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  1. peccavi says:

    Una don come, you wan make I miss train this morning!

  2. beegeagle says:

    🙂 Na im be say u don miss am already, Peccavi, becos dis place go soon fuuuullll.

    One forward-facing turret for anything between a 12.7mm HMG and a 23mm cannon and two rear-facing pintles on which GPMGs can be mounted.

    Enter the dragon..a DIRECT response to my challenge thrown on these same pages to the effect that PROFORCE create a combat vehicle complete with a turret. They rose to the occasion, with heart and might, and look what the came up with in 3 months flat – developed from the PF2 Mk.II.

    In Nigeria, I believe. God bless PROFORCE..proudly Nigerian. I always believed in them..what more can I say.

    Enter the DRAGON..Boko Haram and Ansaru..MUJAO and Ansar Dine, wahala comes to town.

  3. beegeagle says:

    This vehicle is already strapped to the back of a trailer – DESERVEDLY on its way to Abuja to be seen by the President of this Federal Republic of Nigeria – no less.

    Gentlemen, there is a blue moon over Nigeria. The sleeping behemoth has arisen. Well done, PROFORCE. So, so proud of you terrific guys.

  4. Blacrev says:

    hehehehe…… this is more like it. beegs abeg do you know if MOD will be purchasing this baby soon?

  5. makanaky says:

    My day,week and year is made ! Nigeria we hail thee, i dont have doubt anymore about our capabilities, The Police and Army can give their individual specs to Proforce for their specific use and it shall be done.

  6. beegeagle says:

    Goes without saying.

    Mr President, the NSA, the CDS and the COAS only need to see this and we are on our way to the Northeast frontlines in it. Imagine our troops and Formed Police Units rolling around in these in Mali, Liberia, Sudan and Somalia – holding the flag aloft and everyone getting told that this stunner was crafted with pride in our much-maligned motherland, Nigeria!

    This one is sold out as it stands. A good product needs no hard sell.

    If President Yar’Adua was so impressed with THIS much so that he placed an order for 40 units within three months, the infinitely more ready Proforce PF2 Leopard ACV and the Proforce PF2 Mk.II are SURE to sweep the National Defence Council and the National Security Council off their feet.

    The deed is done. Borno sosai 🙂

  7. johnbest1 says:

    Wow that’s so incredible,I truely hope the military would take notice and start purchasing these instad of the soft skinned hilux we see everywhere,I do hope that by the time am ntering into the military this would be d norm and standard vehicle in the army’s service.anyway gud work 2 proforce and great expos’e oga always bring us the best news and info.

  8. beegeagle says:

    Well done, JohnBest1. I am SURE that this one is already in the Nigerian Army’s sack.

    The defence and security forces bear the patriotic standard in most parts of the world and I know that with the same degree of pride which the IGIRIGI APC was displayed at NADCEL 2013, the Proforce PF2 Leopard ACV and the Proforce PF2 Mk.II APV shall undoubtedly be on display during the military parade to mark the NIGERIA CENTENARY come 2014 – signposting our coming of age. 🙂

  9. freeegulf says:

    the Nigerian market is big enough for the company to grow. just satisfying the Nigerian market alone will shoot Proforce to great heights.
    marshal beegs, again, you have shown the capabilities of our beloved motherland. nigeria we hail thee!!
    excellent performance. the orders will follow immediately. they should send just a couple for live operational tests in the NE, as such, this variant will continue to be upgraded with modular kits. bless thy labour.

  10. eyimola says:

    Astonishing achievement. This is what the private sector can deliver. Well…over to the politicians

  11. ocelot2006 says:

    Ghen Ghen!!! Impressive! Simply impresive!

  12. Blacrev says:

    some south africans wan die as them see this pictures for nairaland. lol
    e shock them.

    • beegeagle says:

      NAIRALAND, eh? I do not see any referrals coming from Nairaland…how so? I hope Beegeagle’s Bloggers are also embedding hyperlinks which backtrack to this blog as SOURCE because it is crass fraudulent to claim what is not yours?The exertion, spent..mine, money spent..mine and with zero support from those who are now basking in the free shine. Some even want us to continue without any support at all cost ad infinitum, with a hint of threats in the air. Just to continue the freeloading and maintaining the swagger?At whose expense?

