An Agusta A109e Power

An Agusta A109e Power of the Nigerian Navy Air Arm

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  1. wocon45 says:


  2. anas says:

    Impressive! Its time our govt considers instaliin a pair of AK 630 CiWS and cruise missiles on this machine

  3. ifiok umoeka says:

    I’m wondering if this birds are dedicated ASW platforms or just surveillance and S & R? Can they fire missiles? Do they carry sonar, depth charge and/or torpedoes?

  4. beegeagle says:

    They are not ASW helics. The Lynx Mk.89 were. If they cannot refloat those, they should get the US$11m Harbin Z-9EC of the PLAN which is in use in Pakistan. That appears to launch both torpedoes and C802 missiles.

    Here are some of the add-ons on the A109e.

    What is that sheathed stuff – a .50 cal HMG?

  5. beegeagle says:

    By the way, the FY 2012 NN budget provided for the acquisition of

    – two 1,800 ton P18N stealth OPVs
    – three Shaldag FPCs
    – three OCEA FPB 72 Mk.II CPCs
    – six Manta Mk.II ASD Littoral Interceptors
    – four naval helicopters


    – US State Dept provided five patrol boats

    – NPA paid for a 32 metre OCEA FPB Mk.II CPC and two 17 metre interceptors

    – NIMASA provided thirteen 17.5 metre armoured patrol boats and 12 conventional patrol boats.

    As of today, I do not know which helics those were but when I visited the SBS Camp, we brought you first photos of Bell Jet Ranger helics – one was used for the simulation of a hot extraction. Since nobody had seen those previously, I am wondering if they got four of those for the NN.

  6. ifiok umoeka says:

    Wao, that’s cool. From what I remember, we needed almost $30mn to revive the lynx. I’m wondering if 109 can be equipped with ASW gears as its in the same weight class with the z9. The A109kn is the dedicated naval variant but the italians never used it for ASW, the choose the licensed built 212 as their mainstay until the merlin. Could it have been the airframe or just the systems in it?

  7. beegeagle says:


    PHOTO CREDIT: thepeopleofpakistan


    PHOTO CREDIT: thepeopleofpakistan

    PHOTO CREDIT: Times of Pakistan


    These electronic warfare/anti submarine warfare helicopters are equipped with pulse-compression radar, low-frequency dipping sonar, radar
    warning receiver and Doppler navigation system.

    They are armed with torpedoes.

  8. ifiok umoeka says:

    Gen, u knw that I’m an advocate of commonality, so I’m still wondering if the are merits for pursuing an A109 based ASW copter. Even if it means marrying the airframe with Chinese systems though I would prefer a western system

  9. ifiok umoeka says:

    Gen, u knw that I’m an advocate of commonality, so I’m still wondering if the are merits for pursuing an A109 based ASW copter. Even if it means marrying the airframe with Chinese systems though I would prefer a western system. That way, we keep the cost of maintenance down

  10. beegeagle says:

    This is a Chinese production variant of the Eurocopter Dauphin – same engine, only developed into military helicopters(anti-tank and anti-submarine) by the Chinese in ways which Eurocopter never dared to. Ditto Agusta.


    Harbin Z-9WA

    Two 23mm cannons blazing away

    Harbin Z-9WA


    Equipped with a FLIR turret, searchlight, anti-tank missiles, air to ground missiles, rockets, 23mm cannons.

  11. Max Montero says:

    General Beeg, previously Philippine forums discussed the possibility of fitting a Dauphin ASW into the Hamilton class, which the Z9 is similar in dimensions and design. It appears that the Dauphin, especially with its front mounted radar, won’t fit inside the Hamilton-class’ telescopic hangar. Not even the Super Lynx or Wildcat. That’s why the PN did not have any choice but to pick a smaller helicopter for it, which eventually became the AW109E Power.

    Max (

  12. beegeagle says:

    That is good to know, Max. The Philippines and Bangladesh have joined us in the naval A109e Power family. The Bangladeshis have also moved for the Dornier Do 228MPA.

    Hmn, so you guys still operate those old ships? How do source spares for them? Nice.

    • Max Montero says:

      Hi General Beeg! The PN confirmed order for 3 AW109E Power from AgustaWestland, with 2 more on option. No confirmation yet if the PN already used the options. Initially planned to do surveillance work for the Hamilton class, there are plans to give them a limited ASW capability since ASW gear may not fit the helicopter, or if fitted it may not fit the hangar. A separate ASW helicopter program is up for 2 new frigates, this would definitely be larger than the AW109, around the same class as Wildcat or Seahawk.

      As for the old ships? They are running with diesels, and they have undergone refurbishing in the mid 1990s with remanufactured diesels. Some of the parts were replaced with newer ones, and some antique parts are meticulously maintained. This is not a very good source, but you can start from here regarding PN ships’ information:

      Max (

    • Max Montero says:

      Beeg, I do hope to know if the NN already made inquiries if the Z-9 ASW helicopter would indeed fit the NNS Thunder. If the Chinese can make some modifications to suite your NN’s requirements, then I guess there is a way, as the Chinese will try to push for a sale if they really think the Z-9 is the best offer they can make. Let me know if you have info, I’ll try to share our info when I get more as well.


  13. beegeagle says:

    No firm word on that, Max.

    Reading about the new 800 ton Saar S-72 which has mini-corvette and OPV variants the other day, I found out that she is built to carry the Eurocopter Panther, which was developed from the Dauphin/Z-9.

    Frankly and regardless of the fact that I have seen Z-9ECs taking off from Type 056 corvettes and Type 054 frigates in the South China Sea, I really do not see why a Z-9/Dauphin which is rated in the same category as the A109e, cannot be embarked on the Hamilton-class F90/PF15 sister ships.

    • Max Montero says:

      Hi Beeg, actually the S-72 was designed by the Israelis to fit the Panther/Dauphin since the Israeli Navy uses this helicopter type in their navy. It was considered in the design of the ship. As for the Hamilton-class, the telescopic hangar is really small compared to most modern ship hangar designs. Even the AW109, when fitted with all those ASW gears, may not even fit the hangar. A previous discussion in Philippine defense forums indicated that a plain-jane Dauphin may fit the Hamilton’s hangar, but that’s it. No nose radar, no modifications for ASW. USCG contributors also confirmed that they cannot fit their surveillance orange Dauphins inside the hangar. The Americans may have overlooked this issue in the past, as they failed to maximize the hangar size for a ship that size.

      Max (

  14. beegeagle says:

    Well, in the beginning, our own Admiral Rastus of the USA did not quite believe that the A109s could land on NNS Thunder. He was somewhat surprised when I published a photo of an A109 coming in to land on the NNS Thunder during Exercise Obangame 2012.

    • Max Montero says:

      AW109s could definitely land on the NNS Thunder, the USCG lands AW109s and Dauphins on these ships before. But getting them inside the small hangar is another thing.


  15. beegeagle says:

    As an aside, Max, which unnamed navies do you think signed two different contracts for the supply of six Saar OPVs and six Shaldag Mk.V fast patrol craft?

  16. ifiok umoeka says:

    What about drone copters armed with torpedoes? However, I doubt if the 109 can be hangared with it but then again, who knows!

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