President Goodluck Jonathan

President Goodluck Jonathan

Dear Cyber Generals- I am sorry once again to go off on another tangent.

A while ago on this blog, concerning the ongoing piracy in the Gulf of Guinea, I forewarned that as nature abhorred a vacuum, our Government had to get serious about re-equipping our Navy to effectively patrol our territorial waters/EEZ otherwise other foreign navies would do the job for us. Now it seems that this is now happening.

The French Navy have a Frigate-Latouche-Treville which is currently conducting a silent patrol in the deepwaters of Port Harcourt protecting French interests (read Total’s offshore deepwater oil platforms).

Go to

and on the right-hand corner, click on West Africa under the Areas of Risk section. Alternatively open up:

Well, since our Government is more intrested in organising symposiums and conferences to talk about how to tackle the piracy menace in the Gulf of Guinea, western naval powers are now sending their ships to do the job which our navy should do but can’t do because the Govt is dragging its heels over the procurement of requisite platforms to enable our navy perform its constitutional functions.

Serious food for thought!!!


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  1. Yagazie says:

    Having Western Navies patrol the Gulf of Guinea (which stretches from Senegal down to Angola/Namibia) is one thing. Having them patrol our EEZ is quite another! And you can bet that if the French are doing it, the Americans might not be far behind – afterall CHEVRON and EXXON/MOBIL also has deep water oil producing platforms within our territorial waters. Ditto AGIP/ENI and ROYAL DUTCH SHELL – So maybe the Italians and the Brits are in on this too? They take the security/safety of their nationals very seriously and so if we are not prepared to provide the requisite security- then they will. We have continously cried on this blog that the Govt should as a matter of urgency get capable ocean going platforms/Aerial Maritime Patrol Assets to effectively patrol our EEZ. Notice that the French ship IS NOT AN OPV but a FRIGATE. Germany decommissioned two Type 122 Frigates recently. I have stated on this blog that as these ships were built by the same shipbuilders that built NNS Aradu- our government should quickly move in and purchase them, and press them into service pending the arrival of the new OPVs being built in China. Oga Beegz – has referred to the Freemantle Class Patrol boats recently decommissioned by the Royal Australian Navy. These boats have a range of about 5000nm and a 21 to 42 day endureance for extended patrols. Why cant’t our Govt purchase these vessels? Competing financial demandss? We have to get serious about our Maritime security!!

  2. Yagazie says:

    By Brother Delevegas- thanx for providing the complete web bookmark for the article. Fellow Cyber Generals I am really very very VERY UPSET/BITTER about this unwelcome development which in my view was totally avoidable. I am left to come to the inevitable conclusion that the Govt does not want to properly fund the Navy because top govement functionaries/officials are benefitting from this oil theft. The scale of the oil theft is too large and too well organised to be put down to petty thieves/smugglers. No where else in the oil producing world is there theft of oil on such an industrial /massive scale. Notice also that even though the JTF Pulo Sheild are capturing/impounding a lot of oil barges/vessels engaged in this unwholsome practice, NO ONE HAS BEEN PROSECUTED. That in itself speaks volumes. I wonder how are men and women in the Navy feel about Nigeria – the supposed regional hegemon in West Africa being unable to effectively patrol/monitor our EEZ/territorial waters because of CORRUPTION/lack of political will to do the right thing – and watching Western Naval Powers do the job for us. How can we hold our heads up in ECOWAS or In the GULF of GUINEA COMMISSION or even in the AU, when we can’t even dominate our immeadiate environment. We have the manpower and the money. I’d better stop before I say something that I mighta later regret.

  3. eyimola says:

    This quote says it all

    The militarization of the area seems unavoidable. “If there are no controls or no presence in the area, people will take over the region,”

    Its not the military’s fault. We are putting men and women in harms way without giving them adequate resources, and then wonder that the border is so porous.

    Nigeria’s GDP is around 300 billion USD (2010).(2012 estimates 450 Billion) . Yet they are unable to purchase the necessary tools to protect what is in effect a significant source of government revenue.

