Nigerian MISMA troops in a Landcruiser gun-truck in Mali

July 31, 2013

The Defence Headquarters has stated that it will begin the withdrawal of some Nigerian troops from the Peace Support Operations in Mali as from tomorrow. The Director Defence Information, Brigadier General Chris Olukolade, stated this in a statement made available in Abuja yesterday.

According to Olukolade, the troops are mainly those not accommodated in the structures of the newly formed United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilisation Mission in Mali, (MINUSMA). He added that the troops are to join the ongoing internal security operations in the country,saying that the development was sequel to the takeover of the mission from African-led International Support Mission in Mali (AFISMA) by the United Nations (UN). The Defence spokesman further stated that some of the soldiers will be redeployed immediately.

The statement reads in part, “Nigeria’s commitment and contribution to the Mali operations will be sustained in other forms. This will involve input of sizable men and materials to continue in the UN Mission. “Accordingly, Nigeria will be providing a full-fledged Level two
Military Hospital with full staff complement; a Signal Squadron as well as Staff Officers in the Force Headquarters.

A troop of the Police Mobile Force is also remaining in the mission.”


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  1. Delavegas says:

    About time these heroes come back home but I also don’t think immediately deploying them against the Boko Haram insurgency is a wise albeit tactical move.
    All active duty personnel need some time-off; they need to see their families, and recuperate. Immediate redeployment can have adverse effect on morale and combat readiness. Systematic rotation in a way not to provide loopholes in expertise and manpower would be best .

    • Obix says:

      Oga Delavegas, just recently there was a rotation of troops in Mali. Some of the ones there now are relatively fresh in their mission. So sending them to the NE Nigeria will still be part of their ongoing deployment.

  2. chucks says:

    We need them back home. Charity they say begins at home. Oga beegs,wish I was woman I would have given u myself for free. I appreciate ur work!

  3. Akin Oges says:

    Oga Beeg, I just read on FB that NAF have just acquired two (2)Sukhoi Su-25 Frogfoot, three (3) Mi-35P and six (6) Mi-171SH. Please can you confirm this gist. Pardon me, I trust you are kipping well Sir? Stay Blessed.

    • eyimola says:

      The SU-25s belong to Niger. Apparently there was some sort of mixup at SIPIRI who released this data. I believe you will find this in the archives for MAY/June

      • Akin Oges says:

        Thanks. I recall it was a well rehashed subject on this platform some times back. Nonetheless, I was prompted by the gist on FB, and felt it necessary to ask ( Beegeagle is the authority): perhaps something had changed since the last time it was exhaustively shredded on here. Oh well, good to hope. Stay Blessed.

      • eyimola says:

        Yeah. I feel you bro.

    • beegeagle says:

      My Oga, pardon the delayed response. Gen Eyimola is actually correct. We can confirm, thanks to Oga Obix’s efforts, that the Su-25s are indeed for the Niger Air Force. They are stationed in Diffa, the prefecture immediately to the north of Borno where BH activity has been recorded and some refugees have relocated to. The Diffa Prefecture has a large Kanuri and Shuwa Arab ethnic mix as does Borno.

      • camouflage1984 says:

        Oga beeg hw about the (3) Mi-35P?

      • beegeagle says:

        The NAF are unlikely to to deploy any new airframes hereafter without some fanfare. The three units of Mi-35P attack helicopters and six units of Mi-171Sh Terminator assault helicopters have yet to be inducted into service as far as I know.

        Personally, I expect a lot of fanfare to go with those and any other induction of new airframes because of the Air Expo 2014, the NAF Golden Jubilee in 2014 and the Nigeria Centenary in 2014.

        While we cannot say we know which airframes shall be inducted, we are aware the hangars are being constructed and ground equipment installed across five air stations.

        Whilst on a visit to the Benin airbase recently, the CAS called for work to be expedited on the hangar in view of the new aircraft being expected. That story is logged in the archives of this blog.

        Methinks all fresh acquisitions shall be known by May 2014 at the latest.

      • Akin Oges says:

        Thanks Oga Beeg. How you dey?