      If man stop work today, wetin wan hapun? Highest na treason charge. If we were so afraid to die, we would not be in this cutthroat business.

      I mean, WORDPRESS are very gradually withdrawing some support services just to have me take up their premium subscription. Who can blame them? Today, we shall cross the 2 million hits threshold. So they must think that Beegeagle’s Blog is very rich. Yet I cannot even get help with anything and who knows how much it would cost to get their full service? I woke up agonising over that and someone wants to further annoy us with reckless conduct?

      Please, if you have posted my content on Nairaland (I have not visited and would not do so) and not posted a hyperlink referring their readers to this site, do go back there and do the right thing. If you need to know, that expedition cost me over US$500 in cash and two full days in terms of effort to execute. If you cannot aid us, you can at least acknowledge the one who endured the exertion…and that was not you.

      One would never know why Nigerians online have this odious habit of enriching their content through other people’s exertions and would not do so much as acknowledge their sources. Let us learn to do the proper things always.

      Anyway, how many of us try to share Beegeagle’s Blog content on Facebook and Twitter? We need to do that always. WoCoN45 and OptimusPrime007 always do that and I thank them wholeheartedly.

      The more Nigerians that we succeed in relieving of their simple-minded and negative mental overload, the fewer simpletons there shall be for the hostile foreign media to manipulate and use against their own country’s interests.

      • Blacrev says:

        the guy seems to be a silent staunch follower of your blog. lol
        he don make amends, even put the full blog site. nice one beeg.
        you dey try.

  13. Henry says:

    Na lie!!!!! This is very impressive.

    • Donian007 says:

      Oboy! AH NO FIT SHOUT! Ah go dance oh. #dancing# oya! Mhmm! Enhn! Ngwa! Aeh! #dancing# GEN BEEG! TAKE 1 BEER FOR MA HEAD + PLUS FREE DINNER FOR PROFORCE ENGINEERX.

  14. Henry says:

    Na lie!!!!! This is very impressive!!!

  15. Henry says:

    The only thing the president/ MOD needs to do now, is place an order for 2,000 PF.2 leopard ACB for the army, an additional 1,000 PF2 MK.II for the army. Just get a 50 CAL. Machine gun and mount on it.

    I looks like the ‘beautiful’ sister of that ‘ugly’ Israeli APC used by chad. There is absolutely nothing, not impressive with this.

    The FG/ MOD have no choice, that to order 3,000 of these PF2 variants. It is imperative that they do. The safety/protection of our troops with quality equipment, the growth of our local defence industry, the foreign exchange that would be saved, the jobs that would be created, the foreign exchange which we would get from exports. The gains are huge, almost titanic.

    Oya oh, president GEJ, over to you.

    • ocelot2006 says:

      It looks more like the Belgian Carat Black Scorpion Vehicle used by the Nigeriens in Mali. I say we equip not only with 50cal HMGs (or optional grenade launchers), but also 2 GPMGs at the rear end of each vehicle.

      Seriously, imagine a convoy of these Leopard ACBs and PF2 MKIIs, along with VBLs and OTOKAR Cobras during a COIN raid in the restive north, supported by a Mi-35 attack helo and maybe a Super-Puma/Mi-17V utility helo conveying additional assaulters ;D . Bros…

      • beegeagle says:

        Does it? Ours is much, much finer.

        Anyway, I am dreaming their deployment for combat ASAP. The picture which you just created looks like stuff from a movie:).ACTION!

      • beegeagle says:

        It was the Chadians who used the Black Scorpion Fast Attack Vehicle, Landcruiser ‘technicals’ and the RAM-2000 M-LPV as their COIN array in Mali though. For AFV, they had the Panhard AML 90

        Now check out our own STERNER array 🙂

        Proforce PF2 Mk.II APV
        Landcruiser gun-trucks
        Proforce PF2 Leopard ACV
        Panhard VBL M11 recce vehicles
        Otokar Cobra APCs
        Panhard Sagaie AFVs

        Sounds so good to go, eh?

