President Goodluck Jonathan and Vice President Namadi Sambo(in the background)

President Goodluck Jonathan and Vice President Namadi Sambo(in the background)

ABUJA, July 3 (Xinhua)

Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan will lead high-powered officials on a five-day state visit to China next Monday, to meet with leaders and captains of industries in the east Asian nation, according to a statement released by the presidency on Wednesday.

Signed by Reuben Abati, spokesperson of
the Nigerian leader, the statement said
the delegation will include governors,
members of the National Assembly,
ministers and representatives of the
private sector, among others. “The president will leave Abuja on Monday evening,” the statement said, adding Jonathan is scheduled to hold separate meetings with his Chinese top government officials.

Talks between Jonathan and the Chinese
leaders will focus on greater bilateral
cooperation in the development of public infrastructure, oil and gas, power supply, agriculture, communications and tourism, the statement said. “It is expected that before the conclusion
of the visit on Friday, July 12, new
bilateral agreements and memoranda of
understanding will be concluded and
signed,” it added.

Among governors penciled to accompany
the Nigerian leader on the trip are
Theodore Orji, Peter Obi, Ibrahim
Dankwambo and Isa Yuguda of Abia,
Anambra, Gombe and Bauchi states
respectively, the statement indicated. Also in the team are Ministers of Foreign
Affairs, Finance, Petroleum, Works,
Agriculture, Aviation, Solid Minerals,
Transport, National Planning, Trade and
Investment, Niger Delta, Justice, Culture
and Tourism, as well as the Minister of State for Defense, the presidency
mentioned further in the statement.

The statement pointed out that the
Nigerian president will participate in a
special session of the Nigeria/China
Investment Forum which will be attended by leading Chinese investors and their Nigerian counterparts. “His engagements in Beijing will include
inauguration of the new Nigerian
Embassy building and laying the foundation stone for the residence of
Nigeria’s Ambassador to China,” it added.

The Nigerian president is also billed to
hold meeting with members of the
Nigerian community in China, according
to the statement. The president and his delegation will visit Daqing in China’s Heilongjiang Province to confer with leaders of the provincial government, after which he will tour the Daqing Petrochemical Industry and Agricultural Demonstration Farm, during his stay in China.

From Feb. 10, 1971 when the bilateral
relations were set up between Nigeria
and China, exchanges and cooperation
have been in smooth water.


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BEEG EAGLE -perspectives of an opinionated Nigerian male with a keen interest in Geopolitics, Defence and Strategic Studies
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  1. beegeagle says:

    We have a near-inviolable practice in Nigeria whereby any high-profile visit of this sort invariably leads to the signing of defence contracts.

    At this time, what we can do is this. China EXIM Bank will offer preferntial buyers credit to us. They did so with the US$311 million NIGCOMSAT satellite where we offered a US$200 million credit line while we provided $111m in cash.

    Going to China, here is what we can do without breaking the bank. Negotiate a US$450 million deal and tie in a free Type 53H2 frigate to the bargain as follows

    – three Type 056 corvettes
    – three Harbin Z-9EC ASW helicopters
    – twelve L15 Falcon advanced trainer/light attack jets
    – one free Type 53H2 frigate
    – 100 units of WZ551 APCs

    Pay US$175m while China EXIM Bank provide a US$275 million credit facility. That is all I have to say. It must not be a case of missed opportunities for the military.

    • jimmy says:

