Nigerian Navy Special Boat Service

Nigerian Navy Special Boat Service commandos sail in a RHIB in the Niger Delta

By Eme Offiong
26 July, 2013

The Nigerian Navy will host the first Gulf of Guinea (Conference on) Regional Maritime Awareness Capability, to tackle maritime security challenges. The conference will focus on the need for
member states in the Gulf of Guinea to
seek means of intelligence exchange. It will be organised with the United States of America Office of Security Cooperation.

The Flag Officer Commanding, Eastern
Naval Command, Rear Admiral Joseph
Aikhomu said the conference was borne
out of the necessity to have complete
maritime domain awareness and
protecting the Gulf of Guinea.

“Nigeria depends on sea transportation, food, trade, energy and capital, which are essential ingredients of national security and imperatives of economic growth and development,” he explained. He says”the Navy is determined to safeguard the maritime domain against
piracy, sea robbery and other
illegalities” (acts of illegality). “The Nigerian Navy has started yielding
positive results as over 40 vessels
engaged in nefarious activities along
the coastline were seized recently,” Rear Admiral Aikhomu stated.

The Chief of Naval Staff, Vice Admiral
Dele Ezeoba and his counterparts from
Ghana, Cote D’Ivoire, Gabon, Equitorial
Guinea, Angola, Namibia, South Africa,
Benin Republic, Senegal, Togo,Cameroon, Sao Tome and Principe and the Commanders, United States African
Command and the US Naval Forces Africa
will present papers at the conference.

Nigeria’s Minister of State for Defence,
Olusola Obada will be guest of honour and other stakeholders in the maritime sector as well as community leaders in the region will be participating at the

The theme of the conference is “Regional Maritime Awareness Capability Systems: a Key for enhancing Maritime Security in the Gulf of Guinea.” It will start on July 29 at Tinapa Business and Leisure Resort, Cross Rivers State.


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  1. yagazie says:

    Nice one and with the OPV Africa conference comming up in August this year- the Nigerian Navy is beginning to put itself on the international naval map. Please keep up the good work.

    Going off on a tangent (and I sincerely apologise for doing so), it seems that the Nigerian Navy will be taking part in the Australian International Fleet Review in October 2013. So far the only African Nation that will be participating – with NNS Thunder representing the Country.

    Our Navy has in the past sailed to Brazil twice and is now set to sail to the other end of the World (Australia) – again demonstrating their seamanship skills and the ability to operate far from home- a blue water navy (purchase of appropriate platforms/assets permitting) in the making. I am so proud of these guys and our Navy!!! – ‘Onward Together!’ I hope that NNS Thunder will have a helo embarked on it , together with a SBS squadron to perform anti- piracy drills/operations off the Somali Coast on its way to and from Australia.

    General Beegz, I think that this will be a nice opportunity for our Naval Brass hats (who I presume will be attending the review) to have a look at the 8 newest Freemantle Class Ocean Patrol Craft that were retired by the Australian Navy (and which you had mentioned earlier in this blog) and seriously look into the possiblility of acquiring same to fill the short term gap in our ablility to effectively patrol our EPZ beyond the 50 nautical mile limit. These boats (Freemantle) can stay at sea for up to 2 weeks at a stretch and could be purchased at a reasonable price.

  2. beegeagle says:

    Yeah, cross-continental voyages is something the NN have been undertaking ever since the immortal Admiral Nelson Bossman Soroh became the first black African to sail a warship between Europe and Africa, 50+ years ago. We were also at the Bicentennial of the Battle of Trafalgar which held in the UK a few years ago. Neither parade ground army nor quayside navy have we.To Australia, we shall go. Come the day.

    That said, Muhammad Abdulkadir of NTA News reported from Calabar on this RMAC regional conference two nights ago. The NN have been saddled with the responsibility of being the ‘trainer navy’ for West and Central African navies. That probably has to do with the more advanced skills pool and infrastructure at their disposal – a coastal radar system across the entire coastline, the SBS commandos, a naval aviation wing and a huge depth of experience in littoral and amphibious warfare, small boat maneouvres and counterpiracy operations garnered through field operations at home in the Niger Delta, in Cameroon’s Bakassi Peninsula and offshore Benin, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

    Congrats to the NN. Sustain the leading edge. Onward together.

  3. Yagazie says:

    Gen Beegz,- yes our Navy is going places and is slowly but surely begining to occupy its rightful place in the sub-saharan region. Lets hope and pray that the political masters have a ‘Road to Damascus’ conversion and begin to fund our Navy properly by equipping our bases, FOBs, naval air stations etc and acquiring suitable platforms (surface and aerial) to enable our men and women in uniform practice their professional craft with pride and satisfaction.

    Let’s hope that on its voyage to Australia for the International Fleet Review , NNS Thunder when it has a stop over in Capetown (outward journey) and Durban (homebound journey) conducts naval excercises with the SAN – hopefully with an emphasis on ASW (if any of their subs are operational).

    The Govt should also commission you to go along and capture the event (if you can get 3 months off work!!).

  4. beegeagle says:

    😀 Not like we are talking Ban Ki-Moon’s job here. Ready when they are.

    Hopefully, they are putting in place the logistics for us to come and cover the OPV Africa Conference.

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