A Modant Marine patrol boat of the Nigerian Arny

A Modant Marine patrol boat of the Nigerian Army, crafted with pride in the Federal Republic of Nigeria

A Modant Marine patrol boat of the Nigerian Arny in the Niger Delta

A Modant Marine patrol boat of the Nigerian Army in the Niger Delta


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  1. JK says:

    Cool and solid looking.

    • doziex says:

      Of course, they were going to clap back.

      Are you all ready to discuss in a dispassionate way, NA’s glaring lack of this airmobile search and destroy capability ?

      And the most realistic way to become proficient in it.

      NA is making the same mistakes we made in LBR and SLR. We launch one big offensive, the we rest on our laurels.
      In counterinsurgency ops, we need to TRACK,CHASE,HARASS, these rebels in small or large units.

      Military tactics like search and destroy, hammer and anvil, cordon and search if done right with the necessary logistics ( attack and transport helicopters) will wipe out boko haram in no time.

      SADF became the most proficient in this combined heli borne — ground based maneuvers .
      In namibia against the swapo, in mozambique in anti ANC pro renamo ops, and in angola.

      The famous or infamous 32 buffalo battalion, that combined white sadf commandoes and black tribal hunters showed that even an aparthied ideology didn’t get in the way of employing some of the best trackers in the world.

      As we all know, EO was born out of this pedigree, and this heli borne rebel tracking success was replicated in sierra leone and angola.

      Commando units trained in EO tactics, went on to capture and kill savimbi.

      In both cases, it was the experience and the know how of the EO that enabled them to pick from the existing assets FAPLA’s jets, helicopters and BMPs in angola.
      In sierra leone, Nigerian alpha jets, sierra leonean soldiers, nigerian / guinean artillery etc.
      And choreograph all these forces within an effective strategy.

      The characteristics of a successful COIN tactic is many dead and captured rebels and their weapons.
      In an unsuccessful strategy, we will shell and bomb them, but they will all escape intact, soon to clap back.

      • igbi says:

        The Wise man waits before commenting in order to know if the “news” is not just an other crazy thing coming from a crazy” journalist’s” head, which is the case here.

      • doziex says:

        I am confident in the point I am making, because it is based on reasoned and disspassionate consideration of the facts.

        A blind man can foresee that the rebels will clap back.

        And recent conflicts have exposed our lack of rebel tracking capabilities.

        So, step your game up man, tell us why and where you differ.

        (1) do you comprehend what the airmobile search and destroy tactics is all about ?

        (2) is it your assertion that NA doesn’t lack in this capability ?

        (3) What do u suggest we do about it ?

        Please, stick to real world answers sans your typical conspiracy nut theories.

      • igbi says:

        First of all, I don’t think our generals are idots, I think they have their strategy on what to do and how to do it. I know that we have fighter hellicopters and I know that we certainly have more of those than EO did !
        I do not think our men are disabled to the point that they can not do what your glorious 100 EO personnel supposedly did!
        I don’t think you were applying coherent reasonning there. It is not because you are reasonning that you are making sense, you need coherent reasonning.

    • tim says:

      Really we hunting the wrong members of boko haram,we striking the tail not the head,walahi,they should lead the SF to plan and execute this whole mission,and there should not be any political interference……..for them to still be able to co-ordinate, we not hunting well, their brains are still working hard,and we just getting only the foot soldiers.

  2. beegeagle says:

    Camo wan derail this thread again :). Dem say Niger Delta, e post Borno. This should have gone into the thread titled “TIPPING POINT..”

    Briefly, LIMANKARA IS IN THE MANDARA MOUNTAINS – the extreme south of Borno. That means, a determined push for the mountains inside Borno has to now take place. It was in Adamawa, where 174 Bn have deployed, that they have focused on the mountains. In Borno, they have been paying attention to the Game Reserve, urban areas and the desert in northern Borno. None deployed to the extensive mountainous Kerawa-Biu Plateau-Gwoza-Limankara continuum. That has to change quickly now that BH have given away their position.

