* Max speed 105 km/ph

* Gradeability 72%

* Differential lock Lethality

– 8 firing gun-ports on left & right sides of the cabin and at the back of the cabin (3 on the left and right sides+ 2 at the back of the cabin)

– Protection & Survivability
All-round NIJ III/ CEN B6 protection

– Side-blast protection

– underbelly protection against H-36 hand grenades

– explosive-suppressant material in fuel

– all major components like fuel tank, steering gear box, air tanks, etc are
armour protected

– entire engine compartment encased
with ballistic steel

– 3 doors (2 front doors+back door) for
faster and easier exit in emergency situations

– All tyres fitted with Run-Flat systems

– Seating Layout
Driver & Commander in front + 6 troops in rear


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BEEG EAGLE -perspectives of an opinionated Nigerian male with a keen interest in Geopolitics, Defence and Strategic Studies
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  1. beegeagle says:

    Countdown to H-Hour. The Armoured Combat Vehicle beckons.. 🙂

  2. Tope says:

    We cant wait…….Pro Force. Have some amazing products…..and Beeg if you can throw some light on most of their services as i see they handle a wide range of Defense Services….this could mean having them Partner with NAEME and DICON.

    • beegeagle says:

      You do not have very long to wait. Anytime after midnight is a new day. But this is probably going to be the most exciting time since the showpiece event that was the deployment to Mali last January

  3. Henry says:

    Wow this is great. This is simply fantastic. Nigerian troops should not have to drive in soft skins anymore.

    This is a wholly nigerian product, our own. Mount a GPMG on this thing. It fits right in with the panhard VBL (series) and the otokar cobra.


  4. Deway says:

    This is great, wonderful! I’m always excited over the showcase of Nigerian indigenous capacity. They should have invited security chiefs alongside the Minister, or send brochures of their products to the MoD/defence chiefs and state governments. Since this has been going on for a while, one wonders why are our soldiers patrol the most dangerous region in West Africa in soft skin vehicles? Imagine what this would do for our economy if say a West African neighbour places an order for 50 PF2 MK1 or 2. I believe its sure cheaper and of better quality than Chinese imports of the same grade. This is the kind of thing where the government should flex its muscles with the UN to purchase our products for Police peace keeping operations and use it as a bargaining chip. We cant be going for UN operations and continue loosing men for nothing. I’m thinking of Mekahog and hope they get into a healthy non-political competition.

  5. Number one says:

    Nice one and proudly Nigerian too.

  6. beegeagle says:

    If the NA acquire these, PROFORCE, as you shall see tomorrow, can configure this into a dedicated CTCOIN attack vehicle by placing a gunshield and HMG in it for them.

    Otherwise, they can buy these and NAEME would simply mounted gunshields and HMGs on them like they have been turning out exquisite Landcruiser gun-trucks.

    Something like these and you can easily turn the PF2 Mk.II APV into a raving armoured combat vehicle

  7. beegeagle says:

    @Deway. MEKAHOG, unlike PROFORCE, will actually be ASSEMBLING South African-made Springbuck VI mine and blast protected vehicles for the Nigerian market, in-country. Way back in the 1980s, Austrian-made Steyr APCs were similarly assembled at the Special Vehicle Plant. Ditto Pinzgauer All Terrain Vehicles. That does not make those Nigerian vehicles.

    PROFORCE are producing NIGERIAN-made Armoured Patrol and Combat Vehicles. They are into something novel…same way that many South African mine and blast-protected vehicles are built on the drivelines of the Landcruiser, Tata, UNIMOG among other commercial vehicles.

    As for INNOSON, I am aware that they do not manufacture armoured vehicles but they do product transport and utility vehicles – 4WD trucks, 3-ton trucks and buses – which have military and security applications.

    Therefore, if they want us to come and shed the spotlight on what they do, you can tell me backstage.

