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  1. Henry says:

    Beautiful photo.

  2. jimmy says:

    This is nice to see that these news planes are being treated like new planes and being maintained as such.
    I would like to take this juncture to mention this since i have very critical of the f.g. when it comes to procurement for the N.A.F.This is AS OGA DOZIEX said is still ABYSMAL as recently as 1999 we did not have anything remotely close to a surveillance aircraft so I PUT IT IN PERSPECTIVE.
    I will continue to advocate on this blog for the importance that without a dual fighter of the likes of AN SU27/ 30/ 35 Nigeria cannot dominate or talk of dominating it’s airspace talk less of dominating the airspace of West Africa.
    No reasonable Country has achieved FINANCIAL security and prosperity without a well armed and modernized armed which includes the air force .History is now judging o.b.j very harshly for his lack of competence in a lot of areas we don’t believe g.e.j will suffer such a fate however this is his time to revamp the air force and modernize it with the appropriate procurements and training requirements.
    May God bless Nigeria.
    May God bless those who make the right decisions PROCUREMENT WISE for Nigeria
    and May GOD in his own time take care of those who do not.
    On a footnote LETS GIVE PROPS TO THE U.K. it seems the love hate affair between both Govts is back in the love phase once again our birds are once again flying to England for Maintenance.

  3. Yagazie says:

    Looking forward to the day when the plane (ATR-42MP) will be maintained here in Nigeria.

  4. G8T Nigeria says:


  5. Donian007 says:

    This aircraft is one of the best of its kind in the whole of Africa. Agile, is its trademark!

  6. gbash10 says:

    Fellow cybergenerals,if any body is happy that our aircraft is being maintained in the UK,well, I’m not because these are the same people that killed our Jaguar jets!Why would the FG be committing strategic blunder always?
    Imagine the UK supplied our Jaguar jets then without radar,the bad news is that, i saw one of the Jaguar jets painted in NAF camouflage and roundel with a LASER TARGET DESIGNATOR in the nose for PGM delivery on display with its panoply of armament in one of Farnborough Airshows.The jaguars with that capability and the maritime variant equipped with the Agav radar that could guide either the Exocet or Sea sparrow anti-ship cruise missiles were never delivered.
    And now again some body has sent our maritime patrol aircraft to the UK for maintainance!kai,am very upset.

    • jimmy says:

      Oga gbash much respect atnd I tend to agree with a lot of your comments however in this case nothwithstanding your patriotic zeal. These two birds have in the thick of service from mali to the niger delta for maintainace and they are past due fromthetime they were bought two/ three years being very sensitive aircraft very few companies outside of the naf can service them perhaps it was written into the contract.
      We do not know.Yes I would like to see them serviced in lagos that is not happening maybe it required even upgrades I do not know I do know that our very sensitve airplanes are being maintained that is the big picture we can go on and on about the jaguars.The culpability of our own govt is there for all to see ,we could of invited the indians to repair these dammn birds if we really were serious

      rviced here that obviously isnot

  7. freeegulf says:

    oga gbash, i completely agree with oga jimmy. we have a very unserious govt and it did not begin with the present one. the jags where left to rot not because the brits refused to sell spare parts (these jets where already in storage before the deep arms embargo of ’95) but because our govt did not see a reason to keep operating decent platforms when to them, there was no threat facing Nigeria. unfortunately, this same mentality still dominates the political leadership of this country till date!

    the procurement process itself was an embarrassment. the handicap of the first 18 batch of jags where supposed to be corrected by the procurement of another 2 dozen jets incorporating agave radar for maritime warfare, enabling the launch of AShM from these platforms. what happened to that deal, it obviously fell through. FG had to depend on mb-339 for maritime strike role on our eastern seaboard. even the aermacchis where getting ‘too expensive’ for our govt to fly and maintain. this was a country that was once serious about fighting the best military in africa – SADF. i bet the FG where planning on going to a gun fight with a knife.

    even in the thick of the arms embargo, we had the opportunity to get cheap or free armaments from the USA. we had Liberia and Sierra Leone as leverage. ex Luftwaffe alpha jets from Germany, comms gear and spare parts for our jags and lynx from the UK, troop kits from the Netherlands, charlie 130 spare parts, helicopters, NVGs, from the USA. but no, we let all these slip through our grapse.
    lack of cohesive defence strategy, lack of clear foreign policy, strategy and geopolitics are always in the back seat (we could have engineered the factional fighting in monrovia, all for the greater good). the mere threat of troop withdrawal from these troubled hot spots would have brought fruitful rewards to our arsenal.

  8. Yagazie says:

    Ogas Jimmy and Freegulf- on point as usual!! I wonder why our Govt (if it has’nt done so already) has not spoken with the Indian Govt for the purposes of re-activating our Jaguar Jets. The indians air force have recently upgraded theirs. Our Jaguar airframes have very few flying hours logged on them and if re-activated can be used in a ground attack or Maritime Reconnaisance/Attack role.

  9. eyimola says:

    I cant see the point in activating the Jags personally. Its a 35 year ole design. Fighter jets are expensive yes, but not prohibitive. Smaller and poorer countries like Nigeria operate multi role 4th Gen fighter jets in the dozens. The Indian air force Jags have undergone a more organic upgrade process over the years which makes upgrading them to be economical to the Indian State in the case of our mothballed aircraft, it just doe not make sense. The Nigeria air force should be flying SU-30s or F-16s its as simple as that.

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