    Somebody is going to have to step up to the plate, otherwise Nigeria will now what it feels like to live next to Somalia, although in our case Somalia will just be living in our house.

  4. Henry says:

    Oga yagz, you have said it all. As long as the government of nigeria continues to show gross incompetence in protecting her EEZ, we cannot blame the french for taking action. There is a vacuum, they have filled that vacuum. No time to show incompetence or tribalise the problem.

    We need to share this story in other forums and nigerian online newspaper boards. The FGN has to be proactive and take her security seriously. Very soon our waters would be like those of somalia, were western navies constantly rape. Infact, the process of somaliazation of nigerian waters have already began with this french incursion.

  5. Obix says:

    Please, someone should wake me up from this bad dream! My ogas, something is missing here. This sounds like something out of a hollywood movie. I’m sure some facts are are missing from this article. I wont bet my kobo on this. If actually it’s true, then It’s impossible that the NN is not aware of this. It could be a part of a pact between Nigeria and France. This part of the article points to that, I quote “….He was released as soon as the boat reached land, but his colleague was only freed on June 18, in Nigeria, while the Latouche-Treville was escorting the tanker.” The article is not telling it all. It merely wants to bolster France’s image as usual. I don’t expect to get details of such a covert operation on the pages of a French newspaper!

    • Henry says:

      Oga obix, I can categorically tell you that our intelligence officials are aware. The major problem now is our MoD. This and the fact that we politicise every single matter in this country. This is not a new threat.

      • beegeagle says:

        Oga Henry, if this REAL and is happening flagrante delicto even as you say the intelligence agencies know about it, it would even be more odious because what they should have done is LEAK this to ‘more serious’ and balanced news media and let them make it known to Nigerians, so that when it has the same immediate impact of a national uproar to the point of kickstarting a diplomatic row with France, as was the case with the silly idea mooted by someone in the British Foreign and Commonwealth to the effect that a £3000 “refundable deposit” be imposed on first-time Nigerian visitors to that country.

        Does it mean that nobody now knows where Nigeria’s national interests lie any longer?

        In 1978, British Petroleum had their assets in Nigeria to the tune of £300 million, nationalised. The Obasanjo regime acted in that manner because BP were found to have been selling Nigerian oil to racist Rhodesia, something which ridiculed Nigeria’s status as the only nation outside the Tanzania-Southern Africa continuum to have been adjudged as deserving of membership of the Frontline States grouping – the same FG which was flying C130 sorties into Tanzania and Zambia to resupply the nationalist guerrillas across Southern Africa.

        If the FG have outsourced maritime security patrols to France because they have hidden behind competing demands for so long and failed to put the Navy in optimum shape after 14 years, that would be calamitous and unforgivable.

        The French ambassador should also be told to get out of the country and Nigeria’s ambassador to France, recalled. If they are so concerned about maritime security, they should have offered help to the Navy like the Americans have – not intervened in any way because they like to go overboard in Africa.

        As for the FG and our ‘too know’ citizenry, that is the net effect of hankering after what is not meant for one. We have called for simple Makassar-class LPDs which would cost a token US$50 million apiece to be acquired so that we retain floating triservice military outposts at sea and keep an eye on our EEZ – no way. Do MoD even know that those exist in a Nigeria where a Senator was alluding to the availability at Makurdi of 1970s-era MiG 21MFs acquired by the Gowon regime, as a recently as 2010. Why does he not step out of his G500 Mercedes Benz and into a 1970 edition of Mercury Monarch?

        As for our people, it is the price of folly. We know which is low-tech, which is outdated, which is inferior. So much so that we ended up with F7s while hankering after F16s? Like true cotton pickers on a slaveholder’s plantation, every dunce in Nigeria has something to say unless the item was acquired from the West which are manifestly looking for reasons not to sell while China came here with a full options offer to help modernise our Navy and in a display of curious timidity, we remain empty-handed while waiting for desirable offers of Giffen goods which never materialise? So if we acquired ten Aegis destroyers and ten Trident submarines, that would at once make us ready to face a China armed with Type 054 frigates and Song submarines? Perhaps we are just naïve is all.

