L-R: Secretary to Ekiti State Government Dr Ganiyu Owolabi; Chief of Staff 32 Artillery Brigade, Akure, Col. Mohammed Zubairu; Ekiti State Governor Dr Kayode Fayemi; the Brigade Commander, Brigadier General Mohammed Dan-Ali; and Command Liaison Officer, Lt. Kenneth Ezenwa during a courtesy visit by the Artillery Commander to the Ekiti State Governor in Ado Ekiti, 27 May 2013


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  1. oga beeg does that mean we are getting new or more artys? I recall the last time i visited shadawanka barracks, i saw a lot of our artys in the shed. With the present number of artys in NA inventory, will there be any need to get more due to the new development?

  2. beegeagle says:

    It depends on the designation of the units. If any would be air defence or SP artillery regiments, most probably. If it is a field artillery formation, unlikely.

    Well, I saw snippets of the Mid-Term Report by the Ministry of Defence about hour and a half ago. Some photos from this blog were visible in the slides. Still, these are some highlights

    – DICON and private partners working towards building an APC plant.

    – NAF have launched a Centre for Innovative and Adaptive Technology at the Air Force Institute of Technology

    – Agusta A109 LUHs now militarised in the real sense of the word

    – a photo of the second Made-in-Nigeria 31 metre patrol ship was shown. Work on the hull has exceeded 60%

    – NAEME have refurbished a large number of Steyr and MOWAG APCs(rare photos shown)

    – Nigerian Army have acquired some unnamed new APCs which have been supplied to UNAMID and UNMIL troops in Sudan and Liberia

    – Nigerian troops currently involved in nine foreign operations globally, not least in Guinea Bissau, Mali, CIV, Sudan etc.

    – NA have set up an Electronic Target Acquisition System at the Jaji range

    – NAF Air Weapons School at Kainji has now been optimised for night-time operations

    – simulators for the Air Beetle trainer aircraft have been installed.

    – NA Engineers constructing another new barracks at Gwagwalada, Abuja.

    • tim says:

      – Agusta A109 LUHs now militarised in the real sense of the word…….. Can you please shed more light?

    • originalpato says:

      Why does DICON have to setup its own facilities to manufacture/assemble APCs, when ProForce has such in Ogun already in place. All DICON needs to do (as its done in other countries) is come up with its design and requirements and ProForce would do they rest.

  3. Henry says:

    To add, the navy is also building a tug boat. About 60% job done. I was at the naval dock yards in P/H yesterday.

  4. beegeagle says:

    What the Minister was alluding to, Oga Tim, was the ‘weaponisation’ of the airframe in line with ongoing CTCOIN operational requirements.

    That I found to be heartwarming. We have previously pointed out that even as the NAF use a few A109e Power as training assets and own even more numerous A109 LUHs, a dedicated military variant, nobody has shown us even one weaponised variant. Perhaps in the days ahead, we should finally get to see one weaponised A109 LUH on NTA News.

    Though lacking the armoured frame of the Mil attack and assault helics – flying tanks in themselves – we all know that we need to get smaller armed utility and light observation helicopters for many more reasons such as scouting and air interdiction.

    When I think about this, the pairing between an Otokar Cobra APC and a Landcruiser gun-truck perfectly matches what we hope to see for an array that includes attack/assault helics and armed helicopters.

    We still need light observation helicopters and the FG should try and provide these for the Armed Forces. Hopefully, we are ready and not in a hurry to wind down operations in the Northeast. The dividends which we seek can only be obtained after a long drawn out campaign. Think about the 2009 Amnesty and the continued presence of the JTF in the Niger Delta. That should be our template for the Northeast.

  5. beegeagle says:

    Yeah, I also heard the fact that the NA have opened several FOBs across areas of operation. The MJTF have several of those for Quick Response Group units in the Far Northeast and I saw a photo of a decent tent encampment in the desert areas.

    Mention was also made of another major FOB for a very volatile and resourch-rich district on the Jos Plateau where the STF have set up an encampment.

  6. beegeagle says:

    Here is one serious way to use an Agusta A109 LUH.

  7. Deway says:

    Thanks for shedding some light on the A109 LUH. I always wanted to know the role these copters play in NAF. Happy to hear they are getting militarized.

  8. doziex says:

    NA acquisition units with cash in hand , can entice the Libyan militias, to sell us what is left of their 210 palmaria self propelled artillery. amongst other gaddafi largesse.
    The window of opportunity is closing on these deals, as time goes on, and the nation stabilizes.

  9. Solorex says:

    A whole Nigeria buy from black market? God forbid bad thing! We have the funds and political will to buy almost whatever we desire from trustworthy sources,only the decision needs to be made.

  10. freeegulf says:

    Air Weapons School, Kainji should by now be proficient at night time ops and interdiction. night ops was a huge problem in the 90s. kudos to NAF, they are crawling, they will hopefully start walking, and running properly. good days ahead!

    annual exercise should be embraced also. at least, two major exercises; CAP, all weather deployment, interdiction, S&R. and also, joint exercise with the navy and army, including maritime patrol and strike ops, CAS and interdiction with NA.
    hopefully, with the introduction of a 4G Multi-role fighter, foreign exercise will become standard too.

  11. beegeagle says:

    About seven years ago when Air Commodore(later AVM) Lucky Ararile was the Commander of the Air Weapons School, there was a flurry of nighttime sorties over the city of Ilorin in the western flank of central Nigeria. So much so that NTA NEWS had to air a mollifying public service announcement to calm nerves. It was A-Jets from Kainji aloft for sure.

    My measured guess therefore is that these nighttime sorties were being undertaken at Ilorin because of the facilities on ground there while they have just domiciled all the requirements at the very remote town of Kainji where a huge, new hangar able to take two C130s side by side, was also constructed a few years ago.


  12. beegeagle says:

    Concerning the refurbishment of armoured vehicles and allied assets, SHILKA SPAAGs were also taken on


    “The Army has refurbished a large number of Armoured Personnel Carriers,
    Armoured Fighting Vehicles and Shilka
    guns, enhance its capacity for internal
    security operations,” Obada said.

    To further boost internal security, she
    stated that the Army has established a
    Dog Centre at Abuja for deployment at
    strategic areas to enhance search
    operations and detection of explosives.

    “There have been series of joint military
    trainings with the police and other paramilitary agencies aimed at combating the terrorism in the country,’ she said.

    One of such trainings, she noted is the
    Counter Terrorism and Counter Insurgency(CTCOIN) training for the police and Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corp (NSCDC) personnel at the Nigerian Army Training Centre, Kontagora.”

  13. ifiok umoeka says:

    @ Doziex, The question is if we can pull it off without getting caught which I doubt as those weapons are under watch. If caught, the embarrassment will certainly outweigh the minute gains. Thus, its a no no. When we bought 27, we could have easily bought 30 more. Who says that Security is cheap.

  14. makanaky says:

    I think we should buy whatever we can lay our hands on of the weapons left from Gaddhafi era.
    To prevent it getting into the hands of BH easily.
    Look at what one of the AA guns did to our refurbished alpha jet in the notorious sambezi game reserve by BH.

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