  8. adickmish says:

    Is this real? This is amazing.PROFORCE should keep it up. i just hope they get the needed support from MoD. Thanks Oga beeg

  9. jimmy says:

    Please I hope the PROFORCE not only reaches out to the NA but also to a couple of STATE GOVTS, I am talking specifically of L.A.S.G. who have a well documented history of supporting law enforcement FINANCIALLY AND MATERIALLY. GOV Fashola is known for being pro active when people come to him with well sought BUSINESS PROPOSALS that are indigenous in nature. GOOD LUCK and GOD’S speed.

    • Akin Oges says:

      Oga Jimmy, very true. Fashola stands out as you rightly highlighted above. Efforts should be made by PROFORCE to interest him and other forward looking governors.

  10. asorockweb says:

    Awesome. Really, really nice. The matte paint in the Mk2 is much better finish than the gloss paint used in the Mk1.
    The Mk2 will be great for:
    1) Convoy duties – VIPs, banks
    2) Armoured patrol in hot spots – think of places where robbers or terrorists shoot police on sight.
    3) Command and Control vehicle
    4) Pre-planned raids against inner city hideouts
    5) Armoured ambulance

    One of the reasons why this may not replace the gun-trucks is Egress – how quickly can troops dismount to engage the enemy.
    Full armed troops can egress a gun-truck in 2-3 seconds. The Egress from the MK2 maybe as high as 7-8 seconds. 5 seconds is a long time if bullets are flying around.

    • beegeagle says:

      Oga Asorock, do show up bright and early tomorrow.

      Yes, egress, firepower and maneouvrability are the strongpoints of our LANDCRUISER GUN-TRUCKS and those, the uparmoured Pinzgauer ATVs, Panhard VBLs and Otokar Cobra APCs form the backbone of our CTCOIN asset base. What is lacking is an A-Class MRAP such as the Casspir and GILA and Protected Patrol Vehicles – reason why the NA have the Oshkosh SandCat in their sights.

      It is in that PPV role which the PF2 Mk.II and the Armoured Combat Vehicle which you shall see tomorrow, God willing, fit in.

      What we are saying is that the NA cut back on the use of soft-skinned TROOP CARRIERS such as the Toyota Hilux and Ford Ranger, in the frontline CTCOIN role. Those carrier vehicles must not be confused with the LANDCRUISER GUN-TRUCK which is a priceless asset in the array.

      What we are saying is that this PF2 Mk.II APV should as much as possible be used as a PROTECTED CARRIER. Let us have these, Landcruiser gun-trucks and Otokar Cobra APCs working together AS AGAINST the currently predominant practice of softskinned Toyota Hilux patrol vans and Otokar Cobra APCs working together. If we add a .50 cal HMG to the PF2 Mk.II, much better – same way the Otokar Cobra APCs carry that weapon too.

      But unlike the Toyota Hilux which is softskinned and merely transports troops, our Landcruiser gun-trucks are combat machines complete with 12.7mm HMGs, gun-shields and very intelligently designed seats with easy egress in mind.

      The PF2s can withstand a H60 grenade blast under the hull and 7.62mm fire from 30 metres out. The Otokar Cobra can take 12.7mm shots and a 7kg TNT landmine blast.

      Truth is, in the overwhelmingly majority of possible engagements bar the less frequent VBIED or roadside IED attack, troops are more likely to drive into an ambush mounted by AK47-wielding insurgents who would lob IEDs in cans which have an impact that is comparable to a grenade. The PF2s can handle that.

      So the PF2 APVs are good to go as allied carrier assets to the Otokar Cobra APC.

      Similarly, the Armoured Combat Vehicle, photos of which shall be splashed here in the coming here in the hours ahead, stand in between the Landcruiser gun-trucks and the Panhard VBLs.

      All PROFORCE APVs and ACV represent force multipliers for real – no forex transactions necessary.