    In the early days around Sept. 2004 when we had a band of freshly radicalised Taliban militants moving south from Kanamma(their base in the desert and on the border with Niger called Afghanistan) through Maiduguri and on to Gwoza, they tried to gain footholds in the Mandara Mts, attacking eleven highland villages before a joint NA-NAF offensive dislodged them. They shall similarly be dislodged from there.

    More combat operations in familiar quarters beckon.



    Nigerian troops and Islamic militants trade gunfire in mountains

    LIMANKARA, Nigeria Sept 25, 2004 (AFP)
    by Aminu Abubakar

    The sound of sporadic gun battles pitting Nigerian soldiers against an armed Islamic extremist group on Saturday cracked down from mountains overlooking a frightened village on the border with Cameroon.

    The security forces have for days been tracking the militants in battles which officials said have claimed 28 lives since the self-styled Talibans raided a police station on Monday, killing four officers and stealing ammunition.

    “We have directed the soldiers to kill them on sight. We want to end this madness once and for all,” Borno State governor Ali Modu Sherif said in his office as the army pursued its search and destroy operation in the mountains.

    Inhabitants of the once quiet, tiny peasant village of Limankara with its mud-thatched houses said they were scared despite the presence of hundreds of soldiers at the foot of the Mandara mountains straddling Nigeria’s northeast border.

    “We are happy the Cameroonian authorities have intensified security along their side of the mountains and are ready to help arrest or kill them if they cross the border,” the state governor told AFP.

    The insurgents are mainly university students who claim to draw inspiration from Afghanistan’s Islamic Taliban militia. In January, they launched attacks in neighbouring Yobe State which were put down by soldiers after three days of fighting.

    “Everybody in this village lives in fear because of the constant sound of gunshots from the mountains,” Bukar Nzarma, a 42-year-old farmer in Limankara, told an AFP journalist at the scene in the northeastern Borno State, where villagers said the Talibans took seven hostages and have killed two of them.

    “We have known no peace since Monday night when the Talibans struck and our fear is heightened by the sound of gunshots from the mountains which we have not been used to,” said Nzarma, reclining under a tree with friends.

    Limankara, 10 kilometres (six miles) from Gwoza, where the Islamic militants raided the police station, looks like a place under army siege, with roadblocks and armoured cars on the bumpy and dusty road leading to the village.

    “Our life has never been the same since this trouble started. Nobody dares go out of this village in the direction of the mountains where we have our farmlands,” Ali Idrisa, a 33-year-old farmer, said. “This is harvest time, some crops are due for harvest but we cannot go to the farms for our safety. We do not want to be caught in crossfire or be mistaken for a Taliban,” he added.

    Inhabitants of 11 other mountain villages have fled to the relative safety of Limankara for fear of being trapped in the fighting, the villagers said. “We were told by the authorities to confine ourselves to our houses throughout the military operations, but it was not possible for us to stay indoors because we need to fetch water and provide basic needs,” said Shehu Mato, 36, who arrived from the mountains.

    “We therefore decided to vacate the mountains. The deafening fire exchanges are terrifying and we cannot stand it any more. It is real war up there,” said Mato, pointing up the mountainside to where a military reconnaissance helicopter hovered.

    Of seven people taken hostage, the militants killed two and threw their bodies down the mountainside while one escaped, survivors said.

    “I am afraid of what might happen to my brother being held by the Talibans considering what they did to two of the hostages,” said Hannatu Sambo, a 29-yera-old woman whose 17-year-old brother was captured by the militants. “These people are heartless,” she said. The villagers warned the AFP correspondent against getting closer to the mountains, saying he might not return alive.

    During the fighting in January, scores of the insurgents, who numbered about 200, were killed and 50 taken prisoner, but others evaded arrest and went underground.

