CTCOIN troops on patrol at Baga

An Army Special Forces commando leads CTCOIN troops on patrol at Baga within the MNJTF Area of Responsibility in Nigeria’s far northeast

1 August, 2013

The Defence Headquarters on Thursday
gave insights into how a Boko Haram
leader and other suspected members of
the sect were captured in Niger Republic. All the suspects are presently undergoing interrogation in an unnamed military facility.

According to a statement issued by the
Director of Defence Information, Brig.-
Gen. Chris Olukolade, the breakthrough
was recorded through intelligence
gathering. He said the intention of the sect leader and those arrested was to rearm from Niger Republic and launch deadly attacks on Nigerian communities.

The statement said: “The plan by a band
of terrorists who relocated to Niger
Republic to remobilize and rearm
insurgents with the aim of carrying out
fresh terrorists attacks on some Nigerian communities has been foiled. “The leader of the group who had fled
Nigeria when the terrorist camps were
sacked was reportedly recruiting fresh
hands and training them for renewed
terrorist activities in Nigeria. “The intention of the group is to focus its attacks on some towns around the
Nigeria-Niger Republic border.”

“Intelligence operatives of the Multi-
National Joint Task Force (MNJTF) had
been on the trail of the leader until he
was eventually arrested in Karanga, Niger Republic on Saturday with the
cooperation of Nigerien forces. “His other accomplices were later picked
up in other villages in Nigeria. They are
currently being interrogated.

A source, who spoke in confidence,
added: “Investigation revealed that
following their dislodgement from their
camps in Nigeria, the Boko Haram leader relocated to Niger Republic with his cell members. “While in Niger Republic, they tried to regroup and recruit more hands to be able to attack Nigerian communities. When we got intelligence report, we contacted our Nigerien counterpart. The Boko Haram suspects were trailed and their leader was captured. “We succeeded in arresting other members of the cell and they were brought down to Nigeria from Niger.”

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  1. Akin oges says:

    If it is a 7.62mm that slammed into his shoulder, thigh and lower leg, and inflicted the tell tale type of damages a 7.62mm is known for, his chances of survival is 30%. Pictures of his damaged body would have gone a long way. Anyhow, I pray the story is correct. God is a Nigerian. Good morning all Ogas.

  2. Franky says:

    Well, this is a great news, believe me. I just want to be cleared with a more simple english like ‘shekau shot, dead’.

  3. Obix says:

    I hope this true and not a disinformation. We need his head on a platter of pig dung!

  4. johnbest1 says:

    My oga’s,from what vanguard said they said shekau was shot in the shoulder,thigh and leg by his commander who has been in contact with the government on amnesty peace talks,he isn’t dead but he is seriously injured,he was given the opportunity 2 leave and go start anoda sect but he refused,the current leader of boko haram is mohammed the same guy who has been in talks with the fg.
    I think the govt has agreed with these guys and they had come to a deal but shekau disagreed and was deposed,they said they hated killing people and it was against their ways.

  5. G8T Nigeria says:

    Give BH a time line for negotiation like the way the ND boys were given till October 1 years ago to surrender. We cant continue to spoon feed murderers who think negotiation is good now that the war is getting sour. The Muslim leadership must play a big role in attaining peace. With the rising growth of terrorists who ascribe their actions to the holy Quran, I expect a very strong position against these elements of social disorder. If our beloved Muslims fail to acknowledge and act to preserve the face of Islam, then we shd be ready for another metasine or BH in the near future. The so called BH peace maker forgot he quoted verses in the holy book as their basis for perpetuating evil against the Nigerian state and now he quotes again to call for peace claiming shekau was harsh with the verses. Did he forget initially that peace was necessary or the verses therein calls for social unity?

