24 June, 2013

The Defence Headquarters yesterday said troops are searching for the insurgents who attacked the border towns of Bama and Gwoza in Borno State. Defence spokesman Brigadier General Chris Olukolade made this known to told Daily Trust on telephone.

Hundreds of residents fled the towns following threats and attack by suspected Boko Haram insurgents. Some of the residents including women and children were seen at the Muna Garage in Maiduguri shortly after their arrival.
The insurgents were chased out of their camps by the security forces but some were said to have regrouped and begun fresh attacks.

Olukolade said the details about the activities of the terrorists were passed on to the troops and effort is being made to trace them. “In fact, so many of them have been apprehended.” He said aerial patrols are being conducted to
trace the whereabouts of the remaining insurgents who are likely to be hiding around the towns.

“Such threats are being duly addressed by ongoing patrols of the Special Forces on land and in the air. That area is now under a special focus in the ongoing cordon and search operations,” he explained


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  1. eyimola says:

    There was a time when talk of Nigeria Special forces on the internet would elicit comments like ‘they don’t exist’

    Just shows how much has changed.

    • Akin Oges says:

      I like the aspect: ” on land and in the air”. That means ‘the big boys’ are doing their thing from the air with dedicated helicopters. I sure hope real soon the military authorities will have a Special Forces Air Arm.

  2. beegeagle says:


    24 June, 2013

    Residents of Gwange area in Maiduguri,
    the Borno State capital have restricted
    their women from going out in the
    evening, following reports that Boko
    Haram members have now resorted to
    disguising as women, putting on female dresses while perpetrating evils and
    using the same method as a means of
    escaping arrest by soldiers and vigilante
    youth in the area.

    DailyPost gathered that, four Boko Haram members were arrested on Saturday in Gwange ward, wearing women’s clothing and trying to escape arrest as a result of pressure mounted on them in the area by the vigilante youth who have been seriously hunting for the sect members particularly in Gwange area of the city.

    According to a resident of Gwange, who
    pleaded not to be mentioned, the sect
    members are also wearing female
    clothing to hide their weapons in order
    to go and commit evil.

    “They have been doing that for a long time according to one of them who was arrested last month in Gwange and since that time, so many of them have been arrested and handed over to the security.” he said.

    Speaking on whether the soldiers are
    killing them, he said, “They have been
    arresting them, but killing them, we do
    not know, because the soldiers always
    carry them to the JTF headquarters.” According to him, even those that were
    arrested with ‘hijab’ last week Saturday,were beaten up by youth and handed over to the military for further

  3. beegeagle says:

    Hmn, I have been wondering why so many search queries relating to the HONGDU L15 FALCON advanced trainer/light attack jet have been coming our way today.

    Searching through Google, I found that are probably reacting to an UPDATE on Wikipedia which suggests that Nigeria are getting 12 units of the jet and that they shall be delivered before the end of 2013.

    Air aficionados, gimme gist o. We already knew – thanks to Moscow Defense Brief – that the NAF are almost certainly that unnamed African customer for the L15 Falcon but they did not put a specific timeline to the delivery.

    • Donian007 says:

      OYA NAA! L15 Falcon, Thunderbolt JF 17, Sukhoi, Fingers crossed, champaigne by the side. Anyways JTF has proven their worth, HRW drunk and asleep. NAIJA 4EVER!

  4. Nito says:

    Why is it there NAf don’t go for multi role fighters? They keep buying only advanced trainers. Watin do Sukhoi 30 & 35, F16 and 18 and Tornedoe?

  5. beegeagle says:

    Different roles, Nito. There are multirole, air superiority and advance trainer jets. Each would come in its own time to fit into its designated role.

    That was why the NAF acquired Alpha Jet and Aermacchi MB 339 advanced trainer/light attack jets in tandem with the acquisition of Jaguar multirole jets.

    Let us see how it goes

    • CHYDE says:

      From your comment Oga beeg,(which happens to be an eye opener to me) i am tempted to say that if the L15 Falcon is what the NAF is going for, it’s likely that the fighter jets would be Chinese, Alpha jets,Aermacchi MB 339 Jaguar multirole jets are of European Origin. Correct me if i am wrong sir

  6. Henry says:

    Moscow defence brief did mention nigeria by name, they were specific there. So we got that in the bag, No surprises.

    The L-15 hongdu falcon is a light attack, just like the alpha-jets, and definitely cannot be the back-bone of the airforce. I’m hoping that we a capable multi-role fighter.

    In the past months we have had clues(not concrete) as to the sort of multi-role fighter we might get.