      Though you may not of read it what I just read on the South African based defense web is more explicit please permit me to share this with your audience according to Reuters GEJ wil secure soft loans ( loans below prevailing interest and at longer than necessary time frames $3b at 15-20 years.
      Part of the package includes ( ACKNOWLEDGMENT DEFENCE WEB)
      1.$500 m to build modern airport terminals at LAGOS/ PORT HARCOURT/ KANO easily some of the most profitable(CASH COWS) and densely populated areas in NIGERIA AND Africa as a whole.
      3.$700 MILLION to build a HYDRO ELECTRIC DAM in Niger state.
      In the past you informed me that certain segments of American society read my comments I hope they do. This signing agreement that G.E.J. will sign will symbolize the waning influence of the WESTERN WORLD to influence events in AFRICA let me say this i supported PRESIDENT OBAMA for his first and second term the amount that AMERICA has pledged to spend in AFRICA as a whole over 5 years is $7b is not small change . However GEJ will collect 40% of that $3b on just one visit.expect the Chinese PRESIDENT IN NIGERIA BEFORE 2014 NO SHAKING.
      The implication of this for cash strapped African nations, ( not Nigeria) but infra structure strapped ( NIGERIA) included will be to follow the NIGERIAN model .What is telling about OBAMA’S second visit is that outside of Senegal/ Tanzania and to a very lesser extent South Africa it did not generate much attention because people have to come to expect less and less. Nigeria has its it’s own problems we can all agree on that but like a commentator said it was a big mistake for PRESIDENT OBAMA to ignore AFRICA’S LARGEST COUNTRY FINANCIALLY.
      A.This year the largest company in America ( General ELECTRIC) signed an agreement worth potentially $1 billion dollars. I guess they see something PRESIDENT Obama does not see.
      B.This year one of the top ten companies in AMERICA ( PROCTOR and GAMBLE) will sign another potential billion dollar agreement. maybe they see something PRESIDENT OBAMA does not see.
      C.This year for the second year in a row according to the impartial United Nations ,Nigeria recorded the largest FOREIGN INVESTMENT @ $7.9 B South Africa was a distant second At almost half $4~$5 b
      end of part 1.

      • CHYDE says:

        This is an indepth analysis. Which with time I feel is goong to be a trend in Africa. Mean while any idea of the details of the defence side of the visit?

    • jimmy says:

      oga begeagle
      The one thing that will definitely happen
      1) ERELU OBADA will visit the biggest shipping yard to monitor the progress of the opvs being built.
      2)We will hear in the months to come that this s3 b will likely be accompanied by some sweetners. CHINA right now is involved in some international disputes it behooves China to have some serious diplomatic friends on her side.
      3) GEJ will not come back empty handed.
      4) Look for the president of China to visit Nigeria BEFORE 2014 .AND TRUST me he will not come EMPTY HANDED.
      5) BEFORE 2014 is over Nigeria will have another OPV and it also almost certain those L-15 will be in NIGERIA.

  2. doziex says:

    It’s ABOUT TIME !!!!

    I just hope our president and his entourage can appreciate what time it is.

    It is time for Nigeria to maximize the potential and benefits with our long time relationship with China.

    This they must do with out fear or deference to any body.

    Oga president, as Oga beegeagle said, come back with a bag of tricks for our military also

    Great article Oga Jimmy

    If Obama likes, he can continue to snub Nigeria till the cows come home.

    As a man of sophistication and intelligence, president Obama knows that you achieve nothing with such symbolic snubs.
    He berated George Bush about his snubs to Iran, north korea and others.

    `Yet he (Obama) visits Saudi Arabia and Egypt which the US have some problems with, but are too important to ignore, and snubs Nigeria who fits into this category.

  3. beegeagle says:

    Thanks, Jimmy.They say President Obama is coming to Africa, partly to reassert America’s role as Africa’s leading business partner..having been upstaged by China.

    If any Nigerians were alarmed over his 2009 ‘snub’ of Nigeria, they are non-plussed this time. He is merely making these gestures to seem rather hollow. Remember that the last time, while he visited a country in West Africa, the Russian President visited Nigeria and left with a US$4bn gas deal signed with GAZPROM.

    Now he has come yet again and Nigeria have responded with a FIVE DAY STATE VISIT TO CHINA. And they are going with the largest possible retinue of ministers who can offer big deals – roads and railways, harbours, airports, agriculture, defence, Niger Delta, mining, defence and petroleum. Cumulatively, these sectors spell many tens of billions of dollars in terms of business.

    At a time when China are the ones who have the money to offer business credit, are by far Africa’s biggest trading partner and gaining more ground, America have committed a strategic blunder which is steeped in tokenism by yet again appearing to sidestep Nigeria which is inching its way towards becoming Africa’s biggest economy and is the biggest foreign investment destination in Africa regardless of Obama’s 2009 snub. Perhaps Nigerian and South African firms have even invested more in the West African nation which Obama visited last time than America have.

