ImageImageImagePictured left to right in the three preceding photos: Proforce PF2 Leopard Armoured Combat Vehicle, Proforce PF2 Mk.ll Armoured Patrol Vehicle and PF2 Armoured Patrol VehicleImageImagePictured left to right in the two preceding photos: Proforce PF2 Leopard Armoured Combat Vehicle, Proforce PF2 Armoured Patrol Vehicle and PF2 MK.II Armoured Patrol Vehicle


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  1. beegeagle says:

    This brings to a close our long-running and sustained expose on PROFORCE DEFENCE, an organisation working quietly but most effectively to rebrand Nigeria. It is not the end..just the beginning since PROFORCE shall yet bring forth more meaningful products and we shall continue to emphasize the need for them to be PATRONISED. In the unlikely event that they have made any mistakes, it would still take further R & D to rectify any unlikely flaws. R & D costs money – designs and prototypes. So at any rate, it is incumbent that the FG maximally support their efforts against the backdrop of the ongoing “BUY NIGERIAN” campaign.

    It is a positive indicator that the Defence HQ have already gone on to acquire Nigerian-made items such as GPMGs made by DICON, night vision goggles and flak jackets made by the DICON-Marom Dolphin collabo and MM90E armed patrol boats made by Modant Marine. That is the way to go. Homegrown defence production is imperative for any true military power.

    By a near 100% vote of confidence, Nigerians who have spoken clearly on this matter are clamouring for the Federal Government of Nigeria and its organs to fully support and patronise the efforts and products of PROFORCE. The voice of the people is the voice of God.

    Well done, PROFORCE. You have given us many more ground and sea-based military reasons to walk tall as Nigerians.

    • camouflage1984 says:

      Oga beeg just an aside hw true is this info that Aradu is undergoing major refit and refurbishment?

  2. beegeagle says:

    Well, snippets to that effect has been in the air since last year when it first emerged that a possible US$60 million upgrade on the Aradu was imminent. The cost implication made it apparent that it was not going to be undertaken in Europe – I had thought it would done in Singapore.

    This year however, G8T Nigeria, a Beegeagle’s Blogger stated here that the NNS Aradu was lined up for a refit in the UAE. No official statement to that effect has been issued by the NN though.

    “(G8T Nigeria says:May 9,2013 at 2:32 pm)

    The proposal to refit ARADU in Germany
    remains a hard task especially when most of her systems are down. Considering the need to sail or tow her, news had it that the manufacturers had suggested a dock in Dubai where modern facilities are at close reach. I only hope its done in time. We dey pray”

  3. beegeagle says:

    They already know about that and MEKAHOG have already sold over 40 Springbuck VIs to the Police. MEKAHOG and Streit Group have thus far sold foreign-manufactured APCs to the Police directly and to state goverments who hand over same as gifts to the Police Commands stationed in their states.

    It is possible that a total of about 150 units of Springbuck VI Mine and Blast Protected Vehicles, Streit Spartan Mk.II and Cougar Mk.II APCs/APVs and a host of Streit armoured troop carriers have been inducted by the Police. The Lagos State Govt has presented over 30 Streit APCs to the Police contingent stationed in Lagos while the Oyo State Government have given the cops stationed in their state no fewer than 10 Streit APCs. The government of the neighbouring state of Ogun have also presented 14 Pitbull APCs to the Police. All of the foregoing are well within the scope of what PROFORCE are aware of.

    MEKAHOG are about to open an ASSEMBLY LINE for the Springbuck VI in Nigeria but those are South African-made vehicles regardless. Springbuck VI vehicles are made by Drakensberg Truck Manufacturers of South Africa. Good vehicles no less.

    PROFORCE on the other hand are creating a line of products for which research and development has been wholly undertaken in Nigeria. They are NIGERIAN products. Ditto the Igirigi APC made by NAEME. That is the difference. PROFORCE APVs/ACV and the Igirigi APC are MADE IN NIGERIA.

    Moreover, the NA have not yet entered into any contractual agreements for the supply of Streit APCs or Springbuck MBPVs. We do not know if this will happen at a later date, perhaps if and when MEKAHOG and Streit Group do open their own assembly plants in Nigeria.

    On the other hand, stemming from an inflexible will to patronise Nigerian-made products, the Nigerian military can almost certainly be counted on to patronise PROFORCE.

