Nigerian ECOMOG artillerymen engage rebels using a battery of four 105mm field howitzers, October 1st 1990

Hello Guys

My name is Daniel Gborie. I am a son of one of the Nigerian soldiers in Liberia during the ECOMOG War.

I am looking for my father. This October 29 will make me 16 years old. I need to get in contact with him. His name is Zamani. I don’t know his last name. He’s about 6’2-6’4ft tall. I stay in Chicago, IL in the United States of America.


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  1. beegeagle says:

    Daniel the young Nigerian, welcome home.

    I strongly believe that your dad, Zamani, is almost certainly a native of Kaduna State in northern Nigeria. That name, Zamani, is very common among the Katafs and Kaje people of southern Kaduna. I would even be more correct if he is a Christian since the chaps from there are overwhelmingly Christians.

    So talk to your mum and let us know more details which could guide your search. Ask her the following questions

    – what NIBATT did he belong to eg NIBATT 21

    – what was the specific battalion or brigade eg 15 Battalion or 7 Brigade?

    – what Corps does he belong to..is it Infantry, Armour, Artillery, Engineers, Ordnance or Signals?

    – where in Nigeria was he serving before he came to Liberia to fight the rebels?

    Let me reassure you, son, that you are not nearly alone. I have personally encountered Liberian women and their children travelling inside distant parts of Nigeria in their quest to reunite father and child. So keep the faith.

  2. beegeagle says:

    Read this, Daniel.



    Doziex, do you recall that the Babangida military regime banned Nigerian military personnel from taking foreign wives shortly before ECOMOG took full effect? Well, several ECOMOG veterans who fought in Liberia and Sierra Leone and came back with wives from those parts actually got squeezed out from the military.

    Regardless, many Liberian and Sierra Leonean women are still coming into Nigeria with a view to showing kid to father and vice versa, to leave the kids with their fathers for a different experience or just for reunion before returning to West Africa.

    Whilst visiting Jos a few years ago, I did encounter two women and their kids who were able to ascertain the fact that the fathers of their kids were posted to a Field Artillery Regiment stationed at Gombe and were thus leaving Jos for Gombe. Having been travelling and sleeping rough during the 2,000-mile road trip across five countries’ territories, they had exhausted their funds and factually looked ragged.

    Our paths crossed somewhere near a 3DISTForce response outpost near the Bauchi Road bus park in Jos as I stepped out from somewhere around the UNIJOS Campus/Semshak Hotel axis. They were looking to board a mass transit bus for the 200-mile trip to Gombe from Jos but had run short of funds. So I took a short stroll with them(about 100metres)to the motorpark, got to know a bit about their mission, made it clear to them that they could endanger the careers of their kids’ fathers and that they should not be inflexible. If the men could rent rooms for them outside the barracks, get them ECOWAS alien cards and set them up in petty trade, that would be fair enough. They appeared not to know about the “no foreign wives rule” and were grateful for the hint as they tiptoed across Nigeria.

    At the park, I paid their bus fares,we said our final goodbyes and I went back into the beautiful highland city of Jos.

    That is the flipside of the human cost of war. So many troops linked by childbirth to Liberian and Sierra Leonean women yet the bonds can only be nurtured informally. God bless ECOMOG troops regardless.


  3. beegeagle says:

    Daniel, I have seen your last comment. The details contained there are sensitive and personal. So I am retaining them for your own sake.

    What I have just done is this – composed an email which I shall be sending to an Army PR-related address. I politely requested that they, through the Army Civil-Military Relations Department or the Chieftaincy of the Military Secretary (Army) which handles promotions, retirements and postings (i.e transfers of army personnel) and who would almost certainly have your dad’s service history in their records, help you locate your dad so that you can re-establish contact and be reunited with him.

    This is a cause which I am passionate about and have reflected on for about seven years now and if you know any ‘Nigerian ECOMOG kids’ from Liberia and Sierra Leone who are looking to reconnect with their fathers, direct them to Beegeagle’s Blog or tell them to mail me details about their dads as told to them by their mums at


    What I can do is forward their details to where they are able to assist but I cannot guarantee that their fathers will accept their paternal status as indicated by the child or his mother.

    Best of luck, Daniel.

  4. peccavi says:

    Daniel good luck in your search however more detail is needed as listed by Beeg above

    Hopefully you get to meet your Dad but as a fellow Nigerian you will always be our son and our brother

  5. beegeagle says:

    Yeah, the kid was mighty quick :-).Brimming with Nigerian agility. He is truly one of us.

    He gave me his dad’s full name, corps, his NIBATT, state of origin and even his hometown – one of those kinds where every other family has a serving or retired soldier!

    Real basis to hope that Daniel shall meet his father in no time at all. Given his age, it is clear that his dad was in Liberia at some point in 1997, as the sister republic prepared for the elections which ushered in Charles Taylor’s Presidency.

    This looks like a done deal.

  6. beegeagle says:


    I think my father has retired so I
    will really like to get in contact with
    him as soon as possible

    Please do your very best sir. May God
    bless you.

  7. beegeagle says:

    Daniel, I am holding on to your email address and telephone number for your own sake. When firm enquiries come in for you, I shall let you know.

    If you were in Nigeria, I would have taken you straight to the Nigerian Television Authority and they would gladly put your reconnection request on primetime TV. That almost never fails as either your dad, his friends, siblings or cousins would get to see you and come to get you.

    Methinks your case has a very high chance of success though. Even if you came along to Nigeria now, I could get someone to take you to your hometown in the North West and before the traditional ruler or district head gets across to ex-servicemen in his domain through the Nigerian Legion, your dad would be easily located to your great delight.

    When next you are in West Africa, you might consider flying straight to Nigeria. You are entitled to visa-free travel anywhere in the sub-region as an ECOWAS citizen. So you can fly from the USA and land in Lagos or Abuja with your mum, uncle, aunty or guardian.

    However, I doubt that it would take that long before your dad can be reached. Smile and be hopeful.

  8. Daniel, our brother from another mother. Welcome back….You are in good hands as i believe Gen Beeg would do everything possible to unite you with your dad. All the best Bro.

  9. jimmy says:

    Best of luck DANIEL, i hope in no time you will at least be reunited with your FATHER however regardless of the outcome which we all hope is a good one, We ACCEPT you as a full blooded Nigerian. It took a lot of courage for you to come out, however your quest is not in vain, look up other avenues for information especially Facebook sites which Nigerians frequent a lot ABIYAMO, the Nigerian Nostalgia Project 1960-1990 .
    Hopefully I pray you will find your father soon, and please when you do , do not judge him to harshly,because the penalty for marrying Liberian or Sierra Leonian women was real and enforced up to as recently as 2000.
    Good luck, and God’s speed.

  10. makanaky says:

    Daniel i am very certain you will meet your father and note this very well you are a Nigerian and nobody can deny you that, wellcome home and please be assured Mr Beegeagle will help you reunite with your dad.
    I am excited about you intention and best of luck.

  11. Obix says:

    Danny boy! We are here for you. Keep faith. We all pray you meet your father soon. God bless, my brother!

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