    So if Washington realise that Nigeria have never been big on US military hardware whereas they are turning ever more to China for defence articles(dozens of DShK-armed Scorpion gunboats, P18N stealth OPVs and F7 jets) AND have no less than $10bn in roads, railways and power contracts involving Chinese concerns ongoing in Nigeria, even before embarking on this INFRASTRUCTURE-INTENSIVE mission to China (Beijing Olympics did show that China can do everything about infrastructure), it does seem to me like this continuing episodes of political grandstanding over U.S presidential visits to Africa MIGHT prove to have driven Nigeria closer towards rival centres of power.

    And cynical Nigerians who are watching by the tens of millions, are likely to be indifferent about the end-point of all of this which does not look like it is going to hurt Nigeria in any remarkable way. Maybe that is why we are still Africa’s no. 1 investment destination, regardless of previous snubs.

    It is not working and pragmatism dictates that the USA try a Plan B before they fatally harm US-Nigeria relations. On this matter, Nigeria appear better to hold the aces and should be the ones to choose and select, not America I dare say.

    Perhaps someone at the State Department badly needs to demonstrate sobriety and presence of mind in advising the powerful US government on these matters. It might be a well-intentioned move aimed at enforcing better governance in Nigeria but it looks certain to be counter-productive for America in the long run.

    Certainly, it is no way to treat a country which shall represent Africa on the G20 Group and BRICS within 3-5 years. America are not likely to eat their cake and have it on this one. Enough said.

  4. giles says:

    oga jpna might be weak,but i lov hell wit america and obama,dat poor con3,dis d bst way to deal wit dose fools calld d west

  5. beegeagle says:

    What US State Department strategists might be overlooking



    Posted on July 4, 2013
    by Lawan Hamidu and Hauwa Akilu

    The Nigerian government has kicked off
    the 500 million dollar Kaduna-Abuja railway project in Northern Nigeria. At a track laying ceremony in Abuja, Vice
    President Namadi Sambo said the project was part of President Goodluck
    Jonathan’s people oriented projects
    aimed at touching the lives of Nigerians.
    “As you are fully aware, this Administration accords top priority to
    the development of infrastructure as a
    component of the Transformation
    Agenda as well as the Vision 20:2020.”

    “In that regard, several projects
    covering critical sectors in
    transportation like Roads, Waterways,
    Aviation, and in Power Supply, Housing
    and the development of critical projects
    and programmes are being undertaken by this Administration and are at
    various stages of completion,” Sambo said.

    The Vice President expressed regret over the neglect of the rail sector, and said that with the articulation of the 25 years Strategic Rail Vision, the railways would return to its glorious days. He said government was determined to
    concession the railway facilities upon
    completion, adding “opportunities abound for Foreign Direct Investments
    in this important sector.”

    The Federal Government secured the 500 million dollars(about N80.64 billion) loan from China EXIM Bank for the execution of the project. The project’s funding is being complemented with funds obtained from oil subsidy reinvestment Programme (SURE-P).

    The project is being executed by
    the China Civil Engineering & Construction Company (CCECC) Nigeria Limited. Sambo commended the construction company for its efforts at ensuring timely completion of the project

    Reviving Rail transport

    In his remarks, the Minister of transport
    Senator Idris Umar said the project would last three years. “The project is part of the strategic plan to rejuvenate, modernise and revitalise the rail transport system.

    He noted that the Kaduna-Abuja Rail
    project is the first segment of the Lagos
    to Kano Standard Gauge Rail line, adding
    that when completed and operational, it
    would ease transportation for commuters. Umar, also said that seven new Standard gauge lines are being developed, using the Public-Private Partnership strategy.

    He enumerated them to include,
    the Lagos-Benin City (300km)
    Benin- Abakiliki (500km)
    Benin Obudu Cattle Ranch (673km) Lagos-Abuja high speed (615km)
    Zaria-Birnin Koni (520km)
    Eganyi-Otukpo (533km)and
    Ega nyi-Abuja.

    “The other projects in the pipeline are
    the Port Harcourt-Maiduguri; Ogoja-
    Maiduguri; Kano-Gamboru Ngala; Kano-
    Jibia and Ilela-Minna rail lines,” he added.

    On his part, the Managing Director of
    CCECC, Mr. Shi Hongbing, said that over 4000 Nigerians have been employed to execute the project adding that they
    would be trained in various skills relating to the operation and maintenance of rail facilities.

