JSTF troops on the streets of Maiduguri, N.E Nigeria

•Terrorists Sack Seven Hill Communities, Hide in Caves

• Shettima Urges Fleeing Elders To Return

MEN of the Borno Youths Vigilance Group (BYVG) Friday in Maiduguri, the state capital, arrested four suspected Boko Haram members, including sect’s
operations commander said to be close
to the sect’s leader, Sheikh Abubakar Shekau. They recovered arms and
ammunition near the Sanda Kyarami

According to an eyewitness, the four
suspects were arrested by members of
BYVG while patrolling and on the “stop
and search” operations in Galtimari
ward, close to the Giwa Barracks on
Gombale Road.

Confirming the incident in Maiduguri,
Chairman of the vigilante group,
Abubakar Mallum, said: “We were able
to arrest four suspects this (Friday)
morning, including one of the sect’s top
commanders. “You can see that the commander has already been taken into this vehicle to the place where the arms and ammunition were hidden for
operations by these terrorists.”

Mallum claimed that the arrested commander was close to the sect’s
leader and would assist the youths to
identify the location of hidden arms for
retrieval before being handed over to
the local commander of the military Joint Task Force (JTF). On the group’s modus operandi, he said unlike the JTF which operates with patrol vehicles and rifles, the volunteers rely on God’s protection and the prayers of people, saying they only use sticks, knives and cutlasses for the “stop and search” operations in Maiduguri.

He stated that the intervention of
youths in hunting down Boko Haram
sect members was to end their
incessant attacks and killings of innocent people, including the youths’
parents, brothers, sisters and other top government officials, traditional and
religious leaders in the state.

However, despite yesterday’s arrest in
Maiduguri, suspected members of the
sect attacked seven hill communities in
Gwoza council of the state with
Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs)
and petrol-bombs yesterday, torching many houses and carting away food
items and livestock into caves in the
hills. Although the exact number of people killed and houses destroyed in the multiple attacks could not be
ascertained, an anonymous community
leader of Kunde, said 15 people were
killed by the armed terrorists, when they overran six other communities of
Gathahure, Hwa’a, Tihezeh, Hrazah,
Hembe and Gjigga on the Mandara Hills
which stretches for 16 kilometres east
of Gwoza, the council headquarters.

He said residents of his community, and
six others fled to Gwoza town, Barawa,
Agaplawa, Kurana Bassa, Kwatara,
Limankara and Ngoshe Ndahang, a hill
community also on Mandara Hills. The six other communities ransacked by
terrorists, he said, border the Republic
of Cameroun, where some of the
residents had fled with their wives and

In Maiduguri, Mallum further disclosed
that 15 other suspects were also
arrested and handed over to the local
JTF commanders at Giwa Barracks for
further investigation. The arrests, which were made on Wednesday and Thursday, he added, were in four wards of Zajeri, Gwange I and II and Bulabulin, one of the black spots identified by the JTF in 2011.

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  1. Donian007 says:

    Pa Alpha the Dudu Bird and our Hind Cobras should warm up for a feast on Mandara Mountains. I know they can hear me, blow those BH morons as they REST IN PIECES. AMEN! FINGERS CROSSED!

  2. beegeagle says:

    Well, the NA and NAF have attacked to uproot militants in these extinct volcanic (reason behind the plethora caves) mountain terrain BEFORE, not least at LIMANKARA mentioned above.



    Nigerian troops and Islamic militants trade gunfire in mountains
    Source: Agence France-Presse (AFP)
    Date: 25 Sep 2004

    by Aminu Abubakar
    LIMANKARA, Nigeria

    The sound of sporadic gun battles pitting Nigerian soldiers against an armed Islamic extremist group on Saturday cracked down from mountains overlooking a frightened village on the border with Cameroon.

    The security forces have for days been tracking the militants in battles which officials said have claimed 28 lives since the self-styled Talibans raided a police station on Monday, killing four officers and stealing ammunition.

    “We have directed the soldiers to kill them on sight. We want to end this madness once and for all,” Borno State governor Ali Modu Sherif said in his office as the army pursued its search and destroy operation in the mountains.

