A Nigerian Army Bofors FH77 155mm artillery system

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27 June, 2013

The Nigerian Army yesterday assured the people of the country that the menace of terrorism and insurgency in the northern part of Nigeria would soon become a thing of the past.

The Chief of Army Staff, Lt Gen. Azubuike Ihejirika, who took a look at the performance of the Nigerian Army in the on going war against terrorism in the country, said the country was winning the war. Ihejirika spoke in Akure, Ondo State capital, at the inauguration of the Headquarters of the 32 Artillery Brigade.

The Army Chief said the state of emergency declared by President Goodluck Jonathan in three states in the north, had gone a long way at ensuring significant achievements in the war against terrorism. He stated that although the Nigerian Army had lost some men and equipment in the fight against the Boko Haram insurgents, the nation was winning the war.

According to him, “The troops on ground are doing a very good job in our quest to rid the country of insurgents, but the battle is not over, more efforts are still needed and this has been my message to the commanders and troops. “No doubt, the Army is doing well in the fight against terrorism, though we have lost a couple of men and equipment in the fight against insurgent, we have made tremendous achievements and in line with the directive of the President, we will go all way to flush out the insurgents from our country”.Reiterating that the Nigerian Army under his leadership was ready to defend the sovereignty of the country, the COAS noted that ‘the effort to rid our country of vices is irreversible’.

Commenting on the reason for the new brigade command in Ondo State,Ihejirika said it was borne out of the restructuring in the Army, which ceded the old brigade in Abeokuta to the 81 Division in Lagos state. He, however, said many of the ongoing infrastructural development in Army formations across the country were being handled through direct labour as the Army was poised to use the scare resources available to it for maximum benefit. He, therefore, commended the state government for assisting the Army to construct linkage roads within the Owena Baracks in Akure.

Speaking, the Ondo State governor, Dr. Olusegun Mimiko, noted that the Nigerian Army had in the last few years been supporting the development and sustenance of democracy in the country. The governor, who spoke through his deputy, Alhaji Ali Olanusi, commended the Army for the role played during the last governorship election in the state. He also commended the efforts of the COAS at developing infrastructure in the barracks and offices of the Army across the country.


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  1. beegeagle says:

    Gentlemen, the NA again have a fifth artillery brigade.

    Back in the 1990s, we had a 35 Self Propelled Artillery Brigade in Jos, poised alongside the HQ Garrison of 3 Armoured Division – tanks and tracked self-propelled artillery, side by side. Then, the brigade got disbanded and its units dispersed at the regimental level into other artillery brigades. Not long after that, the old Lagos Garrison Command became the new 81 Division, with formations clustered around Lagos and Ogun State

    Now, it is standard practice for every maneouvre division of the Nigerian Army to be supported by its own artillery brigade and engineers brigade. Whereas 81 Division’s engineer brigade(designated the 45 Division Engrs) has since deployed in favour of 81 Division, the division did not yet have its own organic artillery brigade.

    What this means is that the historical Abeokuta garrison, home to the 32 Field Artillery Brigade, which used to be under the 2 Mechanised Infantry Division at Ibadan, has effectively left 2 Division AOR and has been redesignated as the 35 Artillery Brigade – under 81 Division.

    By the same token, 32 Field Artillery Brigade has now relocated to the Ondo State capital that is Akure, a garrison which is under the 2 Mechanised Division AOR. Note that Akure is already a garrison city haven been home to the 323 Air Defence Artillery Regiment for about three decades now.

    All of this suggests that, in tandem with ten battalions being formed at this time, the NA are bound to also raise a few more artillery regiments to bring 2 Mechanised Division and 81 Division’s complements of artillery formations to full strength..a minimum of an additional artillery regiment for each of 81 Division and 2 Mechanised Division.

    More growth then.

    • Obix says:

      Oga Beags, is the early 90s i remember the 32 field Artillery brigade was located in Obinze near Owerri? What has happenend since then?

    • jimmy says:

      It is inevitable now , based on what is happening, it appears from the composition of the newly formed BATTALIONS that most likely logically speaking the new division is going to be located somewhere between the North Central axis and the North east axis this will be truly remarkable if the N.A.S.S. will get their act together and go about this in a very comprehensive manner AND IF WE ARE TO BELIEVE WHAT THEY ARE SAYING PROVIDE THE FUNDS.

  2. beegeagle says:

    Gen Obix on the Urals and Caucasus! I salute you.

    That is the 34 Field Artillery Brigade of 82 Composite Division, at Obinze on the outskirts of Owerri. They are still very much on the turf. I was there in March 2013.

    • Obix says:

      Oga Beags, I salute you too and my other ogas here. I’ve globetrotting for sometime now (flying the Nigerian flag high). Well, i’m now back at my base. In the 80s as a school boy in Owerri we used to visit the Artillery brigade. That was when it was commanded by the One and only late Gen Abdulkarim Adisa!