    Vanguard 2 August 2013—— The writers said: “It has now come to light that Boko Haram’s leadership sent representatives to the capital Abuja on June 25, 2013 where they revealed to the government that Shekau was no longer their leader.”Imam Liman Ibrahim, the spiritual leader of Boko Haram, explained that the teaching of Shekau was becoming increasingly harsh and began to depart from the Holy Qu’ran.“It was harsh, harsh, harsh,” Imam Liman said when explaining the reasons for the change of leadership.“The beheadings, the killings, the recent death of students … this is not the way of the Holy Qu’ran. We could tolerate it no longer.“Imam Liman explained that Shekau was given a choice of joining the peace dialogue with the Nigerian government, forming his own sect or being killed. Several senior Boko Haram commanders including Shekau’s Chief of Security and personal bodyguard, Abdullahi Hassan, have claimed that Shekau has since been shot in the lower leg, thigh and shoulder,” the paper went on.The report said,” Shekau’s exact fate is not known. A video clip recovered from a Boko Haram camp in the Sambisa Forest Reserve in the northeast Nigeria, raided by the military on May 16, shows Shekau limping, providing confirmation of reports he had been shot.“However, Shekau has been noticeably absent from recent public statements and is not one of the leaders who have engaged with government emissaries. It had been presumed that Shekau chose to voluntarily leave peace discussions in the hands of Boko Haram’s leadership group,” the duo wrote.The JAS leadership were quoted as citing the Qu’ran as their inspiration for seeking peace. “In the Holy Qu’ran, Sura At Tauba: Wa-injanahuu-Lisalmi Faji Nahlahaa, we are encouraged to seek peace. The Holy Qu’ran also tells us it is good to negotiate. Sura At Nisa Ayih: Wa-sulhu Haira.”

    • igbi says:

      the report is a rumour. Since boko haram is so good with making videos, why don’t they produce a video of shekau being shot ? And since they are so good with killing people, then why don’t they kill shekau. If they want peace then they should commit suicide on a large scale.

      • igbi says:

        I mean boko haram commanders should give their men the order to kill themselves (without taking other people’s lives with them).

  6. benjy32 says:

    Shekau is non existence he is a boogey man psyops in play most of u guys here are really not going with world wide trend of all that is going on in reallity.military have to expand their capabilities and budget what need to b done????any ex vet who can answer knows what’s up……beef bloggers our great country has potentials but unfortunately we are run by dangerous vampires who are willing to keep it to themselves.nobody has told u what happened for Nigeria to acquire those jet fighters from china the west has tightened their grip on Nigeria and our capital is in their embassies.

    • eyimola says:

      Interesting. Shouldn’t really change the relative divergence in both countries foreign policy though. There was a reason Nigeria was a member of the non aligned pact during the cold war

    • igbi says:

      why shoud it be in the USA ?
      This useless obama has been avoiding Nigeria and now he wants the Nigerian president to come to his country. The same Obama that has been saying that President Jonathan is a bad president and that has been blaming president jonathan for the existance of boko haram, that has been blackmailing Nigeria into fighting boko haram with flowers !
      Either he comes to Nigeria, either he goes to hell.

    • CHYDE says:

      Very interesting caption, but i would thread with caution if i were Jonathan

  7. chucks says:

    I really don’t understand what these americans want. the other time obama was busy blasting our C-In-C , today he wants to have a meeting with him, na wa oo. I suggest d meeting should be at otuoke, it will make more sense.

  8. eyimola says:

    I am sceptical of the US/Nigeria relationship, but not because of any perceived snub to the Jonathan Government. Indeed, I cannot find any evidence of the administration being specifically vocal apart from the mild criticism which followed the Braga operation.

    Regarding the visit of Barrack Obama to the continent, without visiting Nigeria, I find myself approving of his decision not to visit the country despite the fact that it would set the relationship further backwards. You see I genuinely don’t think a really close relationship is in either countries interests. The US is not capable of being the sort of partner Nigeria needs, and Nigeria really has nothing to offer a US that has its sights set on the Far East.
    Its not just a Jonathan\Obama thing. Both Countries have been careless of late with the relationship. The Obasanjo administration named an Ambassador who’s son was quickly involved in an assault scandal, The Yar Adua Admin did not even bother to name an ambassador to replace him for over 9months (the first months of Obama’s first term, With the Jonathan Government, the issues are actually more complex.