    1550 GMT 09 04
    Copyright (c) 2004 Agence France-Presse

    • camouflage1984 says:

      Oga sorry na say i too busy with work, i no get patient (sic). Anyway i go send u mail now make u check ur inbox soon

  3. beegeagle says:


    Some chaps are trying to scam potential NDA candidates and pretending to be able to secure admission for candidates. Fortunately, I have the culprit’s details. His scam message ensconced in a comment just hit my wall.


    E-mail :



    Contact this phone number for complains and if you want to be shortlisted or admitted into NIGERIA DEFENSE ACADEMY call 08154053024 now if you know you wrote the exam.

    Note:You are advice to call this number for assistance in other not to fall into scam.One love to all of you my fellow Nigerians.


    So you have the IP address, email address and phone number. Certainly, we have a NIGERIAN DEFENCE ACADEMY..but certainly not a NIGERIA DEFENSE ACADEMY.

  4. Tope says:

    @ogabeeg did you watch the news yesterday on NTA by 9pm? It showed the NA has refurbished one of its Artillery didnt know the exact one in Owerri and some gun trucks it was commissioned and the GOC pledged to increase more R n D or so, then a demonstration was shown since im nt too adept in naming it i was wondering if u know the Refurbished Artillery in Question.

  5. doziex says:

    Yeah Oga beeg, with NA’s artillery and NAF’s jets, we can always dislodge these rebels, where ever they plant roots.
    Soon, they will stop planting roots, for NA to catch up with them, and will focus on ambushes and hit and run attacks.

    I am suggesting we need to radically improve on tracking, fixing and destroying these mobile type hit and run units. Whether they be cattle herdsmen in the mountainous environs of jos, speed boat mobile rebels in the creeks of the niger delta, or boko haram in technicals.

    We can consider the Pakistani experience in the swat valley , the indian experience in their various insurgencies.

    The American search and destroy battalion sized heliborne units in Vietnam. And the soviet heliborne ops in Afghanistan against the mujaheddin.

    I am suggesting that our vastly improved COIN units need to be married to choppers as well as pick up trucks to be successful at trapping the rebels, Hence protecting the citizenry.

  6. freeegulf says:

    calm down oga doziex. of course, your criticism of the NA is coming from good will and patroitism, however, note that the NA of the 90s is very very different from the present transformed (ongoing) and professional NA.

    COIN is a painstaking job and the average publicity blitz doesn’t cut it. the current officer corp is very professional, and they know what they are doing. from CT tactics to COIN strategy, they are on the right track and are deftly following through with the boko haram chase.

    unlike what is generally thought, and expected, COIN does not yield high casualties. forget all the myths surrounding the killing of terrs, many of them are falsified records. the fact that after the initial strikes, insurgents disperse, guerrilla style, means you will hardly kill a whole bunch at one time. except of course, a large terrorist base is discovered and cordoned off, then systematically wiped out.

    COIN does not involve big media catching battles. it will be; attack, chase, follow up, cross border pursuit, defence of key installations, more attack, and hot pursuit. NAF mi-24/35 are already doing the heavy work up north. the mi-24 can also transport troops, so be rest assured that air mobile tactics and vertical envelopment are being employed against BH. a squadron or two of mi-17s will also make a great difference also.

    as for the boko haram, these spurious attacks was expected anyway. they need these symbolic attacks in order to keep relevance. don’t expect them to disappear completely, immediately.
    they will continue with whatever resources they have left in order to keep their aura of strength in the eyes of the public. so the public should not panic.

    note: the sadf 32 battalion was not made up of commandoes or tribal hunters. the battalion had white SA officers and NCOs. in addition to ex fighters belonging to roberto holden’s FNLA. the children of these fighters subsequently enlisted when they came of age, with many becoming NCOs. they where more or less a COIN biased unit and were heads and shoulder better than all sadf conventional units.