  6. beegeagle says:


    5 July, 2013
    By Muhammad Bello

    Bilateral relations between Nigeria and China will receive a boost next week with the signing of at least four major agreements between the two countries when President Goodluck Jonathan leads a high-powered team of governors, members of the National Assembly and key ministers on a five-day state visit to China. The visit begins on Tuesday.

    The agreements, which will be signed after high-level talks between the Nigerian delegation and President Xi Jinping, Premier Li Keqiang and other senior Chinese government officials include a pact on defence cooperation between the two countries.

    Others are: an Agreement on Economic and Technical Cooperation; an Agreement on Finance for the Zungeru Power Plant and Airport Terminals; and an Agreement on Mutual Visa Exemption for Holders of Diplomatic and Official Passports.

    Also to be tabled for discussion during talks between Nigeria and China during Jonathan’s trip to Beijing, according to a statement Thursday by presidential spokesman, Dr Reuben Abati, will be an agreement for the Central Bank of Nigeria to invest in China’s Inter-Bank Bond Market through the Peoples’ Bank of China; and an agreement for the prevention of the theft, illicit import and export of cultural property.

    The successful conclusion of these agreements and other memoranda of understanding for increased bilateral cooperation in areas including the development of public infrastructure, oil and gas, power supply, agriculture, communications and tourism is expected to consolidate the already cordial relations between Nigeria and China.

    Jonathan will also seek additional Chinese investment in the Mambila Hydro Electric Project, rail modernisation, road construction and agricultural development.

    In furtherance of his efforts to attract greater direct Chinese investment to the Nigerian economy, Jonathan will on July 11, participate in a special session of the Nigeria/China Investment Forum, which will be attended by leading Chinese investors and their Nigerian counterparts.

    He will also hold separate meetings with the chairmen and chief executive officers of leading Chinese conglomerates such as Huawei, SINOPEC and ZTE with the same objective in mind.

    The president will be accompanied to China by Governor Theodore Orji of Abia State, Governor Isa Yuguda of Bauchi State, Governor Ibrahim Dankwambo of Gombe State and Governor Peter Obi of Anambra State. His entourage will also include Coordinating Minister for the Economy and Minister of Finance, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala; Minister of Industry, Trade and Investment, Dr. Olusegun Aganga; Minister of Petroleum Resources, Mrs. Diezani Alison-Madueke; Minister of Works, Mr. Mike Onolememen and Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Akinwunmi Adesina. Others are Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Olugbenga Ashiru; Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Mr. Mohammed Adoke and Minister of State for Defence, Mrs. Olusola Obada.

  7. CHYDE says:

    What of the CDS or at least one of the services chiefs ? My thinking is that at least one of them should have been included for this very Significant trip. Lets hope all goes according to plan.

  8. beegeagle says:

    There is invariably a high-level military delegation in tow when such state visits where matters of defence interest are involved. The participation of service chiefs and/or their branch chiefs (the deputies to service chiefs, in effect) is often not mentioned – most times, even the NSA’s participation is not stated (as was the case with the last trip to France where the NSA and CDS were onboard)but they are bound to be there and you shall see men in uniforms when the photos begin to roll in.

  9. CHYDE says:

    hehehehehehe ( rubbing my palms together and salivating)

  10. Yagazie says:

    Gentlemen- as the saying goes “The Sun rises in the East and sets in the West”. China is the new rising super-power on the block. America and Western Europe (with their emphasis on democratic goverance and equal rights for gays/lesbians and transgender issues) whilst still relevant on the World Stage- have less relevance now in Africa. The truth is that Nigerians as a people were frankly not really bothered about Obama by-passing Nigeria on this African Visit. At this stage of our development as a nation, what we want from state visits are tangible results in the form of investments. Nigeria is one of the three countries in Africa (South Africa and Angola being the others) with which America has a Strategic Bi-Commision (?) . America’s millitary carry out exercise/training with our millitary and we have been the beneficiary of excess defence articles from America. American companies are investing in Nigeria. In the past sitting American Presidents (Carter, Clinton and George Bush jnr) have visited Nigeria and thus we don’t really need a visit from Obama to validate our sense of self-worth or strategic importance in African affairs. Our Presido has responded beautifully – a visit to China (the sun rises in the East) with a high powered delegation. Our dynamic central bank governor (Lamido Sanusi) has already ensured that osme of our foreigh resferves are held in chinese currency (Rminbi). Let’s move on!!