    Firstly no US official has ever blamed Jonathan for the Boko Haram uprising. The closest they came, was Obama drawing a link between terrorism and corruption while in South Africa which some saw as a dig at Nigeria. What the US criticised the Nigerian Govt for was the manner in which the Boko Haram issue was initially handled. I feel that critism is well deserved.

    However when the US government complains about Nigerian corruption, or the general incompetent manner in which threats to public safety are handled in Nigeria, this comments should be listened to very clearly.

    The relationship between the largest and third largest black nations should be a lot more than Oil and trade. I don’t like the fact that a single congressman or senator can significantly alter the relationship between the US and any country on the world. This makes defence contracts with the US akin to selling ones soul. The US is still however 30% of the global economy which cannot be ignored.

    • igbi says:

      Nice try to white wash the US reputation and diplomatic attacks on Nigeria.
      Obama personally said we shouldn’t use our army to fight boko haram.
      Moreover I don’t see how a foreign government would be entitled to call Nigerian government corrupt. Why do I have the impression that some of you people are more interested in defending the USA than defending Nigeria ?

    • igbi says:

      Substract the US dept from their economy and you will understand the problems in which they find themselves. Nigeria doesn’t need the USA which is by the way borrowing money from china, we would rather be friends with china.
      The criticism obama made about Nigeria was to say that we shouldn’t fight boko haram with our army, he suggested that we poor money (which we don’t have) on the north.
      Obama has been claiming that boko haram was born out of marginalization, which is not true, boko haram was born out of global terrorism. Obama refuses to list boko haram as a foreign tezrrorist organisation. You speak more like a USA patriot than as a Nigerian patriot. If Nigeria has a lot to offer to the great China then how can you say that Nigeria has nothing to offer the little USA ?
      The USA economy is certainly not 30 percent of the world’s, the USA’s dept is by far the biggest in the world. By the way the USA owes China a big load of money.

    • igbi says:

      If you want to talk about past presidents shouldn’t you also include the times the USA were assassinating Nigerian presidents ? Or the time the USA was planning an invasion of the Niger Delta ? In your porous logics, you put the prey and the predator at the same level of guilt.

  9. eyimola says:

    I think you need to stop responding to my posts, if you don’t have anything meaningful to contribute. You don’t want foreigners to call the Nigerian government corrupt, despite the fact that it clearly is. You think its not their business, despite the fact that the money always gets laundered through Western Financial institutions.

    You have no clue about Politics or Economics or Current Affairs, and yet display your ignorance for the whole world to see. For the record, the Nigerian Government (or elements of it) does not want Boko Haram listed as a terrorist organisation. The reason behind this has been analysed in detail on the Blog. Personally I agree with the FGN stance on that issue.

    Now regarding the state of the Global players. I am going to leave you to your delusions, but one fact remains. The US has 13 carrier groups. China and France have one each. Nobody else even comes close to projecting that amount of force.

    Total World GDP in Millions 70,201,920
    United States GDP 14,991,300 (This is more or less equal to the entire EU area)
    China GDP 7,203,784
    Nigeria 245,229

    • igbi says:

      It is funny that you would attack me instead of disprovig me.
      Did the USA borrow money from China or did China borrow money from the USA ?
      All the rest is illusion !
      Now you want to talk about the west’s “fondamental right” to call the Nigerian government corrupt: first tell me who is the most corrupt !
      Most western governments got rich by exploiting non western countries and by fighting wars for economic gains.
      Most western nations are also notorious for having the biggest debts on earth.
      So who is the most corrupt ?
      Answer an other question: how come most people who are going against their own people while defending foreigners always think it comes from their superior intellect ?
      You think that by being overtly pro american you are exhibiting your intellect, but you are completely wrong. By the way how can you call the USA (which has only 11% of its population being black ) a black nation ? It seems you are seeing visions.

