A bomb detonating robot produced by the Nigerian Air Force Institute of Technology

A bomb detonating robot produced by the Nigerian Air Force Institute of Technology

Made-in-Nigeria bomb detonating robot produced by the Air Force Institute of Technology

Made-in-Nigeria bomb detonating robot produced by the Air Force Institute of Technology

Made-in-Nigeria bomb detonating robot produced by the Air Force Institute of Technology

Made-in-Nigeria bomb detonating robot produced by the Air Force Institute of Technology

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  1. Very Nice Robot..Looks like it is controlled wirelessly…Has a monted camera…Way to go NAF…Awaiting Amebo 4 ooh

  2. beegeagle says:

    Yes, it is remotely controlled. And it has a night vision camera so it works round the clock.

    One of us, a Beegeagle’s Blogger, played a MASSIVE role in the actualisation of this project. That is not in doubt and it is the reason why we ALONE have the ONLY actual photos of the robot in circulation anywhere in print or in cyberspace as we speak…because he is directly INVOLVED.

    We tough đŸ™‚

  3. giles says:

    kudo’s to d AFIT for good job,but dat robot is too small to handle bigger op

  4. beegeagle says:

    Well, judging from the size of the tyres, one can tell that even as it is shaped like a lawn mower, it might be as large as one. Those are wheelbarrow tyres that I see there and they do not look oversized on the robot.

    So it is quite likely that the device is not as small as the resolution of the photo appears to suggest.

    An IED is not very big, neither are landmines. Most would not be larger than those tyres, if at all as large. What is more important is how precisely the robot does it work.

  5. peccavi says:

    Good to see we are finally going down the indigenousisation route. Good effort to the team.

    I can’t see any thing there to detonate the IED so I guess this is a proof of concept model, or will be used just for investigating suspicious packages. It will still save lives so hopefully more will be produced and deployed

  6. makanaky says:

    Thank God its good news to share with the rest of the world not explosion here and there which is quick to be reported by local and foreign media.
    Kudos to those who have actualised this wonderful piece of engineering.

  7. giles says:

    an IED might smal but d denoter wil need a very strong robotic arm to perform it task.all desame dey tried

  8. Donspony says:

    Good stuff. It’s an EOD robot and so should fit into a low cost model for easy non expensive replacements.
    Add an additional pan/tilt camera plus tracks would improve its efficiency.
    I know there will be more improvements so maybe add a robust manipulator robotic arm as it may need to carry heavy materials sometimes. Also the gripper should be able to rotate 360 degrees.
    Sensors for gas,chemicals and explosives wouldn’t be a bad idea.

  9. G8T Nigeria says:

    well, this is wonderful and it goes to show that soon AFIT will be on the fore front of tech based innovations in Africa. However, AFIT will need to work on the size of the ROBOT.

  10. jimmy says:

    THIS IS IA WONDERFUL START. Necessity is the mother of all inventions .I grimly watched the you tube video two years ago? and now we get to see the prototype of the first bomb detonating robot.It goes to show what Nigerians can constructively do we are talking of a period of less than two years.
    God bless Nigeria!!
    This is a start as acknowledged by one and all, I am sure the lever/ pick up arm eventually will be strengthened and there will be other models..

  11. drhobert says:

    nice start by the airforce.i can say with conviction that nigerias development is a sure thing bcos of the level of interest in science and technology now in naija paticularly d forces.way to go

  12. tim says:

    In a vickers mk iii versus T 72, which tank will come out alive?

    • gbash10 says:

      We all know that the T-72 Tank will kill the inferior Vickers MKIII Tank the British sold to us!

      • tim says:

        The vicker’s Mk iii, has the chieftain fire control,and that is quite impressive…..I think it boils down to who takes the first shot.

      • Henry says:

        We also have in service modernised cezch republic T-72 tanks. The vickers MK tanks would be decimated by the T-72. We should look at modernising our tank fleet. At the very list 170 T-90 tanks.

        The T-55’s are obselete, the Vickers MK. The scorpion light tanks are good for counter insurgency operations. Which leaves us with only the T-72 tanks.

      • tim says:

        I have not seen a single proof of Nigeria’s T-72, or @ henry have you seen?

