Gentlemen, keep still everywhere across the face of the earth. The Eagle has landed. Two million hits…tis a multi-million turf.

Beegeagle’s Blog commenced operations at the end of March 2010. During the first eighteen month period during which we operated in fits and stops, we garnered 100,000 hits(as of September 2011). Well, look at us now

First 18 months : 100,000
Next 13 months: 900,000 additional hits.
Thanks to you and thanks to our unwavering passion for credibility.

Welcome to that most exclusive multi-million hits’ corner of blogosphere where only the most credible, insightful, influential and authoritative operators make the cut.

Tis your blog. Keep reaching for the skies. We can make our best, even better. CONGRATULATIONS.

Beegeagle GCFR
(Good Citizen of the Federal Republic)


About beegeagle

BEEG EAGLE -perspectives of an opinionated Nigerian male with a keen interest in Geopolitics, Defence and Strategic Studies
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17 Responses to BEEGEAGLE’S BLOG : 2,000,000 (TWO MILLION) HITS

  1. johnbest1 says:

    Oga beeg I believe congrats are in order,

  2. Obix says:

    Yeah! Big congrats. And to all of us too who have made this blog home!

  3. wocon45 says:

    “Beegeagle GCFR (Good Citizen of the Federal Republic)” lol this got me cracking, congratulations Beeg one.

  4. igbi says:

    Congrats, you deserve it.

  5. Deway says:

    No be small thing. Congratulations. I for like break kolanut with you.

  6. Detona says:

    3 heavy gbosas to the Beeg one, and to all committed readers of and contributors to the Blog. Long may it continue. Speaking of sustainability, General Beeg, I took note of your comments about wordpress in the Proforce PF2 Leopard tread. Its no surprise that they are getting cranky, as they probably believe there is some action they are not getting a cut in.

    Its about time the blog evolved into a major platform for issues of strategic national interest, delivered in a cutting edge format capable of driving the change it hopes to see. Again as the Oga in Charge (OIC) that you are, you must lead out in this vision, but you can count on the most dedicated and professional support of every regular here in the areas where we are most able to assist.

    Congratulations on this milestone. Many more are on the way, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

  7. camouflage1984 says:

    Congrats…it gets better!

  8. BishopOfSapele says:

    Nice one, Beeg 2 million no be guguru and epa. Congrats on a remarkable achievement and kudos for keeping your blog fresh, insightful and on point. Alright, now to 4 million hits…..

  9. freeegulf says:

    My Marshal, its time for you to be included in the national security council. well done our oga at the top.

  10. franky says:

    2million gbosas to u sir..
    franky GCON(Good Citizen of the Order of the Niger)

  11. (@lordfej) says:

    Show me a man diligent in his works and he would stand before kings.Le Gen Bigger you we pray

  12. CHYDE says:

    Officer in control, i dey throw way 21 gun salute,you are the best, God Bless you

  13. makanaky says:

    My problem be say i go count all the 2 million one by one and if my own not dey inside, wahala dey and na there fight start……….Lol,be warned i just came back from Mali amongst the first returnee.
    Congratulations my OGA

  14. Donian007 says:


  15. Number one says:

    Congratulations Gen Beeg on hitting this milestone.

  16. Somoric says:

    Congratulations, next levels don reach o! Beegeagle….what is the plan?

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