  11. Tope says:

    The Best News to Come out Of Nigeria so far….. I kno madam is on top of things with her, CDS, Service Chiefs and their Procurement Officers leading the Defense talks expect to see dose L15’s soon, also im sure a trip to inspect the OPVs will be done and a signing of more to be built to be spent from 2012 and 2013 budget.

    For the Airforce lets expect deals on Zarbins and J10s i hope sha….. For the Army Lets focus on Creating Military Satellite Surviellance contracts and Missile Technology or even Tanks

  12. gbash10 says:

    Let us hope for better things to come from this timely visit by Mr President and his entourage to China.
    Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria!

  13. beegeagle says:

    Air Marshal Gbash10, Angola acquired six Su-30MK2s last year and have an option on a further six units.

    For those who thrive on threat assessments, I do not see how that is a reaction to what the Congos, Gabon, Zambia or Namibia own.

    Nigeria would always come up with funny reasons to justify shortchanging themselves. Who says it matters what Chad or Cameroon own? I have asked severally and got no responses. What did nations of Southern Africa own before RSA decided to reach for Gripens?

  14. G8T Nigeria says:

    This is a good message to the American government and I would love to see us align more with the Russians as well.This visit by GEJ will be taken seriously by the Chinese government and expect the notion of an alignment strategy based on consolidating previous efforts on collaboration and coming up with stronger lines of trade and communication.

    What lies under the table is a great message to the US.

  15. beegeagle says:

    Well, the USA need to take a cue from the mistakes made by Britain in Nigeria which have led to their very significant loss of influence, to America’s own advantage.

    In the 1970s and 1980s, Britain were on top of the diplomatic chart as far as influence peddling in Nigeria was concerned. Then, an overflow of judgemental sanctimony and prescription by their government and mostly disrespectful media, antics which are offensive to most Nigerians at any time, began to get in the way. Nigeria pulled back from the UK. They play second fiddle to the USA in Nigeria today. Perhaps they did not see it coming and were comfortable in the assurance of the pole position which they hitherto enjoyed. Are the USA falling into that trap so soon? If they do, China will profit maximally from any slip-ups.

    Indeed, think about the old days. Our AFCSC set up with assistance from the British Army. We piled on hundreds of Scorpion light tanks and Vickers Eagle tanks, Brooke Marine Coastal Patrol Craft, Vosper Thornycroft Mk.3 and Mk.9 corvettes, Westland Lynx ASW helicopters, Jaguar jets etc. Those days are now gone with the wind, as the Nigerian military have turned to Russia, Italy, Israel, Ukraine and China for hardware.

    Nigeria’s Western allies have too much by way of paternalism and prescription to make for enduring relations. They want to run your life for real and most of the prescriptions have been offensive to the crushing majority of Nigerians – in macroeconomics, structural adjustment, removal of subsidies; in governance, openness (check out open Egypt and Libya 🙂 ), activism and like us; in culture, same-sex marriage.

    Come on, they only want you to do as they do by all means. So much so that international proponents of same-sex marriage hacked into the website of a conservative Nigeria last week!

    Surprisingly, the Chinese government are unobtrusive in such matters which border on the sovereign choices of nations. Countries such as Nigeria,Burma, Sudan, Pakistan etc which are culturally conservative are thus fated to gravitate even more towards China which respects sovereign choices. The choice is the West’s to make. They can choose to continually agonise over the ways of life of nations which are not interested in keying into their cultural mores.

    Does anyone remember what President Macky Sall of Senegal refused to concede to President Obama during his recent trip to the West African country? Not peculiar to Nigeria then.

    Right now, there are way too many aces stacked in China’s favour as far as Africa is concerned, for an America which at street level remains the most popular country in Nigeria, to jeopardise the pride of place which she enjoys in Nigeria.

    Every time that the FGN are antagonised by America, the fiercely independent and self-assured streak in Nigerians will manifest in her leaders and there is likely to be a slide towards recalcitrance. Nigeria is not an aid-dependent republic and with each diplomatic spat, it is the foreign partner which is likely to lose out by way of a loss of influence.