    • igbi says:

      If you want to talk about the USA not designing a foreign terrorist network like boko haram as such, then using the excuse that it is suppoerted by some Nigerian government officials is a big twist of tongue. The taliban government’s refusal of the designation of alqaida as a terrorist network didn’t stop the USA from recognizing alqaida as a terrorist network. And i will also have you kniw that there are also boko boko haram sponsors and elements in the government. So your excuse is debunked.
      The USA has a history of not recognizing terrorists as so when they are attacking countries which are not subjugated to the USA or are not werstern: Russia and Iran are two good examples.

  10. igbi says:

    @eyimola: you think you are being intelligent while you are only being a traitor by thought.
    It is people like you who would spy on their own country for the USA and yet think that by doing so you are helping your country. it seems you support every anti-Nigerian policy originating from the USA. I just want to ask you: are you an american or a Nigerian ?

  11. igbi says:

    @eyimola, now am I ignorant or are you just an other “uncle tom” ?

  12. eyimola says:

    You are the first person to ever describe me as pro American. That Is laughable. Your last comment is however unforgivable, so I will use this post to call on BEEG to ensure a permanent solution to this chap.

  13. beegeagle says:

    Gentlemen, this exchange is needless and in bad taste. Please, let it go.

    I have said this before and I shall say it again. It is wrong for anyone of us as Nigerians to go down that route of needless posturing which seems to suggest that one is a super patriot while anyone who is persuaded differently on any matter, however mundane, is a traitor and a spy. I would sooner stop this altogether than have anyone picked up on charges of treason. That ‘ultimate patriot syndrome’ charge was often levelled against the duo of Buhari and Idiagbon, leaving their peers alienated. We need to lay off that beaten track. It will only implode this otherwise cohesive unit.

    OGA Igbi, I recall that incidents involving hot exchanges and incendiary content has increased astronomically ever since you joined us earlier this year. It would be wrong to assume that you are correct and everyone else is wrong. That unilateralist attempt at having everyone railroaded into one extremely anti-American mindset is antithetical to the freewill of man. It smacks of the fascist antics of the era of military dictatorships in Nigeria.

    You might recall that I mentioned this in the BAMA thread. It is the reason why your attempts at forcibly straightening up those who are not rabidly anti-American tends to heat up many threads and you have had tiffs with Jimmy, Chyde, Peccavi, Doziex and Eyimola, among others.

    Surely, there must be a point at which five ranged against one would be considered a majority and your seemingly infallible opinion would be the minority view. If a vote were held for evictions today, do you realise that on the strength of your endless spats with one and all, you might just be the first one out? At some point, you need to make some concessions which would ensure your continued relevance in this respected online community to which yet another bigwig from the State Dept has just subscribed today, even if some views are not in sync with your ultranationalist slant. The European External Action Service are also reading.

    To be sure, some silent but heavyweight followers come here to seek guidance and sample homegrown opinions. But that would not extend to a permanent cascade of rambled anti-American rhetoric. You can be a dissenter without being extreme. I do that myself. Those who need perspectives to help guide policy making should like to learn what they can do differently. You can talk to them constructively instead of telling them that you are Nigeria’s foremost patriot. You appear to only ever want to attack but can influence your favoured outcomes by engaging constructively. I am not too impressed by the West either but we clearly state where they have erred and suggest how they can make amends.

    In the China-related thread above, we laid bare the implications of the US Govt consistently playing to activist galleries and skipping Nigeria during high-profile visits at a time when Chinese investments and construction projects in Nigeria have topped the US$36 billion mark. By some strange twist, the State Dept are now making overtures to Nigeria afresh as the counterpoised and burgeoning Sino-Nigerian ties grow even warmer.

