NIGERIA, Maiduguri : Nigerian soldiers
patrol in the north of Borno state close to a Islamist extremist group Boko Haram former camp on June 5, 2013 near Maiduguri. Nigeria’s military yesterday disclosed details of its offensive against Islamist militants, describing a series of events that saw insurgents take control of a remote area before being pushed out by soldiers. AFP PHOTO / Quentin

NIGERIA, Maiduguri : Nigerian police part of the joint forces in Borno state patrol in Maiduguri on June 5, 2013. Nigeria’s military yesterday disclosed details of its offensive against Islamist militants,describing a series of events that saw insurgents take control of a remote area before being pushed out by soldiers. AFP PHOTO / Quentin Leboucher


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  1. beegeagle says:

    That is an armoured Landrover vehicle in use right there by the Police.

  2. Originalpato says:

    The chap with the RPG sticking out of his kevlar vest in the 7th picture looks ridiculous. He might as well hold it in his hands like his colleague seated next to him.

  3. asorockweb says:

    Kitting requirements: goggles and facemasks – urgently needed for the police

  4. http://www.voanews.com/content/visit-to-boko-haram-zone-leaves-unanswered-questions/1677386.html

    Did you guys get to see the report NTA tried putting up on network news? it was pathetic to say the least compared to what the foreign media is doing

  5. Hussein says:

    Nice Imagery, the Land rover truck look like the ones used as pilot vehicle by the CBN for cash movement armoured with gun holes, front and rear hatch. Although the police do have some purchased during the Shagari regime but most of them where demobilized after the overthrow of the Shagari regime.

  6. beegeagle says:


    8 June, 2013
    By Senator Iroegbu

    The Defence Headquarters Friday condemned recent reports published in the New York Times alleging that the troops of the Special Forces deployed to enforce the state of emergency in some parts of the north have resorted to indiscriminate killing of innocent civilians.

    The Director of Defence Information (DDI), Brig-Gen. Chris Olukolade in a statement Friday night noted that the report with the title: “In Nigeria, ‘Killing People Without Asking Who they Are” is false and full of imaginary concoctions aimed to cause discontent amongst members of the public. Olukolade said the report dwelling on what it described as “atrocities being committed by the Nigerian military against innocent civilians”, sought to create in the minds of its readers an imaginary refugee situation in the area.

    “It quoted non-existent people, painted a picture of an army that cannot distinguish between the enemy and unarmed civilians; an army that turns its guns against the same people it is out to protect. This is certainly not the Nigerian Armed Forces and there is no killing of civilians in the on-going operation as New York Times desperately sought to portray.

    “Imbued with half-truths,unsubstantiated claims and outright misrepresentations, the report, as in some others carried by their fellows in certain media, strive in futility to demonise the ongoing operation in the North-east, all with the intention of bringing to disrepute, the character and professionalism of the Nigerian military and security agencies.”

    The Defence spokesman remarked that apart from the reference to its series of usually faceless sources, “there is so far no reasonable evidence of the allegations so zealously presented by the New York Times.”

    He added: “The claim that Nigerian refugees are pouring into Niger Republic despite the unambiguous rebuttal by the National Emergency Management Agency and the Borno State government is another pointer to the deliberate misrepresentation of facts by New York Times and its allies in the social media. “NEMA and the state government concerned have already addressed this issue in their separate statements on 28 May, 2013 published in the Daily Trust of 29 May and other media outlets in Nigeria.

    “Indeed, if the foreign media, propelled by whatever ulterior motive, have resolved to whip up resentment against our institutions, it is certainly not incumbent on any of our local media organisations in Nigeria to offer its platform for the orchestration of such mischief.

    “In the light of the foregoing, the Defence Headquarters acting in concert with the Ministry of Defence, wishes to alert Nigerians particularly our local media about this unfortunate tendency and trend in the foreign media. The need for Nigerian media to remain patriotic as they have demonstrated in their coverage of the operation so far is again reiterated.”

  7. beegeagle says:

    Precisely. These are the exact types used by MOPOL to escort Central Bank convoys moving large volumes of cash. My guess, given how vulnerable such convoys are, is that the level of protection offered by these armoured Landrovers is significant.

    Yes; they typically have two hatches in the roof and several firing ports on either sides.


    Ex-Royal Ulster Constabulary armoured Landrovers used for counterinsurgency operations in Northern Ireland


    • peccavi says:

      Known as Snatch Wagons. hot cramped pieces of shit, useful maybe in urban civil disorder but useless against an IED threat, or for mounted infantry

  8. beegeagle says:


    Gotta say that I was even more surprised to see that they took along the familiar Alvis Saxon APCs which the MOPOL use in Nigeria, to a high IED threat environment. One does recall that they featured in Northern Ireland though.


  9. EastMan says:

    Lovely pictures I must confess. The army is battle tested and ever ready to slug it out. The police too are catching up to the dancing steps.

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