    • jimmy says:

      Most of what you said is true oga free gulf MOST OF WHAT coin based operations do is frustratingly quiet. I Norder not only not to alert the enemy but also what is sure to be a deadly CAT AND MOUSE GAME BH NKOWS these S.F. GUYS are in the area and they S.F. know whom to look for this is also a very deadly game of CAT AND MOUSE.
      The newspapers onthe other hands love for the sake of selling more newspapers love to report Bad news since that always sells more than good news.
      This is the stage that a lot of cyber GENERALS will /may disagree with me they ( the military ) do not owe anybody an apology release info on a need to know basis the objective now is to wipe the hierarchy out not the cowardly idiots killing extremely soft targets like school children and poor farmers.

      • freeegulf says:

        you are on point gen jimmy. COIN is not so much glamour or even tv moments. it requires time, patience, intel, and willpower to continue the sweep. of course, mobile tactics, such as constant patrols, air reconnaissance and helo assault teams. BH will disintegrate, just keep the finger on the pressure point.

        the SSS is doing a good job, hopefully, their hands re not tied down by political maneuvering.

  7. jimmy says:

    Sorry COMPUTER TYPO knows is the correct spelling

  8. ifiok umoeka says:

    Sorry doziex, I think the honours goes to the former Rhodesain spec ops mix of the RLI,RSAS and the Selous Scout pre 1980. Pound for pound even the SA boys don’t come close though they took a lot of former Rhodesians in when they were disbanded when the country seized tob exist.
    On the NE, I think everyone has been advocating for this terminators or some medium lift (rotary or fixed wing) assets along with surveillance platforms from UAVs to recon sats for a while. Do u blame the military or those who write the cheques and call the shots? Remember how long it took to fully deploy and secure the borders? I kept preaching this as a prerequisite to avoid a drawn out situation along with others. Well, we better prepare, I hope it doesn’t take too long! We are lucky we have some dedicated and valiant men flying our flag.

  9. Tope says:

    Though the battle is long and hard, victory will come just and swift.

    The Story of the Men giving blood n bullets to keep us safe will be carried on, Rest Assured the Military is quickly coming into terms with what it needs to do.

    Notice a lot of Bilateral Agreements. We expect and know heavy arms are coming Nigeria’s way soon.

    But does anyone know if the Amebo Drone has been deployed to NE? Me thinks this is the best chance to test its manoueverability and how well it can perform in such missions as Surveillance and Reconnaisance.

    The SF Chaps are nt going to ease up anytime soon, im sure they are painstakingly pressurising the Command Centre of this group and soon when all tatics have failed they will crack and once it does, that’s the end of the War.

  10. doziex says:

    Oga Igbi, did you say we have fighter helicopters ???

    Well maybe you mis spoke.

    Our generals are definitely not fools.

    But he who knows not, and knows not that he knows not, is a fool.

    NA is already incorporating training by foreign experts in it’s curriculum. And all your nationalistic grah grah wouldn’t change or discredit this trend.

    Damn, How I miss the well thought out exchanges I used to have with the likes of @Peccavi.

    • igbi says:

      I meant helicopter gunships.

    • igbi says:

      What fascinates me about you is your short sightedness.
      You see when I started high school, I used to ask my colleagues for help all the time, but soon I realised I would never be the best if I always depended on others, so I worked hard on my own and I stopped asking for help. Then I was always among the three best.
      It seems your vision for Nigeria is : “let us always depend on assistance”.
      You are certainly not a nation builder. I feel sorry for you.

      • CHYDE says:

        @ IGBI while i agree with you that Self sustenance is the way forward, don’t you think you are being too extreme with the way you present your ideas as well as your CHOICE of words? We are only sharing ideas/rubbing minds we may view things differently but in the end you’ll see that the distance between people on this blog is much.

      • CHYDE says:

        @Igbi, I meant the distance isn’t much

    • CHYDE says:

      @ Doziex, abeg take am easy, we are all one o,we learn from one another each day

  11. beegeagle says:

    DOZIEX, concerning the necessity for marrying COIN units to helicopters, that cannot be overstated. Personally, I have called for some of these lovely and emerging Landcruiser gun trucks to be armed with 106mm RRs, 73mm anti tank guns and even MRLs – we can use our 70mm SBAT. We have called for Casspir and GILA MRAPs. We have called for ex-German MBB Bo-105 light armed helicopters for scouting and observation. Those can come armed with 12.7mm HMGs and 68mm rocket pods and they do carry a few soldiers to boot. We have also called for Mi-17V5s to cheaply and effectively supplement the Terminators.


