A Panhard VBL M11 scout car of the Nigerian Army on patrol at Bama


23 July, 2013

FOLLOWING intelligence reports from Maiduguri residents to members of Borno Vigilance Youths Group (BVYG) and military Joint Task Force (JTF) on Sunday, killed seven Boko Haram terror suspects and arrested six others in Bama town, after a two-hour house-to-house search operations in two wards of the township by 4 p.m.

Bama is a border town with Cameroun
situated 78 kilometres east of Maiduguri, the state capital and an epicentre of Boko Haram sect activities. The arrested suspects, according to an
eyewitness Monday, were picked up by
the vigilance youths that stormed the
suspected hideouts of fleeing Boko Haram sect members.

He said:“We were sitting under this tree shade; when we saw some youths with sticks, knives and cutlasses in two buses and five tricycles headed towards Tandari ward of Bama town. Five minutes, after soldiers in their patrol vehicles also backed up the youths
before the fleeing gunmen were arrested in the evening. He said even though there were no exchanges of gunfire initially between the fleeing terror suspects and soldiers, seven of them were however, gunned down while attempting to escape towards the outskirts of Tandari areas of Bama town.
Speaking on the house-to-house searches, the source told The Guardian
that the Boko Haram sect members
must have fled from the destroyed
Sambisa Game Reserve Forest, while
others could have infiltrated the township from Maiduguri or Konduga,
before they were rounded up here
yesterday by vigilance youths and JTF. A hospital attendant at the Specialist
Hospital, Maiduguri also said that seven
bodies were brought in by a JTF patrol
vehicle from Bama by 5.35 p.m. on

Confirming the incident yesterday,
spokesman of JTF, Lt. Col Sagir Musa
said that the soldiers assisted the
vigilance youths in the arrest of six terror suspects at Bama, while seven
were killed in an exchange of gunfire in one of the suspects’ hideouts. The youths, according to him, were escorted
by men of JTF; and returned safely to
Maiduguri metropolis without being
hurt or killed in the Bama youths’

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  1. jimmy says:

    There is a picture on Facebook of female Nigerians being frisked and searched by other female ( volunteers). This picture to me is worth a thousand words , I am not that computer savvy to be able to share it on this blog , but this picture to me signifies the inevitable for boko haram when the womenfolk in the conservative north take the proactive step you know it is only a matter of time. ARMY INTEL must now start to focus more acutely on the capture/ killing of SHEKAU it doesn’t make much difference whichever comes to fruition.

  2. makanaky says:

    The message is clear! when people have thesame idea and intention no word,bullet or any negative idea can stop them, BH should know their idea was very negative.
    They can intimidate but the people of the North East are tired of their cannage, they have to migrate to Cameroon,Chad or Sudan no more hidding place in Nigeria

  3. igbi says:

    It appears that boko haram has a safe heaven in cameroon.
    Boko haram doesn’t even hide from the authorities in cameroon and nothing is done to boko haram.
    To me this qualifies cameroon as a sponsor of boko haram, thus a declaration of war.
    What do you think ?

  4. igbi says:

    In this fashion, why wouldn’t our soldiers go to cameroon in mufti, sothat they would pass as boko haram, and from there they could target boko haram directly.
    I bet shekau is in cameroon.

  5. jimmy says:

    You really cannot be serious about declaring war on Cameroon.what happened to following diplomatic PROTOCOL? that if you have an identifiable problem with a country you alert that said country to the problem you have?.

    • eyimola says:

      There is no real evidence of state involvement by Cameroon anyway.

    • igbi says:

      I didn’t say we should declare a war, I said cameroon is declaring us a war by giving boko haram a safe heaven. Now it matters iff we go tough on them or if we keep ourselves in denial.

  6. eyimola says:

    On a related note, Is Shekau still alive?

    I know we have all seen\heard the recent tapes, but I have reasons to believe the last one was fake,

  7. makanaky says:

    Nigeria cannot declare war on Cameroon based on BH, if there is the presence of BH in that territory which i think is possible we can only appeal,convince and probably provide them with the capacity which i think they dont have to deal with the issue.