  13. Solorex says:

    It’s a nice start but also too primitive for and institute of this standing.
    This is simply a remote controlled 6 wheel robot with mounted CCD camera and 2 DOF arm. You could build this from of the shelf kits. It can really only detonate a bomb, not attempt to be used to remotely diffuse the bomb.

    I expect that the robot should be tracked (for stability and rough terrain works), have 4 DOF arm with multiple action capacity (scissors, clip, hold, push e.t.c), Panoramic HD camera and carry material sensor probe (plus on board processing circuitry/transmitter/receiver) and finally an explosive force transducer. This will enable you to actually try to diffuse a bomb, know its material content (which goes a long way in identifying the possible sources). It should also be significantly taller and bigger (to be able to push and drag as required)
    I am sure that Department of Microprocessor and Control engineering in University of Ibadan will give you a much better design, if it’s requested!
    This is an achievement but not an impressive one really.

  14. gbash10 says:

    Nice work by AFIT on the ROBOT,however,they should go in to more advanced R&D relating to air force competencies.
    @General Beeg,man no well,I been de hospital,no be AWOL I go o!
    So,we have a Microprocessor and Control Engineering Department in Ibadan and still the Ministry of Defence is not tasking to do something big, na waoo!

  15. tope says:

    Nna. Gbash dis is even my first time of hearing of such a department…..well remember dat da Airforce did sign an MoU wit 14 universities well i tink AFIT should do da same with Institutes and Universities and have a Defence Research Programme set up dat develops innovative Ideas and Prototyping them focus should be on the Amebo Drone, Softwares for Radar Detection and Monitoring, Air Defence and Air Tactical Systems and Finally Air Frames Fixed and Rotor and Robotics at least dis 6 Fields should give an opportunity for da Academics to pool together knowledge and come up wit Easy and Technically Viable projects…its da way to kick start Military R and D, in the World over its da Same Model used and the Airforce shouldnt be left behind, they can even open a portal to get Nigerians in da Diaspora involved.

  16. Solorex says:

    Microprocessor and Control Engineering is offered as a Professional MSc under the Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department. It’s focus is on Microprocessor Control of industrial processes and Robots. Robot designs (Robotics) and Microprocessor codding are core objectives. The modern model of military research is to engage all possible civilian intellectual resources to help develop the baseline designs and initial R&D work. Higher level integration can then be carried out by Military institutes for security purpose.

  17. Deway says:

    Nice job. Very good start. Very happy about this. Insurgency and terrorism have placed a very heavy burden on the finances of the military and they now have to move towards being innovative with the little resources at their disposal.

  18. Henry says:

    @tim, I have not seen a live/pictorial/video proof of any nigerian T-72 tank anywhere either.

    However, credible international sources, janes defence included say nigeria has 77 T-72 tanks. Below in quote is an excerpt of a 2002 expression of interest by nigeria,algeria and india for 350 upgraded Czech T-72’s in a czech republic newspaper.

    “Algeria, Nigeria and India have expressed interest in acquisition of Czech Army surplus T-72 tanks, according to the 9 May edition of the daily newspaper Pravo. Defense Minister Jaroslav Tvrdik noted that while the army planned to sell the tanks, he would not specify a specific destination since general elections were scheduled for mid-June and he didn’t want the issue to become part of the debates. ”

    the vickers MK3 thatcher sold to us are useless. The MBT’s were only ever exported to 2 countries, and both are in africa. Nigeria and kenya. They( vickers) were obsolete in the 80’s, not to talk about today.

    We need to modernise our fleet in many areas. The ugandans recently placed orders for 100 T-90’s, with an additional 6 SU-30. The ethiopians also are getting upgraded 200 T-72’s from Ukraine. Algeria operates a fleet of 300 T-90 MBT’s. While we are stuck with T-55’s and MK3 vickers in july of 2013.

    I haven’t seen any nigerian T-72’s anywhere, but janes defence records that we own 77 units. Nigeria has 77 T-72’s in her inventory.

  19. freeegulf says:

    as of the 80s that we bought the Vickers Mk3, they where already obsolete. even at the time, it was quite a controversial acquisition, especially given the fact that the eye of the ball was on the challenger tank and not the upgraded vickers tank.

    we showed interest in the much upgraded and better Vickers Mk7 prototype, but budget issues and IMF curtailed our defence spending. the Mk7 never got off the ground, it was to be armed with the more powerful 120mm gun and also a better fire control system. similar story with the brazillian designed MBT.

    the armoured corp need new and modernized weapons. if we are getting more T-72s then we should get them in appreciable numbers, with modern upgrades to boot! we don’t have to get state of the art L2 leopard or M1A2 abrams, but if eventually we deem new tanks necessary, then russian or even affordable modern chinese MBTs would be good. I had settle for T-90s over any chinese built tanks though.

