5 August, 2013

About one hundred Nigerian troops deployed to Mali as part of the United Nations peace keepers have arrived Maiduguri the Borno state capital . The troops were received by the Director Defence Information, Brigadier General Chris Olukolade and other top military

The returning troops have joined other troops who are on military operations in the northeastern part of the country,arriving at the Maiduguri airport at exactly 12 midnight. Senior military
officials were on hand to receive them. And in military style they demonstrated their readiness to join the operations
in Adamawa, Borno and Yobe states.

On their arrival, the leader of the contingent, Major Idris Mustapha the battalion second-in-command narrated the experience of the troops in Mali and expressed readiness to bring their experience in Mali to bear in contributing to the peace operations in Nigeria. His words were re-echoed by
some of the troops who say there are not tired but are prepared to demonstrate their loyalty to their fatherland.

The Director Defence Information, explained the reason for the redeployment of the troops to join the peace support operations in the country having served for about seven months in Mali.

According to the Defence Headquarters over nine hundred soldiers have already been injected into the peace
enhancement operations in the
northeastern part of the country, while more are expected from other operations across the world


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  1. peccavi says:

    Like I said in an earlier discussion. We are running out of troops to sustain this action

  2. Yagazie says:

    Am a bit concerned that they are being rotated straight from operations in Mali into counter-insurgeny operations in North East Nigeria, without any time for rest and recuperation or leave to see their families and loved ones. Hope this will not impact too much on morale.

    • peccavi says:

      Hopefully they got some time off but they are already fully formed and equipped for COIN ops so it makes sense to push them straight into the field rather than waiting for other units to complete the training cycle.
      The question is whether the withdrawal was a justification simply to use these troops for the NE Nigeria ops or whether the MoD just took advantage of them coming back.
      This is the problem with the HOLD phase. It sucks up so many troops and you have to always have a reserve as well as casualty replacements. troops to hold ground go on ops etc.

      The Bh counter offensive has started as well thus even more troops will be needed not just for the cleared areas but for the new areas the enemy will move to. It is a vicious cycle

      • eyimola says:

        I think the deployment is just a diplomatic fig leaf. One of the reasons we gave for withdrawing from Mali, was the need to have our troops in Nigeria to confront the insecurity in the North, Nobody can now say that was not true.

  3. Yagazie says:

    Oga Peccavi, thanks for your well reasoned response which makes perfect sense. Hope these guys eventually get some time off though. However the recent action of the BH insurgents shows that all the amnesty talk/truce was simply a ruse to enable them regroup/replenish their arsnel before launching more attacks against the Nigerian populace. I guess force is the only language they understand.

  4. jimmy says:

    They have enough TROOPS in Nigeria to sustain this type of operation . OGA Peccavi , I WOULD PLAY DEVIL’S advocate for a second Some of the troops that were deployed to Mali we have the evidence to prove it ( this is not hearsay ) were special forces , these most likely were deployed to Mali. As far as rest and rotation . I will compare the Similar situation to some ” SIMILAR” people in the states who were / are deployed to AFGHANISTAN the normal tour of duty is ONE YEAR so realistically they ( the troops from Mali ) can stay at least for a three month DEPLOYMENT.
    The troops that were taken/ transferred to the Maiduguri were drawn from all over the North however quite a few were drawn from ELEMENTS OF THE 81 division ( Lagos) from IKORODU if they were REALLY SHORT OF TROOPS AS ALLEGED , they could of drawn troops from the 2nd division based in Ibadan also troops based in Abeokuta , I stand corrected but none of these troops / units were deployed.
    The incident that happened was based at the border , also they ( insurgents) were mauled with evidently most of their equipment captured. This is not my beef , what is is the lack of followup/ immediate deployment of aerial patrols.

  5. peccavi says:

    Oga Yagazie: the whole truce was a nonsense from beginning to end. A few hungry people have collected money and said they were BH. There are several things that we will need to see before a truce or ceasefire (by my analysis). I’m not really going to expand on that one sha as it veers beyond my pay grade and its purely educated guesswork. The best I will say is that this problem is going to get worse for the next 2-3 years. I hope I am wrong.

    The counter strike was as predicted but it has not got to the level that would show they have seriously reconstituted, this is more like small isolated cells lashing out.
    But I will say this relatively confidently, there is no ceasefire, there will not be a ceasefire and Shekau is not dead. The conditions for that to happen have not yet been reached

    This is the reason why more troops are needed Oga Jimmy, not because the army is too small but due to the training and deployment cycle.
    While some are deployed, others are resting, others are training, others are on other ops, others are in reserve. Somewhere in the MoD there is a spreadsheet showing where every possible unit is and their levels of readiness, my belief is that we are reaching the point where we are beginning to use our reserve, thus it made more sense to leave those troops where they are and bring back the Mali troops who already in their own deployment cycle.

    This is the problem the US had in Iraq, where they could not sustain the cycle and had to extend tours from a year to 15 months to 18 months.
    This is very bad as soldiers count the days to end of tour religiously and the randomly extended tours leads to issues.

    So my point is not that Nigeria does not have enough soldiers, it is that some of those soldiers are going to have to do back to back tours or miss out on promotion or other courses in order to sustain operations.

    The solution is as I have said before the raining of auxiliaries or the reorientating, re equipping and retraining of MOPOL Squadrons to take up some of the slack. In essence you would have MOPOL as light infantry companies with heavy weapons and proper communications.

    The other solution is to begin immediate interventions in other restive parts of country to prevent it from getting violent.

    The enemy is not defeated and the borders are still open and the snake still has its head. The war is not yet over but the offensive has partially achieved its objective in that the serious threats to the major population centres have been reduced. These are my opinions sha

  6. jimmy says:

    OKAY oga mi I understand you now thanks for the clarification . And yes you are right some guys in the states including the brother of someone in our church ” similar to you” did five tours each time he got back he was requested to come back!

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