      • ocelot2006 says:

        I stand corrected.

      • Henry says:

        Kai, Oga ocelot, your head dey dere!!!! The image you just created in my mind, is simply amazing. The PF2 MK.II and the PF2 leopard ACB must form the bedrock of our COIN OPPs. Wow, this is amazing.

      • ocelot2006 says:

        Bros I tell u. Just think of the psychological effects alone on terrorists who see this convoy bearing down on them with the righteous anger and judgment of God and the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Kai……boko Haram is a liar 😀

  16. beegeagle says:

    About time, BlackRev. Let them always do the right thing. Even I always pressure chaps who send me photos concerning the need to ‘properly acknowledge sources’. Ask Camouflage, ask Henry, ask Tim.

    Only Skyscrapercity act like they know what is decorous and always let you know where they got their stuff from. Who get time for monkey dey work, baboon dey chop now?

    That was how one Beegeagle’s Blogger was reporting here daily to clone content, word for word, and paste on Facebook without as much as a simple
    “PHOTO CREDIT: BEEGEAGLE’S BLOG”. So we strive for free yet cannot even get a simple referral in lieu of advertisement as payback..a total loss for the blog then?

  17. ocelot2006 says:

    Oga Beeg, our Leopard ACB fine pass na ;D . But you’ve got to admit they look kinda similar, ‘though ours looks way more practical. Seriously, did anyone notice the folded seats on each side of the ACB? Niiiiice…..

    Now I’m beginning to appreciate the introduction of the Landcruiser, cos I’m pretty sure these vehicle along with the ‘cruiser share common parts, thus reducing the army’s OPEX maintaining these vehicle. Impressive.

    • BlackRev says:

      you have eyes brother. i noticed it too. very nice indeed.

    • beegeagle says:

      Oh, I said that in the thread on TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER, Ocelot. The PF2 and Leopard ACV are built on the driveline of the rugged Landcruiser.

      That entails many advantages

      – Commercial Off The Shelf(COTS) accessories..spares abudantly available.

      – easy maintenance IN-COUNTRY by PROFORCE and NAEME

      – Landcruiser mechanical ruggedness

      – Desert operations-compliant

      – interoperable with Landcruiser gun-trucks

  18. ocelot2006 says:

    I must give it up for the country’s R&D sector, both military and private. Kudos to the officers, rank-and-file, and civilian staff of the military’s engineering+signal corps and Proforce. This is truly their year.

    Now…..let’s talk about modernising the OBJ-006 assault rifle 😀

  19. Deway says:

    Hmm, what can I say? My eyes are tearing. Absolutely impressive and world standard with similar vehicles of its class. Oga Beeg, did you ask what the railings on the side are for? This Nigerian Amry Day Celebration would have served a very good opportunity to showcase this vehicle. MOD over to you, buy Nigerian!!!
    Thanks for bringing these to the limelight, the whole world follows this blog.

  20. Henry says:

    The joy of the nigerian army using nigerian made products is indescribable. Do you know the effect that would have on our national consciousness and pride. Not to talk of the effect it would have on the economy.

  21. Deway says:

    The envy of my South African brothers is amazing. Anyway na dem sabi. Make dem vex, make we dey progress. Moving ahead….Proforce MRAP coming soon…….
    Oga Beeg I wanted to ask if you saw the APC?

  22. Obix says:

    Enter the Crouching Leopard! Nigeria we hail thee!!! Congrats everyone. My Ogas, my partners here are still wandering why i’ve been all smiles since morning. You have all said it all. Over to MoD !

  23. Akin Oges says:

    My eyes are heavy with tears of joy. We are not the reproached we are made out to be. I am entirely filled with emotions of joy. Quite something these efforts by PROFORCE, and Oga Beeg who has strived tirelessly to highlight the known but sleeping strength of this Great Nation. I thank you, Oga Beeg. This nation will one day reward her patriots, and you (Beegeagle) will stand on the platform of honour amongst giants. The Good God will continually indulge PROFORCE and team with the presence of mind to do better. Be Blessed Sir.

  24. Donspony says:

    Gen. Beeg, the Most Exclusive. ‘Tion Sir’.
    Now this is great stuff! Very impressive…from Proforce.

