A Nigerian Army desert warfare crew and gun-truck with a Browning M2

A Nigerian Army desert warfare crew and Landcruiser gun-truck armed with a Browning M2 12.7mm calibre heavy machine gun in Mali


Nigeria has announced plans to deploy more than 900 soldiers to maintain peace in crisis-torn Mali. The 906 soldiers, who replace a team that was deployed in January, graduated at the Nigerian Army Peace Keeping Centre (NAPKC) in Jaji, near Kaduna this past weekend.

Addressing the soldiers, the General
Officer Commanding (GOC) 2 Division
Nigerian Army, Major General Ahmed
Jibrin, warned the troops to avoid
trafficking of illicit drugs,as they embark on the trip and respect the cultural and religious sensitivity of the people of Mali.

Also speaking at the graduation
ceremony, the head of African-led
International Support Mission in Mali
(AFISMA) Monitoring Team, Major
General Chinedu Ugwu, hailed Nigeria’s performance in Mali as excellent. “The Nigerian Army has been performing very well and the host country, Mali is happy to have the Nigerian contingent. In fact, in the areas where the Nigerian troops are deployed, like Rere and Niara, the people are always happy with them, to
the extent that they donate food
items to them.

“They said they want Nigeria to be with them and that is why we have the Force Commander there. They are all happy and our performance is excellent, ” he said.


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  1. beegeagle says:

    Now gentlemen, the Mali expedition has formally commenced as far as I am concerned.

    Way back in January, we did say that a meaningful foray for us would entail a presence in two strategically important towns – GAO and NARA.

    Gao is the largest town in Northern Mali and a town which was taken by rebels in April 2012 who had 100 BH fighters in support. It is a town where the BH leader, Mallam Shekau, has been a resident.

    Nara on the other hand is very strategically poised between the north and south of Mali and is on the approach roads leading to the Mauritanian border (only 37km away). It is closest to the Mauritanian town of MBERA which plays hosts to tens of thousands of Malian refugees, among them ‘displaced terrorists’. Indeed, the attack on Douentza, easily the sternest standoff which the French got into last January, was almost certainly mounted by rebels who were exfiltrated from the refugee camps at MBERA. The rebels, by some accounts, advanced as far as Banamba in their quest to seize the Malian capital, Bamako. That was why Nigerian troops deployed to Banamba first.

    Nara is situated along the all-important between the terror-associated refugee camp that is Mberera just inside Mauritania and the Malian town of Nara. Lose Nara and the capital city of Bamako can be attacked by insurgents direct from Mbera.

    So it is now clear that a major task of the NIBATT would be to prevent any rebel onslaught on the capital of Mali being launched from the notorious Mbera refugee camp just across the border in Mauritania.

    The town of Nara itself lies to the northwest of all the towns around which a security-related flurry developed earlier this year, including Segou, Mopti and DOUENTZA.

    Nara, in terms of importance to the security of Mali and capacity to affect the offensive capability of the terrorists is probably only exceeded in importance AT THIS TIME, with insurgents and terrorists haven been uprooted from Gao and Timbuktum by KIDAL in all of Mali.Now, our boys are truly in their familiar business – battle.

    Sadly, I am just realising that our boys have been in Nara since March at the latest and it again suggests a major gap in the flow of communication from AFISMA’s PR unit.

    Anyway, keep eyes glued to this page. Now, we have something to add solid flesh to. Hopefully, the Police combat team – the FPU will plunge straight into Gao and thereafter, be joined by 200 Nigerian soldiers.

    Now we are in Nara. To Gao we must go next.

  2. beegeagle says:

    PROOF (note the highlighted portion)



    “I repeat, it is NOT NEARLY time for ANY tepid peacekeeping arrangement in Mali.

    A while ago, Al Jazeera TV’s Mohammed Adow reported from Mbera refugee camp just inside the border with Mauritania where a lot of rebels are believed to have taken refuge.

    Men of the Malian Arab-dominated National Front for the Liberation of Azawad, allied to the Tuareg-dominated MNLA are out there baying for blood from inside Mauritania, claiming that France wrote the script which has seen the North of Mali marginalised for decades yet had the temerity to ‘invade’ their country.”

