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  1. ScouseNaija says:

    Gen. Beeg wan scatter my dada…lool. Proforce make me proud to be Nigerian and I’m sure MOD,DHQ and the services are also proud of them. However, orders for these impressive wagons of war are needed, from home and abroad. The US has one of the best-equipped, or the best equipped modern military because they constantly and heavily support their weapon/weapon system manufacturers

  2. Bola David says:

    Thumb up to Proforce Defence.

    Wow, @ Oga Beeg, this is just too good. The Giant has woken up. GOD bless Nigeria.

  3. Henry says:

    The Turks have a vehicle very similar to this( PF2 MK.II). used by their police, army and counter-terror units.

    Oga beeg, did you get to see their BM 350-16Z (4×4) MRAP?

    On a side note,
    *The BBC have stolen our photo. They used our photo to report on nigeria’s withdrawal from mali, without giving due accreditation to this blog.

    • beegeagle says:

      Naa, Henry. If my memory serves me well, that is a news agency photo. What is that inscribed on the bottom-right corner of the photo? The BBC probably now appreciate the beauty of it though, haven seen it used here.


      Indeed, for about three months now, we have seen a steady and heavy stream of search queries “BBC Hausa”, “BBC Africa” etc which consistently direct them to this blog where all that we have on offer is DEFENCE AND SECURITY+GEOPOLITICS AND STRATEGIC STUDIES. Still they keep coming back here everyday for “BBC Hausa”..like their homepage is on this blog…lol. You seriously cannot ignore Beegeagle’s Bloggers. If you do, you are at sea by choice and on account of misplaced pride.

      The BBC are welcome here at any rate. At least, the Hausa Service know that they shall be loudly exposed to their minders in London and to the world should the perpetrators, closet opposition party supporters, continue in their dalliance with folly and to send their half-witted and skewed anti-Nigeria diatribes to London for translation and rendition.

      For real, I am also aware that there are some of them who have humbly subscribed to follow this blog. I appreciate and respect the need to preserve their anonymity. That is okay by me. Better not to talk at all than talk nonsense. So all are free to come and learn.

      That said, does anyone remember the sweet-sounding KADARIA AHMED who used to be at the BBC? Well, she later moved on to the now-rested 234Next and has now published her patriotic contribution entitled “NIGERIA, THE GOOD STORY”. It is a compendium written by 31 persons about the flip side to the Nigeria story – from the professional experience and insights of the eminent writers.

      We appreciate Kadaria. Not every Nigerian who has passed through the BBC or who works there is a despondent and self-loathing colonial serf. Bola Mosuro, Peter Okwoche, Bilkisu Labaran, Jamila Tangaza come to mind. God bless them all.

      As for Chris Ewokor and those crude “local blokes” at the Nigeria Desk and at the Hausa Service who feel constrained to endlessly churn out hideous, pathetic and disparaging reports, just because they think it is the only way to justify their status on the BBC payroll, those guys need major prayers. That is all I have to say, as they hustle to earn their keep.

      As for the unlikely BBC hyperlink inserted above, what do Premium Times and The Guardian(UK)have to say about that? Well, the engineers from Afua’s own army are crouching in the safety of Bamako still.

      Our gallant Nigerian troops are quietly and effectively operating in three of the four hottest terror-afflicted frontlines (Kidal has not yet been officially captured) across Mali. Our Nigerian troops are deployed in TIMBUKTU, DIABALY (scene of the heaviest fighting in Mali till date) and NARA. Plus Banamba, the strategic gateway to Bamako, and Lere. It means that we are only out of Gao as we speak.

      Shame on Premium Times. May they be consigned to the legion of the damned for attempting to dishonour their country.

  4. Henry says:

    Oga beeg, nawa oh. After all the sermon you no still answer the question I ask sef.

    Did you get to see proforce BM 350-16Z (4×4) MRAP? It’s currently under development.

