Colonel(rtd)Sambo Dasuki

Colonel(rtd)Sambo Dasuki, Nigeria’s National Security Adviser


Nigerian Airspace Management Agency (NAMA) is poised to deploy multilateration surveillance system for
helicopter operations in the Niger Delta
area within the next twelve months.

NAMA Managing Director, Nnamdi Udoh,
disclosed this in Lagos on Tuesday at a
stakeholders’ meeting to address the
improved safety plan for low level flying
traffic in the Delta region. He told the forum, made up of aviation operators in the oil and gas sector, that the deployment of the new surveillance
system by the Federal Government would improve security and air safety in the area.

Udoh said the government had already
provided the capital for the execution of
the project and this he added, had made
it expeditious for the agency to fast track its implementation for the benefit of the stakeholders.

David Brocklebank of Saab Sensis, United
Kingdom, in a presentation, said airspace capacity utilisation would require an appropriate technology, pointing out that deployment of multilateration surveillance in the Niger Delta area would effectively capture the activities of the low flying aircraft.

Brocklebank, who recalled the effective
deployment of the system in the North
Sea in 2010, said the new technology
would deliver a safe, high integrity,
scalable solution and transfer technology of engineering and project management skills to Nigeria.

Director, General Aviation Terminal,
Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA),
Captain Dele Sasegbon, expressed delight over this development and appreciated the valuable contributions of the stakeholders at the meeting, saying ‘’the impression we are having here now is to have the system deployed immediately”.

NAMA had in March this year, received a
preliminary survey report on the
multilateration surveillance system for
helicopter operations in the region. The survey became necessary to discover the weather, volume of traffic and type of
intervention to be provided by the agency, especially given the strategic nature of the area and the large scale of
exploration activities in that area.


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  1. Yagazie says:

    What happened to the 5 refurbished Super Puma Helos that were to be obtained from France for the purpose of pipeline surveillance in the Niger Delta?

  2. beegeagle says:

    That later became revised downwards to four units because some got taken before we pounced. Those have almost certainly entered service since Q4 2011. In a related manner, the NAF have revived two units of Super Puma which were crated while still very fresh in 1997 and put back to work in March 2012 (NAF 565 and NAF 567) after upgradation at the Eurocopter Romania facility. Another two crated units are in line to come through upgradation at Eurocopter Romania.


    That said, the 2010 deal for refurbished Super Puma helics was probably the most ridiculous helicopter deal which we have ever undertaken. US$100 million dollars for factory refurbished helicopters? With that amount of money, we could have easily acquired four brand-new Agusta helics for SAR and spent $65 million to acquire four Mi-35P attack helics and eight Mi-17-V5 multimission helics from Russian surplus stocks. That is SIXTEEN helicopters to handle utility, SAR and attack missions instead of the initial plan for five Puma SAR helics.

    We really wasted a lot of money on that bogus transaction and threw away a golden opportunity of acquiring four times as many helicopters to handle three times as many missions.Very ridiculous and inexplicable. It is those among us who are obsessed with anything out of the West and who seek to please everybody, who orchestrate such wild gaffes. From the perspectives of ruggedness, durability and carrying capacity, I sincerely cannot compare a Super Puma to a Mi-17-V5.
    You can quote me for free on that. It is not for nothing that the no.1 helicopter deployed for UN PKOs and humanitarian operations alike is the Mi-17, regardless of the vile commercial propaganda mounted against Russian defence equipment by the western media.

  3. Yagazie says:

    Beegz – the deal for the refurbishment of the Super Puma helos ($100 million dollars) is riduculous to any right thinking/patriotic person.

    However you forget the endemic problem in our country- CORRUPTION. A detailed check will reveal that some officials in the MoD would have ‘made their cut’ from this inflated deal. Corruption in all its forms is what has held our country back.

    It is a cancer that eventually spreads and infects all facets of our national life – if left unchecked – and that is why a country like China has the Death Penalty for persons convicted of Corruption. A bullet to the back of the head – and the deceased’s family pays for the bullet. Until we have a Rawlings Style ‘clean out’ in our Country – the big C will continue to be a problem.

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