  3. beegeagle says:

    Read about the MBERA REFUGEE CAMP here


  4. beegeagle says:

    10 April, 2013
    (translated from French)

    Prime Minister Diango Cissoko yesterday welcomed the Nigerian soldiers for their involvement in the liberation of Mali. He encouraged them to persevere in their efforts to lead our country to quickly find peace and security.

    Before inviting them to accomplish their mission as they began. Note that this is
    the second time that the head of government has met with Nigerian soldiers since their arrival in our country. The first time, it was at Bamako-Senou when he visited the first African
    contingents, twice that month.First trip was to Banamba for the prime minister to come show the solidarity of the government and the Malian people. To do this,he did not put a glove and spoke
    from the heart.

    “The prevailing climate is an example
    successful integration and regional solidarity. It is normal for you get this hospitality. I encourage you to
    persevere in the effort you lead to see that peace and security return to Mali. I urge you to accomplish your mission as you have started “said Diango Cissoko.

    Prior to reassuring the Nigerian
    contingent of the total support of the
    highest authorities and people of Mali in
    accomplishing this noble mission. Also, the Prime Minister wanted to make a tribute to the President of Nigeria Goodluck Jonathan in his capacity
    as mediator with the Burkinabe Blaise
    Compaoré in the Malian crisis. The president of Heads of State ECOWAS, Ivory Coast Alassane Ouattara also entitled to the same greetings.

    In the guestbook he signed Diango Cissoko welcomed on behalf of the
    Interim President Traore all Nigerian people for their manifest solidarity with the people of Mali.

    Prior to his arrival the Prime Minister had been treated to the honors of
    Nigerian military before reviewing the troops. He visited the place quartering the soldiers and verified the Nigerian military equipment.

    For this release, the prime minister was
    accompanied by Minister of Defence and Veteran fighters, Brigadier General Yamoussa Camara and military officials of our country.

    Nigerian side, Ambassador Ilya Ali Nuhu Dunia, we noted the presence of
    defense attaché of the embassy,Defence Advisor Nigeria Lawrence Ugo. Nigerian battalion headed NIBATT by Colonel Gagariga. MISMA was represented by the Deputy Head of Command General Garba.

    Note that Nigeria has sent our country more than 1,200 soldiers deployed
    to Banamba and Nara.

  5. jimmy says:

    It is good BETTER LATE THAN NEVER.We are representing very well. The fact that that the naysayers in the foreign press have absolutely nothing to say is further proof that all is well with the Nigeria contingent. Once again we call on the AFISMA P.R. to highlight the good works that the Nigerian contingent is doing,

  6. beegeagle says:

    That guy, Nicholas Ibekwe is a rabble rouser, a know-nothing and a congenital liar who was once caught cooking up stories in Kaduna about Mali. He is just as bad as Sahara Reporters who told us last month that the persons killed by MUJAO terrorists in Niger got killed on the Niger-Nigeria frontier whereas the events took place well over 500 miles inside Niger!

    Do well to ignore Nicholas Ibekwe. He cooks up ‘facts’ for sport. Part of the crowd who are trying to feed from the confusion at home and abroad.He is a freelance journalist and needs to feed. So cooking up hoped-for scoops is all in a day’s job.

    What he is seeking to do now is to cook up a self-fulfilling prophecy to justify his previous gaffe, having been caught once before while blatantly and fraudulently misrepresenting the reality on ground in Mali.

    Stay tuned for footage on the supposedly malnourished troops. The knucklehead does not even know what goes on in Borno, let alone Mali



    Dude EITHER needs to get hired badly and knows that the global media thrive on crappy stories and personnel such as himself and so he is trying hard OR he is trying to get national security pursuing him so that he can run into a Western embassy and seek asylum in the West, knowing their love for dissidents.


  7. beegeagle says:

    What is new? Another lurch into fiction writing – “he said, they said, we heard” – WHO SAID? He knows everything that goes on in the camps at Mali whereas his broke organisation cannot afford to send him on ONE exploratory trip to Mali? Just sits in Kaduna and plays the wannabe MISMA specialist even without knowing what a GPMG stands for.

