Below are some of the construction materiel used in the production of armoured vehicles – armoured panels, bulletproof glass and run-flat tyre insert.


Early in the month of July 2013, I received an emailed message from the Business Development Unit of PROFORCE DEFENCE informing one of a management decision to have us visit their production facility. This, according to them, would afford us the opportunity of having a first-hand feel of how far Proforce Defence have come in their patriotic foray into the strategic sector that is defence and security equipment production.

This, for us at Beegeagle’s Blog, was a heartwarming development. For one, both entities, as far as Nigeria goes, swim in uncharted waters. PROFORCE in defence and security production and the us in defence and security communication and analysis.

Being two of a unique, homegrown kind, I was always personally convinced about the need to draw maximum attention to the stellar work being undertaken by PROFORCE DEFENCE, a wholly Nigerian-owned venture which in conjunction with contracted foreign armoring professionals, has created a promising range of armoured patrol and combat vehicles right here in Nigeria.

Therefore and ever before they invited me to see what they do, one had on the strength of personal conviction, featured PROFORCE DEFENCE’s activities three times on this blog ever since I became aware of the existence of the firm.

Pertaining to the invitation extended to us by PROFORCE DEFENCE, I was particularly thrilled because of the adventure which it was sure to be and also due to the fact that it is in line with the direction in which we want to move. The Nigerian Navy Special Boat Service had set the pace when they invited us to see what they do and how they do it, way back in July 2012.

Moving on, to PROFORCE DEFENCE, an institution abundantly deserving of monumental support and patronage by the governments and people of Nigeria, we went on Friday 12th July 2013 and all week, we shall be featuring the very impressive grounds which they have covered in so short a period time, haven only commenced operations in 2008.

From the exertion of their indefatigable Nigerian CEO, Mr Ade Ogundeyin and his hardworking and undaunted Strategic Research and Development Unit to the Indian contingent of management and financial gurus and the Filipino armoring specialists cum trainers, this week is dedicated to the deserving PROFORCE DEFENCE Limited, who epitomise the entrepreneural and can-do spirit of Nigeria and are emblematic of the innovations and interventions which are in tune with the counterinsurgency challenges of these times.

Indeed, homegrown defence production shall not only empower Nigerians with skill sets and job opportunities but also enhance the prestige of Nigerian defence and security forces on account of fielding locally manufactured hardware in combat operations.

Let’s just say that it promises to be a string of eyeopeners about PROFORCE DEFENCE with no less than ten threads full of vivid and WORLD EXCLUSIVE IMAGERY coming your way. You are either here all week or you are square, gentlemen.

Watch this space. It promises to be an exciting week in which many shall be exultant on account of feelings of national pride. Thanks to the ground-breaking efforts of PROFORCE DEFENCE NIGERIA LIMITED.

That said, those who believe in what we do on Beegeagle’s Blog need to step up to the plate and create opportunities for exploratory trips such as the Nigerian Navy and Proforce Defence have done. More than once before, we have in a moment of exasperation considered putting a stop to the operations of this blog because of this issue of a lack of meaningful support.

Surely, it takes time, money and monumental effort to offer the content which we put out here but sadly and even with so many who are well positioned to give a massive fillip to our operations, too many are simply returning everyday to read without thinking for a minute how they can support the operations, growth or help to sustain the massive energy levels required to keep this viable and useful national platform RUNNING OPTIMALLY.

This dream shall one day die unless more institutions quit hedging, step up to the plate and give us the opportunity to see for ourselves, write reports and feel some excitement. That is what we deserve and that is what validation consists of.

All Beegeagle’s Bloggers and readers have to be a part of the process which leads to the outcomes which we seek since we cannot sustain the blog by making it a free-for-all, admitting everyone regardless of persuasion and agenda, just so that we generate even greater site traffic. We would end with many readers who would click on adverts but we would also see all sorts invading this space and that would be the end of any semblance of order and sanity in this corner of cyberspace. So institutional support has to be it and we say this again.

Those who believe in what we do here FINALLY need to get their institutions to get on board and give us the exploratory opportunities such as the Nigerian Navy and Proforce Defence have. We need to get to Mali and to Borno but we cannot just up and leave since we would only get so far without institutional backing.
All that we have only ever sought is to offer the most accurate representation of the Nigerian reality to the world from this corner, in the face of a cascade of negative and unidirectional reportage by cynical local and foreign commentators.


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BEEG EAGLE -perspectives of an opinionated Nigerian male with a keen interest in Geopolitics, Defence and Strategic Studies
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  1. peccavi says:

    Good effort my brother, bloody good effort

    Keep the flag flying!!

  2. russellinfinity says:

    …Gen. Beeg, your simply the best. Nigerian media houses should emulate an support your unprecedented zeal and effort.

    Great things awaits you, mark my words. Weldone.