  8. beegeagle says:

    The sooner that knucklehead rambler called Shekau gets killed, the better for everyone. He is an evil fellow and a war criminal of the highest order. Burning kids in their hostels? I recall that in April, they ambushed kids along footpaths whilst they were returning from writing their WASCE or NECO exams at Marte and slit their throats.

    Shekau is surely an evil fellow of the most hideous kind.

  9. beegeagle says:

    Female members of vigilante groups frisking female terror suspects. Male members of the ‘civilian JTF’ leading troops to hideouts in Bama where BH distributed leaflets threatening fire and brimstone in June. Heartwarming paradigm shifts.

    That said, in the years to come, those of us who lived through these turbulent times of conflict as Nigerians shall yet ask ourselves how such a tipping point was attained within a space of one month. PsyOps by SF units? Change of heart by the hitherto conniving locals? The story is yet to be told. I hope the Colonels and Generals are compiling their memoirs to enrich our national repertoir of war diaries. We have yet to read stuff written by ECOMOG veterans after 10 years of fighting wars in Liberia and Sierra Leone.

    Back to the home front, commencing their attacks in a full-blown insurgency wef September 2010, these guys engaged security forces in near-daily gunbattles complete with suicide attacks, VBIED and roadside IED attacks. They also preyed viciously on the local populations. Hardly any day passed without reports of outrages committed by terrorists hitting the headlines. Urban guerrilla attacks and warfare everyday.

    From attacking the town of Bama on May 7th, the State of Emergency era commenced mid-May 2013 and since then, the Military Special Operations (MISOP) spearheaded by triservice Special Forces units have profoundly altered the dynamics of the conflict and curbed the attacks by well over 90%. You only need to read this blog’s archives from January to April 2013 and then compare the totally altered paradigms which have sufficed since May 2013. It is an incredible feat achieved within so short a period of time and I can only salute the operators. Yes, we do have dexterous special warfare operators and they have served our critics generous doses of humble pie.

    Keep it up everyone and do not rest on your oars. Hit, hit and HIT and no winding down of operations at the frontlines before December 2015,please. Note that the tempo of electioneering activities is set to increase going into 2014 and on to the Q1 2015 polls. It is a time when desperation and criminality attain epidemic proportions in Nigeria. Boko Haram terrorists it was who killed the ANPP gubernatorial candidate and governor-in-waiting in Borno in February 2011 and would love to make hay again if they find any void to exploit.

    Our strategic goal should be to make the most volatile Greater Borno region (Yobe+Borno states) impregnable to these workers of iniquity called Boko Haram.

  10. beegeagle says:

    For real, Eyi.

    JSTF have been chipping away at their foundations in a gruelling war of attrition – raids on IED factories, hideouts and street battles for two years now.

    Look at Kano now – a massive flashpoint city with over 5 million residents (actually the second largest city in West Africa) which has now almost been restored to pre-conflict normalcy. Ditto metropolitan Kaduna.

    The security arrangements in place are surely working and need to be improved upon. Think about all the flashpoint cities of 2012 – suicide attacks every Sunday, terror attacks in between. Now all those cities which were making the headlines for all the wrong reasons in 2011 and 2012 – Kano, Damaturu, Yola, Mubi, Kaduna, Zaria, Jos, Bauchi, Gombe and Suleja all going quiet.

    Now we are truly “on top of the situation” and BH are firmly on the backfoot..’em buggers. Yessssss! 🙂

    • eyimola says:

      This is the first modern day Islamic insurgency quelled purely by the use of force.

      • igbi says:

        What about Chechnia ?

      • eyimola says:

        Chechnya was not really an Islamic insurgency when it started. In fact, up till now, I struggle to see it as one. I see Chechnya as a failed attempt by a republic to secede from the Russian Federation. The fact that it is a Muslim dominated republic is not a significant factor.

      • igbi says:

        The russians would disagree. The rebels in chechnya were engaged in terrorism.
        But ofcourse western media wouldn’t report it as so. Just ask the russians, they will tell you it was pure terrorism. This is a verry big problem we have today: your terrorist would not be co,nsidered a terrorist by others untill he starts terrorizing them.
        The same way, alqaida was not seen as terrorist when it was attacking only russians, but two towers in new york later, everybody started calling them with their rightful name: terrorists.

