Nigerian Army Special Forces commando

Nigerian Army Special Forces commando

Nigerian Army Special Forces commando

Nigerian Army Special Forces commando


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  1. agee says:

    Please what do u guys think about the color of the bulletproof vest? I personally feel it should blend with his entire attire; black helmet, balaclava, black clothing, and black boots. The gun blends with the black too, which is nice, considering the brown parts in other photos: still looking nice though. God bless Nigeria

  2. makanaky says:

    I suppose the outfit worn will depend on the terrain, mission and intention ? for this purpose was just for the sake of photo which i think is just fine.

  3. Akin Oges says:

    Hard as nails !! I pray SF handlers will promptly include sidearms as part of their accoutrements. Looking fearsome anyhow.

  4. ifiok umoeka says:

    Can we get these guys a better rifle pls. I agree, black would be better even if its for foto shots. Add webbing for his pouch, knife and backpack and we’ll all have new screen savers. Even BH will download it

    • kenee2k says:

      Ifiok i agree with you 100% when are we going to abandon this old technology and move on. The AK47 is outdated and not what special forces should be using, understand the effective range of the AK47 is 300 metres.

      Consider the effective range of the M16, 500 metres or the more robust HK416 & SCAR F16, which exceeds 550 metres and if you go for the higher caliber 17s you move effective range extends to 700 metres a huge advantage.

      The bullpup Tavor which our paratroopers use is an excellent weapon with an effective range of 550 metres, very robust as well.

      The idea that the AK47 is the most robust and toughest assault rifle just doesn’t cut it any more, it might be the cheapest, and readily available by all comers.

      • Henry says:

        I don’t think the army is going to dump these AK-47’s soon. As you can see in the photos, even their special forces use them.

        Special forces wear webbings. However this is just a routine patrol.

      • tim says:

        Who would you want to be aim and shoot, beyond 300m? Get a sniper for that……. The truth is that our security forces like the ak47 becos it has stopping power, and just not jump about like the fn fal,which uses the 7.62nato…….. Try shooting a fn fal in auto to understand my point, that shit can’t be controlled…..5.56 is called groundnut round or catapault by our security forces…..which is what the fn fnc uses, M16 series. Korean made K2 uses….. I believe if you give a nigerian soldier a M16 and AK47, they will choose the AK.

    • tim says:

      But really I think they should dump the AK47, there are better and more modern FN and HK series in 7.62 out there, I think the HK417, but these guns are too expensive, but at least our SF could use that.

  5. Tope says:

    Dump the Ak-47 u say? I dnt quite agree with you…..As long as the Theatre of Play involves insurgents with same Weapon and Ammo then it would be wise to use such…..the Army Rations its Ammmo so where do you expect a SF or Soldier to get Ammo once it finishes? And they are in Close Quarter Combat what do they do then? Abort? Nah i think what can happen is Get the Ak-103 and mix of Tavors and HKs with Laser Guided pinpoints for accuracy while traditional Ak-47s remain in p lay. But SF do need Firearms and a Desert Eagle with Suppressors will be wonderful.

  6. ifiok umoeka says:

    The AK has a longer range but the issue is accuracy that’s why its a battle/assault rifle. However, when u’re operation in a built up place, u can’t afford to much collateral damage. We do need to have a better standard rifle. Come to think of it, I’ve never seen our boys with the korean k2, belgian FNC or the italian AR 70/90 we have! Theses are better than the venerable 47 in terms of accuracy and weight

  7. kenee2k says:

    The component that gives over-riding advantage is Accuracy, and when you are talking special forces accuracy is the defining factor.

    Tim as it concerns the 5.56mm round is deadly, it causes more flesh internal damage than an AK round that might go clean right through you, also the Ak loses velocity over distance hence its effective range is 300 metres, no insult but those guys calling the 5.56 peanuts don’t have a clue,

    In battle conditions adrenalin flowing, bullets whistling over head and limited time to take aim the more accurate weapon will save your life and win the day. It means in desert conditions with limited cover you will pick your enemy off like flies, at 500metres plus with an optic sight and I am not talking special forces just regular combatants.

    Furthermore the recoil on the HK416, SCAR 16, is very limited its accuracy is deadly, compared to the jolt an AK47, will give to you

    • tim says:

      Shoot an AK47 and a M16 into a tree. You will become a convert, after you see the different effects.

    • Russellinfinity says:

      Random shots of 5.56 will not stop an adrenaline filled or drug dazed combatant…been there, done that.
      However, well placed shots (any where in the upper torso, close to vital nerves or organs) will do the trick. With a 7.62, it’s a different story. 5.56 offers good accuracy thanks to reduced recoil and you can carry more rounds and magazines because of reduced weight.
      7.62 will stop an enemy combatant dead in his tracks thanks to more mass of the round. All these are at the expense of recoil, weight and errr…accuracy (over long distances that is).
      In the end, the G.I with the best training in weapons handling will come out alive – this is what counts the most.

  8. kenee2k says:

    Tope, that problem of AMMO, easily solved with the very robust, in fact stupendously tough and highly accurate Bushmaster ARC adaptive assault rifle. In mere minutes you can change the receiver and barrel to use the 7.62×39 ammo of the Ak, as well as the 5.56mm and the NATO 7.62X51mm and the Remington 6.8mm, ammunitions PROBLEM SOLVED.