    This is neither a platform owned by the FG (who appear to see America as one of their TOP 3 partner nations anyway) or by the National Orientation Agency and as such, Nigerians who hold divergent views are tolerated here. Any attempt at hijacking it for any ideological pursuits would be thwarted from here in a free expression of views by fellow Nigerians.

    Benjy32 came around here long before you did with an overload of extreme anti-American views, Malcolm X-type admonition and conspiracy theories. He was not chased away but nobody appeared to have toed his line of reasoning. They just let him know their own contrarian views and moved on. He was neither insultive in his language or abusive in his conduct.

    Please, tone down the overload of anti-American rhetoric. If you hate America, ACCEPT that not everyone can be stampeded or emotionally blackmailed into that frame of mind. How does the same Eyimola who has been pontificating on the need to steer clear of American and NATO weaponry for the sake of our sovereignty become a spy? From what I have seen, he does not appear to like the FG of the day and might even be more inclined to being led by the dissolving ACN or by Buhari. That is decipherable or apparent from his comments, if you ask me but that does not make him a spy.

    Personally, I try to stay aloof from some of these heated exchanges so that it does not seem like Beegeagle is throwing his weight around. But the full rights of editorial direction and moderation of discussions and content remain mine – and MINE alone. If anyone tries to interfere with that, then we shall either have to close them out or I shall be shutting down operations. This is not a commercial venture and I do not have any point to prove.

    As the man behind the console, I can tell you for free that this blog is viewed by military officers (some of them being Colonels+Generals and equivalent) diplomats, police and paramilitary officers, intelligence operatives, strategic studies aficionados, journalists etc. Most of those bear arms and are more then able to defend themselves on and off this board. To that extent, the last thing which will fly here is intimidation of any sort. Jettison the idea.

    Let me suggest that you activate a less confrontational Plan B lest you finally make an enemy of everyone in here, vocal or silent. It has gone on for too long and I cannot recall any shouting matches haven taken place before you arrived.

    Do reconsider.

    • igbi says:

      First of all I didn’t call him a spy, I compared his behavior to that of a spy on the grounds of it being treasonous and fallacious and against his own country.
      Second of all I am not anti american, no matter what that means. I rather find it strange that some of you guys don’t seem to know that america is just an other country out there and Nigeria is your own country, so each time america goes against Nigeria, you will find me defending Nigeria and speaking against the USA, but it seems some people here follow a different way of thinking. @eyimola was the one who called me ignorant and who said I had nothing to contribute, I answered and now you are coming to defend him.
      @eyimola, you have got your final solution so I hope you are happy.
      I can see I am no longer welcomed here, so I have reconsidered and I tell you it is time for me to leave this blog forever. So farewell?

  14. beegeagle says:

    Igbinoba, if you are exiting by yourself, that would be unfortunate but an exercise of your own freewill.

    But if you committed the perceived fact of cutthroat anti-Americanism or sticking fingers in peoples’ eyes, as levelled against your person by yours truly without prejudice, to a straw poll, I doubt that anything short of 90% of respondents would respond in the affirmative. Is there any reason else behind the run-ins with all of the aforementioned? How does that mark out today’s shouting match as a one-off episode because someone has again been adjudged as not being altogether ultranationalistic or virulently anti-American in slant?

  15. hahahaha..Oga Igbi….u too dey vex sha…Why are u leaving? ‘cos u had a spat with @OgaEyimola? or bcos Oga Beeg chastised you?…Ok whatever reason pls dont leave…We love u bro…u be our broda na!!!We disagree to agree!! but like Oga Beeg is trying to say, lets all maintain peace here..We are all matured men..I know u didnt call @OgaEyimola a spy outrightly..but ur statement can be percieved to say that..and it hurt him bad..being a patriotic Nigerian…words spoken in anger usually elicits same response..So cool down bro

    @OgaEyimola…Bros no vex for ur broda…like i said above…harsh words elicits same response…make we all cool down..@Igbi na still ur broda…U vex am him vex you..him vex you u vex am…all na the same. Pls calm down …Na one big family ooh..