        Only in Nigeria would a minister offer to “provide more tools” for the navy if they curb pirate attacks and bunkering. What manner of quirky reward system is that – just because they brought 25 metre coastal patrol craft to the Navy?

        This is the only country optimised by fortune and by God to be a giant among nations but which goes to befuddling extremes to make a dwarf and a cretin of itself.

        Let us continue to hide behind competing demands even as self-serving recurrent expenditure gulps 72% of our FG budget. Let us hope that we do not get recolonised by the time that we have finished attending to competing demands. A nation keeps on bemoaning insecurity yet they have stashed away US$55 billion in the Forex Reserves and Excess Crude Accounts?

        Are we controlling our money or our money it is which controls us?

  6. futuresmkt says:

    Our research and analysis suggests the Gulf of Guinea and Sub-Saharan Africa in general will gradually replace Iraq, Afghanistan and the Persian gulf as the major military focus of western military interests (read US). It will be supported by an increase in development aid to mask the growing military presence.

  7. beegeagle says:

    Well, everyone knows how upfront one gets in making prescriptions for military procurement. It remains needful in the extreme.

    Be that as it may, this story appears not to tell it all. I DOUBT that such a violation could have taken place without Nigerian consent and not have sparked off a diplomatic row, including asking France to recall their ambassador. That would not be a first for a Nigeria which once broke off diplomatic relations with France on account of a nuclear test conducted in the Algerian Sahara.

    We recall that in 2012 while a French LPD was making its way to Lagos for a joint training mission with the Nigerian Navy, a pirate attack occurred 125 miles offshore Nigeria. None of those little ships which you guys keep afloat in Lagos was gonna venture that far out to sea while the oceangoing ones were all in the Eastern and Central naval areas or in Benin Republic.

    It was that French LPD which was arriving in our EEZ just in the nick of time which apprehended the culprits and herded them back into ‘navigable precincts’

    The bottomline is that the FG must accord the utmost degree of seriousness to the task of acquiring oceangoing law enforcement and fighting ships – new and used alike.

    As we speak, I do not see why the FG cannot acquire three units of upgunned(76mm+two 30mm guns) and helicopter-carrying 83metre 1,500+ ton Damen 8313 Oceanic Research and Patrol Vessels for a mere US$70 million. I do not see why Nigeria cannot ask the China EXIM Bank to immediately finance a US$250 million deal for three 95 metre 1,440 ton Type 056 corvettes with three embarked Z-9EC ASW helicopters PLUS a used Type 53H2 frigate thrown in as sweetener.

    There is no reason why the NNPC which regulate our oil industry cannot pay US$90 million for the sake of Nigeria to acquire both decommissioned Type 122A frigates built by Blohm+Voss.

    That said, such possibilities are the reason why the advanced world would always be content to see the NN in dinghies and skiffs until the FG show respect to themselves and to the crushing majority of equally self-disrespecting Nigerians, stop lusting after unattainable Giffen goods sold at the pleasure of activists and goes out to get corvettes, LPDs and frigates from China, Korea and Russia.

    They have been lusting after F16s like the stuff of folklore since I was 12. In the end, they are empty-handed till date while more potent Su-27/Su-30s have come into the business, baggage-free, and we are still slumbering on this straightforward job meant for clear-thinking and emotionally unencumbered men?

    Over to you, Federal Government of Nigeria. Please note, my Lords Temporal, that this state of affairs is and should be totally unacceptable to anyone who loves this country. Leadership is, after all, a lofty privilege and a sacred responsibility. Make it COUNT.

  8. gbash10 says:

    General Beeg,you have said it all!
    Some times i wonder whether Mr President is even aware of all these capability gaps.

  9. G8T Nigeria says:

    well I am shocked and quite saddened with this development. This is a matter of national security and I suggest you(Gen Beeg) see to it that you inform the right people in the Navy. Considering how far GEJ have gone to acquire assets for the Navy, I believe there will be changes soon.