    Indeed, they have patronised Peugeot for cars, Mercedes Benz trucks, Tata trucks and NTM for Howo/SinoTruk lorries. All of these have assembly lines in Kaduna, Enugu, Lagos and Kano. They have also patronised Modant Marine for river gunboats used by the Amphibious Forces.

    That is the established trend and it is very, very likely to be followed through as it concerns PROFORCE before all else. As for the Police..with 370,000 cops, there is room for all of the aforementioned players to push their sales.

    Watch this space.

  4. camouflage1984 says:

    Guys there is a video on the remote vehicle AFIT developed on the page were it was originally reported

  5. beegeagle says:

    The message is getting out there like wildfire and big things surely beckon for PROFORCE. As of 1030hrs, this page had already been viewed a record 320 times. No single thread on this blog has ever notched up that many hits so early in the day – 10:30am.

  6. beegeagle says:

    Camo and Tbite, if anyone of you can grab a screenshot from the video, do send to me backstage and I shall upload it.

    Many thanks.

  7. Oga Beeg…the Isreali’s are selling some surplus material…”.A list of hardware being sold off by the Defense Ministry reveals the inventory of planes, tanks and other items that have been taken out of service by the Israel Defense Forces and delivered to the ministry for overseas sales. Included in the list of army surplus are 25 Kfir warplanes, eight Cobra helicopters, and 18 fighter-interceptor F-16 Hawks.

    • jimmy says:

      Forget the F-16 “THOSE WILL BE RETURNED BACK TO SENDER” the more reachable oga Optimusprime007 will be the 25KFIR warplanes CONSIDERING THE EXCELLENT RELATIONSHIP Israel currently enjoys with Nigeria and their ability to train ( read SHALDAGS) without the hangups . this is what i would be interested in especially from a reverse ENGINEERING ANGLE as Nigeria is determined to build their own fighter jet.

      • Number one says:

        Reverse engineering takes a lot of time and resources,but for use as a fighter i’ll prefer if we go for the modern descendant of the Mirage III i.e the JF-17.

  8. eyimola says:

    We Need to start screaming untill we are heard for the above.


    • Number one says:

      Only the Mk1(411 units) and Mk2(224 units approx) versions are up for sale.I’ll propose we convert the mk1 versions to apc’s or as Fire support vehicles and upgrade the mk2 to mk3/4 standard with Russian/Chinese 125mm main gun(sanction things)

  9. @Eyimola…i think i agree with you on this…Looks like its better than any MBT we have in our i right fellow cyber-warriors?

  10. Merkava Specs:
    Engine power output (h.p.)
    Weight (kg)
    Power-to-weight ratio (h.p./t)
    Ground pressure (kg/sm2)
    Length (mm)
    Width (mm)
    Height (mm)
    Ground clearance (mm)
    Track link width (mm)
    Length of track on ground (mm)
    Max. road range (km)
    Fording depth (mm)
    Fuel capacity (l)
    Gradient (%)
    Side slope (%)
    Vertical obstacle (mm)
    Trench (mm)
    Magnification ratio
    Auxiliary gun calibre (mm)
    AA gun caliber (mm)
    Grenade launcher calibre (mm)
    Ammunition of the main gun
    Ammunition of the auxiliary gun
    Traverse arc (degree)
    Elevation (degree)
    Depression (degree)
    Laser range finder
    Planes of gun stabilization

  11. This is an awesome machine guys

    • Number one says:

      I still believe the mk1 version should be used as a fire support vehicle at best,or an Apc ref. the Isreali Namer.

  12. Number one says:

    The Merkava mk1 can operate alongside the shilka’s and the panhard aml 90’s as a FSV but not as an mbt.

  13. Number one says:

    Before we start moving in circles i want 2 make it clear that we disagree on only 2 points .1.Can a merkava class tank be used as an APC ? The answer is yes,read up on the Isreali Namer tracked Apc.2.Is the merkava mk1 useful as a MBT ? No,why?you may ask,a tank with a 105mm gun can’t take on modern MBT’s and we want the best 4 our military.So what are our options:we procure the Merkava mk2’s(120mm gun) and upgrade them 2 mk3 standard,and use the mk1 version(105mm) as fire support vehicles for COIN,urban warfare e.t.c.

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