    Oga Beeg…no vex for @OgaIgbi…he must have felt insulted and responded the way he did…not giving excuse for him but we all na family..we must learn to live with our differences…

  16. Obix says:

    @Ogbuefi Igbi, i want you to understand that neither Beag or any other contributor here meant harm. Right from the start it was clear that you are a patriot and have your perceived views on what is going on in and around Nigeria. We all here are great patriots as well. But yoiu need to understand that though we might have different views, the ultimate goal in a blog like ours is to share information and rub minds through constructive dialouge and arguments. Nobody has the right to impose his views on others or to compare them with spies and traitors. This is where diplomacy comes in, you have to respect another person’s views even if you don’t agree with them. You have the right to “agree to disagree” and move on. Personally i enjoy reading your contributions even if i don’t agree with some of them.
    You don’t have to feel insulted or unwelcomed by Beag’s remarks, they are qiute in order. Please just accept everyone here as he is. Many of us here on this blog reside in different corners of the globe, but we have only one country, despite our different views, we have to salvage her together. We can’t achieve that through unneccessary exchanges which draw us backwards.
    As a man and as a true patriot, i expect you to stay back here and make your views heard and get ready to hear others out as well without being insultive or abusive . Nobody wants to kick you out of here. Beabeagle’s blog accomodates all patriots. You don’t have to leave as if your rights have been infringed upon……. Calm down and reconsider! peace!

  17. Yagazie says:

    Interesting exchange!!

    I have said somewhere earlier on this blog that our ability to put forward our views on this platform which has a world wide readership is a PRIVILEDGE and should be treated as such. I dare say that key decision makers also follow this blog.

    Thus we should state our points/views in a concise, logical and rational manner supporting same with facts where possible and should please refrain from trading insults/engaging in personal attacks on fellow bloggers as this seriously devalues/lowers the quality of the debate/this blog.

    With all due respect to all, if anyone has a problem with following this simple procedure, then it might be a good idea to seriously consider withdrawing from this blog. Oga Beegz – it might be that editorial sensorship/vetting of comments prior to posting on this blog might have to become necessary. I sincerely hope not.

  18. beegeagle says:

    Gentlemen, “it is only a wellwisher who would tell an acquaintance that he needs to clean his mouth”. Similarly, “if a man washes his brother’s dirty linen in public and people laugh at his brother they shall also be laughing at him”

    Long before now, I suggested that we lay of personal attacks and emotional blackmail. Attack the message and leave the bearer is what that means. So when we hear stuff like “I am disappointed in you” and judgemental stuff such as people getting labelled as ‘spies’, that is totally out of order.

    Like or loathe them, the United States at this time have, from the perspective of meaningful support, been the most useful of our partners. I cannot forget that. So while they have many issues such as diplomatic double standards and objectionable prescriptions steeped in paternalism/cultural imperialism, they also have their good sides. So why make an emotional punching bag of them all the time?

    Without that sense of balance injected into the affairs on this board, those who look to us for very well-grounded country insights would just tire out from getting pummeled and go away – and they would leave with their ears as well.Then, we would have thrown away the baby with the bathwater.

    Constructive engagement means telling them right here what and where they have gone wrong and how they can best ensure that they meet up with our reasonable expectations – not just launching endless tirades which leave a partner alienated and not knowing what to do to make things better in the interest of both countries.

    Personally, I have very little love on offer for the United Kingdom for the following reasons

    – the unflagging hostility and predispositions of the BBC towards Nigeria (the BBC World Service are an organ of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office)

    – To a BBC Africa which is seemingly desperate to and are only interested in retaining their market share as the leading international Hausa language broadcaster to Nigeria, they find nothing wrong in airing undiluted anti-government propaganda translated into the English language from the skewed and odious content of their pro-opposition Hausa Service. A convergence of self-serving interests.

