Army Amphibious troops patrol in a Scorpion Mk.II gunboat

Army Amphibious troops patrol in a Scorpion Mk.II gunboat

25 July 2013

Troops of 3 Battalion, 5 Battalion, 343 Regiment and 146 Battalion and naval personnel from the NNS Delta operating in Sectors 1 and 2 of the JTF Area of Responsibility have scuttled a total of 75 illegal refining sites, sixteen opens boats and two giant Cotonou boats in a series of raids conducted between the 13th and 24th of July, 2013.

These details were contained in a press release made available to Beegeagle’s Blog today and signed by the Media Coordinator of the Joint Task Force(Operation Pulo Shield), Lt Colonel Onyema Nwachukwu. The statement reads:

“In Delta state, troops of 3 Battalion of Sector 1 of the JTF and NNS Delta (a maritime component of JTF) anti-oil theft patrol teams have discovered and scuttled twenty nine illegal crude oil distillery camps and eleven open boats where oil thieves operate with 55 large steel surface tanks, 20 dugout pits, 10 plastic surface tanks filled with stolen crude oil and illegally distilled adulterated Automated Gas Oil (AGO) in Warri South West Local Government Area.

Twenty of the illegal distillation camps were discovered in Olaye Payse near Warri, while nine illegal refineries and seven boats were uncovered and scuttled along Abudu,Asugbor,Ogbukoko, Obogungun, Escravos, Agedegben communities, all in Warri South West Local Government Area of Delta State.

“In a similar operation in Bayelsa state, troops of 343 Regiment and 5 Battalion of Sector 2 of the JTF patrolling the waterways of Ekeremor and Southern Ijaw Local Government Areas of Bayelsa state have shut down 32 illegal crude oil distillery camps and scuttled 5 open wooden boats used by oil thieves along Lagosbene, Sangana, Okigbene,Akamubugo, Forabagbene and Shigogbene communities in the afore mentioned local government areas.

Meanwhile in Rivers state, operatives of Anti-illegal Oil Bunkering Squad of 146 Battalion of Sector 2 have uncovered an illegal crude oil loading point where oil thieves have tapped into a pipeline belonging to the Pipeline and Product Marketing Company (PPMC) along Greens/Gojiri community near Bonny Island. Two hoses siphoning oil into two giant open wooden boats (Cotonou boats) have been recovered and the boats scuttled in situ by the operatives.

During the anti-oil theft operations which lasted from 13-24 July 2013, twenty nine suspects were arrested for oil theft related offences and are currently undergoing preliminary investigations before they will be handed over to relevant prosecuting security agencies.”


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