A Nigerian Army Panhard VBL M11 scout car seen here stationed under a tree during a military patrol in Hausari village, near Maiduguri June 5, 2013.

Troops on patrol at a camp in Hausari from which militants where dislodged during the ongoing military offensive



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  1. Donian007 says:

    Yeah, I Still remember how I could identify the Scout car and Otokar Cobra when they’re approaching before having them on sight, during the Niger Delta militant surge at my grandma’s place in SE of Rivers State as a soldier is usually seen on top giving a thumbs-up signal to waving kids. Those days where the days I confirmed Nigerian Soldiers’ got guts.

  2. asorockweb says:

    The PANHARD VBL is a great choice for the NA.
    Whoever made the decision to buy them must be congratulated.
    With it’s compact nature, the VBL is great for the bush – wet or dry.
    Again, the size makes it ideal for Urban Warfare and the lesser logistical capabilities of the “Not-so-rich” Armies like the NA.

  3. beegeagle says:

    The FMG of General Babangida, an Armoured Corps officer it was which signed the contracts for an paid for the initial consignments of Panhard Sagaie AFVs and Panhard VBL scout cars.

    His predecessor in office, General Buhari, also of the Armoured Corps, placed the order for the Engesa EE9 Cascavel tank destroyers, EE11 Urutu APCs and the SBAT 70mm MRLs in an oil-for-arms swap with Brazil. Buhari’s FMG had already been toppled by the time that deliveries commenced.

  4. beegeagle says:

    Gentlemen, we are under siege yet again.

    This afternoon, I noticed that my control panel had a black borderline emplaced on it such that it has obscured several important icons which we use for the purpose of publishing.

    So the siege is probably still on but we remain undaunted. IF you suddenly do not hear from me, that is the problem…not BH. On a good day, I would be the one to give them the Judas Iscariot treatment – trust me. We have been on this citizen-led guerrilla journalism stuff for 3 years now and only those for whom we have deliberately let down our guard know what the rhythm behind this clandestine operation has been.

    So stop fretting about BH. We are the ones who they should be afraid of. Ask the strange fella who used to call from Borno until I threatened to detonate a remotely-controlled device in his face πŸ™‚

    So people, that is what is going on here o. Just in case you do not get to hear from us. I shall keep on trying though.

    • jimmy says:

      You are doing a very good job that is why some people are unwilling for the good news to be shared. it will not work there are too many generals that can help out if it ever comes to that let us know between MYSELF , DOZIEX HENRY AND PECCAVI OBIX we can help out i am sure these fellas WILL HELP OUT.

      • esquire says:

        General beeg, abeg jor, na lie dem talk. Bigbrovar is a web security specialist hook am up make una talk. This blog must continue. Long live Nigeria

    • Bigbrovar says:

      Oga beeg, some of us here are into the web security. If you ever need help. you know my email. πŸ™‚

  5. Obix says:

    Roger that, Beag one! The truth is on our side!

  6. Akin Oges says:

    Na lie them talk Oga Beeg. Carry on the fantastic job. The court of honest public opinion is behind you; and posterity will acknowledge and commend all your selfless efforts. Be Blessed Sir!

    • Donian007 says:

      Oga Beeg, NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST YOU WILL PROSPER. JAH knows ya be a gud man with allota gud spirit. You’re a conqueror. We are with you.

  7. Oga Beeg, you might need to upgrade your blog though. With the kind of traffic your getting u would need to get your own url…say something like Using your current url wont really help you as you wouldn’t get full support from WordPress as a paying customer would. Once you can do this we can now fully tackle whoever is causing this with full might. I am ready to contribute monthly to achieve it.

  8. jimmy says:

    i know you might want to resist SUBSCRIBING BUT THERE are quite a few of us who in order to have real independence it might be the way to go. ON FACE BOOK they have something called a room where people get invited in . This also is another option. Anothe option WHICH i can help you with is to link you up with guys who are well versed in SECURITY encryption i.e they will tell YOU WHAT TO BUY OR I WILL BUY IT AND SEND IT TO YOU FOR FREE, i am sure we can work something out back stage.” Make una no make body dey weak because of una these yeye PEOPLE WE DEY KAMPE BEHIND YOU”doziex, myself peccavi sabi SOMEBODY WEY SABI WEY GO MAKE THIS PROBLEM pafuka”

  9. jimmy says:

    SORRY OGA BEEGEAGLE i forgot to include bigbrovar.