    As an aside, gentlemen, you might recall that we have often called for the FG to splash out a token $80 million on the acquisition of eight units each of upgraded Mi-24V attack helics and Mi-17V5 multimission helics from Russian surplus stocks.

    Well, here is what should be a Mi-17 transport helic steeled up to no end and in effect, transformed to an assault helic. 33 troops embarked and six rocket pods contained many, many dozens of rockets. What manner of stampede would this trigger off in the skies over an insurgents’ base?

    Ruggedness, versatility and extreme durability in all adverse conditions. That is the Mi-17. We need these as allied assets behind the Mi-171Sh Terminator helics.

    Indian Mi-17V5 multimission helicopter

    On Light Observation Helicopters

    Again and while discussing Light Observation Helicopters earlier this week, we had predicted that this phase was imminent and had to be prepared for. Technicals+AA arty? The plot thickens


    Obix, on the need for nimble Light
    Observation Helicopters which ideally,
    would be armed with .50 cal HMGs and
    68mm rockets, we have talked and tired
    out. The German Army have declared a
    boatload of those to be surplus to
    requirement and they are in great shape.

    I doubt that each would cost more than
    $300,000 – thirty three units @US$10m.
    The Bo-105s are also twin-engined which helps their survivability. As terrorists flee Mali and seek to exact
    vengeance on countries such as Nigeria,
    Niger and Chad which continue to take
    military action against the allied
    terrorists, I see the chances of stepped-
    up attacks on remote communities of the distant Northeast close to the frontiers with Chad and Niger as distinct

    In those featureless Sahelian plains,
    attacks mounted by terrorists using
    motorised weapons are almost going to
    be their inevitable recourse. Did you note the emphasis on 4WDs during yesterday’s attack on dusty Monguno, a town which is situated over 1,800km down the road from Lagos?

    In those wide open plains, we need light
    observation helicopters to give chase to
    fleeing insurgents. The speed and the
    advantage of situational awareness
    afforded by air interdiction(such as dust
    trails visible from above) would be key to neutralising the threat.

    Even in urban areas, a Bo-105 can take
    off from behind a JSTF compound or any
    barracks and chase after insurgents or
    recce trouble spots. Of all the things which matter for CTCOIN operations, I would never know why the FG have been quite tardy about the way that they have gone about the acquisition of MRAPs and Light Observation Helicopters.

    These past two weeks, terrorists have attacked FOUR convoys of soft-skinned patrol vans using IEDs in Maiduguri alone. A minimum of three soldiers have been killed while several others have sustained serious injuries.

    Everywhere around the world, armies
    have used MRAPs to counter severe IED
    threats – from Israel to Sri Lanka(Buffel),Turkey to India(Casspir). WHAT are we waiting for? How many more troops have to die before we free up the purse strings?

  12. beegeagle says:

    La Francophonie


    24 June, 2013

    West and Central African leaders on
    Monday called for the deployment of an
    international naval force in the Gulf of
    Guinea as they met in Cameroon to
    discuss maritime security in the pirate-
    infested waters.

    The Gulf of Guinea, which includes waters off Nigeria, Africa’s largest oil producer,has emerged as a new danger-zone with pirates targeting fuel cargo and loading it onto other ships to sell on the lucrative black market, rather than seeking ransom to release ships, the International Maritime Bureau (IMB) said last week.

    “I invite the international community to
    show the same firmness in the Gulf of
    Guinea as it has demonstrated in the Gulf of Aden, where the presence of
    international naval forces has allowed for a drastic reduction in maritime piracy,” Ivory Coast President Alassane Ouattara told delegates.