  9. beegeagle says:

    JOKES APART, the AK47 outclasses the M16 – be it stopping power, durability or reliability. US Vietnam vets noted that the enemy could bury their weapons in mud, saline water or brackish and even after three days, the AK would spill lead at the first pull of the trigger. AK47 rifles almost never jam, unlike the M16.

    Dispassionate US assessors would probably tell you for free that the M16 is second best.

    Lemme say this again. At some point and given the expected predatory instinct of a SF commando, chances are that in any theatre where he finds himself, if he has to prey on his enemy’s ammo, chances are that 90% of the enemy rifles and ammo he shall find would be AK47 specs.

    Now, critically assess this. Nigerian forces are today deployed in Niger, Mali, Sudan and NE Nigeria and these are all areas where MUJAO, JEM, Ansar Dine, AQIM and BH insurgents operate. Assume that the soldier ran out of ammo and was marooned behind enemy lines. If he had three slugs in his banana clip and precisely gunned down two enemy combatants on his way back to his lines in any of these theatres, there is a 95% chance that he would simply pocket their ammo and move on BECAUSE they would almost certainly be carrying an AK47 rifle. That is the survivalist strategy which methinks underpins the seeming inability to dispose of the AK47.

    As we speak, even if our soldier stumbled across the body of a terrorist who died of his injuries in the desert, his rifle would almost certainly be an AK47. That means a free ammo reload opportunity on the spot.

  10. beegeagle says:

    Those are possible reasons why the AK appears to be a non-mover as far as NA duty goes.

    So we can actually switch to a more complete and predatory variant of the AK47 such as this

    (credit: AK47 Modified)

    This one’s too tight. Think about it, NA. We can keep this as our first choice and have the F2000 or TAR 21 to complement them. 10,000 units of this for SF and CTCOIN taskforces while we grab 2,000 units of the F2000 or the Tavor for SF.

    • tim says:

      I have actually seen a mpol blue beret in the niger delta……with this rifle, minus the sight and torch light.

  11. asorockweb says:

    I believe the reasons the NA sticks with the AK are reliability, standardization and budgeting.
    It’s easy for other services to equip there SFs with exotic rifles – they only have to buy a handful.
    IF the NA’s capital budget for the year is only $500,000,000, the question becomes, do they spend that on a new rifle or on other stuff that they don’t have (like helicopters, body-armor, MRAPs, IFVs, APC, SAMs, COM gear, kit, etc). NA has tons of rifles – budgeting wise, it hard to justify the cost of a new rifle for the NA – there are more pressing issues that are screaming to be addressed.

  12. beegeagle says:

    Hmn..on a personal note what do you think of this modified AK47 above?

    • asorockweb says:

      The rifle looks good for civilians, Para-military, and SFs.

      It’s great if you only do combat for 10 minutes a day, once a month – that way, you can go back home and fix all the parts you broke.
      The flaps on the sight looks like a liability during heavy combat.
      Imagine if the NA took that rifle to Liberia/sierra-Leone; after six months of combat, how will it look? 🙂

    • Russellinfinity says:

      Good looking and maybe lighter than the regular AK47. I don’t know the effect the redesigned muzzle break will have…better effective range i guess.

      However, I don’t see the Army changing the AK47 anytime soon. (I am not down with the idea either) because of cost implications in manufacturing and training. The best that can happen is modifying existing stocks in service using conversion kits. All wooden parts (hand guard, pistol grip and butt stock) should be replaced with parts made from military grade plastic polymer. This will go a long way in reducing weight and improving the overall handling of the weapon.

      The area around the hand guard should have picatini rails for mounting accessories like fore grip, telescopic sights, search light, tripod stand etc. These addons increase weight though.
      As for the internals (gas piston, firing pin, dis connector pin, etc. leave ’em alone.

      PS: Give me that 7.62 ammo any day.

  13. ifiok umoeka says:

    Friends, there’s a reason why NATO and Warsaw pact switched to 5.56mm and 5.45mm respectively. they are both lighter than the 7.62mm. U can carry more round b/c they are smaller and lighter. They different designs make for those that will kill and those that would cause irreparable damage tying down units of the wounded. Since the south east aisan emergencies of the 50s to 70s, it was determined that effective combat seldom took place beyond 500m and if you want to hit farther accurately, get a sniper rifle! I’m not against or for the 5.56 or the 7.62. Both have their merits and demerits. If we want to stick with the 7.62 then get a better rifle which is lighter, more balanced and ambidextrous yet reliable (the IMI galil (and ACE variant) an ak47 derivative is certainly more reliable, yet more accurate ). Guess what, it accepts the AK Clip, not just the armo. I am not advocating the m16 either as the M4 is used by the US amd allies with good effect. If we want an AK product, then let’s look at the 100 series or the 12 or get the serb version influence by the R4 (south african version of the galil)

    • ifiok umoeka says:

      Laser doesn’t necessarily make a weapon more accurate, the design of the barrel and more importantly the recoil is what makes for accuracy

    • ifiok umoeka says:

      Gen beegs, it looks kool and I think that its the AK 103. I saw pics of Russian spetnaz armed with this variant complete with minilite during the 2008 war with Georgia

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