      • beegeagle says:

        Body dey insai cloth. No shaking at all.

  4. Yagazie says:

    We should not even leave a level 2 field hospital, signals officers or staff officers in the Force Headquaters- under whose command? A non- nigerian commander? No Way!!! THEY SHOULD ALL COME HOME and leave Ban Ki- Moon, the UN and its MINUSMA mission in Mali to do what they like. The moblie police squadron can be left in place as our token contribution to the Mali mission.

  5. jimmy says:

    With the withdrawal of the troops from MALI . Nigeria needs to seriously contemplate her relationship with the u.n and with China
    Fact#1 the current sec gen of the u.n is turning out to be no friend of Nigeria we have seen utterances from low level un officials condemn the actions of Nigeria with regards to gay RIGHTS.
    Fact#2 China has already indicated Nigeria’s bid( to support) Nigeria in the event that a seat on the un security council ( permanent) comes out. The next u.n sec that will come to mind will have to be thoroughly vetted by Nigeria before saying yea all it takes is a nay vote from china for that candidate to be disqualified .NIGERIA NEEDS TO STRENGTHEN THAT RELATIONSHIP even further.
    Fact#3 The Nigerian govt dithered OVER THE MALI issue AND BY THE TIME THEY GOT THEIR ACT TOGETHER FRANCE HAD already made hay.
    Fact#4We as a country should not pit one NATO country ( us) against another ( France) however because France does see it in its own interests to SEND MORE TROOPS TO FRANCOPHONE COUNTRIES that are next door NEIGHBORS TO Nigeria . Nigeria needs to act accordingly right now we have a military presence in TWO FRANCOPHONE countries ( Niger and Mali) Nigeria has to learn to eat what is on the menu, this is the reality .
    Fact#5 No one outside the numbskulls of the u.n. believed we brought those troops home to fight B.H ( they are practically being hunted down to extinction by the civilian populace who have turned on them , they are reducing to hitting soft targets.
    Fact#6 Let the era of pragmatism begin.

    • igbi says:

      You are wrong on one thing: the Nigerian armed forces were delayed by the UN on purpose, the resolution allowing us into Mali was voted only after france had already began the operations. It turns out that France needed no resolution to go into Mali while Nigeria needed one.
      The Nigerian government was also warried about the fundings of the Mali mission and I do remember ban ki moon lobbying the west not to fund it. i do remember Prodi siding the algerian government and delaying the Mission in mali.
      So the UN actually stopped Nigeria from entering Mali while opening the way for france.

      • jimmy says:

        oga igbi
        You are proving my point for me based on your comments
        “The Nigerian government was also warried about the fundings of the Mali mission and I do remember ban ki moon lobbying the west not to fund it. i do remember Prodi siding the algerian government and delaying the Mission in mali.”
        The point of the matter is he ( un. sec) has not reciprocated Nigeria’s generous capacity to be peacemakers across AFRICA. We have lost Soldiers in Sudan just by virtue of having some of the largest contingents in place.
        Not to repeat what oga eyimola just said Nigeria ended up spending $45-$50m of its own money before any money came from the U.N.
        Era of PRAGMATISM part 2
        Nigeria should never relinquish command of any of her forces to a Non Nigerian officer, it is not compulsory that Nigeria go on these u.n. missions. Money or no Money . The reason why is because it has to be in Nigeria’s STRATEGIC INTERESTS before they deploy.

  6. xnur44 says:

    “…learn to eat what is on the menu…” well, you preach it differently, that will suffice for me.

  7. chucks says:

    Abeg make una tell oga beeg make e give me entry clearance for dis blogg. Am in love with it and I follow ur thread. Thank

  8. jimmy says:

    oga chucls WELCOME We salute we dey wait make you land o!

