Counterinsurgency troops at Baga

An Army Special Forces commando leads a squad of counterinsurgency troops in Borno

8 June, 2013

AS troops of Special Operation Forces
continue to hunt for fleeing Boko Haram
suspects whose training camps and
hideouts in Borno State were destroyed, the military Joint Task Force (JTF) in Maiduguri, has killed two suspected terrorists at Bama road Motor Park and Mafoni ward of the metropolis Thursday afternoon.

The suspects killed, according to an
eyewitness Friday, are Baba Goni and a
Boko Haram almirul (local leader) of
Mafoni ward in Maiduguri metropolis. He said: “The Mafoni Boko Haram almirul was captured and handed over to men of JTF on Thursday afternoon, as he had been terrorising us with hand guns hidden under his flowing gown. We took the decision of handing over this almirul to enable us live in peace here in Maiduguri.”

He continued: “We are fully cooperating
with soldiers patrolling this area to
ensure that our neighbours and other
residents that had fled return to their
respective houses and places of abode.”

At the Bama Road Motor Park, an official of the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) told The Guardian Thursday that Baba Goni was arrested by volunteer motor park workers, and handed over the suspects to security task force in the afternoon. While handing over Goni, a rifle, according to him, was also recovered from him, before he was whisked away by soldiers for interrogation to an undisclosed destination of Maiduguri.

Speaking on the separate incidents,
spokesman of JTF, Lt. Col. Sagir Musa,
said that residents of Maiduguri were
fully cooperating with men of security
task force by identifying the fleeing
Boko Haram suspects and the ones still living among them.

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  1. figss says:

    The drone build by Nigerian airforce engineers was a great thing to mavel at.Please we need to have the coverage on this blog. It was awesome

  2. beegeagle says:


    So wherever there is a communication blackout, it automatically implies that rights abuses are in the loop ? How do these folks reason? All of this just so that they can be allowed in there to do their perfidious and alarmist pro-terrorist stuff? Okay, ‘the prove us wrong’ scheme entailed in this has been detected already.

    Imagine these busybodies. Why should Nigerian taxpayers money be spent on detailing armed security personnel to drive them round the area of operations so that they compile their insidious and arbitrary stuff in their usual two-faced manner? Let them go in there by themselves. With a bit of luck, some of them are bound to get captured by terrorists. That way they learn to mind their business.

    These chaps always delude themselves into thinking that unscrupulous terrorists owe them any favours even as their abiding and unwavering characteristic is their common disdain for all things Western. But these rights groups and ‘amenable’ foreign journalists seem to imagine that if they carry the torch of terrorists and their sympathisers long enough through ‘favourable reports’, their ‘kindness’ would get repaid. That is simplistic.

    Let me assure you, that IF the most seemingly pro-terrorist journalists and human rights activists tarry long enough in areas which are prone to terror attacks, they would almost certainly be abducted by the same terrorists and their allies whose interests the journalists and so called activists are vigorously advancing with reports which are laden with anecdotal evidence.

    When that happens, it is these same ‘brutal Nigerian security forces’ who shall be called upon to facilitate the release of the authors of all these unverifiable reports.

    World history is replete with stories of Western journalists and activists who were deluded enough to think that they were friends with terrorists or had earned the respect of such terrorists in places like Palestine, Pakistan and Afghanistan, only for them to be abducted by those whose cause they fought for. Some have even been beheaded by terrorists in those countries. NOT EVEN AID WORKERS doing God’s work have been spared this sad treatment.

    But Western journalists and activists mostly never learn lessons, being so convinced that they are on a mission to save the “uncivilised corners of our world”. What they fail to realise is that those whose cause they think they are advancing actually constitute the greatest threats to them.

    So do not be surprised to learn that one foreign journalist or investigator got abducted while sounding out local people over purported abuses, their abductors haven been tipped off by the same “innocent civilians” who they THINK they have come to save from their own “abusive security forces” who happen to know the particular circumstances better than the foreigners. As these things go, “those who ride on the back of a tiger invariably end up in its stomach”. So let the dalliance with folly continue.

    All too often, people allow their permissive and libertarian persuasions to rule over their lives and this causes them to act and argue towards their favoured outcomes. How else do do we explain the fact that at a time when the Nigerian security forces should be overtly or covertly supported to root out the terrorists in our midst who have shown that they are not essentially interested in Nigerian causes alone(why else were Frenchmen captured in Cameroon or why have they been training with AQIM and their allies in Mali?), foreign journalists and ‘activists’ continue to provide an emotional soft-landing for clearly unscrupulous fellows whose operations threaten global peace?

    What is this fixation with seemingly making heroes of villains which foreign journalists and activists are so fond of? Seeing an ideological diehard who is willing to kill for his beliefs yet talking glibly about ‘poverty’ being the reason for the outrages which he commits?

    Truth is, neither Boko Haram nor Ansaru will form the Federal Government of Nigeria. Nor would any persons or groups which benefit from their antics be able to emerge at the top. Those who are opposed to them are in the majority. So if all the negative vibes are about creating a groundswell of support preparatory to an illegal regime change, the Western journalists and human rights activists who are playing cheerleader for Nigerian terrorists, need to give it a rest already. It is not going to happen. Instead, those who they are cheering on and making altruistic Robin Hoods of, are likelier to prey on them at the slightest opportunity.

    Eventhough one had not been born at the time that the Civil War ended, I THANK GOD that I am living through these times and with so much background knowledge to fall back on. We have read a LOT about the faithless antics of the global media and human rights NGOs in Nigeria’s conflict history. They seem to be every bit of what we read about them, ‘attacking the healer while the sore is allowed to fester’, just because they do not like our leaders and feel the need to continually embarrass them, while the truly evil ones who stalk the land get favourable media coverage?



    • Colonel says:

      Don’t mind those HYPOCRITICAL, clueless and brainless do-gooders like HRW, Jon Gambrell, Yvonne Ndege and Amnesty International. The fact remains that these sort of people see NOTHING good to report in or about Nigeria. They would make a bed of roses come out smelling like hydrogen sulphide. DDI and the Nigerian Army should STAND FAST.

      Do not give them any latitude or room to manoeuvre. MAINTAIN THE COMMUNICATIONS BLACKOUT. Control the narrative BY YOURSELF.If they want to go alone to the theatre of operations unescorted, well…Goodluck to them. And i hope they get kidnapped by BH.

  3. ifiok umoeka says:

    Bad men, u all. HRW kidnapped will read a great headline. Ha ha ha. Well, pls someone tell HRW that NA does not have the budget of the US and NATO and depends on this denial of service to conduct this ops. The people of the NE and Nigeria in general have suffered a lot more than denial of service an will put up with it for a while if this will give them a breather from BH

  4. G8T Nigeria says:

    Amnesty Intl kindly look for business in Syria, a palatable place where rights are well served on the negative. We solidly stand behind our govt on dis and the very people u claim to speak for have shown the greatest support for our troops. GOOD PEOPLE G8T NATION.

  5. igbi says:

    I know that human rights Watch is actually a tool of the US elite, it is their own version of “northern elders forum”. HRW is a politically motivated organization which has managed to make it self look like an organization that defends people all around the world. Actually it is an organization that has the US elite at its top. I wouldn’t be surprised if Amnesty International was a european twin of HRW.

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