A Panhard VBL M11 of the Special Task Force - OP SAFE HAVEN(Jos Plateau) at the Terminus area of Jos

A Panhard VBL M11 of the Special Task Force – OP SAFE HAVEN(Jos Plateau) at the Terminus area of Jos

24 June, 2013

Men of the Special Task Force (STF) on Friday battled with insurgents,who were planning to attack some minority villages of Yamini, Karkashi, Shikal and Lokan, on the fringes of southern Plateau State.

The villagers had sent a distress call to
the Task Force, complaining that some
insurgents, suspected to be Fulani
herdsmen, were camping behind Mango
plantation in Wase town and Sakin Kudu
in Taraba State, with the intention of attacking them. They had also fled their communities for fear of being attacked by the insurgents, who were also said to have mixed up with some terrorist elements suspected to have camped in Ibbi, on the fringes of Taraba State.Following the call,some operatives were deployed on Friday to dislodge them from the villages.

Executive Director of a non-governmental organisation, Stefanos Foundation, Mr Mark Lipdo, who raised the alarm, said the insurgents retreated on sighting the men of the Force.“Indigenous minorities around Karkashi
and Yamini of Southern Plateau are full
of praises for Special Task Force (STF) as
they watch their adversaries fleeing on
millitary arrival,” Mr Lipdo stated.

STF Spokesman, Captain Mustapha
confirmed the development. He said that nobody was killed and no arrest was also made. “Our men were sent to dislodge them and we are also deploying strategies to ensure that elements of terrorists do not infiltrate Plateau through that flank,” he explained.


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  1. Donian007 says:

    HEHEHE! The fear of the Nigerian Armed Forces is the beginning of the end of terrorism!

  2. Tope says:

    Reports Reaching me is that the SF has nabbed another 11 Terrorist and i heard from a source that 4 BH men wia nabbed dressed as Women i cant confirm if that is true or not, Whatever it may be this Youths are doing a wonderful thing and its equally important that the army decidedly have nt armed them we dnt want a Libya Situation whereby they quickly become the nemesis they were once fighting, but kudos to them and the NA. Efforts are paying off

  3. ruggedbattalion says:

    I can’t understand this story , no arrest was made u just went to dislodge them . The fulani mercenaries and the terrorist groups arming themselves in taraba were just dislodged only for them to come back and destroy the villages when the jtf turns back . Is there a special trestment for these group of individuals and another for th bokoharam people . Well I expect the jtf to do more than a superficial solution to this problem .

  4. ifiok umoeka says:

    I wish they were nabbed as he who runs away can fight another day. Again this underscores the need for rapid response assets in the form of mid lift rotary wing aircraft and long endurance recon assets. Good relief for those poor villagers and thank God for the STF.
    On another note, we need a comprehensive plan on dealing with the menace of the armed herd men sooner than later.

  5. igbi says:

    It seems, it is now time for rock’n’roll:
    The senate is approving mass recruitment into the armed forces.

  6. makanaky says:

    I am always critical of our men in uniform but sometimes we have to give kudos when it is due, our men in uniform including the police are learning very fast as the ball game is changing very fast.
    Thank you as we are begining to see the dividends of better training

  7. ifiok umoeka says:

    Have u guys heard the news of the attack in plateau state? The question is what is the connection between this ‘gunmen’ and those that where ‘dislodged’ from the area? Why we play politics, people get angry and resentment is built up as impunity reigns, soon it becomes a tit for tat, then another state of emergency, then another committee of inquiry, then… Don’t we get tired of this.

    • doziex says:

      Oga ifiok, it’s not impunity, it’s impotence.

      JTF as is, can defeat the murderers in the city streets but cannot effectively chase them and trap them in the forested hill side towns.

      So the villages outside the city are at the mercy of the murderers.

      I once suggested special forces or civil defense units be embedded in these exposed communities, to hold of these herdsmen till specially trained heliborne crack troops arrived.

      Then as now, I really hope the brass in the NA are listening.

      They are not ignorant of the solution to the problem. I just can’t fathom what is delaying the implementation of the necessary.

  8. ifiok umoeka says:

    As long as these people are made to believe that the state can’t secure them, they too will be thinking of arming themselves. Like I’ve before somewhere else, it will not always be like this. Even when cornered a cock suddenly behaves like an eagle.

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