    The summit, held in Cameroon’s capital
    Yaounde, has gathered 11 leaders of the
    Economic Community of West African
    States (ECOWAS) and the Economic
    Community of Central African States
    (ECCAS) to deliberate on new proposals and a joint action plan to tackle piracy
    and maritime criminality in the region.

    Chad’s President Idriss Deby said the
    proposed naval force could be part of the
    future emergency military force
    announced by the African Union (AU) last
    month and which is aimed at rapidly
    quelling conflict on the continent.

    According to a report released by the IMB last week, West Africa has now overtaken Somalia as the world’s piracy hot-spot with 966 sailors attacked last year compared with 851 in Somalia.

    IMB estimates the costs of the stolen goods in the Gulf of Guinea in 2012 at
    between 25 and 75 million euros ($33
    million to $100 million)

    The summit in Cameroon ends on Tuesday.

    • igbi says:

      When you talk about recolonisation !
      The french speaking black Africans are not really independent, they are never going to be.
      I know many of them and they see themselves as french. They have no African pride,

    • igbi says:

      I can see the hand of France here. I think they did this as to counter the regional navy meeting we co organized with america. The francophones are afraid seeing how helpless they are and how good the Nigerian navy is. They had two choices: ask Nigeria for help or follow the orders from France. they chose to obey France. I guess it is only their own waters that they want to be invaded. Maybe all this boils down to the fact that they are really scared of us. Actually they even think it is our government that is organizing the piracy. I see that meeting as an attack on Nigeria. You people should Wake up !
      And look where the meeting took place: cameroon. That is symbolic, Cameroon with the help of France is trying to still ecowas from us. And what the hell was chad doing there ?
      They are landlocked, this matter didn’t concern them.

  13. freeegulf says:

    these francophone stooges, when will they stop licking french ****
    shame on nigeria if we allow another Somalia task force in our domain. this is why we have been screaming and shouting for more ocean going vessels. give the navy the vessels and equipment to patrol and protect the gulf.

    the waters around indonesia re also pirate infested, so why re they more interested in west and central africa. other than crude oil exporting nations of nigeria, equitorial guinea, angola, and with ghana coming on board, i see no reason why nato or western navy should be involved. these countries are making good steps in protecting thier coast, most especially equitorial guinea.

    francophone countries re really despicable when it comes to self esteem and independence of thoughts and actions.

    • beegeagle says:

      That is what you get when the serious business of military procurement is left to the convenience of the Finance Ministry and Central Bank while the National Assembly have a skewed idea of what the national interest consists of.

      As for our Francophone brothers outside Guinea and Algeria, they are quite a bunch of easy hirelings apparently. Fancy Deby without a coastline playing up the French interest avidly.

      France were not too keen on the Benin-Nigeria Joint Anti-Piracy Task Group 11.1, remember? The venture has only continued till date because it reduced pirate attacks by as much as 80% relative to the August 2011 high when 22 attacks were recorded between February and August 2011.

      🙂 Our France Afrique brothers probably never plan to grow out of Western baby-sitting. Why not surrender their soveriegn authority altogether? I am looking at Cameroon and CIV and comparing them to a similar-sized Sri Lanka who were striking LTTE Sea Tigers targets 1,700km out to sea. There is none of these countries which cannot afford three Damen 8313 OPVs armed with 40mm, 20mm and 12.7mm weapons for US$70 million, so I am thinking that our brothers never want to grow into their own.


  14. Lazy idiots…(that includes any Nigerian Govt official who has contributed in making the NN fail in its duties). This idea is a No No, Someone should pls tell GEJ its time we stop this jara mentality and do some serious business. The cash is not a problem , so why the delay in helping the NN carry out its task? Abeg make i go carry my baby to calm myself down. This is arrant nonsense!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. beegeagle says:

    The Finance ministry give 25 metre PATROL CRAFT to the Navy with the rider cum nasty proviso that more will come if they reduce piracy and bunkering. What kind of warped reward system is that which is tied to ANY conditionality at all? In the realm of national defence? Is it a commercial venture these days?