    • Henry says:

      I agree completely with you @freegulf. The vickers MK3 tanks are obsolete. I’m not for purchasing state of the art tanks like the german leopard or the M1A2. To be honest we cannot even afford them. not to talk of the international bickering/ politicking that follows the purchase of equipment from uncle SAM.

      The armoured CORP, really needs to modernise their equipment. If we can get 300 up-graded T-72’s, it would be great for us. After all the T-90 is just an up-graded T-72 with a T-80 fire.

      Even the turkish ATLAS tanks would not be a bad choice either. So for me, up-graded T-72 or turkish ATLAS tank.

  20. freeegulf says:

    well said gen Henry, u re on point. i agree with all the above points. refurbished T-72s in appreciable numbers to equip the armour corp, including armour bridge layer and AFVs for the recce squadrons

    • Acting Major Benbella says:

      Some how Indonesia is able to acquire Gernan surplus leopard A5 tanks for less than $1 million each. The Dutch also have surplus leopard tanks they want to get rid off. Speaking of Indonesia, they are slowly building a credible airforce with 4 generation fighters like the Su-30 and the F-16. They are managing to do this in Jarkatha in additional to building a budding domestic defence capacity without breaking the bank. Instead, they have a committed leadership and political elites who are committed to their state and are not as the journalist, Onabule recently suggested of our own leaders, “empty of nationalism”. Of course Onabule was writing about the recently awarded contract for the Lagos-Shagamu Express road but his meaning is not lost on other areas of strategic national interests. We are not asking the leadership to perform miracles or impossible tasks. We have merely sought to have our armed forces be armed to the point where they are able to defend themselves and the country. We have only asked that they get clued in into how the rest of the world functions and to work a bit harder and be very innovative in addressing and securing the means for the credible deterrent and defence of the Nigerian state.

    • tim says:

      T 72, ammo storage makes it a death trap……..

  21. gbash10 says:

    @ Tim,it seems a lot our cyber generals do not know that the Chinese Type98G and Type99A2 Main Battle Tanks,MBTs are more advanced than the upgraded T-72 and T-90 MBTs respectively.
    The Chinese Type99 MBT has a 1500HP diesel engine,and its design is similar in alot of specifications to the M1A1 Abrahams tank and the Leopard A2 tank!
    Note that the Red Army has rejected the T-90 as their MBT,and are seeking for a new MBT.
    The NA needs a modern MBT,but it should not be the M1A2 Abrams or the Leopard A7,it should be the Type99A2 MBT from China!

    • Number one says:

      The mbt-3000 ?

    • freeegulf says:

      and how many of these Type 99A2 MBTs have the chinese built. you cant compare the vast experience of russian tank designers with chinese fits and imports. first is the so called powerful engine. where did they get it from? germany. they had to sacrifice a lot of amour for that. while the chinese actually did a better job with this MBT than the failed obsolete Type 96, they still however, have a long way to go in tank design and compensate for weakness in turret armour and greater emphasis in finished hardware design. kudos to them. for now, the russians are still ahead of the chinese.

  22. beegeagle says:

    Do note, gentlemen, that Holland is no place to look for Leopard 2A4s. You might recall a post that I made here about 3 months ago. The Indonesians jettisoned their hunt for surplus Dutch Leopard tanks because ‘activists’ had gone on to ambush them with talk of human rights abuses and concerns. So Indonesia turned to the Germans and got a very good bargain there

    Elsewhere, BEEGEAGLE WROTE:


    Indonesia have similarly been severally
    lampooned on account of HR rights
    abuses supposedly committed by defence and security forces. So lately, the Dutch have been hiding behind that to stall on the small matter of supplying tanks to Indonesia.

    Germany, to which I have said we should turn for decomm F122 frigates and MBB Bo-105s, have just approved the sale of
    130 Leopard 2A4 and 2A6 tanks from
    German surplus stocks for $280m. The
    sum includes upgrades for the 2A4 tanks to the 2A6 variant.


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