  10. beegeagle says:

    Our National Assembly keep on grivatating from one fact-finding trip to the other – at a time of grave national security crises? They went to India to inspect shipyards, why have the OPV contracts not been concretely signed after 18 months?

    With the imperative of hot pursuit missions in the Northeast, they are still grandstanding on TV whereas the troops are crying for MRAPs and air assets such as light observation/armed helicopters to be used for search-and-destroy operations? Today, three years after an insurgency commenced, the troops still lack anything in the face of globally-acknowledged security threats? What are all those endless closed-door sessions with service chiefs all about if they still do not understand what the forces require?

    A National Assembly with many 65+ year old senators do not realise the needs of these times whereas a 33 year old Yakubu Gowon, acting alone as Head of State, brought in 51 new and refurbished jets within twelve calendar months of the start of the Civil War – from a position of zero?

    Today, I read that Russia have placed an order for 40 units of brand-new Mi8AMTSh Terminator helicopters at a cost of US$383 million. if those were factory refurbished or upgunned Mi-17V5s, it would not cost $100 million to accomplish. That is what our leaders who have been meeting with service chiefs to be briefed on CTCOIN requirements since 2011 cannot accomplish on one supplementary budget? So much so that the COAS has to APPEAL for funds to enable the Army save Nigeria from Nigerians? Or our neighbours fly kites and parapets and as such, troops do not need them to get around the emergency rule AOR which is equal in size to the land area of Liberia and Sierra Leone put together?

    Oh gawd..

  11. beegeagle says:

    Anyway and in sync with one’s habit of telling both sides of the story, however unsatisfactory the efforts at procurement are to most of us, tomorrow we shall be serving you some procurement news you can use.

    Make it an early start. This is after all the longest weekend of the year in Nigeria – Thursday to Sunday. Let’s make the holidays top-heavy with robust discussions and brain-storming.

  12. peccavi says:

    Well nature abhors a vacuum.

    I don tire abeg

    • Acting Major Benbella says:

      Oga Peccavi,
      No be only you tire. Our leaders over the years have found ways to crush our spirits. Tomorrow, they will not feel any shame is asking the UN and the world community to give them a permanent seat in the UN Security Council. Shameless, inferior people lording over a nation of tens of millions of people each of whom is superior to them. Talk about curse being visited on a nation for lack of leadership. Now, France and others may not know of are patrolling an area of significant economic and security interests to us. They may also be robbing us blind in the process by taking millions of barrels of oil without our knowledge. So no country worthy of its nationhood enters agreement with others to patrol its waters seeing that it is what banana and paw paw countries do.

      I have so much on my mind to say regarding a deliberate policy by our leaders either by ommission or by design to make alliance with other countries to humiliate the country in the eyes of its people, other Africans and blacks all over the world, who have long waited for deliverance by a succesful black vointry from their long defeat. Instead, that country that had everything within its shores and powers to do exactly that is run not only by corrupt rascals but by the most self-disrespecting country to ever be born. Now, we see how our reputation is slowly being shaped by our laziness, fear to act in defense of national interests. It has always been like this at least since the time of Obasanjo starting in 1976. Ever since, we have produced leaders that nothing more than women wrappers.

      I do have much to say but won’t. Like the fish said, if not for the water in my mouth.

  13. jimmy says:

    You know I am not surprised. I am just pained we talked about 3years, two years ago, one year. The denials will start coming swift fast and in hurry starting tomorrow. The french ambassador will be interviewed and the necessary denials will be in order. I try as much as possible not to mix emotion with pragmatism and reality versus fantasy. There is an appropriate Yoruba word for this and i am sure there are in all other ethnic languages however since i only speak English Yoruba and pidgin i will put it in those words “ARIFIN ” , YANGA” THIS WHAT WE HAVE REDUCED OURSELVES TO.
    We go begging for ships from AMERICA they sell us strip me downs whereas deep down we can afford it but we will not do it. THE RUSSIAN TOLD US POINT BLANK YOU HAVE THE MONEY , THE BRITISH SNEERED AT US AND “SOLD” TO POVERTY- RACKED AND FLOOD -PRONE BANGLADESH their hand me downs . This is where we are at.What will Nigeria do?
    I try as much as possible to glean as much information as possible from oga xnur because he does not bull—-. I spoke recently about the french and the role they are playing and the docile role the F.G IN CODE I SAID Nigeria has to be” prepared to eat what is on the menu” . The menu is Nigeria’s strategic interests that she does not take seriously. The french and other nations do.
    For months the FED GOVT HELD SHIPMENTS OF LIQUIFIED GAS which is more valuable than oil over petty senseless arguments with some useless agency nimasa or whatever the hell they are called.
    TOTAL ( French) since i bought their stock has doubled in value ( 2009) because of their successful offshore activities ( their wells start from the 250,000 bpd CATEGORY) we keep playing these games that some one is going to rescue and yet we don’t want to rescue ourselves. YET WE ARE GLAD TO WRITE MESSIANIC STORIES OBJ COMES TO MIND.
    No nation has been financially secure that does not tie its wealth to the protection of it’s assets.
    Very soon the president will be going on spiritual pilgrimage to Israel SINCE HE AND THE AMBASSADOR OF ISRAEL to Nigeria are on buddy – buddy basis maybe he can speak to him about those excess kfir jets as well as some of those frigates.
    It is ironic that the Aradu is in dry dock and the thunder is in of all places sailing towards South Africa!
    God SAVE Nigeria!

    • Akin Oges says:

      Yeah… I could not make sense of why our lone frigate (Thunder) was granted permission to go on a “cat-walk” abroad, with the country entirely unprotected by a ship of her calibre.
      No disrespect intended, but honourable/clever minds are missing in our MOD. In fact, the MOD is a serious danger to this country just now, owing to blind greed, pettiness, little mindedness, lacking proactiveness etc etc. Nigeria can afford to equip the military with sorely needed hardwares: Twenty Mi35p, twenty Mi171sh, twenty Su-25, (twenty Su-27 or twenty Su-30 to dominate the West African sky), three frigates and two thousand (2000) MRAPs will at best set the country back $1.5 billion. And given the ongoing monumental billion Dollars hemorrhaging at the National Assembly, this figure is a snipe for our collective safety. The FG must urgently wrestle the MOD to submission over the matter of military procurement; I encourage presidency handlers who visits this platform to get working on their principals: it is dire situation guys. Tell your principals the nasty truth: some individuals are deliberately and methodically turning our military into toothless-bulldog, to our collective danger!

  14. Donspony says:

    Oil piracy continues because those behind it are not being prosecuted. These large barges and tankers seized so far are certainly not owned by typical low level oil bunkerers. I’ll like to see a big wig prosecuted before I believe war on piracy works. Its counterproductive to the good work of the Nigerian navy with the limited assets they posses.

  15. freeegulf says:

    when the politicians, military and ex gens are involved in the oil theft, how do your expect the racket to stop.
    there is just too much money involve for this racket to be eliminated. too much dollars, and those concerned all have their hands in the pie. Nigeria is a strange place

    • Deway says:

      My brother, when I mentioned on this blog over a year ago that the military was involved, the response was quite heavy. The weblink posted below by Obix says a lot. The only ocean capable vessel we have has gone on a fanfare trip to Australia with naval officers wearing crisp, clean, decorated uniforms for parade. We need to thank the French cos they themselves have been cutting down on defense spending but still see the need to send an ocean worthy vessel to patrol the Gulf of guinea. You can only imagine what the Ethiopians or Kenyans would have done if they had our resources at their disposal. The oil bunkerers are well known, the locals, police, military know them. They are not hiding. If I remember correctly there was a BBC or CNN documentary on Nigeria’s wealthy oil bunkerers. Dem no hide dem face. Like OBJ said; I dey laff.

  16. eyimola says:

    Nigeria does not need external funding to finance its navy. This is more of an issue of misplaced prioritisation rather than anything else, as well as official reluctance in prosecuting culprits.