    • beegeagle says:

      Concerning the aesthetic effect of the matte finish on the Mk.II relative to the gloss paint on the Mk.I, you absolutely echoed the observation made and pointed out to me by Mr Owojori, four days ago. The matte finish is pure class.

      Until tomorrow then…

  11. Henry says:

    Innoson vehicles recently delivered 300 pick-up trucks to the government of anambra state.

  12. asorockweb says:

    I remember in the days of military regimes when all government agencies were compelled to use made in Nigeria cars – 504s, 505s, VWs etc.
    If we had similar nationalism with civilian regimes, ProForce will be a world leader in armoured Vehicle manufacturing and sales.

    Having said that, maybe ProForce would never have invested in armoured vehicle manufacturing during a military regime.

    Pros and Cons.

  13. ocelot2006 says:

    Now this is pretty impressive. Just imagine our troops equipped with these vehicles. In no time, these guys will be churning out MRAPs.

    I will like to suggest that Proforce also look at sturdier vehicle chassis like that of the UNIMOG. That could serve as a base for future MRAP design.

    Proudly Nigerian ;D

  14. Henry says:

    Oga asorockweb, we could make the same assertion(egress) for our otokar cobra’s, since it’s main door is at the back of the vehicle. Yet it is a fan favourite of the army.

    A vital piece which has been over-looked by most of the bloggers who have commented in this thread, is the advantage of having 10 firing ports which this vehicle provides.

    At the top, the army can mount 2 GPMG’s, which would give a full 360 degrees cover. With additional 8 firing ports within the vehicle itself, that 7-8 seconds would be well maximised. The otokar cobra which is popular with the army only provides a single 360 degrees cover from the top of the vehicle.

    Going by the specs listed above, the PF2 Mk.II provides a machine which is quick, manoeuvrable, optimally protected and well within it’s class when listed alongside the otokar cobra, panhard vbl or the oskosh Going by the specs listed above, the PF2 Mk.II provides a machine which is quick, manoeuvrable, optimally protected and well within it’s class when listed alongside the otokar cobra, panhard vbl or the oskosh Going by the specs listed above, the PF2 Mk.II provides a machine which is quick, manoeuvrable, optimally protected and well within it’s class when listed alongside the otokar cobra, panhard vbl or the oskosh Going by the specs listed above, the PF2 Mk.II provides a machine which is quick, manoeuvrable, optimally protected and well within it’s class when listed alongside the otokar cobra, panhard vbl or the oskosh sandcat.

    • asorockweb says:

      Oga Henry,
      You are right, the Mk2 and the Otokar have similar Egress issues. But I was only comparing the Mk2 to a gun-truck.

  15. giles says:

    pls any idea hw much a peice cost

  16. Joe says:

    It is time the sleep giant wake-up from slumber and let the world knows the giant of Africa finally on the move .Democratic transition in the country started in 1999 when OBJ became president and wasted no time by setting the ball rolling and the first 2 years in office was reaching out to developed countries that military rule was over in nigeria and made several oversees trips where OBJ make promise to the world that Nigeria was ready for economic developments and throughout 8 years rule remain on course but unfortunately, dissappoint nigerian to stabilize electricity supply. Late Yaradua reigned became president but reigned was short lived due to illness and eventually died.GEJ became president and redouble the footprint of the saga,These are some of their goal and achievements so far, space program technology, ict, military tactical weaponry locally built, security devices,though the regime blame for massive corruption of government officials and politicians and promise transparency and accountability of government and weed out corruption in the country and nigerians still wait for that to happen.Now back to the point, the federal government should make sure all the companies operating in the country remain private because government often fail to successfully runs any business due to beurocracy but could effectively makes policies to enabling businesses success, and more incentives to company on ground and future ones and discourage. imported goods produced locally,and billions of dollars can be save and creates millions jobs. The Government should encourage industrial investments, Agroallied, research and financial services,Agriculture,science and technology,qualitative education. Transportation and good roads. These are the ingredients used to measure economic growth and development of a nation.

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