    • beegeagle says:


      The Proforce BM 350-16Z (4×4) MRAP is at an advanced stage of being PERFECTED. So let us call that a prototype still.

      Everything else which you find on these pages, I SAW and had a feel of. They are ready for serial production.

    • beegeagle says:

      Indeed, the Turks use the very similar, Turkish-made OTOKAR AKREP Armoured Patrol Vehicle alongside Otokar Cobra APCs and MRAP for COIN operations in Kurdistan.

      Our Made-in-Nigeria PROFORCE PF2 Mk.II Armoured Patrol Vehicle is the alter ego of the Otokar Akrep. We need to buy our Nigerian PF2 Mk.II APV for the ongoing War on Terror.

      Turkish troops

      • beegeagle says:

        To have existing 4WD trucks uparmoured for urban patrols in areas which are not so infamous for ambushes and roadside IED attacks, PROFORCE could draw inspiration from this design – half-sided armoured plates at the sides to shield troops from bullets and a forward-facing gun-shield.

        Pakistani troops

  5. G8T Nigeria says:

    wow, I owe these guys my 99. the remaining 1 is for packaging where it seems they need to do more. In modern societies the company invites dignitaries for Launching ceremony where the ruggedness of such vehicles will be displayed. Proforce will need to work on their label.

  6. beegeagle says:

    Label? Lol. 99 still amounts to a distinction.

  7. Tope says:

    I think Pro Force should organise a meeting wit all afore mentioned Parties on Security, Military, Intelligence and Defence and of course our Politicians to come and see for themselves.

  8. giles says:

    so far so good,proforce is d way but oga beeg tell dem to research ways of improvin der tyres and wheel pls

    • Somoric says:

      OgaBeegeagle, this is why we need to shout to the rafters about Proforce. In most first world countries, defence innovation is paid for by the Defence ministry to provide capabilities for the present and future. I can bet that no kobo was received from our MOD on this Leopard ACV Block 1 development as it should be the case with first world militaries. Personally, this is where I sometimes get really frustrated about our national defence strategic imperatives. Proforce does not need to make any public annoucement if we had a well-developed defence industry in Nigeria. Proforce will be known to all defence agencies if they are carrying out the proper functions of their office as determined by acts of the National Assembly. To buttress my point , let take a look at the UK Eurofighter Typhoon Block 3 programme is currently rolled out as a front-line Air Defence fighter, the Block 3 provide a number of software upgrades based on experiences gained from the learnings from the annual US-UK Air warfare jaunt. This aircraft has the capability to deliver based on its mission requirements. If Proforce can deliver this ACV in 3 working weeks, guess what DICON can deliver if given the cash to develop products to enhance our mission capabilities. To rebuff Oga Giles assertion on tyres and mirrors in my opinion are minor deflections to this delightful programme. Proforce has shown that if there is a will to deliver, it can be done in Nigeria. Its time for an executive agency in the MOD, created to focus on defence innovation across all our para-milltary and miltary organisations, with the simple objective of creating our own miltary industrial complexities and asking the right questions to get the right answers to our own peculiar needs.

      • giles says:

        u might rebuff me,but i hav never seen a full armoured military mobility hardware wit an aluminium rims

  9. beegeagle says:

    I read you five by five, Oga Somoric. Solid precis. Gracias.

  10. Tope says:

    @giles Beegeagle brought us an exclusive on Technology Transfer Link which includes a Run Flat Tyre System and says the Tires are thicker dan Normal COIN Vehicle Tires…..he also mentioned the fact that the Filipino Team have a solid 65yrs of ACV and APV Skill Building Collectively of which he produced Two Pictures of A mixed team of Nigerian and Phillipine Builders and a Whole Crew of Philipine Builders and Showed us that our boys did remarkably well…….so the issue of Aluminium Rims can easily be Reconfigured if the Military decides to give their Specifications for maybe a Sterner Upgrade….although as it Stands i dnt see what anyone wants?.
    ProForce has Done well.

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