      • Obix says:

        Ogas Eyi and Igbi, at first the Chechnya crisis started as a secession and later spilled over to an islamic-terrorist insurgency. In their quest for support, the Chechens got help from foreign islamic extremists with links to Al Qaeda, who financed them and sent mercenaries to join the fight. That was when their motive changed from secession to converting the whole of Russia’s nothern caucases republics to what they call “the Caucas islamic emirate”. They quickly spread their philosophy to other republics like Dagestan, North Osetia and Ingushetia. At this point it became a wholly islamic insurgency with terrorist attacks all over Russsia.
        At first the west was reluctant to look at the Chechens fighters as terrorists, they were merely called rebels, secessionists, freedom fighters etc. The west woke up when the group started recieving support from Al Qaeda and when the insurgency became a threat to their allies like Georgia, Azerbaijan and even Turkey. US and her allies got scared that the region would become a safe haven for international terrorist. It was only at this point that the US recognised the Chechen war as an insurgency and labelled them as terrorists and in turn got Russias support in the fight in Afghanistan. This even made it possible for the US to get a millitary base in Uzbekistan to help in their fight against the Talibans.

      • eyimola says:

        Yes. But the Siege of Grozny which ended the Chechnya conflict was before this events. Nobody is denying that the entire sub region is riddled by all sorts of non state actions ranging from militants to terrorists. Nobody is denying that this groups are part of a wider Jihadist Movement, however their main beef with Moscow is not religious.

      • Obix says:

        Oga Eyi, you are right. The main beef was about secession (the first Chechen war), but it was later hijacked by islamic extremists leading to the second war!

  11. beegeagle says:

    We are getting to that point :). Glory to God.

    What we must not fail to do is grind this out to a clinical and ruthless completion. Borno was just this sedate after Colonel Ben Ahanotu’s blitzkrieg on the BH stronghold in 2009 which led to the capture of their leader. Then Nigeria took her foot off the pedal after the 2009 crackdown, stood down the troops who had attained a momentum and that allowed these buffoons to come back as even wilder insurgents.

    We must give no quarter. Anyone who won’t climb down from folly should be attacked on sight.

  12. beegeagle says:

    EXCERPTS from a ‘more convinced’ STRATEGY PAGE

    July 25, 2013:

    As Boko Haram was driven from areas they had dominated for years a lot of bad behavior was revealed. These were places where police did not patrol,either because it was one of the many out-of-the-way areas not easy to get to or neighborhoods the police avoid because
    the locals are hostile and too much

    In these suburban neighborhoods and villages all who opposed Boko Haram
    were killed or forced to flee. With only a
    pro-Boko Haram population in the area, Boko Haram set up base areas and when
    soldiers moved in their found that the
    Islamic terrorists murdered hundreds in
    order to compel obedience.

    Some of the victims were people who had been kidnapped for ransom but the family could not raise the money demanded.Boko Haram simply murdered the hostages (often women and children) and buried the bodies in common graves.

    Boko Haram was particularly harsh
    against non-Moslems, including kidnapping teenage girls and forcing
    them to convert to Islam. The girls were
    held captive in the homes of Moslem
    clerics during this process and soldiers
    freed several of these girls during their
    house searches.

    The military has restored cell phone
    service to all three of the northern states in the last week. This was in recognition of the fact that Boko Haram had been able to adapt to the lack of cell phones (using walkie-talkies and couriers) while civilians were still at a major disadvantage. Boko Haram was taking advantage of the population not being able to quickly call police and report criminal activity.

    So the Islamic terrorists are not happy with the restored cell phone service. For most people the return of phone service means life, and the economy, can get back to normal.

  13. Tope says:

    They will all keep dying like fowls, he who plays dirty must prepare to enter the Mud, i know our NIA and SSS and SF are hunting da Bastard….if he moves one head na pishuan he will hear……also i would tink we should have a Cyber Team that should be able to track or intercept signals from Walkie Talkies and Even Couriers as well as Trace da IP Address of the System that Uploads dis Videos to Youtube and Co.

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