Mi-35P with 30mms cannon on the starboard side(above) and Mi-24V with nose+mounted 23mm cannons

Mi-35P with 30mms cannon on the starboard side(above) and Mi-24V with nose-mounted 23mm cannons

Published on Friday, 07 June 2013
Written by Misbahu Bashir

Nigerian Air Force yesterday said it has resuscitated many of its aircraft using locally produced spare parts. The F-7 fighter jets based in Makurdi, Benue state and the Agusta 109 helicopters in Enugu, Enugu state were among the refurbished planes using locally made spare parts while the Alpha jets in Kainji, Niger state will have some of their parts produced locally.

The Air Force signed a Memorandum of Understanding with 14 tertiary and research institutions on research and development in Abuja. Chief of Standards and Evaluation Air Vice Marshal Sadiq Abubakar said during the event that the service has produced several aircraft parts locally in conjunction with institutions of higher learning thereby reducing dependence on foreign companies.

He said the Air Force has locally produced hydraulic diaphragms for its helicopters which were hitherto obtained from Russia and Ukraine. The new diaphragms can last for over 50 flying hours without replacement unlike the Russian made. “Now all our helicopters are flying,” he said.

He said the electrolytes of the F-7 fighter jets were produced by the air force in collaboration with the Benue State University while the cameras of the Agusta 109 helicopters that were dysfunctional have now been fabricated including the camera recorders.

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  1. beegeagle says:

    Gentlemen, someone who I do not know appears to be trying to interfere with the operations of Beegeagle’s Blog. Perhaps you now realise why my daily uploads have been somewhat late in coming today.

    Those who espouse free speech, openness and all such bits of empty sloganeering but who are at heart hypocrites are probably at it again. Remember when our Twitter account was suspended, only one day after it was opened?

    So on that occasion, we signalled our intention of shutting out all non-commenting members from readership and making threads open only to private viewing by commenting members. We additionally stated our intentions of migrating to a less obtrusive media hosting site in the Sino-Russian orbit where we planned to team up with the most antagonistic elements in that sphere. Within hours of that terse declaration, the suspended account miraculously came alive.

    Workers of iniquity are probably engineering their disingenious schemes yet again. So be vigilant.

    Again, it buttresses the need for the FG and in particular, our information and intelligence agencies to get involved in this mission from outside the shadows before our enemies prevail in their quest to continue their age-old and tyrannical monologues where they tell your story how they want it to be heard, unchallenged.

  2. beegeagle says:

    Congratulations to the NAF. Way to go.

  3. victt says:

    wow my dear country is moving forward

  4. Anas says:

    Woow nice one by d NAF

  5. Blackrev says:

    Oga beeg. Our enemies will continue to be confused as you continue to expose their incompetence. This goes to show how entrenched the western media is in our society. They want to control the information that goes in, out and around Nigeria. And it’s a very big concern as our government is so busy playing the good boy to international community ”no be sey them send wetin happen to Nigeria”. It worries me seriously because Nigeria is a deeply polarised country which is set to be the next stage for foreign media to start their destabilizing reports. And i keep repeating that these people keep feeding on the ignorance of many Nigerians. And it worries me a lot

  6. Saints says:

    Thanks for the heads up. I hope the newly signed MOU is the perfect way to go.. Now the nigerian experts, academicians an students can truly serve the nation without picking up arms.. I am hoping we one day find a way to indigenously repair the jaguar jets..any innovation is always welcome….

  7. Nnamdi says:

    Now we are doing the right thing. Oga Beeg, did you remember that just very recently I asked for info on efforts to make these things locally? It is the REAL possibilities hands-on professionals with the classroom and workshop trainings like me see that made me wonder why we can’t reverse-engineer, at the least, most of these things at year 2013! I believe that rocket science is only a mystery as long as the knowledge, will and use are not available, but not in clear case of current trends of knowledge pool, real and potential threats that we live in vis-a-vis scarce foreign exchange we use to acquire the equipments and unemployment challenges at home. We can do them and more importantly, we NEED to do them.

    Spare part fabrication is a good start, but we should be thinking of designing our own jet engines which we can contract foreign plants to manufacture for us. Missile guidance and control systems can be fully developed and manufactured at home. These are the about most critical aspects of any armory. Good but unfortunate examples are the SEPECAT Jaguars that have been forced into obsolescence because of parts, yet India keeps her squadrons of Jaguar flying by local parts fabrication. Now they are even planning total overhaul of the engines by replacing them with their own designed engines that are meant to drop-fit into the existing frame thereby extending their lifespan. What stops us from doing same thing? Is it for lack of right knowledge or not knowing where to make the fabrications or some undisclosed political/ diplomatic reasons? What stops us from studying local maintainability of the popularly proven and adequate Su-27 along this line of logic and if it meets certain cut-off average, we go ahead and get some squadron which we are sure that we can keep flying and upgrading as to suit our fantasies, not anymore of “mugu” list of every “toy” manufacturers? Then in the nearest future, we can have the experience and option of making design input into whatever variant of newest toy we desire to acquire.