  9. Yagazie says:

    Oga Jimmy- your analysis of Nigeria’s participation/withdrawal from the Mali mission is insightful and well considered. I agree with you 100%. (i) We have to begin to take actions based solely on our STRATEGIC NATIONAL INTEREST. (ii) We should cultivate and stregthen our economic, cultural, millitary and bi-lateral relationship with China (iii) We MUST NEVER deploy Nigerian Troops abroad to be placed under the command of a Non- Nigerian commander – the US never does it- so why should we?- Good Call by our Presido in withdrawing our troops from Mali. (iv) We should seriously re-evaluate our particiapation in UN Peace-keeping missions. We certainly don’t need the money (as our country is rich enough to equip its armed forces) nor the experience (as we’ve been doing it since Congo in the 1960’s). Also You don’t find millitary powers in Africa like Eygpt, Algeria or Morroco sending troops for peace keeping missions, talk less of world powers like the US, China, Russia, France, UK, Germany or Canada. (vi) We should switch emphasis to Peace Enforcement operations- provided (a) our presence has been specifically requested for (b)our troops are placed under Nigerian operational command and (c) it is in our STRATEGIC NATIONAL INTEREST to particpate in such missions..

  10. ocelot2006 says:

    Abeg let them equally withdraw the NPF MOPOL unit sent there. They’ll equally com in handy in all the internal security ops we have.

  11. freeegulf says:

    respect to our generals here. well said, 100%
    the fact that we left a signal squadron and a field hospital was even too generous. it will make the statement about being stretched domestically look factual. those good for nothing UN people are not only wasteful, they re totally clueless.

    here was me thinking Boutros Ghali has been the worse UN sec gen of recent. this ban ki moron makes BBG look like an administrative genius. he has no independent though of mind or action. how such an idiot became UN sec gen is baffling. it is not the first time the Americans are handpicking a candidate for the UN job, but this ban ki moron is completely slavish to USA and NATO.

    in kofi Annan we had a reputable diplomat with his own independence and focus. while Clinton and Blair with hawks from both sides where furiously planning a new campaign against saddam in 98, Annan was able to curtail their excesses and broker peace. he starred bush and Powell in the face in ’03 while they where rolling their tanks towards southern iraq and kept the UN out of the initial mess. the current moron occupying the seat is just simply a YES MAN. even if the Americans today nuke Syria in order to fulfill their strategic goals in the middle east that has so far been hinging on failure this idiot will continue to sing about the ‘international community’.

    other than the Formed up Mobile Police unit on ground in Mali, every other unit should be withdrawn. our MOPOL should even be seen as extremely generous on our part.

    we can make Unilateral and Multilateral deployments in any part of Africa, provided we re needed in the hotspots. this whole blue helmet thing is becoming embarrassing. we are only holding on to it simply to continue building our prestige towards the campaign for UN perm seat.

  12. Yagazie says:

    Oga Freegulf- I hear you loud and clear!! Come to think of it, I respectfully belive that we don’t need to continue with this blue helmet business to continue builing our prestige towards campaigning for a UN perm seat. Instead we should concentrate on rebuilding/diversifying our economy – so that it becomes the larget, most roburst and most sophisticated in Africa (ii) Strengthen our Democratic institutions/politcal process to ensure that we are truly a functioning democracy in the true sense of the world (iii) Ensure that we invest in education/health so that our citizens enjoy a high standard of living and we climb up the HDI co-efficient (iv) fund and properly equip our miilitary so that it rates as one of the best and most professional in the world (v) Invest in infrastructural development (roads, rails, ports, airports, communications, power plants, water treatment plants, hospitals, schools etc) so as to create the enabling enviroment which will ensure that our citizens are not flocking abroad a economic migrants, health or education tourists. (vi) Ensure that we join prestigous organisations like G-20, BRICS and OECD and remain a strong player in the AU. (vii) Play the poitical game at the UN by ensuring our diplomats/technocrats occupy key positions in UN organs. When we do all this – our case for having a permanent UN seat will become more credible.

  13. freeegulf says:

    gen yagz, you are so on point. these are all in the long run. i was probably looking at the short to medium term benefits of keeping these lousy UN PKOs. in the long run, with a strong and dynamic economy, a focused foreign policy and powerful military, we will be such a force to contend with that African affairs (not just west Africa) we have to include the Nigerian factor
    political will, dynamic economy, well equipped armed forces, and we can carry any stick we deem fit to use anywhere in Africa.

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