    First was Gen. Beeg

    * with the story that we are looking at the J-10b
    * another report that the airforce are in the hunt for an air superiority fighter, possibly of western origin.

    Then me,
    *I did say that nigeria might have secretly gotten the JF-17 block II fighter jets.

    *A different source or two different sources claimed that nigeria might have shelved the plan to get the JF-17 fighter jets and have instead settled for the SU-30/27, while the 2nd source only mentioned sukhoi( no type)

    * The NAF chief was in pakistan in november, where he spent 2 days, his counterpart, PAK AF chief replicated the visit, and he spent 5 days in nigeria. Chatter again changed to the fact that NAF were probably going to receive the JF-17 thunder block II.

    * however, before the return visit of the PAK air chief, OGA @Gbash10, started seeing 3 twin engined fighter jets in his sleep. Why he wrote that on the blog, only he knows the answer.

    Gbash10 again, this time fully awake, saw an ash coloured fighter jet fly by in one of our airbase.

    //this is the time line of the “cat and mouse” chase, we have had on this blog.

    *hunt for an air superiority fighter
    *Jf-17 thunder block II
    *Su 27/30
    *3 twin engined jets in his sleep

    We still they chase every clue,snippet, crumb make NAF no come disappoint us.

    • hahahahahahaha..Oga henry…#however, before the return visit of the PAK air chief, OGA @Gbash10, started seeing 3 twin engined fighter jets in his sleep. Why he wrote that on the blog, only he knows the answer.

      Gbash10 again, this time fully awake, saw an ash coloured fighter jet fly by in one of our airbase.#

  7. Henry says:

    It is assumed that for the role special forces carry out, these different units have to be lethal. so for me, I look at the kitting of different special forces around the world.

    Looking through hundreds of images of special forces around the world, I was struck at how well these units are kitted compared to the nigerian army’s special forces unit.

    My comparism today, is the Iraqi army special forces team to that of nigeria. The iraqi unit in terms of kitting is way ahead of nigeria. Troops look like modern day robocops.

    The army should take a cue from the navy and properly kit her personnel.

  8. eyimola says:

    Well I consider Wikipedia to be dubious at best. But we shall see. Definitely would not turn down L-15s. Off topic:
    Do we know the ‘unnamed customer’ who ordered 6 Shaldags and 6 OPVs from our friends in Israel? could this be part of the 13 patrol vessels the NN were talking about a month or so ago?

    • tim says:

      There seems to be almost no news of the weapons carried by the L 15,

    • beegeagle says:

      Not a Wikipedia buff either. Only implying that the flurry emanated from their update. MDB (which was what Wikipedia quoted) have pointedly named Nigeria as the customer for the L15 Falcon but they did not state a delivery timeframe. So I am wondering if anyone has seen any article online which states that the Falcons would be delivered before the end of the year or whether in-house air aficionados know a thing about this.

      Moving on, Hmnnnnn…this deal involving SIX Saar 62 metre OPVs and six Shaldag Mk.Vs for two different and unnamed customers! Who are the likely takers?

      For capital assets, I believe that the Navy are interested in 1,500+ ton ships and the Saar OPV does not nearly get there – about 450 tons.

      The NN have a stated requirement for 20 OPVs and there is some pressure to do something major abour maritime security BUT My mind tells me that the OPV customer might be TURKEY.

      We do know that MoD is currently awash with rolled over funds from the incomplete execution of previous budgets.

      There are only three things which make me suspect that this could be a Nigerian deal

      – the sudden silence over the US$450m Pipavav OPVs deal which has not yet been signed till date

      – the ‘unnamed customer’

      – the familiar client, at a time when Nigeria have a firm preference for transacting biz with manufacturers who do not mix arms supplies with politics. Israel, Russia and China fall within that bracket

      BUT Israel do have warm military relations with Turkey, so I am thinking Turkey for the OPVs.

      • eyimola says:

        Yeah I suspect the Shaldags are for the NN. I am quite intrigued by the OPV story though. Granted they are only 62 meters, but 6 at a time for a non Arab country (because they don’t buy from Israel ) is a significant uplift.

      • jimmy says:

        AU CONTRAIRE beegs ISRAEL AND TURKEY have seen their relationship cool down Rapidly it started with the flotilla fiasco in IN WHICH BOTH NATIONS OVERREACTED then it culminated in the PUBLIC DRESSING DOWN OF THE ISRAELI Ambassador to Turkey where he was made to sit in a lower share. Recently both countries have apologized but Prime Minister Edrogan is very unlikely to be splashing out MILLIONS Israel’s way .
        The unnamed African Nation is most likely Nigeria. Equatorial Guinea does not have the same hang ups Nigeria has- also Nigeria is coming under increasing from Western NATIONS TO DO MORE IN THE GULF OF Guinea.