    We should be in the Olympics of equipment development at 2013, not at its local children sports day. I am passionate about these because I know and see the possibilities clearly.

    In the mean time, kudos to those who know to do good and have started taking those bold but tiny staggering toddler’s step.

    Over and out.

  8. beegeagle says:

    Oga Nnamdi, someone once sent me an email address which he uses for the purpose of interacting with inventors and highly skilled persons such as yourself.

    Therefore, I shall send you an email address which you should use to fully itemise your proposed areas of intervention and your competencies. Goodluck as you do so.

    “Yarn well big men position am dia”

  9. Henry says:

    Haha, this is extremely great for us as a nation and our NAF in particular. Great!!!

  10. agee says:

    Gen. Beeg ever come across prof. John Dabiri a Bio-aeuronautics engineer at CALTECH?

    • wocon45 says:

      @ Oga agee, what about him?

      • agee says:

        He Has a bachelors degree in mechanical and aerospace engineering, Phd in Bioengineering: studied the motion of jelly fish and was able to understand the mystery of their motion, the US navy is said to b funding a research for the development of an underwater craft that use his mathematical model, which is supposed to use up less energy than existing options. Also modelled fish motion mathematically, when they move as a school to develop a software that helps with optimal placement of wind turbines, amongst other contributions to science and engineering.

    • beegeagle says:

      Dunno the man, Agee but he does great things apparently.

      This is a very familiar story apparently. So many patriotic Nigerian talents who only need encouragement to take our country even further yet we remain slow on the draw.

      This man could have volunteered to do stuff for us but trust our people. To some, he would be seen as a threat to their personal interest. At another level, he could have no godfather and at another level, some would suggest that he is a CIA mole and what next, the exasperated dude zooms off to places where value is attached to the talent which he embodies and it becomes Nigeria’s loss.

      Imagine what a man like this could have done for Nigeria in an advisory capacity at a time when we are building drones, patrol craft and APCs in Nigeria. Well, we have lost him to America as it stands.

      This was how Emmanuel Adebayor harried and worried in his quest to play for Nigeria. Unable to make a headway, he opted to play for Togo. His roots are in Ejigbo, Osun State.

      We really do not know encourage people in this country. Look at that guy with the bomb disposal robot post by Donspony – at a time when he are assailed by IEDs?When will our country learn to keep our best hands working for Nigeria? Let us hope that it is sooner than later.

  11. peccavi says:

    Good one NAF

  12. wocon45 says:

    “pre”,”pre”,”pre” praaaasie!!!!! the looooorrrrrrd! ….. 🙂

  13. Donspony says:

    In that case, here’s another person that might be of interest.
    This dude made a mini talon robot like the type used for bomb disposal and reconnaissance.
    Spoke to him a few times but so far no interest from the Government.

    Add tracks, bigger talon arms and all, you got a home made bomb disposal robot.

    • asorockweb says:

      Bros, well done.
      Suggestions: Bigger wheels – Nigerian roads/road-sides are uneven. The operator may need to be at least 200 meters from a road-side bomb.

      • Donspony says:

        Yes it is Made in Nigeria.
        The talon arm has some sort of hydraulics. He controls it from a Ground Control System with live video feed and the controller used looks like an RC controller (radio frequency).
        Another video of his got a video of an under vehicle inspection robot to replace the traditional micro on stick operation. Slap on a pan/tilt wide eyed lens camera with night vision/ thermal capabilities,chemical sensors, led lighting and you got a potential reconnaissance drone that can potentially do under vehicle/hard to reach inspections and applications in construction.

  14. Donian007 says:

    NAF! I hail oooh. Gens Beeg, Henry, Nnamdi, Tope, Tosin, n all, I C U.

  15. beegeagle says:

    Ask him to email me

    I shall point him to the appropriate quarters – just like we did for Oga Nnamdi

    🙂 Just responded to an email which makes me understand that we shall have cheery spotlight shed on our country in a bit. All too often, people dwell on negativity to the detriment to the many positive developments taking place around us.

    Thank God that some non-Nigerians see a half-filled cup like I do…not a half-empty one. Watch this space then.