  10. Saints says:

    Wanted to say this yesterday. Gen beeg(GCFR). I think what optimo said should be a first step in any action for now. Personally i wont say i know much but i think this blog have had so many administrative permissions switched on for general usage. First of. You are using an open source content management system(CMS). That would have being good on its own if not for the fact that you are still lashed on to wordpress. Hence the url Oga beeg this gives you so little a control over your weblog. Compared to what you should have had if it was all compacted in your domain. I ve noticed that when the general theme and outlook changes for some other WP blogs of your kind, yours changes too. Gen beeg you should note that wordpress pays little attention to the level of traffic you are having or the weight of your site before changing their default plugins and settings.. Those things must affect us here because this site is bigger than some of the other wordpress subblog. We have placed so many links here and this site have also being linked to other heavier sites helping you and them with the hassles of SE0(search engine optimization). So oga beeg your blog has come off age. Its now time for you to overhaul it. Go back to the drawing board and decide if you are still even going to use WP. although wordpress is not the problem. But oga beeg while this is still on you should start tranferring articles to a new site. On a different CMS platform. Maybe DRUPALor JOOMLA. They both have good security plugins or module please try running them on local hosting softwares like WAMP,XAMP. That way you can even reconstruct beegeagle again. Just as it is with all the comments users and everything but this time on a different open source platform. .. Another thing is that oga beeg. Please insist under the comment box for the use of plain text no html coding. I am saying this because i know the importants of html as part of a sites building block. You shouldnt just leave your comment box open to any line of coding.. I know its ethical in some sites but those sites have their own total url without the supreme control of any open source patner so they may have a security plugin specialised to guard against viral codings. If you cant stop full HTML then try reducing it to tags like b,( Which i love using to bolden my letters).href and the other easier ones. Oga beeg please try drupal or joomla they give you 99% autonomy

    • jimmy says:

      100% in support of oga saints please add oga saints to ” the WILLING”

    • Bigbrovar says:

      I can’t agree more with this comment. Just will add that wordpress itself is good. It is opensource and allows anyone download the source modify and use. Many people from CNN to MTV use it (with their own modification of cause) Why I prefer it over drupal (haven’t played with joomla) is its easy of use and stability.. Especially when it comes to updating which is a click of a button.

      Here is what I would suggest. For now stick with this instance of wordpress. But apply some basic security practice.

      Make sure u have an admin user with a very strong password. Any password you can remember offhand is not good enough, it can be cracked via a brute force attack. You can use a tool like keepass to generate and manage your passwords. I manage close to 40 sites and over 100 servers and I don’t know the password of a single one offhand because some are about 50 characters long and a mix of alphanumeric, spaces, and special characters. I use keepassx (the Linux version of keepass) for managing my servers and sites.

      Also ensure that the username of this administrator account is machine generated. Most users don’t know that username is the first line of defense. Make it hard to guess. Use something meaningless.. In fact the usernames should be at least 8 characters long and a mix of alphanumeric characters mixed with punctuation marks. Because it is an administrator account u won’t be using it everytime. And keepass would manage it for u. Here is a post I wrote about keepassx a while back

      Second recommendation is to never use your administrator account for posting. For that create another user with limited privilege (say an editor) a user who can only post but can’t do nothing more. And that is the user you use for all your post. Also ensure the account details of the user follows standard practice (machine generated) but choose a nickname which is what people will see i.e beegeagle (which should never be your username) If the editor user ever gets hacked. U just need to remove it or override the login details with the administrator account

      Also note in security you are as strong as your weakest point. Most hackers use social engineering to get login details. No matter how strong your blog account details is, if the email for passwords recovery is weak then u are a gonner. Ensure you use very very strong password for your email and also have 2 factor authentication enabled. Also beware of phishing attack, it is one of the most known ways of hacking passwords.. So careful what link you click.