    – falsehearted sanctimony..looking for mushy reasons why not to come out as vigorously in support of the FG’s military efforts in

    * CTCOIN – they are still rationalising the BH menace based on poverty; and

    * CTP – they pawned much-needed OPVs to Bangladesh at a time when Nigeria were much more challenged by sea piracy.

    * moreover, our Jaguar jets whimsically got grounded after most of them had flown for less than 100 hours yet they like to pontificate about wastage of public resources in Nigeria? WHATEVER the grey area, the USA would have since ensured that those jets – all more than 90% new – return to the skies.

    STILL, even when it is glossed over, the little that the British want to do is given ample coverage here without prejudice

    The point is, much as the UK are profoundly annoying to most of us here, we still give them their due.

    So why not America who are not only talkers but doers despite their sometimes disagreeable diplomatic style and inclination towards bullying? While the UK have been talking and playing know-it-all, the same Americans have presented five oceangoing ships and pledged the delivery of two gifted oceangoing ships with a combined displacement (all 7 ships) of 13,500 tons! They helped to revive a C130 Hercules and delivered millions of dollars worth of communications gear, mortars and Browning .50 cal HMGs etc.

    In training, hundreds of SF commandos, combat engineers and K9 teamsters have been trained in the USA to support our CTCOIN ops. Come on, what is the effusive demonisation all about then?

    Nobody is perfect and it cannot be endlessly bad. I try to look to both sides of the coin – giving kudos and delivering hard knocks as we deem fit. That is the real life that I know. Have we not been telling the USA to knock off stupid, elementary content such as first aid and fire fighting when their trainers come here? But when they have also done noble, we endeavour to acknowledge that.

    Now, we all have to hate the USA from the gut just to prove our allegiance to our own homeland, Nigeria? SURELY, that is not going to happen.

  19. beegeagle says:

    By the way, thank you to all the blessed peacemakers on board – Generals OptimusPrime007, Obix on the Caucasus and Yagz of all seasons.

    “Na only pesin broda or friend go fit tel am say im mouth dey smell”. Let us learn to separate jingoism from nationalism. They both have dictionary meanings, I guess. My greetings to both of you, Igbinoba (Oba gha t’okpere..Isee!) and Eyimola.

    Increase the peace!

    • jimmy says:

      OGA IGBI we have not agreed on a lot of issues ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE GOING TO SAY who is pro american THAT WOULD BE ME and NOT OGA EYIMOLA however being older than you there are things i should tell you . I RESPECT YOUR VIEWS AND HOPE EVEN WHEN YOU COMPLETELY DO NOT AGREE WITH OTHER PEOPLE’S VIEWS respect them. We all love NIGERIA and just like me some of us have seen relatives put in harm’s way .I could tell you personal stories about some of my uncles who served that would make the hair on the back of your neck stand up.
      Another officer because Idiagbon was his mentor was sentenced to death only to be released from his death cell . He is now A TRADITIONAL RULER
      MY DAD was not an officer but quite a few of his friends SERVED AS SENIOR OFFICERS it is some of these stories and because he grew up with them as far back as kids that is the authentication of their stories like the other OGAS said it and we really mean it we all coming at solutions to NIGERIA’S true modernization of it’s armed forces in the best way possible.We see ways forward because we do not want the armed forces to go back to its “dark ages” that is why sometimes we are very , very tough on NIGERIA’S LEADERS-HOWEVER WE STRIVE TO OFFER CONSTRUCTIVE SOLUTIONS . some of which have actually been carried for example the creation of the naval central command @ Bayelsa..
      Despite everything i will implore you not to the leave the blog because not only can you learn you also have a role if you so choose to contribute.

  20. ifiok umoeka says:

    And all this happened when I was away? Well, all I can say is Marshall Beegs, I’ll continue to have great respect for you, my Bro Igbi, I’ll continue to love you and to all my most esteemed Gens, we will continue to need you, such wisdom… my eyes are misty…

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