  9. beegeagle says:

    @Oga Eyimola. You must be talking about the defunct 2 Air Mobile Brigade in what was then Bori Camp (now Zamani Lekwot Cantonment) in Port Harcourt. The Air Assault Golf Club which has existed since those times remains in PHC and has retained that name till date.

    Back then, 2 Air Mobile Brigade would have been expected to be supported by the 24 units of Bo-105s, of which 15 units were assault variants, and Puma/Super Puma helics domiciled in the NAF Station, PHC.

  10. beegeagle says:

    Chyde, L15 Falcons can serve as lead-in fighter trainers for the J10, J11 (Chinese Su-27) and JF-17 Thunder jets

    Yes, it is a pointer to the shape of things to come.

  11. gbash10 says:

    Great Patroits,with my ears on the ground, i heard that our unbeatable SBS boys were flown to the north east yesterday mid-night and immediately they landed, 38 BH members were caught or killed in action by the special forces.The Defence HQ has unleash the NN SBS in full force now,hahaha… Cybergenerals,dem sai morale de high dos bagas de chop sand!
    More armoured tanks deployed to battle from Bauch.
    Guys TAC is too quiet,news no de yet,make we just de kamkpe wait and see watin NAF go carry come for us.

  12. gbash10 says:

    Something that is very important for the NAF Research and Development(R&D) Unit and the NAFIT Kaduna,the Chinese are using the 3D(3 Dimension) Printing Technology to design commercial and military fighter jets.The device uses a laser additive manufacturing technology,and is said to boast a significant advantage over traditional manufacturing methods.
    It is believed that the Chinese design the C-919,their first domestically-designed commercial aircraft,the J-15 and J-16 fighter jets,the J-20 stealth fighter and the next-generation J-31 fighter using the 3D Printing Technology.The technology has been used to create aircraft parts without the need for casting,forging,assembling or other traditional manufacturing processes.
    We need the 3D Printing Technology in Nigeria.

  13. Tope says:

    @Gbash10 Oga we read you loud and clear then im guessing its dis sae SBS chaps that caught 11 BH members today, nice move by DHQ.

    Well My Fellow Bloggers from what we have all said, 15 Falcons will help get us the desired 3G and 4G+ Training we need to man Airframes like the J11 J10 or J17 whichever falls into our laps.

    Who knows we might have the SU already onground but secretly until we can really fly the beast according to all this “sightings” the thing dey like UFO 🙂

    As for Pipav Deal i tink its gone through its a standard process for the Military we know to hush things when contracts are to be signed so as to confuse Military watchers

    Guys lets keep Snooping Around and Hoping for the Best

  14. Solorex says:

    I have no doubt that NAF procured the L15 and would soon follow this with JF17s, it written all over the attitude of NAF over the past 8 years. The F7s were a stop gap measure meant to help with NAF resurrection ( since Mig 21 was the only non trainer jet NAF flew for several years successfully-the Jag were just for shows and F7 is the closest cheapest stuff from friendly country with assured support). I had always know that NAF would not buy F7 except it be a preamble for a better Chinese Fighter. I guess this means the end of the road for the Alpha jets (they would probably be withdrawn in the next 5 years) and other trainers except the Machis would soon be offloaded. The tradition of NAF procurement is also have the mainstay platforms diversified; I believe that the JF17 would be followed by a western origin 4th gen platform in few years, we definitely won’t get the much hyped Sukhoi’s.

    Concerning the Israeli OPV’s, we would know in few weeks who the customer is, Israeli press is too free and nossy for their government to successfully conceal the costumer of such a Mega deal. However; it is very unlikely to be Nigeria, first the size is not in the range of our recent procurement plans secondly China, South Korea, India and at worst Germany, Brazil, Spain and Italy are more likely source for this platforms for NN. I am persuaded that the Navy would get 6-8 OPVs at least in the next 3-4 years

  15. eyimola says:

    I don’t see them buying the JF-17. Its inconceivable to me that the Nigeria Air force will buy an unverified plane that is not utilised by the lead manufacturing nation. There are still no PLAAF JF-17 squadrons, and I cannot see any being formed in the near future.

    I want a J-10 or SU-30.

    • Solorex says:

      L15 is the basic trainer for J10, J15, JF17,J16 and J33, of all these only the JF17/FC1 is available for export with open architecture for third party avionics,radars and weapons. If NAF wanted another ground attack or coin aircraft-L15 will not even be considered. That NAF bought L15 is a sure pointer to the JF17.