      Eventually you have to consider moving to your own domain and host your own site. Even though it would come at a cost.. The sheer number of views this blog generates would mean in no time it would become sustainable. Even though trained as a lawyer I am a Linux system administrator and have been such for close to 7 years now. Anytime u need assistance u just need say it and my hands and keyboard are yours πŸ˜€

      • jimmy says:

        OGA BIG BROVAR Thank you very much . Just to inform Beegeagle as a CIVIL engineer . Personally WE HAVE 4 COMPUTERS in my house the problems they have cannot be fixed by your local computer expert over here in the states it is best buy and geek squad. YESTERDAY MY WIFE was on the phone with one her ” computer friends” FOR THREE HOURS THEY FIXED IT.
        Paragraph1,2, 3 of everything you said down to the security details of oga beegeagle not using his moniker to log on directly these were the things that oga beegeagle must do we ( oga saints/ ansa/ doziex optimus/ big brovar need to convince him to take that next step “jo ” biko ” please we are pleading with you (oga saints/ big brovar/ doziex/ optimus/anas and myself i am sure we solve this problem . The problem will gradually get solved step by step
        STEP 1 Create your own domain it can still be affiliated with world press or even FACEBOOK but under very different settings that only people who are invited/ vetted through the moderator will see.
        STEP 2 SECURITY encryption
        STEP 3 security settings yes people can talk back stage to you but before it goes onto the blog it goes through NOT THE FIREWALL but the editor that big brovar/ my wife has proposed.
        STEP 4 . This blog is self sustaining do not worry about subscription or whether it will be able to maintain itself it will.
        Remember OGA BEEGEAGLE The Chinese proverb
        ” A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step”

  11. Spirit says:

    The Beegone, DEM NO REACH!
    we are all solidly behind you. majority of patriotic nigerians are with you. Oga jimmy has already volunteered. but if there is anything I can do let me know. I know some cyberwarriors who will not only secure this site (I am also of the opinion that you should migrate from WP) but will also retaliate with disproportionate force.

    Touch me if you dare!

    • Saints says:

      No. We wont fight that would mean us being on the lookout every minute. Most hackers are just content with stealing informations and leaving without destroying or changing anything, while some will ceize control of your admin powers. But either may always have acess to your site. Going by what oga beeg is saying, i think we ve being in luck. I ve already suggested drupal. God helping us b4 Dec we should be launching a new beegeagle. Cus if oga beeg plan on retaining the status quo. And packing our comments,articles and everything to the new site. Then it would take time. And that was why i suggested he run the site on localhost for a given period. That way he could electronically recreate all his users and have them recomment on the transferred articles just the way it was. Nothing would change.but we would enjoy the move. I know the links with beegeagle.wordpress is well distributed online. Oga beeg nor worry we will reclaim grounds. Some foreign experts even talk of attaching your old blog to a new site on a different platform those things may be possible but just the toughts of the level of php,css and html5 codings you would be required to skim through would make you sick to your stomach.

  12. Saints says:

    Lets stand strong and together.. We will win. We must win. We cant afford to fail.

  13. beegeagle says:

    Gentlemen, when worries come, I tend to speak very little and think very deeply for protracted spells. So pardon my silence.

    Regardless, let me say a PROFOUND thank you to one and all for the show of concern and profound afffirmation of solidarity. I hope that I have been able to convey this with today’s beautiful posts intended for our enrichment.

    I do not even know the cost implications of the UPGRADE which seems to be the most expedient option for the medium-term. If I had institutional backup, and at this critical juncture I expect that the man of stature in our midst shall make things happen in no time at all, then we could enjoy the services of a paid professional to do what is perfect for our sake.

    Practically, it is a LOGISTICAL NIGHTMARE for any ICT pro to contemplate the migration of 3,555 threads standing and nearly 20,000 incisive comments recorded for posterity on Beegeagle’s Blog. Never mind an ICT amateur such as my humble self.

    To be sure, one is actually at sea as far as the technical depth entailed in Saints’ and BigBrovar’s writeups, go. :). Let us get that clear. That is the reason why I have also not responded to the flurry of emails sent to me backstage by concerned Beegeagle’s Bloggers.

