L-R: An Alenia ATR 42-500MPA Surveyor plane flanked by a pair of L39 Albatros light attack jets, Mi-24V/Mi-35P attack helicopters, a Eurocopter AS 332 Super Puma and a triad of Agusta A109 LUH helicopters, fly past at the NAF Air Expo 2012



A Nigerian Air Force Hercules C130 plane escorted by triads of F-7NI AirGuard jets and L39 Albatros jets



Nigerian Air Force commandos rappelling off a Mi-24V attack helicopter


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  1. eyimola says:

    That first picture is the bussiness

  2. beegeagle says:

    Hmn. Thankfully, it was very easy for me to make out the different airframes from here. The 24-seater Super Puma does have a very unique shape. When two upgraded Super Puma were reinducted last year after fifteen years in storage, the CAS stated that two other units are in line for upgradation by Eurocopter Romania.

    Well, I have quite a number of exclusive photos to publish in the days ahead.

    • camouflage1984 says:

      Beeg on MUNISMA and its Ruwandan Commander…hope not derailing the thread!

      • Obix says:

        Oga Camo, i read about that too, and i’m stil baffled. Let’s face it, the western powers don’t want a strong and influencial Nigeria (ECOMOG mission comes to mind). We have the economic and millitary might to dominate the sub-region for decades to come. They have their interests to protect. It’s logical to have a Nigerian or Chadian General in charge of MUNISMA, but since Chad was disqualified for “having child soldiers”, Nigeria automatically should get the slot. But, no the imperialists have other ideas. What is the reason behind chosing a Rwandan which doesn’t have troops on the ground? *I’m still scratching my head*
        The Chadians too are outraged. Here’s a quote from a Chadian blog “The question posed openly for a few days in the Chadian capital. The UN force composed of 12,600 peacekeepers to deploy in northern Mali will be led by a Rwandan. General Jean Bosco Kazura was chosen to lead the MUNISMA to the chagrin of Chad candidate Umar Bikomo. Need I remind that Chadian soldiers are engaged in Mali? Many voices are calling for the withdrawal of Chadian soldiers engaged in Mali. The pill has been very difficult to swallow for Chadians who do not understand this UN decision. And because the country has sent more troops to Mali (about 2000 men) with the unfortunate General Oumar Bikmo as their head,. Chad has also paid the heaviest toll with 38 dead and nearly 100 injured.”

      • bigbrovar says:

        General Jean Bosco Kazura Is a compromise candidate just the way Lieutenant General Arnold Quainoo was a compromise candidate in the ecomog years. France has never been its dislike of a regional dominance of west africa by Nigeria hidden and as such would never want a UN mission headed by Nigeria. In the end we have to wait and see how things turns out. I have not been particularly happy with the almost pacifist role the Nigerian head of Afisma has played so far.

      • Obix says:

        @My bigbrova, i don’t have any blames for the Nigerian commander. He was in command of AFISMA while the French and Chadians were fighting under their own mandate. The pacifist role he played was indeed the game plan by the French originally. Like you said, let’s see how things play out!

  3. (@lordfej) says:

    Le Gen whats up with the air force jets any news from your back channels?

  4. tim says:

    Can’t the air force muster,and fly like the first pix, at low level flight,around the boko haram areas,it would serve as morale booster to our troops, make BH jittery and give confidence to the local population in the military

    • CHYDE says:

      @ tim fly at low level eh ! Didn’t we hear abt anti aircraft guns and a plane being hit?

    • bigbrovar says:

      That might be counter productive as it has the tendency to terrify locals into panic mode. In coin situations such as this. Jets are of little use. What we need is a highly mobile helicopter unit capable of mobilizing and combing a large stretch of NE.

  5. freeegulf says:

    you made a good point about low flying jets terrifying locals, especially when the locals re definitely unfamiliar with mock attack.

    however, your next sentence, is quite wrong. jets are still very much part of COIN operations. in fact, they cannot be replaced by helos or drones (armed and unarmed) completely.
    the 250kg, 450kg, and 900kg cluster munitions, napalms, and other general purpose bombs are still very needed, and fighter jets are more optimized to carry these munitions than any other platform.

    while attack helos can unleash salvos of rockets, air to surface missiles, and rake cannon fire at targets, the fighter jets still pack so much punch, and the range options it offers makes it a very suitable platform in every war theater.

    ground attack jets only, are not nearly enough to satisfactorily wage air warfare. rather, a selection of different platforms that includes, but not limited to, ground attack jets, utility and armed choppers, UAVs, light aircraft for reconnaissance and surveillance, all collectively play a role in COIN if properly utilized.

    with the signing of cluster munition treaty, it will be interesting to see if NAF disposes of its cluster munitions, or if we re going to keep employing them in armed conflicts.

  6. xnur44 says:

    There is no policy shift in the use of area suppression munitions as an effective anti-personnel anti-material (Anti-PAM) weapon fielded by Nigerian armed forces. The Army also employ some form of cluster sub munitions types in their artillery rounds. (Bakassi artillery duels)

  7. freeegulf says:

    wow quite fascinating gen xnurr44, given that we signed the convention on cluster munition ban, it is interesting to see that the do gooders havent intimidated us to dispose these effective weapons.
    sometimes, i believe we jump into these international treaties without any deep thinking on our part about the ramifications involved.
    NAF is way overdue for the induction of a new multi-role aircraft. we have to get it right this time.

    • Acting Major Benbella says:

      Surely the NAF is overdue for the induction of many items that it desperately needs. A few items such as this can at least begin to provide us with the minimal deterrent that we lack:
      Twin engine Multi-role fighters
      Ground attack fighter-bombers
      More and more transport and combat helicopters
      Electronic warfare planes
      Ground based air defence system for strategic, area and point defence.
      What we have now like what else the NAF has in its arsenal cannot protect us from the devastating attack of a medium power.
      Transport planes and real drones.

      Please free to add things you think the NAF needs. We will then move on to address the urgent needs of the navy and the army, institutions that are tasked with moving mountains but only provided with shovels and paper bags.

      The way things are and given the reluctance of our political masters to do what necessary and needed, we may have to pass out collection plates for the money that is needed to equip and train the armed forces so that they keep the country safe from its many enemies.

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