  3. beegeagle says:

    Small world, Obix. So you have been in this business since childhood as well :)? As a pre-teen, I recall that with 82 Division AOR, AK Adisa took over command of that brigade as a Lt Colonel! At that time, Major Tanko Abdu was Commander 54 Div Signals at Enugu.

    Under the 2 Mechanised Division AOR, Lt Colonel John Inienger was Commander 4 Mechanised Brigade and Lt Colonel John Shagaya was Commander 9 Mechanised Brigade.

    See how well times have changed. Back then, the undesirable culture of coups meant a high rate of attrition for senior officers and officers who should have been commanding battalions and regiments found themselves as helmsmen of brigades. Back then, we had a few senior Captains and not a few Majors commanding battalions and regiments.

    Today, it would be unthinkable for anyone other than a Brigadier General to command a brigade.

    • Obix says:

      Oga Beags, it all started way back. let me shed a little light on my dossier. Born in Enugu and lived near the NAF airbase. Raised in Owerri and used to hang around the 34 field Artillery brigade, Obinze with friends, whose fathers served there. I was further inspired by 2 good family friends who were NAF Jaguar jet pilots. I used to marvel when they came visiting in thier sparkling 504 salon cars with stickers of the jaguar jet on their windscreens. In secondary school i used to have a textbook on one hand and the latest edition of the Africa’s defence journal on the other (I don’t think they are published anymore).
      In 1986 i passed the NDA selection exam without the knowledge of my parents. When the time came for me to go to kaduna for the Armed forces Selection Board screening,as i expected i got a no-no from my parents, and that was where the Gateway to Generalship was closed for me, thus my dream of being a fighter pilot or a gunner. But like i say today, i modified my dreams! 🙂

  4. eyimola says:

    General Jimmy. It seems legit. Like yourself I hope and pray it is.

  5. eyimola says:

    Okay I think this is valid


    The defence headquarters in Abuja yesterday said that some of the notorious leaders of fleeing insurgents in Borno and Yobe states have been captured.

    It also said in a statement that military weapons and explosives were recovered in the insurgents abandoned camps. But Daily Trust could not independently ascertain the identities of those captured.

    The Joint Task Force code named “Operation Restore Order” Borno State had declared 19 members of the Boko Haram sect, including its leader, Abubakar Shekau wanted and offered large sums of money as reward to anyone with information that will lead to their arrest.

    The JTF offered N50 million reward for information that could lead to the arrest of Shekau. Others included Habibu Yusuf (N25m), Khalid Albamawa (25m), Momodu Bawa (25m), Mohammed Zangina (25m), Abu Sa’ad (10m), Abba Kaka (10m), Abdulmalik Bama (10m), Umar Fulata (10m), Mustapha Ibrahim (10m) and Abubakar Suleiman Abu (10m).

    The statement signed by the Director of Information Brigadier General Chris Olukolade said the “members of Defence Headquarters Operational Assessment Team have returned from Yobe and Borno States to brief the Chief of Defence Staff with updates on the situation in the operational area of the Special Forces operating in the North East.

    “Some notorious leaders of the terrorists have been captured while some materials recovered in their camps in Sambisa forest have provided useful intelligence for subsequent operations. Various weapons including rockets, and locally fabricated weapon accessories were captured in the forest. Other items include a large number of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) making materials among. Laptops, Mobile Communication equipment (GSM phones), used for shooting and posting online videos, locally made rockets and rocket launchers were among several items seized from the arrested terrorists.”

    During its visit, the team was shown seized vehicles of different brands and several others destroyed by the terrorists. “Tailoring equipment apparently used for producing fake uniforms were also shown to the team.”

    According to him, the troops are currently engaged in night and day patrols of the area to dominate the forest and apprehend any terrorist who may be lurking around.

  6. beegeagle says:

    Incredible, Obix. You read African Defence Journal as well 🙂 ?? So did I and I recall that it held a lot of details from the wars in Sudan, Angola, Somalia, Mozambique, Western Sahara and Ethiopia in there.

    There I read about the placement of the orders for Panhard Sagaie, Panhard VBL, Simmoneau SM5115 interceptors and the launch of the Lerici-class MCMVs by Rebecca Aikhomu in Italy – all for Nigeria and the supply of RAMO Raider boats to Cameroon. Even North Korean advisers coming over to aid Jonas Savimbi!

    Again, I also used to buy back issues of “West Africa” magazine, “Africa Now”, “Africa” “Flight Global” and “Defense and Foreign Affairs” off the streets at CMS in Lagos and at Oshodi!