      There are no PLAAF JF17 squadrons because JF 17 was designed right from the scratch for export and political/military prowess expansion in mind. It was developed in conjunction with Pakistan with input from several European companies(China will never allow any military aircraft to be used by PLAAF in large quantity to go through such international scrutiny). Basically made for rich African, eastern European and Middle eastern countries. It is designed to be co produced and upgraded by any friendly country that so desire (vey open architecture-talks ongoing with Argentina, Egypt for joint production of versions). It’s like the Chinese equivalent of the US F16 Policy, a policy that has been difficult to replicate by any other nation with any other fighter on a large scale till now. The JF17 does not confer any practical advantage on the PLAFF capability beyond what the J10, J8, J15 and J16 does already. A small batch would still probably be procured for advert sake though.

      I think Chinese Aviation would have a great future in Africa and that JF17 is not a bad buy (not the best). We should take this opportunity to become the leading Chinese Aviation industry partner in Africa-set up assembly lines, have our own upgrade programs, Aircraft design institutes like they do in China

    • Henry says:

      The J10 for 35million dollars a piece, I’m sorry, but we are not going to get them.

      The JF-17 or the SU-30/27 might be the jets we would get.

  16. ifiok umoeka says:

    On the OPVs, I think we should look at Angola!
    On the SBS, what took them so long?
    On the airforce, why invest so much on tech that needs so much external support. The engines are russian, the radar italian and the weapons a chinese/american and/franco mix! Question is, how much do they cost ie, the su 30/35 or the mig 35? Brand new I mean.

  17. beegeagle says:

    Yeah, Angola could be another place to look. The already have something going with the Israelis as far as the Aerostar UAVs (same as ours) go. Remember that one was shown on NTA News taking from Kaduna earlier this month.

    Again, Angola until now have had no navy worthy of mention, as compared to her Army and Airforce. They mostly have 15-25 metre craft and even the 25-40 metre craft for which they placed orders in Germany are just about now being delivered. That for a country with a major offshore oil industry and 1,600km of coastline. So this could as well be Angola. Yes, they spend money in a large-hearted way on national defence and security and with the gaps in their naval array, this really could be Angola.

    For one, I am sure that our naval brasshats know that for true deepsea capability, what they should be looking at are 1,500+ ton capital assets. Angola can afford to reach for these small, helicopter-carrying OPVs because they are practically borderless on the Atlantic save for an innocuous Sao Tome. Reason why they have seemingly neglected their navy for so long. Fact is, anything slighter larger than coastal patrol craft would be okay for their needs.

  18. beegeagle says:

    Do not allow their posturing to deceive you, Oga Jimmy. That was a brief spat over the Gaza relief flotilla which was attacked by Israeli forces as they tried to break through the cordon. That flotilla was dominated by Turks. That is all.

    Otherwise, they are collaborating on defence production and Turkey are getting Israeli drones to be sure.

  19. beegeagle says:

    Su-27/Su-30 in a 2:1 ratio that matches our demontrable spending proclivities for me, gentlemen. These ain’t the Shagari years, remember? Let us have a can-do list..not a wish list. Nigeria can afford to spend money acquiring 24 units of Su-30s without much exertion but successive FGs have proven to be shy about defence procurement. So I have learnt to keep it simple and prescribe compelling routes to attainable ends.

    So gimme 16 surplus units of upgraded Su-27s for $200 million (four trainer variants imclusive) direct from Russian stocks. The flyboys get to familiarise on the airframe and we can take risks since we did not break the bank to get the jets. Again, we would have grabbed enough in terms of numbers to realistically punch in tandem with our weight.

    In the following year, we can then place a $360 million order for eight Su-30s which would be delivered 24 months after the Su-27s have been phased in.

    With that core of 20 Su-27/Su-30s, we can station three units of Su-27s each at Lagos, Calabar, Maiduguri and Sokoto. Plant all eight Su-30s at TAC and move out the F7s in triads to Kano and Enugu and in pairs to Kainji, Yola and Benin.

    Then we can reach out for as many JF17s as we want. Even gives them enough time to make the sternest possible Block II variant. Those would just add to the overall punching power.

    Moving on, if we swooped on A-Jet, MB 339s and Albatros advanced trainers all at once, why can’t we do this compelling mix of L15 Falcons and Yak 130s? Is that more logistically challenging than what we have known? The A-Jets and Albatros are nearing the ends of their service lives as it is anyway. We have to step up to 4G AT/LA jets at any rate, even as the A-Jets have lately been upgraded. The US not too long ago celebrated fifty years of the T38 in service. That does not mean that newer birds have not been phased in between.

