria says:

    South Africa is playing the quiet game, insults Nigeria at will and push for friendship later on and we seem to forget all that have been happening to Nigerians both visiting and residing. A country who approved a local movie titled DISTRICT 9 with the name of our Ex President (Obasanjo) as the leader of a cannibal group labelled Nigerians. A country which described our reactions towards their vicious repatriation of Nigerians as KNEE JERK. A country which almost repatriated our respected Wole Soyinka for stupids reasons .A country which has spread venom of hatred against Nigeria in Africa. A country who supported Qaddafi and has contributed towards directing his lieutenants against Nigeria. A country who left our senate President without security (3rd citizen of Nigerian) during the 2013 nations cup. A country which finances own companies into the Nigerian market but places so many restrictions on Nigerians investors. SA is a great country but suddenly turned against Africa states in its quest for greatness after all the support giving to them. I do not expect them to worship Nigeria but they have not shown enough capacity to assist other African States. Painfully, White South Africans think they have done a lot to improve the nation and the blacks are only reeping from their intellectual skills but in Nigeria we used our wealth to the betterment of other African states and fought for their liberation. In Nigeria everything is black oriented and we carry the African spirit anytime any-day. I strongly disagree with any defence pact for now. Just an invitation to SA by Jacob Zuma is not enough to wipe out years of hidden activities to blackmail Nigeria.

    • EastMan says:

      Guy, I go buy you beer.

    • Donian007 says:

      When dealing with South Africa, Nigeria must be extra-cautious. They can’t be trusted, we must open an eye while we spend the night in their guest room. For now, I realy won’t support any defense pact, they don’t have a good intent towards Nigeria, history is a witness.

  7. ifiok umoeka says:

    G8T, I no go buy you beer but men, that was on point. It’s like US signing a defense pact with China after their new premier invites Obama to beijing! Does that mean that they don’t deal with each other? Both are amongst each others top trading partners with china gaining more (which the americans are always crying foul, though its their own fault). they even coop on defense(a few small scale exercise or so) but both know where each other’s interest lie. The real question is, does Nigeria know where her interest lies? Col, pls increase that to 50kobo

  8. ifiok umoeka says:

    May we not be so pressure to not know who our real friend and enemies are

  9. beegeagle says:

    Gentlemen, I doubt that this is a mutual defence treaty so betrayal ‘of that kind’ might not have a lot to do with this.

    The protocol itself could be about training, joint exercises, co-production and other things which have little to do with the geopolitical schemes which a lot of us have rightly alluded to.

    For one, I recall a 2006 encounter with then Brigadier General(later Major General) Frank Osokogu at what was then the Octopus Mess of the 3 Armoured Division. An easygoing man who seemed very impressed with our casual banter at the bar (same spot where I later met a similarly personable Colonel – now Major General – Ugo Buzugbe who was then Colonel-General Staff 3 Armoured Division and is now the Military Secretary), I was rather surprised to learn that General Osokogu had been on the Directing Staff of the apex South African Defence College. So those could be some of the areas of cooperation in the loop.

    Again, DCNS of France are trying to use SA as pivot for the production and sale of a low-cost(about $40 million) OPV with Africa as the target market. As we speak, South Africa’s KND Group are constructing a total of 17 metre interceptors and 24 metre patrol craft for the Nigerian Navy and the Nigeria Customs Service respectively. Personally, I would not be surprised to learn that Casspir and GILA MRAPs are mixed in somewhere in the medley.

    🙂 So I hope we are not imagining a mutual defence pact where SA are supposed to send troops for a joint foray and our own soldiers arrive first, the fighting gets very violent and our partners do not show up to lend a hand. I say so because the ‘spectre of betrayal’ looms large in the comments posted thus far.

    Lemme know what the particular misgivings are.

    • Colonel says:

      Oga Beeg, i think SA’s travails viz-a-viz Nigeria are self-evident…
      The counter against Nigeria on the Gaddafi-Libya issue.
      Sending warships off the coast of cote d’ivoire during the Gbagbo issue.
      The AU secretary-General imbroglio with Zuma’s wife-Dlamini.
      The vaccination issue and deportation of Nigerians..
      Xenophobia against Nigeria and murder of Nigerian citizens in Hillbrow.
      CAR intervention in Nigeria’s sphere of influence without consultations.
      Nations cup issue with Abacha.
      They say, by their works, u shall know them….Well…
      Irrespective, i think economic trade would be a better avenue for interaction. Even then, they shut Nigerian companies out of their own markets.
      So if we are looking for a strategic ally, it DEFINITELY IS NOT South Africa.
      My 50 kobo on the matter. Apologies @ ifiok umoeka

    • igbi says:

      If they build anything for us then we should check out for imbedded bugs.
      I don’t think any collaboration with South Africa can do us any good.
      Iran managed to do things on its own so why not us. We have more graduates than South Africa, we are a more vibrant nation than them, so we should be building things for them, not the other way round.
      Moreover southafricans hate us, this is not a joke.

