Counterinsurgency troops at Baga

An Army Special Forces commando leads a squad of counterinsurgency troops in N.E Nigeria

11 July, 2013

Nigeria’s Chief of Defence Staff, Admiral
Ola Sa’ad has assured Nigerians and
people of Yobe state in particular that
“security agents would continue to work hard towards providing maximum
security to their lives and property.”

Admiral Sa’ad said this in Yobe state,
North-East Nigeria on a visit to
sympathize with the government and
good people of the state over the recent
attack on students of Government
Secondary School Mamudo where students and a teacher were killed by
unidentified gunmen.

Appropriate Measures

Represented by the Chief of Research and Development, Defence Headquarters, Major General Ariahu, Admiral Ola Sa’ad said the Defence Headquarters was saddened with the shocking news of the attack, pointing out that “the Nigerian Army is fully committed towards bringing to an end the security challenges facing the country”

The Chief of Defence Staff explained that
based on what he saw at the site of the
attack and the mode of discussions he
had with Mamudo residents, the Defence Headquarters will take appropriate measures to prevent future occurrence.

Yobe State Governor, Alhaji Ibrahim
Gaidam described the visit by the Chief of Defense Staff as prompt.

Support for Security Agents

Governor Gaidam praised security forces
especially the Joint Task Force for the
current peace in all parts of the state. Gaidam used the opportunity to reiterate the need for security agents and the Defence Headquarters to reconsider the restoration of mobile phone services in the state.The Governor pointed out that people of the state were presently willing to divulge useful information to security agents in the quest for lasting peace but the lack of GSM network is thwarting their efforts.

He said his administration would continue to accord the needed support to security agents in the state as they
continue to carry out their civic


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  1. Bigbrovar says:

    I was really sadden when I heard this news. I hope JTF does all it can to prevent this from ever happening again. Even if it means garrisoning every major schools and setting an early warning system tired to a Heli backed rapid response crack team. What happened in Yobe is sad and was a major PR coup for the terrorist. We need to do all we can to prevent it from every happening again.

    • igbi says:

      I don’t think garrisonning every school is the way out. If we do that, then boko haram will only change target, and if we garrison every school then how many soldiers would be left to go after boko haram ? I think it is policemen who should be stationed at the school. We can not deviate the mission of the soldiers, that is exactly what boko haram wants. We could also create a safe zone where all the schools could regroup and go about their daily business. But garrisonning every school is not reasonable.

      • beegeagle says:

        An aside. The BBC are right now making a meal of the fact that President Bashir of The Sudan is visiting Nigeria and was welcomed with full honours. SO WHAT?

        Did the African Union not say that member states go ahead and transact with Khartoum? So we should displease Africa to please the BBC and the ICC?

        Has he not visited small countries like Chad and Uganda and big ones like Egypt and Ethiopia?

        Activists saying bla-bla..who cares what activists have to say? Those self-seeking turncoats who say all the politically correct things so that they get patronised by the West and rewarded with dubious awards and rewarded with public speaking opportunities abroad?

      • igbi says:

        They think Nigeria is a western puppet, therefore they they think they can give orders to Nigeria. It is clear they do not believe in our fundamental right to rule ourselves and take decisions without their interferance. I am glad they are now fully getting the picture of how much we don’t care about what they have to say.

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