    The current strategy for purchasing vessels in small batches is inefficient and prone to abuse. If Nigeria wants to secure its EEZ effectively, it needs a minimum of 12 OPVS (ideal number would be 20). The navy should be patrolling our EEZ while the inland waterways of the Niger Delta should be policed by a dedicated maritime force (a bit like the JTF, but under a separate command structure and using its own equipment).

    Foreign oil companies should be taxed to pay for the security in the Delta (after all the finished product is heavily taxed in most countries). Those who don’t like it will of course have to leave. I guarantee none would.

  17. Yagazie says:

    Gentlemen- Chile (which has only copper as its natural resource- no oil or gas) has since the time of General Pinnochet set aside 5% of its earnings from copper for the funding of its millitary. Today they have one of the best navies and the best airforce in Latin America. Ethopia (which is a landlocked country) has no natural mineral rescources (like oil/gas, coal, uranium etc)- they only have water – being the scouce of the Nile. Yet they are building the largest hydro-powered dam in Africa (Grand Rennaissance Dam- 6000MW), have one of the best Airports in Africa (Bole Airport with two runways of 4000Meters each), have one of the best Aircraft Maintenance Hangers/Facilities in Africa and yes have a functional National Shipping Line – even though landlocked!! When Eygpt made some ‘noises’ about disrupting the construction of Ehotopia’s
    new dam- How did the Ethopians react?- By negotiating the purchase of 18 SU-30K refurbished jets from Russia. Ethopia already operates the SU-27 aircraft. They have no oil or gas- but are taking the Eygptian threat seriously and buying serious millitary kit IN NUMBERS THAT MAKE SENSE. We have a piracy problem in our waters and are fooling ourselves purchasing small craft instead of ocean going capable platforms and proper warships for our navy or proper fighter aricraft for our Airforce. What a shame!

  18. Yagazie says:

    Oga Akin, much respect for your comments. I agree with everything you have said bar one point. Lets not fool ourselves- NNS Thunder IS NOT A FRIGATE- it’s simply an OPV or former coast guard cutter which has a 76mm gun. It has not ASW capabilities, no mine-laying capabilities and carries no missiles- so it can’t by any stretch of immagination be clased as a frigate- much as our Govt want’s to delude itself to the contrary simply because of its size. Have you heard of Piracy taking place in Ghanaian territorial waters? Rarely. And that’s because (relative to their size) they have equipped their navy with retired naval Fast Patrol Boats from Germany and have also purchased about 3 new Patrol vessels from China which were commissioned by their late president. They are also re-equipping their airforce with an emphasis on Aerial Maritime Patrol assets- and they have installed radars/tracking devices within their territorial waters. Nigeria’s coastline is just under 900miles long. We have 3 Operational (??) Naval Commands and about 6 FOBs. How much will it cost to get Frigates/Corvettes and LPDs Maritime Patrol Aircraft /Armed Maritime Patrol Helos for each of these commands? Governement is a continuim and since the return to civilian rule – our millitary in general and our Navy in particular has been criminally neglected bas far as millitary equipment purchases is concerened.

    • Akin Oges says:

      My Oga, thanks for the correction. It is even worst than first thoughtout above. Na wah!! We must not let this madness subsist. If I have to be a nuisance discussing this particular subject on every online newspaper fora, so be it. Enough of this infantile treament of our military/security.

  19. Obix says:

    My Ogas, i’m not losing sleep over this, i still maintain my view that all is not well with the article. It’s good oga Beag sees that too. I believe it’s an old event that was recycled with a new date and more “interesting details” to make the french navy look invincible. It’s clear that the the french frigate patrols the international waters of west africa. I guess this is the story the article mentioned concerning an attack by pirates off the coast of Togo Pay attention to the last paragraph. Here we see a different picture. As a matter of urgency, the NN needs to be provided with the neccessary platforms for a more effective patrol of our EEZ and beyond.