    Last time, he said troops were begging for food whereas their august visitors made it clear that the gifts of rice, a bull and cash which they brought their guests were tokens of warm African solidarity. He lied that they were at Bamako whereas the Governor of Koulikoro Region and Mayor of Banamba visited the troops at Banamba which was where they were deployed.

    If, according to him, they are now eating plain spaghetti how have things got worse…from a situation of supposedly begging for food? Is there any coherence in that rant?

    There are four battalions on PKO in Darfur and they are not complaining. What is so special about Mali – because BH interests are in peril there and Premium Times are close enough to them to get mailed videos and press statements exclusively?

    This guy merely latches onto the kind of stuff which the despondent ones among us feed on and tries to make his lies gain currency. His style is a played-out and dull trick.

    No name of any person or AOR. A “defence source told him blabla”..”Gagariga seeks a plum posting and is hushing things up”. Why is he so eager to affect morale? What is his fixation with Mali about which he is obviously less well informed than anyone reading this? What is to say that Nicholas Ibekwe who has never known what he writes about was not hired by another person eyeing the plum psoting to pull down an opponent in what is a brazen propaganda piece? Would that be anything new in a Nigeria where “brown envelope” journalists form the majority among the ranks of practitioners?

  8. Saints says:

    Thanks oga beeg. You know! when i see some articles online i try to read between the line and weigh them with the info resources available to me. From the start i recognised this article as faulty.but it being a common thing in our beloved blog to submit links for proper scrutiny and cross analysis. I decided to drop it here, to clear the air. I ve come across this kind of persons who tend to put off integrity and honour in their daily pursuit. I just hope he ends up staying in nigeria for a long time. To see and watch us build a better country.not by trading her off to the world as inhumane but by breeding the truth among a favoured few. Gee up beeg and fellow bloggers. a brighter picture would be seen one day and even you yourself would be taken unaware.

  9. beegeagle says:

    An analysis on the situation in the outer Northeast is showing on NTA “TUESDAY LIVE” as we write this. Among the panelists, General Olukolade the DDI and an Air Commodore who directs SAR operations for the National Emergency Mgt Agency.

    The Secretary to the Borno State Govt., a Special Adviser to the Yobe Governor and a Commissioner from Adamawa are also on the panel.

    Interesting. You could catch another 45 minutes of it if you tuned in NOW. Give it a shot.

  10. beegeagle says:

    Good morning all.

    In broad outlines, the Special Adviser from Yobe was sure that normalcy would be restored on account of this intervention. He gave the impression that for seven months leading up to the declaration of emergency rule, no attack was recorded in the volatile state capital that is Damaturu and that in the two months preceding the State of Emergency, no attack had been reported in Yobe as a whole.

    The Borno SSG painted a picture of a pall having been lifted over the state. That is what footage from the streets show and I recall that the BBC’s Will Ross similarly talked about a thriving Maiduguri after the last trip which DHQ arranged for journalists.

    It was surprising to note that people were speaking to NTA on the streets of Kirenowa and indicting the terrorists for everything including the abduction of peoples’ wives without their faces being obscured. That was quite surprising in Borno where faces are normally blurred and people speak with their backs to the camera when interviews are conducted. It suggests that people are confident that their oppressors have been finally chased away. Troops in patrol trucks, some of those obviously armour-plated on account their pronounced larger sizes, were seen stationed in the distant town.

    The Air Commodore who oversees Search and Rescue for NEMA talked about the roles which his organisation have been playing in providing food, shelter, medical care and evacuation for people in the conflict-affected areas, by air and overland.

    The DDI General Olukolade reaffirmed much of the content of the communiques which he has issued over the course of the past one month – combat operations, repossessed territories, destroyed bases and the arrests which have thus far been made.

  11. Tope says:

    Greetings oga Beeg pls can u clarify something for me, i got a report from someone who says he saw Armoured Trucks on their way to the Northeast with UN written on them i quizzed him thoroughly and he said he is 100% sure i would like if you could assess if this is true because i dnt wnt to be a bringer of False news

    • beegeagle says:

      There is nothing the UN are doing here that is of any significance in terms of security. The theatre which is accessible from the Northeast is Darfur and Nigerian troops have never gone there overland.

      Perhaps COE for a unit returning from a foreign theatre of operation which probably landed at Abuja and an overland trip commenced from there.

      That is all that I can think of.

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