    Government be fast and lets start rolling out this babies for operations.
    What’s this about armour tanks too?

  25. WOOOOOWZAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!….I wan piss for pant..Pss dey hold me but i know fit stand up go piss!!!…This is WONDERLAND!!!Wholly Made in Nigeria….Oga Beeg you have just made my day…Bros…Nna make we do something to enlarge the scope of this blog naaa…Ngwa i volunteer myself to any duties u assign to me…

    Meanwhile Blaclrev..try add beeg url their make dem come see something…dem never see our Amebo’s, sbs. storm troopers Special forces ….Ngwa point themu hear make dem come learn..

    This one dey go my facebook page straight

  26. Henry says:

    What has been playing in my mind for some minutes now is a convoy of the following during nigeria’s centenary celebrations in january of 2014. PROFORCE PF2 MK.II with GPMG’s mounted on them, followed closely by IGIRIGI APC’s with a 12.7mm HMG and then the PF2 leopard ACB with a 50.CAL machine gun. All flying the nigerian flag and in army camouflage paint.

    Memorable, just memorable.

  27. beegeagle says:

    PROFORCE used the driveline of PRECISELY this model – the exact model used by the NA for its growing fleet of Landcruiser gun-trucks in Mali and in the desert north of Greater Borno.

    So the prospects for interoperability with the NA’s Landcruiser gun-trucks is very, very high. A SF platoon would be glad to have a Proforce Mk.II APV, a Proforce Leopard ACV, a Landcruiser gun-truck and an Otokar Cobra APC as core assets.

  28. peccavi says:

    So true true I miss train come dey run like crase person

    Excellent vehicle, it would be good to know road speed and off road capability as well as fuel consumption (is it diesel or petrol?)

    Make my hand touch ground to the PROFORCE boys they are doing the doables

    It would be good to hear from any recce or mechanised infantry types lurking out there ( I go pass over to some for this side) Vehicles are not really my speciality so my comments will be limited to the dismounted infantry issues.

    A nice touch would be to add racks for jerry cans to the sides, these not only increase the water for the vehicle and passengers but act as extra armour, predetonating RPGs, absorbing blast and shrapnel from IEDs as well. Not sure how it changes the vehicle dynamics.

    A second roll bar at the back in front of or incorporating the weapon mount pintles, essentially if the vehicle rolls the rear gunners will be thrown out and/or crushed a second roll bar gives them something to lean on whilst firing and an opportunity to duck down. or the roll bars by the sides to allow easy egress for dismounting troops

    Smoke/ tear gas dispensers on the front of the vehicle. Very useful for both internal ops (teargas) and for recce/ combat (smoke).

    Can’t really tell from these photos whether there is enough space for the commanders maps, radios, weapons and other crap but it looks spacious enough

    All in all a very useful vehicle (just from the visuals) I can see it as an excellent recce or COIN vehicle depending on performance. There is no logical reason for the MoD to not get a special test run of 10 or so vehicles deploy them to the north, a few to Mali and a few to the Delta and a few Plateau and a few for urban ops.

    Rag them thoroughly, liaise with PROFORCE and either make an informed decision and buy or advise modifcations. Why will we spend money abroad when we have these made at hime.

    Make I no over write come late again

    Nigeria I hail thee,

    • asorockweb says:

      … and maybe smaller windshields – less ballistic glass upfront. They can mount the smoke/CS-gas dispenser between the two front windshields.
      See this VBL:

      • peccavi says:

        Interesting arrangement but isn’t there enough space on the bonnet or even behind the doors to the side without sacrificing windscreen space?

      • asorockweb says:

        I was under the impression that a smaller windscreen would be more secure and possibly cheaper.
        Putting the dispensers on the bonnet would make it more difficult to get to the engine for servicing.

    • peccavi says:

      @ Oga asorockweb: But putting smoke dispensers there and making the windscreen smaller really messes with your situational awareness, its already bad enough with all the armour around you and wearing body armour and all the other crap restricts your movement. Again this is my personal take.
      Putting it on the bonnet sides leaves more space and you can still open it

  29. beegeagle says:

    For now, the technical details have to be kept close to the chest. Suffice to say however that what you see on the sides is a rack which can be lowered and unfolded so that it holds bags and fuel cans as indictated.