    Here we have logged up a world-class stash of security-related briefs, photos, backgrounders and analyses and we cannot make any precipitate decision which might lead to the loss of part or all of the stellar content built up over a stretch of three years.

    I acknowledge the support of those of us, who seriously meant to and are professionally poised to mount commando raids just to get Beegeagle
    out of harm’s way. Someone actually sent me a mail offering to get SSS storm troopers to work for my release, assuming that I had been abducted. Well, look how much qualitative ICT content. All of these to help make us comfortable as we do our nation’s and people’s work. I appreciate it and am sure that nobody shall ever have cause to regret being associated with Beegeagle’s Blog.

    In the meantime, enjoy the interesting content uploaded today even as I remain contemplative,

    • ifiok umoeka says:

      1st of all, CONGRATULATIONS. Finally, u’r making so much of an impression that ‘they’ consider u a worthy threat. Hence, all this issues. However, this is just the beginning so gird ur loins, we’re in for the long haul. Hacking is a local problem now and not just a cause for concern limited to the west alone. My email was hijacked last we and spam sent to every one on my address. I really think that we must do something to keep this battle space functional. Thank God we have these great guys on our side. Gen BeegsN u’r not alone

    • jimmy says:

      OGA BEEGS we wait TRUST me even with the staggering amount OF INFORMATION between MYSELF OGA SAINTS we will connect you with people and I am willing to pay so as other . Like OGA Saints said the most important thing eventually will be INDEPENDENCE and that is rooted in you having your DOMAIN and your own CYBER encrypted SECURITY big brovar is probably more knowledgeable than i am however i can link you up with people who do this for a living.
      This site will attract more and more attention especially with it’s dedication to integrity as per DEFENSE ISSUES as such it is inevitable some of the wrong type of people will SEEK WAYS TO COME ON BOARD. Eventually the important thing will BE CONTROL and DOMAIN.

  14. Saints says:

    Oga beeg. Just patience. Start copying out our articles,pics and comment to an ofline disk. (Use ms word). Oga beeg its a drag but we have to do it. You may need a team and a control room to save time, but you can still do it alone. By Gods grace. You may get a starter package for drupal 7 soon. I would include tutorials and some of my personal modules.. We ve gotten to the point in webdesign were paying a pro might be a waste of time,opportunity to learn and also a waste of cash so oga beeg. Nor fear with the tutorials you will get and dedication on your part you will end up being the pro you are looking for.. Like you said it would take time to overhaul and rebuild. but oga beeg when you are through you would love it. and may even end up hosting as. Well this aint the time for trips so oga beeg work plenty for ground.. Bookwork is keeping me tied down in uniben as i would have loved to shuttle over to pay homage to the beeg one at this time.while taking the opportunity to brief you on the necessary. Lets host this brilliant site on

  15. Saints says:

    Oga beeg. You would be in total control this time so just think about it or seek the councel of a designer and programmer around you…

  16. beegeagle says:

    Hehehe..thanks, Oga Saints. Na me wey go do all dat wahala? Chacha..ussai :-). To run, research and upload content to the blog itself is tasking enough. How many more hours of one day would that take up?

    • jimmy says:

      na na small na the same thing wey oga saints dey tell you na exactly the same ting my iyawo dey tell me make i tell you she sef say make you tell the exact problem she go tell him friends wey dey here them go tell you the best way to set up . you know as my country people for yankee dey say a closed mouth no dey get fed! a problem disclosed is already half solved πŸ˜‰ !

    • Bigbrovar says:

      WordPress actually allows you export your post and comments to another wordpress instance. You get to move everything except page views. Since this instance is hosted on u won’t have access to the database but u really won’t need to. Their export works really well. Just would like to add that you also disable XML-RPC which I believe is enabled by default. While it’s a cool feature as it allows one to post to wordpress from a client application from PC or mobile. It is very insecure and can allow for remote exploit of your site. Just go to Settings > Writing > Remote Publishing and uncheck xml-rpc

  17. Saints says:

    Thanks oga bigbrover. You ve said it. We ve a formidable team. We will win.

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