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  1. beegeagle says:

    Pictured above is the foundational APV that is the PF2. From this, a sterner upgrade – the PF2 Mk.II and a militarised Armoured Combat Vehicle have emerged – complete with a 360-degree turret fabricated from start to finish in Nigeria.

    Those two other CTCOIN vehicles you shall get to see tomorrow and the day after

  2. Henry says:

    This is just beautiful. This is what we( bloggers) have consistently advised the FG/ARMY to purchase, and replace the soft-skinned toyota’s with.

  3. camouflage1984 says:

    The last photo is damn beautiful….i could use one u knw…if only!

  4. beegeagle says:

    Fully armoured, fully airconditioned, run-flat tyres, sealed engine, sealed fuel tank etc

  5. beegeagle says:


    Company Name: PROFORCE LIMITED

    CAC N0: RC 724626

    Ownership Structure: 100%-owned Nigerian Company

    Nature of Business: Design and Manufacturing of Armoured Mobility Defence Products and Services

    Armouring Plant: Ogun State.

    Sales & Marketing Office: 11 Porto Novo Street, Off Aminu Kano Way, Wuse 2, Abuja.

    Year of incorporation: 2008

    Vision Statement: To be the leading Armouring and Defence Products Service Provider in the World.

    Mission Statement: To offer our clients first-class products and services with superior craftsmanship, at a competitive price

    Business Definition: Delivering Confidence in Personal and Protective Mobility.

    Proforce Limited is a total defence solution provider specialising in Armoured Vehicles and Body Armour. Proforce has within a short time developed a vibrant market for security and mobile protective products that cuts across Africa. It is exploiting its deep technical know-how to produce outstanding armoured products for the Military, the Police, Corporate Organisations, Diplomatic Communities, Government Security Agencies and VIPs.

    OUR PRODUCTS: Armoured Tactical Vehicles, Armoured Personnel Carriers (APCs) for Military and Police, Ballistic Helmets & Vests, Armoured Cash-in-Transit, Armoured Private and Commercial Passengers’ vehicles

    OUR SERVICES: After Sales & Repairs of Armoured Vehicles, Lease of Armoured Vehicles, Intelligence Systems and Security, Anti-Terror Security, Homeland Security, Training of Operatives, Command – Control & Communications Systems, Software and Computer Systems for Defence Products, Distributors Licence of All Raw Materials, Spare Parts Dealing (e.g. Run-flat System)

    Guided by technical innovation and a State-of-the-art defence automotive assembly plant in Nigeria, Proforce Limited is a global player in tactical, military and personal defence products.

    PROFORCE LIMITED offers the set skills required to keep private citizens, Government Officials and Law Enforcement Agents safe and prepared against conceivable security threats at any point.

    PROFORCE designers and engineers have 65 years cumulative experience in the unique designs and manufacturing of SUVs, tactical military vehicles, and passenger cars currently used in some of the most hostile regions.

    PROFORCE LIMITED provides highly secured Cash-in-Transit vehicles for Financial Institutions and cash-movement agencies requiring safe movement of money and goods in urban communities and hostile urban territories particularly in Nigeria.

    Armouring Facility:
    • With our state-of-the-art armouring facility in Ode-Remo, Ogun State, Proforce Limited is setting a new pace in the production of various armoured and protective vehicles and products in Nigeria.

    • Proforce is constantly able to meet local and international needs, without our clients (private and government) having to step out of the shores of Nigeria, while making sure that every sale is backed-up with unique and immediate after sales services and maintenance, saving you executive-business time and foreign exchange.

  6. beegeagle says:

    Our own PROFORCE PF2 APV is the natural successor and complement for the armoured Landrovers imported from Britain in the 1980s and which can be seen in use by MOPOL convoys providing escort services for Central Bank cash-in-transit convoys and in the Northeast, serving with Police MOPOL and CTU contingents out on CTCOIN operations

    NIGERIA, Maiduguri : Nigerian police part of the joint forces in Borno state patrol in an armoured Landrover Maiduguri on June 5, 2013.