  10. jimmy says:

    Sleep with one eye open

  11. G8T Nigeria says:

    oga beeg, South Africa needs Nigeria to lead other African states to boost their selective market strategy which will never have dominance but centered on quick cash transfer to their economy. This strategy is to capture the goal of their leadership over Africa states and thereafter push a solid drive for an open market for local products. Its good and such strategy plays on global stage but SA has gone too far to embarrass and undermine the Nigeria State and its citizens. They are not worthy of a friend by their works but surely an enemy who lie low when we react. We too need to improve our industrial complex and invite foreign collaborators for Joint Venture Initiatives not aiding an economy which loves to see the downfall of ours by its actions. Buying the Nigerian Oil seems to be the only thing noted. Malls, mtn, hotels and its DSTV operations only sweeps our cash with Nigerians working tirelessly for meager salaries. As much as i admire their national prowess in various fields, South Africa has never shown to be a true collaborator but an aggressive competitor who sees fellow Africans as their problems and foreigners as their allies. I strongly advice we stay clear until they behave quite responsibly enough to warrant our desire for stronger ties. The treatment of Nigerians like animals without food or water and repatriated them like criminals is still fresh in our memories. The pretense under ignorance is far from the truth as those SA immigration officers acted in accordance to directives. U WILL NEVER HEAR THEY WERE PUNISHED RATHER APPLAUDED.

  12. ifiok umoeka says:

    Oga col and G8T, I dey ur side. My oga Beegz, what happens if say we buy those license built opv and when we don’t agree on politics, they SA give the british treatment? They have never seen eye to eye with us on a matter. No one is saying that we shouldn’t coop with them, rather may we not jump in with our eyes closed and arms wide open as if we are family because we aren’t. What ever we do with them, we must balance it with the korean, chinese, russians, israelis, indians, pakistanis, brazilians, ukrainians, czech, poles and even swedes. Did I mention everyone? I’d rather love the algerians than deal with the south africans. They are too ungrateful and forgetful

    • igbi says:

      Brazil is a much better ally than South Africa. Brazil has a long history with Nigeria and many brazilians draw their roots to Nigeria. Nigerian religions are even booming in Brazil.
      So frankly, Brazil is more related to us than South Africa.

  13. Spirit says:

    My people,

    SA is an European country, located on african soil, who was greatly assisted by another big (but very naive) african country Nigeria but who sees that other african country (i.e nigeria) as a great impediment to its continental hegemonistic tendencies.

    The relationship betwen SA and Nigeria can be likened to that between a sophisticated Lagos boy and his not-so-sophisticated local cousin. The sophisticat is not too happy that other smaller boys in town preffer the cousin’s ‘DIALLOGUE’ approach to things (which they naturally feel more comfortable with) to his ‘I KNOW IT ALL’ attitude and is always looking for ways to humiliate the local but popular boy at every opportunity.

    I advise that we go to their house wearing armour under our Agbada and we refrain from eating when we get there. For we Nigerians see SA as our brother but they see us as……

    It has to do with the gene. Nigerias are generally accommodating while SA is Xenophobic, especially if the stranger/visitor is displaying any form of intelligence and biz accumen.

    Just like it has been said above, China and the USA can never really be bedmates for the foreseeable future, unless something drastic happens to change their orientation.

    I believe strongly we can learn a great deal from each other though. Nigeria can learn science/Tech from SA, and SA (if they are open minded) can learn about humaneness and leadership from Nigeria.

    Destiny has forced the two of us together. Nature has place great responsibilities on our shoulders. Let us put away this needless cut throat competition. we have a continent to lead and build.

    Thank you.

    • igbi says:

      We have more science graduates than South Africa. So no, we don’t have anything to learn from them. All we need to do is invest wisely on our science graduates.
      Please, let us look for real partners, not people who want our down fall.

  14. beegeagle says:

    :)Chai, you guys are just!!

  15. ifiok umoeka says:

    Need I remind us of amour piercing bullets or amour piercing fin stabilized discarding sabot APFSDS? They kill tanks

  16. ifiok umoeka says:

    Need I remind us of amour piercing bullets or amour piercing fin stabilized discarding sabot APFSDS? They kill tanks. They black south africans are almost as racist as the white ones, they just call it xenophobia and not racism

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