Desert warfare-adapted Toyota Landcruiser gun-trucks of the Nigerian Army


5 August, 2013

THE Chief of Army Staff,Lt.-Gen. Azubuike
Ihejirika, on Sunday advocated the need for an increase in budgetary allocation to security in view of the prevailing security challenges in the country.

Ihejirika stated this while responding to questions from journalists at the graduation ceremony of the Basic Counter Terrorism Course 12 of 2013 Nigerian Army Training Centre in Kontagora, Niger State. He said more officers needed to be trained in counter-terrorism in order to provide the requisite number of personnel required to cope with the current security challenges in Nigeria. The Army boss acknowledged the efforts of the Federal Government in funding security, but expressed the need for the National Assembly to increase budgetary allocation to the sector.

He said “Government is trying its best in terms of resources; that is why the training is going on as expected, but it is not easy to train people for such challenges that we face today in our country. “We appreciate the support from the government as well as the entire citizens of Nigeria. Mr. President has been funding the Nigerian Army and we appreciate his efforts, but more still needs to be done regarding adequate training and the provision of more resources.”

He said the Army had recorded a lot of improvement on the part of the young officers, which was evident in their demonstration. He added, “I think you too would be a witness to the improvement in security, especially in the North-East sub-region. “That is to show you that the training here and the products from this place are impacting positively on our war against terror.”


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  1. jimmy says:

    IT is extremely important that the C.O.A.S. implore the N.A.S.S. for more funds because ” a closed mouth does not get fed. Moreover he the C.O.A.S. needs to lobby/ build on his past relationships with some of his ex colleagues i.e. David Mark . One of the failures of this last operation as it is coming to light is not the FACT THE INSURGENTS WERE WIPED out it is the fact that in the aftermath WE SO FAR HAVE NOT HEARD OF ANY AERIAL PATROLS. This is not a movie the F.G. has to bear in mind before/during/ after an attack aerial assets i.e. m-17/ m35 should be on standby from MAIDUGURI AIRPORT to not only assist but to ferry / insert coin troops / record exactly what is going on. We have talked extensively about bringing this last chapter of this boko haram saga to an end the f.g. i.e G.E.J. has to show true mettle.

  2. Yagazie says:

    It might be a good idea for the millitary to have members of the Senate/house of reps (esp the Army/Airforce/finance committee members) as well as the senate/house of reps leadership embark on a guided tour of the combat zone (no not the frontline!!!) so as to get a better perspective of the various challenges the millitary is facing in conducting these security operations. That way when being asking for more funding, the N.A.S.S. would be more sympathetic and willing to provide the same.

  3. beegeagle says:

    @Oga Jimmy. Na so. “Na pikin wey stretch hand dem dey kari” :-). The COAS has spoken well. No need to bandage a festering sore.

    We need to land the assets of the Nigerian Army Aviation Corps ASAP. We know what they can do for CTCOIN troops in the Northeast at this time.

    @Mighty YAGZ. Infact, members of the Joint Senate Committee on Defence, Interior, Police and Intelligence Services were in Borno and Yobe last week. Hopefully, it was an eyeopener. General(rtd) Magoro was on the men out there. Hopefully, they all speak out clearly at the plenary sessions to come.

  4. Yagazie says:

    Gen Beegz- thanks for the update. Nice to see that our millitary is on the ball in organising a visit to the operations zone by members of the Joint Senate Committee on Defence, Interior, Police and Intelligence Services. Let’s hope that something positive (by way of increased funding) comes out of all this. And yes the Nigerian Army Aviation Corp should be up and running ASAP. Te retired German light helos or the French Fennec helos would be a good starting point.

  5. eyimola says:

    I saw a tweet today from the NTA which read

    “Senate Committee on Airforce visits Tactical Air Command Headquarters”

    The fact that there is a sub committee within the Senate suggest that some of the politicos are taking the NAF under investment issue seriously

  6. doziex says:

    Gentlemen, I doubt if any thing serious is in the offing.

    When senator Anyanwu was lamenting inaction on the naval side of things, where was her counterparts in the senate committee overseeing the airforce ??

    For at least 2 years, beegeagle’s bloggers have debated this lack of provisions for the NAF, up -side- down.

    A senator is on record suggesting that NAF still has mig -21s in markurdi. This level of ignorance amongst our law makers is palpable, wide spread, and a national shame.

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