    Inhabitants of the once quiet, tiny peasant village of Limankara with its mud-thatched houses said they were scared despite the presence of hundreds of soldiers at the foot of the Mandara mountains straddling Nigeria’s northeast border.

    “We are happy the Cameroonian authorities have intensified security along their side of the mountains and are ready to help arrest or kill them if they cross the border,” the state governor told AFP.

    The insurgents are mainly university students who claim to draw inspiration from Afghanistan’s Islamic Taliban militia. In January, they launched attacks in neighbouring Yobe State which were put down by soldiers after three days of fighting.

    “Everybody in this village lives in fear because of the constant sound of gunshots from the mountains,” Bukar Nzarma, a 42-year-old farmer in Limankara, told an AFP journalist at the scene in the northeastern Borno State, where villagers said the Talibans took seven hostages and have killed two of them.

    “We have known no peace since Monday night when the Talibans struck and our fear is heightened by the sound of gunshots from the mountains which we have not been used to,” said Nzarma, reclining under a tree with friends.

    Limankara, 10 kilometres (six miles) from Gwoza, where the Islamic militants raided the police station, looks like a place under army siege, with roadblocks and armoured cars on the bumpy and dusty road leading to the village.

    “Our life has never been the same since this trouble started. Nobody dares go out of this village in the direction of the mountains where we have our farmlands,” Ali Idrisa, a 33-year-old farmer, said. “This is harvest time, some crops are due for harvest but we cannot go to the farms for our safety. We do not want to be caught in crossfire or be mistaken for a Taliban,” he added.

    Inhabitants of 11 other mountain villages have fled to the relative safety of Limankara for fear of being trapped in the fighting, the villagers said. “We were told by the authorities to confine ourselves to our houses throughout the military operations, but it was not possible for us to stay indoors because we need to fetch water and provide basic needs,” said Shehu Mato, 36, who arrived from the mountains.

    “We therefore decided to vacate the mountains. The deafening fire exchanges are terrifying and we cannot stand it any more. It is real war up there,” said Mato, pointing up the mountainside to where a military reconnaissance helicopter hovered.

    Of seven people taken hostage, the militants killed two and threw their bodies down the mountainside while one escaped, survivors said.

    “I am afraid of what might happen to my brother being held by the Talibans considering what they did to two of the hostages,” said Hannatu Sambo, a 29-yera-old woman whose 17-year-old brother was captured by the militants. “These people are heartless,” she said. The villagers warned the AFP correspondent against getting closer to the mountains, saying he might not return alive.

    During the fighting in January, scores of the insurgents, who numbered about 200, were killed and 50 taken prisoner, but others evaded arrest and went underground.

    1550 GMT 09 04
    Copyright (c) 2004 Agence France-Presse

  3. beegeagle says:

    Indeed. Gen Freegulf said so a few days ago. Shilka is excellent value for effort when fired in flat trajectory. Sheer terror with a stupendous rate of fire – four 23mm cannons. BH go hear am.

    China have come up with a Shilka-equivalent but with 25mm cannons

    TYPE 95 25mm Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Artillery

  4. freeegulf says:

    this chinese SPAAG is quite some hardware! what a serious menace this will be on the battlefield. imagine an front line commander deploying this beast forward for breakthrough in enemy strong point. at the same time, this SPAAG can be used to shore up any weak point while in defence. talk about defence in depth. this is what i m on about!

    defence in depth shouldnt be just about how many infantry troops available to man the lines. but about the tactical and sound manner in deploying firepower and the creation of multiple defence belts. these defensive belts should be able to not only absorb enemy weights, but also contain them, while at the same time using the king of the battlefield, the artillery, to break up enemy reinforcement and assembly areas. and finally, launch a counter stroke and completely rout the attacking enemy forces.

    the great men of war said ‘tactics is science, strategy, well, strategy is art!! pure, sheer, aesthetically pleasing art!!!

  5. freeegulf says:

    NA definitely need more SPAAA for both air defence and anti infantry roles.

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