    What China have going for them, even if the West are unwilling to acknowledge this, include lots of big credit lines for creditworthy nations (which Nigeria eminently are on account of resource endowment (oil and gas plus 34 solid minerals available in big commercial quantities and large holdings of forex reserves), appropriate and functional technology, baggage-free arms deal sans aftersales puppeteering and aloofness from the internal affairs of partner nations.

    It is a combination which is too convenient for countries hounded by the West not to fail to gravitate towards. Real politik. The Obama Administration need to internalise these facts.

    Last time, they snubbed Nigeria and the FG warmed up to Russia. They have done it again and Nigeria are now going to warm up to China like never before.Note that IF Sino-Nigerian diplomatic relations take on the trajectory which suffices between Sudan and China, North Korea and China, Pakistan and China, there shall be no externally enforced regime change here to allow for “wrongs to be made right”. The US Government need to think about this as Nigeria’s regional influence looks set to expand in tandem with her burgeoning economic clout.

    Can the USA really afford to antagonise the FG at a time when Nigeria is set to become Africa’s biggest economy, in tandem with the reality of being the most populous country in Africa and the Middle East, even as China warm up to Nigeria through a myriad of strategic interventions which look set to keep Nigeria and China working together for the long-term?

  16. Acting Major Benbella says:

    Okay, the president has concluded his trip to China but does anyone know what
    defencs agreement was signed in our names or does the government consider us not worthy of knowing.

  17. beegeagle says:


    • jimmy says:

      Ahem Happy Sunday to all my OGAS
      We do not know when this meeting will take place however a couple of things to note here
      1) Whenever G.E.J . goes to Washington he should personally invite the chairman of G.M. Daniel F. Akerson to be the guest of the NIGERIAN ambassador .The message should be clear Nigeria needs AMERICAN TURBINES made from top quality American steel to power our fledgling chronically under performing gas powered stations .
      2) As a we are already importing gm locomotives for our trains MAYBE PRESIDENT OBAMA CAN INVITE ONE HIS FAVORITE FANS William Buffet to the same meeting since he has more than a passing interests in locomotives.
      3) Nigeria needs America and America needs Nigeria on a respect to respect country to country relationship it is a great to visit South AFRICA AND SENEGAL . however the reality is most of black africa follows Nigeria’s lead including the ones who don’t like NIGERIA, THE REALITY IS Nigeria financially is no .1 in Africa.
      3) Nigeria leading up to 2015 and beyond is undergoing a massive public spending increase unparalleled on the African continent( wall street journal July 3rd 2013) it is not even close. America needs to be involved or they can watch on the sidelines and create a vacuum in terms of influence that two of their main rivals China and RUSSIA are very eager to feel.
      4) Nigeria like it it is DEMOCRACY warts and alL AND THIS IS WHAT WE HAVE IN COMMON WITH THE US AND THE U.K.
      5) Malawi is a democracy and is trying very hard to do everything to please the west, IMF, world bank and i say more power to her elbow even tin that ambit . Nigeria is helping her out. However it still MALAWI “if a small tree fell in the forests do the nearby villagers rush out or do they RUSH OUT WHEN AN IROKO TREE FALLS”
      6) Nigeria floated $500 million of her debt on the stock exchange for bonds in exchange for high interests yields they got it. Nigeria EVEN SLIGHTLY DEVALUED THE Naira in lieu of massive public spending,this shows a country that despite it’s problems it is putting it’s financial house in order.
      7) The sermonizing about gay right may be good for the left wing audience back in the states and as President Obama said his position is evolving …….. that is good while it is evolving… it will harm America’s good will and influence if and when next………. he meets the King of SAUDI ARABIA………. as well as when he meets the presidents of 51 out of the 53 African heads of states. It is noteworthy what was remembered about his visit to Senegal.

    • CHYDE says:

      From the comments i read , its quite clear that Nigerians now know who their TRUE Friends are

  18. beegeagle says:

    FACTS ABOUT Sino-Nigeria Relations


  19. CHYDE says:

    I only pray things get better.

  20. CHYDE says:

    Especially in the area of Science and Technology, So far China ha proven to be a reliable friend and partner

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