    Also, we MIGHT be bringing you reports from a defence production facility in Nigeria in the days to come. Quite possibly so.

  16. eyimola says:

    The ability to maintain the F-7NI locally was a major selling point of their purchase. I am glad the strategy appears to b bearing fruit.

    • CHYDE says:

      Yes i agree with you @ eyimola, but can’t we still go for better options than the F-7NI? I am sure a similar arraignments can be made with the people that make MiG’s and even Sukhoi’s. My thinking is buy these planes in numbers over a period of time of course, import the first batch directly from the Mother company, then assemble the rest LOCALLY with the hope of passing knowledge to the buyers. I read somewhere that India has a similar agreement for the purchase of Rafale jets. Well the F-7NI maintenance thing isnt a bad start, but to me its a slow start. Its good that the Air force is now cooperating with Institutions of Higher learning, hopefully young brains can be put to work.

      • eyimola says:

        So far the only country that has transferred any sort of useful technology to a non western country is China.

      • CHYDE says:

        @ eyimola, may be you should search for the Russia-India relationship. The FGFA which is a version of the SU PAK FA is a joint venture between India ( a non western country) . I am not really satisfied with the F-7NI’s, what ever happened to the J-10’s, J-11’s and J-16’s. For me this would have been good starting points (since our govt seems to be shy as far as Russian products are concerned). I don’t know if you get my point, but the Chinese seem to be very willing and we have the Man power as far as the MOU between the Air force and higher institutions are concerned. While i was in Bauchi state some years back a man gave us the story of his brother who got a ‘pat on the back’ for innovation, he was able to fabricate a damaged part of one of their machines which would have cost the company a lot of money to import that said ‘part’ from Europe. We have what it takes but we seem to be too ‘slow’ for my liking

  17. giles says:

    dey try but we need more,cos as at now we ought to at least produce our own jet even if na trainer jet

  18. Solorex says:

    This is on of the greatest new to emanate form NAF in a long time concerning a sustainable future. NAF is ready to tap into civilian intellect ( by partnering with Higher institutions),though this is coming about some 30 years late, it is a very welcome ideas that has worked wonders in US, Brazil and Iran in particular and every where else in the world.

    However,there is a missing ingredient which is very necessary such that this baby will not be a still born. This is Civilian Funds and Managerial Ability ! FG cannot give out $10m for any defense related research, they have never done so in the history of this country, but there are individual defense companies and contractors that will partner with foreigners and bring in required funds once they are sure of the market. If MOD sends out a request for say 3000 APC’s (1000 for the police and 2000 for the rest of the military)with 40% Locally manufactured parts( the amouring plates,basic frames,ballistic screens,tyres) and assembled in Nigeria by indigenous company(55/45% ownership) that must have input of a local institution and foreign partners, backed by budgetary provision and appropriate laws ,for which proper delivery schedules(say to start in the next 5 years) have been set; Nigeria contractors would respond with professional greed and unbeatable zeal , funds would surface from banks,companies and individuals,several well funded partnership would be formed with foreign partners,local universities and we would be awash with prototypes begging to be chosen.

    We need to open up the defense R&D sector to the public like its done successfully in several countries. FGshould realize that successful model in technological sustainability (both military and civilian) is a fusion of civilian and military resources(both intellectual and financial)

  19. giles says:

    y not if it is made with good and quality materials

    • eyimola says:

      Nothing to do with the quality of the components im afraid. It takes a maintenance culture which we lack, attention to detail, health and safety legislation and decades or R&D. We have made a lot of progress over the last ten years, but we are way behind some of our contemporaries. A fighter Jet takes 10-25 years minimum from conception to acceptance testing, which is why the length of experience of the manufacturing organisation comes into play.

  20. blissful says:

    Ya i can remember vividly during the time of air marshal paul dike, a high ranking nigerìa air force chap of which i can’t remember saíd on tv that nigerians should expect their first locally made fighter jet by 2019. I think they are working towards that. Any way bravo ooo NAF

  21. EastMan says:

    Is this good news? Its over good to me ooo. More greese to them.

  22. gbash10 says:

    Great Patriots,i salute all of you today,the nextwork has really frustrated me for pass one week i could not open this blog on my phone,@Oga Optimusprime,congrat for the new born baby ooo!
    Nice to know that the NAF is now looking inward ,for the development of spare parts for her equipments,well people!

  23. Tope says:

    The NAF is Onpoint for this and please Bloggers if you know friends and Family who have done outstanding Work in terms of Aerodynamics please send details to Oga Beeg o!.

    Meanwhile i hope this MOU Extends to people in the Diaspora who have the necessary Qualifications.

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