  3. jimmy says:


  4. beegeagle says:

    @Ogas Peccavi+Jimmy. Thank you. I saw READY CTCOIN armoured combat vehicles which, bearing in mind the fact that soft-skinned Toyota Landcruiser and Hilux have been deployed in the Northeastern theatres, would only rank behind an APC in the array.

    Believe me, I stand here to say without fear of contradiction that we can now totally forget about importing M-LPVs as planned and instead, see how we can incorporate the best features of those imported Giffen goods πŸ™‚ into our own.

    Gentlemen, I nearly fell off my seat when I was told that the recommendations made by yours truly as per further militarising their products, was the inspiration behind the design and fabrication of the sternest and latest one of them which was redesigned (a militarised variant) and built in three months. Looks good enough for a movie shoot, guys. Aesthetically..easy on the eye.

    In this country where many “weep at weddings and sing at funerals” on account of an inability to prioritise, I am sure that a good product still needs no hard sell. A breakout order of 100 units of the two main CTCOIN variants from the NA and a joint venture partnership with NAEME on the Igirigi APC (with a start-up order of 100 units) should not cost the FG mire that $30 million in total but it would completely set both projects on firm trajectories for growth, boosted their export potentials and lent credence to the BUY NAIJA campaign at a time when our taste for imported items is declining.

    This is what the FG must do. It is up to them to ensure that those who are quietly working to Nigeria truly great are not let down. They need breakout sales to further boost their R & D and to place Nigeria on the map of defence manufacturers.

    Two of the armoured patrol and combat vehicles that I saw are ready to deploy in the wildest parts of Greater Borno today. I could sit in one and for the precious life of me and request NA sharpshooters to open fire on the vehicles from 30 metres out. I am that SURE about the quality of what I got into. You had better believe it.

    @Oga Russell. My brother and friend from the very start, may it be unto us as you have proclaimed. Sometimes, the zeal threatens to fail one on this job. It really is NOT AT ALL an easy task.

  5. beegeagle says:

    One thing which makes me to be very hopeful is that a tireless patriot such as Olusegun Aganga, the Minister of Trade and Investment has already been to PROFORCE and can be trusted to sell this idea to the FG. As you shall see in the days ahead, it might qualify as ‘sabotage’ for us not to do something to support these ground-breaking chaps whose morale is skyhigh. Worker man types all.

    Kai, Nigerians are trying. This country shall never be consigned to ignominy or be a footnote on the list of nations. Not with what I saw. Not with our country continuing to attract the heaviest portfolio of foreign direct investment in Africa against all odds and in the face of all the media-led smear campaigns about every facet of national life.

    Our self-willed nature, confidence and ability to pick ourselves up by ourselves is bound to make us succeed as a people. We just need to be better led and more nationalistic in our thinking and that is all.

    • Oga beeg whenever u get the oppurtunity to go to Mali and go to cover any event that concerns the well being of our gallant security forces, you have my full support…but i would like to knw what has being the patronage of the government so far cos their survival depends much on it!

  6. beegeagle says:

    Nothing really as of this point. This at a time when Nigerians NEED to KNOW what is really going on in order that they may BELIEVE and thus lend their unalloyed support to efforts aimed at restoring security to the motherland and our near-neighbourhood where undercurrents and manifestations of insecurity impact our homefront.

  7. Henry says:

    Oga beeg, my man!!! Great job man. We must develop this country and project this country in the best possible positive light.

    Na by force oh.

    Kudos man!!!
    Kudos to proforce defence ( they must succeed)!!!

  8. beegeagle says:


    You guys ain’t seen anything yet. You shall be screaming a whole lot this week πŸ™‚

  9. freeegulf says:

    marshal beegs, where do we start from o, a big well done!!! what an excellent work, more power. thumbs up
    as for the mali expedition as mentioned by oga camo, plz, let it be in the pipeline too. even if it means we in the blog have to support in every possible way.

    as for proforce, fortune favours the brave. great job my fellow compatriots. they can manufacture M-LPVs for the army and APCs for the police. we should do everything possible to make sure this made in Nigerian products become highly successful.

  10. saints says:

    there something happening in nigeria, something different and unique. and i would like to stay around and watch this plot unfold… oga beegs you ve been on the active side of duty and i think you are begining to enjoy the results of your patriotic actions, we pray for a better nigeria but while we are at it. let us pray that our hearts find the courage to accept this changes. the inevitable change that comes with progress.

  11. Obix says:

    Wow! I still can’t believe my eyes. This is the kind or technological ‘revolution’ we want. Oga Beag, you are a prophet that is recognised in his land. Soon i’ll carry the banner with the inscriptions -“Beag for president” πŸ™‚ Great job!

  12. freeegulf says:

    at least our marshal should be part of the National Security Council. we need a tidal force in that apex office. well done marshal beegs.

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