    One of the chaps who I used to gist a lot with at that time and who had precisely the same interests(we used to hunt for ‘literature’ together), actually had a dad who was a FOC, Rear Admiral and in the AFRC – Rear Admiral Ste*** Al*** of blessed memory. The man was a Regular Course 1 officer, mates to the likes of Dogonyaro, Diya, Madueke, Gusau etc.

    The Admiral used to have a lot of defence journals – IISS Military Balance, Jane’s Fighting Ships etc and his boy would bring them all for us to digest. All of that when kids our age where only thinking about movies and parties while we had already gone deep into very serious worldly matters 🙂

    So that was how we arrived at this juncture..

    • jimmy says:

      i am going to resist………… going down memory lane because i wil have to name names and that is not good.
      Wanted to join the NDA course right out of high school. i lived in onikan BEFORE THE FAMOUS BRIDGES LINKING VICTORIA ISLAND and Ikoyi were built. a lot of Nigerians do not know just the sheer volume of what a company let alone a battalion looks like pray they have never see a battalion descend on their neck of the woods
      DODAN BARRACKS is situated in ikoyi in those days the short cut route was to go through onikan- obalende to ikoyi throught the cementry as a result as kids we saw everything ( gowon, danjuma, obasanjo buhari. We gave soldiers in 1976 who were battle weary retaking the old radio station back ice cold water to drink. i personally saw the fox scouts in a huge snake like column from bonny camp all the way to ONIKAN TO OBALENDE TO IKOYI ( BABINGIDA ) later claimed credit.Even as T.Y asked how DIMKA escaped l.o.l
      M y mum knowing how many people my dad knew personally in the army COL LAWSON ( R.I.P) one OF Nigeria’s first bomb disposal experts, Col Rhodes ( r.i.p) and MAJ GEN BAJOWA who lost three brothers in the civil war persuaded me to study first and then i went abroad and the rest we say is history.
      kai you guys flooded my senses with memories looking see what NIGERIA bought .. the first cat class ships,, the first ltd ship oh boy i could go on.

  7. agee says:

    Greetings great Nigerians! Please I intend writing an acadamic paper on “Cyber warfare and how it would affect Nigeria” as usual information on Nigeria is hard to come by, I would be extremely glad if you guys can help me with any at your disposal and also any other form of input would be highly appreciated.
    I’m a final year student of the federal university of technology minna (Cyber Security Science) chatwitagy@yahoo.co.uk

    • tim says:

      Well, giving you info here,is part of cyber warefare…… In modern day warfare,

    • eyimola says:

      Why don’t you start with the premise of your work, and we will try to assist as much as possible. As you already probably know, this is a sensitive specialist subject which is in its infancy even in the so called advanced societies

  8. My story was that my first schooling was in the popular shadawanka barracks in Bauchi. I still recall then that we used to see tanks every morning while on the assembly ground rolling past and the earth beneath our feet did tremble. I think those should be the T-55s, though i cant really say. I remember seeing either the Migs or Jags flying at very low altitude at the pick of the failed coup to overthrow IBB. The deafening and deadly explosive sound they made is what makes the memory unforgetable! Then while we were having lessons, the soldiers will be on our field practising. When we moved to lagos, i got enrolled in Navy town primary school were i had a lot of friends whose parents were serving in Ecomog in Libaria. i got to know alot about the navy cos i was a little bit grown and i saw a lot (The navy then were already flying choppers(not the lynx). But i really dont know which helicopter that would be). They used to tell us tales of the conflict they heard from their parents. Then my fathers occupation, which i cant disclose, gave him the opportunity to attend Nigeria Military Intelligency School. etc

    • The last time i visited shadawanka (2011) i saw alot of our artys in the shed

      • ifiok umoeka says:

        U guys sure have some history. My inspiration is my uncle who happen to be one of the people proficient in fixing the Bo 105 and could he handle it or what! This calabar boy was familiar with the roar of alpha jets in the 80s (grew up in cally).

        On the big guns, I think that its time we start thinking of replacing them while paying attention on self propelled options. Look what the swedes are doinng with their FH 77s

  9. beegeagle says:

    Interesting backgrounders all round, people. Great memories of formative years.

    You are correct, Camo. The Work Plans as set forth by the NA in 2011 and 2012 involved the construction of tank and artillery sheds in Bauchi and elsewhere in the Niger Delta.

    Bauchi means big guns. Not only do we have an artillery brigade there, the Armoured Corps Centre (Corps HQ+training establishment) is also there.

  10. Tope says:

    Onward Together……The Motto of the Navy, Trained in Nigerian Navy Secondary School and did some stints in nigerian Navy Pathfinder before i got into the University, Still Visit from time to time, my very short version of my story, Its great to see Military Heads in here, im always at home when i read this blog, God really sent Beegeagle to set this up.

  11. (@lordfej) says:

    forward ever backward never. onward together nigerian navy

  12. Bola David says:

    Wonderful, you all make me love military the more.

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