    I have said this before – we need to sidestep these frugal barriers. The FG should have U$200 million domiciled in the Office of the National Security Adviser so that in consultation with the defence and security chiefs, snap acquisitions can be made.

    At a time like this, that would – to ensure that as many corners of the room get swept – DELIVER

    – 50 new GILA MRAPs $25 million

    – 100 refurbished Casspir MRAPs $20m

    – eight decomm. Freemantle class long-range patrol craft $30 million

    – six surplus Mi-17V5 $30m

    – five surplus Mi-24V $20m

    – twenty surplus armed Bo-105 $10m

    – three upgunned Damen 8313 OPVs $65m

    That is what $200 million can get for us TODAY. File carriers everywhere…so much movement, no motion. What is going on really?

    • igbi says:

      I saw what Mrs Engosi said as well, and at the moment I didn’t think about it. But now I Wonder who gave her the authority to meddle into military affairs, is she a general ?
      What is happening in Nigeria ? It is like she thinks running the armed forces is just like running a business ? Does she know what she is playing with ? This woman is playing with our national souvereignty. I think it is time we change the way things are done. First of all, Egozi must go (she has been on that post for too long anyway). Then the generals should be the only ones allowed to purchase military hardware. The minister of finance should not be given the power of saying no to the armed forces. No matter who is taking those décisions it must be someone with military training.

  16. Its like giving a security man bow and arrow and asking him to stop armed robbers armed with AK’s. Na juju dem want make dem use. This is an indictment on every and i mean everyone responsible for providing our armed forces the necessary tools to do their jobs. When would we remove these mediocre people and employ true professionals into the MOD et al. E be like say e don reach time for the CDS, COAS,CNS,CAS to threaten to go on strike ooh. E don reach that level. This things is not rocket science ooh….

    1) get money from CBN/MOF
    2)Call HQ of major arms coy
    3)Tell them what u want
    4) They send in invoice
    5)You bargain with them…cash for some…oil for others…part payment for some and yearly payments for others
    6)sign mou
    7)All parties drink coffee and go home
    8)The stuffs start rolling in
    Even my 6 year old son can follow this

    Kaiiiiii…I tire

  17. igbi says:

    It seems the media is misrepresenting the meeting in Yaoundé. It seems there is only one country which asked for the invasion of the gulf of guinea: it is Ivory coast which is a navyless country.
    It seems Deby tried to calm it down by saying the international force should be African.
    It seems less than half of the concerned countries showd up during that meeting, so the meeting was useless.

  18. freeegulf says:

    between CIV, togo and senegal, i really don’t know one of these countries like been more french. they re more french than Africans and still consider metropolitan Paris as their center. how terrible, independence is still a far thought where these countries are concerned.
    irrespective of the occupier of Elysee palace, french africain politriks would not change.

  19. ifiok umoeka says:

    We saw this coming and we shouted the alarm. Like the gen said, with a little money, we can fix this. If we allow foreign forces to anchor off our coast, we put our economy at their wimps and caprices. Today, it may be CIV, 2moro, even CAR will join the dance. I think its aimed at testing Nigeria’s response and I think we should have one that is loud and clear, like the basing of western troops in Africa, we don’t want or need NATOs navy off our coast. Pls PFRNGR, get us those F122s from Germany b4 the year runs out.
    @ igbi, happy u were the 1st to clarify, that’s why I wait just a little longer b4 I come out with all guns blazing.

  20. ifiok umoeka says:

    That we’ve not been able to turn Benin, Togo and Niger to our side in spite of how economically dependent they are on us is a testament on how wacked our foreign policy is. What are we doing in Guinea or Guinea Bissau? Even the Sierra leone and Liberia that are free today by the Blood and Guts of our boys are often abstaining when we need them to add their voice and if Ghana has a choice, they would play neutral too. Its time we wake up

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