  20. ifiok umoeka says:

    I don’t think is was a minor spat as it affected israeli/turk military involvement at all levels (though that could have been aimed more @ their military than @ Israel). Moreover, they have their melgem corvette program and those dearsan OPVs all steaming ahead. Pretty unlikely turkish don’t u think?

  21. ifiok umoeka says:

    As for the jets, the chinese are certain to buy su35 if moscow is to be believed. Perhaps we look there for truly long term assets and it will be brand new. Say 24 over a period of 5years while we start with 8 refurbished su 27s or 30kn. What say you la Gen?

    • CHYDE says:

      Personally i agree with your opinion but then 24 over a period of 5 years, isn’t that to small especially now that there are recommendations to increase the Military size? Was also think about a mix of SU34’s and SU35’s, and maybe along the line some MiG 35’s

  22. beegeagle says:

    Yeah, the suggested figure is a start-up haul. Flyboys would be more confident flying the ‘toks’ Su-27s and as they attain proficiency, they take on the Su-30s with panache. So we have a good mix of ‘toys’ on which the boys can experiment even as they are stern enough to make any adventurer think twice.

    We have just mentioned a 2013 and 2014 haul. God willing, come 2016, one would expect the numbers of Su-30s to be expanded as they pile on incremental hauls of four units in 2016 and 2017.

    Come 2020, they can then switch the incremental hauls to a higher gear by going for the Su-35. By then, dexterity on the Su-27/Su-30 would make that move less of a ‘precipitate maneouvre’.

  23. eyimola says:

    Gen Henry, The J-10 is not 35 million dollars. The quoted per unit cost for the PLAAF version is 25million dollars, This is a price that is bound to fall, as they sell more units. There are all sorts of suggestion that the export version of a J-10 will cost between 10 and 15 million USD.

    The Point made by Gen Ifiok above regarding brand new purchases, should however trump any other considerations. The long term view is usually the best.

  24. freeegulf says:

    the Shaldag MK.5s could be for Angola, you cant be too sure. if indeed they re Nigerian waters bound, then it is a great shift from previous acquisition pattern. that is some splash; 6 decent vessels at one go.

    in spite of american pressure on NN to do more about insecurity in the gulf of guinea, it is still highly unlikely that Navy is the client for the Sa’ar missile boats. the Shaldag maybe, but not the larger Sa’ar boats. they might be meant for SA navy.

    although, it should be noted that Nigeria is far more secretive in defence procurement than the above named countries.

  25. ifiok umoeka says:

    Where is oga peccavi? I do miss my sitreps and to oga opimusprime, how’s the little lady? Even oga yagz is mostly on stealth mode conducting hit and run strikes. Miss u guys

  26. beegeagle says:

    Gentlemen, this is OFFICIAL.

    NTA NEWS reported a while ago that the National Assembly (Senate+House of Reps) have unanimously given the President the go-ahead to direct an immediate spike in the numbers of all defence and security forces.

    This is coming at a time when the Army alone are working towards the formation of ten new battalions.

    • CHYDE says:

      Good news, but those this translate into increase In purchasing power as far as Military equipment is concerned? I am very particular about our ariel ability

    • eyimola says:

      Is there a numeric target set? Or are they going to just recruit without telling us the numbers? Anyway I have always felt the Armed Forces (especially the Navy and Army are under manned.

  27. freeegulf says:

    good point general, there will definitely be an increment in funding. whether this increment will specifically target armament acquisition and capital projects such as barrack renovations, is yet to be disclosed.
    given that 2Div has ceded its artillery brigade to 81Div, and the artillery regt in Akure has been upgraded to a brigade formation under 2Div, funding and troop strength will directly be beneficial to the ongoing structural change.

  28. freeegulf says:

    in spite of their perchance for secrecy, NAF will be unable to keep their plans for a 4G multi-role aircraft secret for too long. aviation authorities in Beijing and Moscow would soon reveal tiny snippets of these intended acquisitions. followed by more visits from China. add crew training and preparations for inducting a new fighter jet, and soon, it would all become apparent.

    between the JF-17 Block II, J-10B, and refurbished Sukhois, NAF has a wide range of selected platforms to fulfill their contemporary needs.

  29. ifiok umoeka says:

    So als is the J10, and most combat aircraft btw the mid 1970s and 2010. However, gen is synonymous with era and not necessarily performance or capability. Thus a Su35 and J17 are 4gen but the later is classified as a 4++ due to it upgraded capability when compared with say a basic Su27 which is also a 4gen bird. The same applies to the typhoon, super hornet, gripen and rafale.

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