24 June, 2013

ENLIGHTENMENT and determination are yielding positive fruits in the fight against terrorism as members of Volunteer Vigilance Youths Group (VVYG) and men of the Joint Task Force (JTF) in Borno State arrested 31 Boko Haram terrorists at various locations in
Maiduguri at the weekend.

Their effort drew ovation and commendation from residents and
soldiers, as they went after the fleeing
suspects after the destruction of their
training camps at Sambisa Game
Reserve Forests (SGRF) and Kirenoa, a border community with Chad.

According to the VVYG Chairman, Abubakar Mallum, and his vice, Isa Musa,
the suspects were nabbed at NEPA Market junction, Anguwar Doki, Shuwari
II and Gamboru Market areas of
Maiduguri. He added that the terrorists have already been handed over to the
various JTF local sector commanders for
further investigation.

The fleeing terrorists had attacked
Ansarudeen Secondary School, as well as
fishermen and traders at Alau Dam,killing 22 people, including nine students writing the National Examinations Council (NECO) on Baga Road.

Speaking on their modus operandi
yesterday in Maiduguri, Mallum said
youth vigilance group “operates at
strategic locations with ordinary sticks
and cutlasses, without any rifle like the
soldiers that patrol the major streets and roads of Maiduguri.” According to him, “all vehicles are stopped at these strategic locations and we search their interiors, booths and hoods, where some of the rifles are hidden to launch attacks in this city.”

In a breakdown of the arrests made at
the weekend, Mallum disclosed that on
Friday, four suspects were arrested in
Shuwari ward, while the following day,
five were arrested and handed over to
the nearest local sector commander of JTF. Last Wednesday, he said, 15 suspected armed Boko Haram members were also arrested at Gambouru Market, while the residents were cooperating to end the incessant attacks and killings in the state.

Meanwhile, the JTF Sunday also commended the youths for the joint
manhunt of fleeing Boko Haram suspects. According to its spokesman,
Lt. Col. Sagir Musa, “the JTF commended
these youths for assisting our soldiers and police arrest these terrorist
suspects among people living in the
metropolis. “The youths have also renewed their efforts in supporting the JTF in the current operations.”


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  1. jimmy says:


  2. beegeagle says:


    25 June, 2013

    Hundreds of youths who launched a
    manhunt for insurgents in Maiduguri
    have taken over stop and search work
    from soldiers, suggesting that the
    volunteers are assuming more
    responsibilities in their efforts to help root out insurgency in Borno State.

    Their involvement in search work is
    based on the belief that they would be
    able to identify insurgents faster and
    easier than the soldiers, Daily Trust
    learnt. Our correspondent who went round Maiduguri yesterday reported that the young men, who call themselves ‘Civilian JTF’, organised into different groups, took positions and conducted searches on vehicles at many checkpoints around the city.

    The youths were seen stationed at checkpoints on major roads, including Babban Layi street, Dandal Way leading to Shehu of Borno’s palace, Ahmadu Bello Way to Gwange central cemetery and some parts of Bama Road. They also manned checkpoints along roads linking Gwange I, Gwange II, Gwange III and Gwange IV, as well as in Mafoni, Shehuri South, Budum, Bolori, Umarari, Maimusari and Jiddari Polo.

    The youths were seen bearing sticks at
    the checkpoints, ordering motorists to
    stop, park and be searched in the
    presence of soldiers. Since they launched their volunteer campaign against Boko Haram two weeks ago, the youths have helped facilitate the arrest of dozens of
    suspected sect members. But they have come under threat of retaliation from the sect itself, which is believed to have launched reprisals and killed dozens last week.

    One of the youths who spoke to our
    correspondent in Maiduguri yesterday
    said they took to stop and search in order to abort potential retaliatory
    attacks. “We took this measure in order to be aborting retaliatory attacks being
    planned by the Boko Haram sect members who vowed to lay ambush on
    us like they attempted last week when
    they disguised as bakers conveying bags of flour meal in a J5 car,” he said. “And when they arrived Gwange I, they pulled out their guns shooting at everywhere. So, immediately we began to hear some strange gunshots which were not those of the soldiers, we just started running towards the direction which we heard the gunshots from. And before you know it, youths in their hundreds have already gathered there, we surrounded the J5 car loaded with flour meal bags and we firstly challenged them (the insurgents) to shoot and kill us all if they could.

    “Then the five suspected Boko Haram
    members including the driver pretended
    that they were just bakers looking for a
    bakery in the area and after they
    finished their fruitless talk, we asked
    them to come down from the car which they resisted. So, we forcefully brought
    them out from the J5 car in which we
    discovered many guns and ammunition. “Subsequently, we beat and tied them
    up, took and handed them over to the
    soldiers along with their guns and
    ammunition. From then we suggested
    to the soldiers that we should henceforth be checking motorists ourselves which the soldiers agreed.”

    “Similarly, our counterparts in Sabon Gari area of Gwange II ward have last night trailed and caught three Boko Haram sect members who disguised in women cloths but with Allah’s help, our
    colleagues trailed, caught and handed them over to the soldiers,” he added.

    There was no immediate comment from
    the Joint Task Force in Maiduguri on the
    latest efforts by the youths yesterday,
    but the Presidency and military
    authorities had last week commended
    the volunteers for helping in the battle against insurgency.

  3. ifiok umoeka says:

    We should look into some post BH era reward for these brave souls and immediate tokens like cash and medical help in case they are injured on this volunteer duty

  4. jimmy says:


  5. makanaky says:

    I am very worried about our soldiers. how come they cannot conduct a thorough search at check points and allowing civilians to do the job

    • beegeagle says:

      That is just a token gesture to create the feeling that their civilian collaborators are being carried along. Teaming skills perhaps and allowing local knowledge to come to the fore.

      Do not forget that the fulcrum of this collabo has been Ali Kwara(read about him) and people who he has trained. Ali Kwara, who has assisted the police in successfully tracking down armed robbers across the North, needs no introduction and his reputation for thoroughness using unorthodox means precedes him.

      Collaboration of this sort also took place between ECOMOG forces and Kamajor hunter militiamen in Sierra Leone. In any case, in this era of community policing, citizen-led arrests and vigilante groups across the country, with many states having authorised vigilance services to effect community policing, this is just in sync with contemporary realities.

      At this stage when we have arrived at a long-delayed tipping point whereby war-weary and well-meaning citizens have finally lent their ears to the enduring and strident calls for the citizenry to aid JSTF operations through the exposure of known BH sympathisers, we need to keep an eye on confidence-building and gestures which are emblematic of the collaboration which everyone has craved for so long.

      If these vigilante allies are to be carried along, they must be given visible roles to play without letting them fly off the handle. If you do not, their priceless local intel would be lost as the exasperated youths are wont to say ‘leave it all to the soldiers to do since they do not need our assistance’. For the avoidance of doubt, these terrorists are mostly known by names, faces and the company they keep in the community. Nocturnal as they were, did we not similarly know many of the members of campus militia groups (confraternities) in ways which neither the police nor university security did?

      Note that these vigilate chaps are not carrying guns – vigilante groups in my LGA in Delta State carry double-barrel guns, dane guns and pump action rifles, mind you – and that they operate under the watchful eyes of soldiers. Apprehended suspects are also handed over to the soldiers.

      So that is the 360-degree perspective which we might need to internalise as we xray this emerging collabo which needs to be encouraged. Let our foreign media aggressors now come and tell us that the same youths turned vigilante folk have ‘confided’ in them that the JSTF have been arresting innocent civilians. Bloody, nosey buggers.

  6. freeegulf says:

    NA has SHILKA deployed up north. highly commendable.

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