Shaldag Fast Patrol Craft of the Nigerian Navy

Shaldag Fast Patrol Craft of the Nigerian Navy

NNS Onitsha P247

NNS Onitsha P247

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  1. beegeagle says:

    Wow, someone tell me it ain’t so :-). This Shaldag FPC carries two TWIN 25mm cannons fore and aft and near the mast, I can also tell, judging from the length of the barrel, that those are two 12.7mm HMGs. Incredible.

    Only the Shaldag with its exceptional stability in disproportionately turbulent waters for a small ship such as she is and capacity to absorb the recoil triggered by the firing of so many heavy weapons, can fathomably manage that.

    The Shaldag is also a workhorse for Israel, enforcing the blockade of Gaza and Shaldag FPCs proved their worth during Sri Lanka’s war against Sea Tiger insurgents of the LTTE. So much so that a local variant of the Shaldag – the Colombo FPC, was produced by the Sri Lankans to boost the war effort.

    Our 25 metre Shaldag FPCs are 2.5 times more heavily armed than the 31 metre Andoni class. Truly amazing.

  2. jimmy says:

    This is a good Ship more grease to the elbow between the friendship between Israel and Nigeria.

  3. G8T Nigeria says:

    SHALDAG boats are of good quality having one of the best hull designs for high speed. I only wish we can afford a minimum of three boats yearly for d next 4 yrs. This means 20 boats in 2017. NNS BENIN the last on the 2012 budget is expected to arrive soon. With mounted 23 mm twin barrel gun fore and aft supported by 2 x 12.7mm guns, these boats area worthy of respect anytime any day. I would advice we go into contracts for more to be constructed by the Israeli shipyard in Naval Dockyard Lagos.

  4. ifiok umoeka says:

    Roger that G8T, perhaps go further and reach a tech transfer deal so we can even upgrade that design to include manpads and AT missiles on remote weapon stations as well as radar etc and intergrate that on a bigger hull like say the andoni (perhaps andoni mk II).

  5. beegeagle says:

    These are close-up photos of the fore and aft-facing main guns on the Shaldag Mk.II. This is an Equato-Guinean vessel, mind you.

    Nigeria’s Shaldag FPCs appear to carry these and two .50 cal HMGs/GPMGs in the observation post above.

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