    As for the engine, it is a diesel-powered one.

  30. asorockweb says:

    Regarding importing armoured vehicles, this is several nails in that coffin.

    Between the leopard and the MkII, we can satisfy more than 50% of our armoured patrol and CTCOIN needs.
    It’s easy to see that ProForce has a lot of self belief and takes pride in it’s work.
    Oga Beegs, any data on production rates?

    • beegeagle says:

      I am aware that they can deploy three wholly Nigerian and six mixed Filipino/Nigerian teams to do thorough work SIMULTANEOUSLY at crunch time. That does not foreclose the possibility of drafting extra hands to meet tight delivery schedules.

      Looking at the hulls of the PF2 Mk.II in the thread on technology transfer, let me say that they had been working on them for only 19 days as of the time that I visited. They started that competitive building process on the 23rd of June. I would not be surprised to find, at that rate, that they are able hand in 15-20 carefully and qualitatively finished vehicles every quarter.

      My Oga at the TOP, I am counting on you to help give this a maximum push for the sake of patriotism and for the love of PROFORCE.

  31. dave daffiduss says:

    So wonderful… Omo dey don jazz for my bbm diz week, Gen beeg the best blogger so far

  32. Tope says:

    Proforce don do miracles for us ooh! Now the most important. Thing, the Price…..i would advise the Buisness Development Unit of Proforce to write a letter seeking Audience with the Procurement Officer as well as COAS and approach the CDS, Ministry of Defense, Office of the NSA, Police HQ and Police Service Commission and Even the presidency and Government Houses and Do live Demonstrations on what this babies can do.

    Seeing is Believing, once they do a live Demonstration and show Technical specs then they can discuss on Specifications and Customization and Price Tags and also sign Deals on payment.

    No Stopping Proforce, they should take the music to the piper.

    We now have AFVs and ACVs no reason to buy abroad sebi it has been dis Government Screaming “Buy Nigeria” At least Innoson is benefiting from that, so its now the turn of the Banks, DHQ,AHQ,ONSA,DICON,NAEME,SSS,Governors,Presidency,PHQ,PSC,MOD and even other Tri service Organisations to. Buy Now! Now! No time to waste anymore.

  33. ocelot2006 says:

    If I may equally suggest, let Proforce replace the “civilian” alloy wheels and tires with a more sturdier wheels and tires designed for off-roads.

  34. joshua jeremiah says:

    Oga Beeg…u are doing a great job. Most Nigerians tink the military is an outdated unit with minimal firepower for offence n defence,but your blog is doin a great job by proving that the Nigerian military has endless potentials. More grease to your elbows.

  35. beegeagle says:

    These fat tyres which you see are RUN-FLAT tyres. That has ‘combat theatre applications’.

    Perhaps you mean tyres with jagged edges, perhaps SMT tyres (SMT=Snow-Mud-Track) such as we have on our Panhard VBLs?

    • Detona says:

      Aye, the SMTs…thought of that as well. That will just complete the look and feel, and of course not do the vehicle’s all terrain capabilities any harm either. I believe the SMT tyres can be equally rigged with run-flat capabilities?

  36. beegeagle says:

    Yes, run-flat inserts go with SMT tyres. Panhard VBL tyres are not as thick as these though. PROFORCE NEED TO keep the tyres as thick as these ones on the Leopard ACV even if they switch to using SMT tyres.

  37. Somoric says:

    Simply exquiste……..Nigerians have arrived. Beegeagle its about time to get a few nigerian defence suppliers supporting this project. Proforce can be the first in line.

  38. Manny Aydel says:

    Stunning! The BH insurgency has turned out to be a blessing in disguise! We are doubly proud of what these Proforce chaps have done. The FG MUST patronise these guys. The original idea behind the development of the Air Beetle should also be revisited and all the variants of that aircraft built, including the crop duster version. Whether they like it or not, whether by accident or design, we go kuku develop. General Beeg and compatriots, we be soulmates o! Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Viva Africa….Kalas!

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