  20. ifiok umoeka says:

    Greetings my brothers, I’ve been away too long, so sorry. I do not care whether this is true or not. That is beside the point! Its about the wanton… I don’t even know what to categorize it as anymore! I’m already vexed but let’s just bear in mind that 20% of oil we produced is bunkered! That’s $12bn or N2.1tn. That is more money than our capital expenditure. Here’s the catch, we been loosing this annually for a while. Oga Yagz , I remember us talking about this some months ago. U predicted it and I dreaded it. Worse is that like all other issues nothing will come out of this and it’ll blow away. What do you expect when our lawmakers are busy with infant bride legislation. Gen Beegs, Peccavi, Freegulf, Obix, Henry, Akin, Eyimola and all my other Gens, greetings

  21. Yagazie says:

    Oga Obix- I really wish I could share in your confidence/view that all is not well with the Article. Yes the French have been patroling the international waters off West Africa for some time- thats fine. However patrolling within our territorial waters/EEZ and communcating with Total Oil Rigs within our EEZ?- I think that’s another matter. Furthermore in the article you referred to : ( one notes that the pirates after robbing the ship took off towards the nigerian coast- and presumably were not intercepted by the Nigerian Navy- who only turned up (at least accoring to the Ship Master’s report) after the event. The real question is this- If West Africa is supposed to be our immeadiate sphere of regional influence – and we claim to be the regional hegemon- and we have a navy which has existed since 1956, then surely we should be in a position by now where the Nigerian Navy should be capable of patrolling the entire West African Coastline? Somalia was a failed State with a very long coastline so I can understand the necessity for International naval fleets to patrol the area- but Nigeria’s coastline is less than 900 miles long- We also have 3 operational naval commands so how many ocean going ships will it really take to patrol our EEZ effectively ? Aoout 5-6? Afterall France is patrolling West Africa with 1 Frigate.

    • Obix says:

      Oga Yags, you very correct. My confidence in the adulteration of the article doesn’t still remove the responsibilities of effective control of our territorial waters from our Navy. With the kind of collosal loses inflicted by pirates and oil bunkerers, you don’t need 2 brains in your head to understand that the Navy shoud be armed to do thier job. If Nigeria announces a tender of say $1bln for the provision of a full coastal defence structure, don’t you know that there will be stampede by competitors in Aso Rocks, Defence headquaters, Naval headquaters…even here on this blog.That’s how serious security issues are handled. We don’t need to go around begging. When you fling the money, you can as well ask for some retired platforms.

  22. Tunde Olayinka says:

    The procurement policy of the NN appears to be very questionnable. It seems the Navy is only interested in equipping itself with platforms with limited range hence it will only be able to function as a coastal anti- piracy force rather than a naval force that can take total control of the entirety of nigerias’ territorial waters and beyond.

    With NNS Aradu out of action and no timetable set for its refurbishment, the NNS Thunder appears by default to be the new flagship, being the only other frigate available in the navy’s arsenal. I’m of the view that no self respecting navy would permit a situation where the most valuable asset in its arsenal is a strip down “my brother dash me” vessel. Its totally unacceptable. Let leadership spend the money to acquire decent modern platforms for the navy & restore its pride.

    In my own view, the thunder is merely an anti-piracy ship. It does not even compare with photos of the fully armed warship Aradu during the days of its glory. That was a mean looking ship primed and ready for battle anytime, anywhere!

    To be candid, politicians do not have any business travelling abroad to inspect shipyards that will build warships for the navy??? This is best left to the professionals in the field, the nn. Let the politicians approve the budget and let the navy do the job of sourcing for and acquiring modern naval platforms which they feel can best handle the task at hand, which is to be the supreme force within nigerias territorial waters.

    It is an undesirable thing for foreign navies to patrol our waters to rid it of pirates. I’m not comfortable with the thought of having foreign naval presence so close to our invaluable economic assets within the eez and within striking distance of sensitive infrastructure inland???!

    If we are able to secure the “hand me downs” in large quantities, they can be utilised in fighting piracy within our eez. But the FG & NN must as a matter of urgency prioritize the acquisition of modern warships, both new & refurbished to project power within the limits of our territorial waters.

    The navy must not lose focus and position itself merely as an anti-piracy naval force. It must also be armed and equipped to defend the country’s soveireignty within every inch of our territorial waters.

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