Browning M2 12.7mm HMG-armed Landcruiser gun-trucks of the Nigerian Army in Mali

Browning M2 12.7mm HMG-armed Landcruiser gun-trucks of the Nigerian Army in Mali

15 April, 2013
(Translated from French)

The acting President visited the Malian and Nigerian forces that secure the area exposed to attacks by armed bandits.Located on the border with Mauritania and sharing the vast area of the Sahel, Nara Cercle(district) is also at the forefront in the war against terrorism with the support of the international community.

Here, the curfew starts from 1800hours and lasts until the early morning for obvious security reasons. It is to the capital of the Circle (district), the city of Nara, that the acting President of the Republic Traore went last weekend. On this trip, he was accompanied by several military officials including Chief of Staff of the Army, Colonel Ibrahim Faded.

Saturday morning in the city of Nara, located 374km from the capital, the acting President of the Republic took a small break before visiting troops deployed in the area in the the fight against terrorism.

The first stop on the tour was the military camp named Colonel Mohamed Ould Issa. In this military garrison under the command of Commander Mamadou S. Koné, its men are on alert to prevent any infiltration in the area by MNLA rebels or Islamist groups. At Nara, the military commander has responsibility for an effective equivalent of a reinforced battalion.

The detachment at Nara was launched into action during the excavation of the Wagadu Forest, “said the commander
Koné, referring to the operation by the Malian army and its allies who had organized a large patrol search of the Wagadu Forest from 14th to 18th March.Commander Kone said that during the search, 10 suspects were arrested and handed over to the police for the purpose of investigations. They were then transferred to Bamako to be put at the disposal of the justice system.

After reviewing the troops, Malian President Dioncounda Traore said he was proud of the tremendous work our armed forces are performing in the context of the fight against terrorism in this part of the country that can be used by armed bandits as a gateway. “This is
no coincidence that the world has
mobilized around Mali in its fight. This is related to our history. For all your encouragement, we can only say thank you! ” said the acting President.

After this address to the troops,Traore posed for photographs with the military in a good atmosphere. One of the highlights of the visit to Colonel Mohamed Ould Issa Camp was the delivery by the visitor, of a symbolic envelope containing 2 million CFA francs to the soldiers, a financial contribution that will improve their lives.

Not far from the camp at Nara is based a company of Nigerian MISMA forces (International Mission Support in Mali)in the camp of the National Guard. This company is under the Nigerian contingent whose headquarters is Banamba.

Addressing the Nigerian troops, the acting President indicated that there are “not enough words to thank people who came to fight for Mali and are
willing to die for us. ” He told the
Nigerian military that they are at home in Nara.”I’m counting on you. Personally, I would be at your side ” he reassured, noting in passing that he is a native of Nara. Again, the President Traore offered two million CFA francs, while stating that it is “just a symbolic gesture.”

Also during his stay, he visited the great Keita family and Grand Imam.

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