    AFP PHOTO / Quentin Leboucher

    Our Made-in-Nigeria PROFORCE PF2 Armoured Patrol Vehicle


    So, we are good to go in the PF2 which has two hatches in the roof from which one can open fire on terrorists. Over to the Police High Command.

  7. Blackrev says:

    One question oga beeg.
    This thing go fit take heavy fire and IED blast? Looks kinda light for that.

    • beegeagle says:

      It is a PROTECTED LIGHT PATROL VEHICLE..not an APC. It combines the agility of a tactical vehicle with armour protection. Between this and the armoured Landrovers, which looks stronger?

      Anyway, it is configured to withstand 7.62mm fire from 30 metres out and it can effectively sustain grenade blasts. That is more than good enough for the secondary line CTCOIN operations of the Police and for anti-robbery/anti-kidnapping operations. That is what the cops get into.

      In any case, in which is survivability enhanced – a soft-skinned Toyota Hilux or this PF2? Which would the troops in Borno rather travel in…never mind cops?

      Do we remember that even the military have been in talks for Oshkosh Sandcat and Mahindra Marksman Protected Light Patrol Vehicles?

    • igbi says:

      Why don’t you go and work for proforce instead of standing here doubting their work ?
      You should be happy that we are entering a new era.

      • Blacrev says:

        lol @igbi
        that we seek progress doesn’t mean we shouldn’t ask questions when we don’t understand the path..
        i imagined many of the vehicles if purchased by FG, will be deployed to counter insurgency in the north. which is is the reason for my question. at least now i know it has more protection than those embarrassing hilux.

  8. Obix says:

    This is fascinating! Long Live PROFORCE!

  9. peccavi says:

    I see weapon ports to fire from inside the vehicle, it looks like a useful vehicle for light patrol and police work.
    Do they have a testing facility for the vehicles?
    I trust there will be photos of their helmets, body armour etc?
    How do those products compare in price, utility and comfort?

  10. Henry says:

    Oga beeg. Just to second oga peccavi, we also eagerly awaiting photos of their helmets and bullet proof vests.

  11. Max Montero says:

    Hi General Beeg, did the military gave any feedback on what they wanted and integrated it with the vehicle’s design, or was conceived by ProForce? Did the military/defense ministry helped in the funding for its development?


  12. anas says:

    Proforce shuld engage in serious lobbying in the MOD this how boeing , northrop grumman and other defence contractors do their thing .the pple running proforce shuldnt just sit on their backsides and expect the military to purchase their products simply bcos they r made in nigeria,if it means greasing a few palms they shuld do it .in the defence business there’s no time to check time Shine ur eyes proforce,no dull urselfs ooo

    • beegeagle says:

      Anas, if we are a right-thinking people who know when we stand on the threshold of history, PROFORCE should be courted, promoted, given tax holidays and an immediate contract for 100 units each of the Leopard ACV and the PF2 Mk.II APV. The worst case scenario, they are good enough to replace all the armoured carriers for regular police anti-robbery operations.

      Fortunately, they are much better and sterner than that and are certainly good enough for immediate CTCOIN action. What is there to stop us from acquiring and deploying these CTCOIN assets ASAP?

      PROFORCE should not have to lobby for anything and their CEO should have a direct phone link to the National Security Adviser. SURELY, he is a star, a pioneer and a national security asset. Everyday, I feel like weeping for my country. LOBBY?

      America and Russia poached inventors of his kind enmasse from Germany after WWII and black Nigeria wanna lobby who? What for? At the Nigeria Centenary, would it not be nice to see the Igirigi APC, PF2 Mk.II APV and the Leopard ACV on display to signpost milestones attained in our march to greatness?

    • CHYDE says:

      My dear Anas, don’t you think that greasing the palms of some people is part of the reason why we don’t Sukhoi’s today, if they start greasing, they’ll have to continue greasing, i’ll prefer we avoid this ‘ROGER’ business

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