Nigerian troops in bullish mood get set for a trip into repossessed northern Borno

Nigerian troops in Maiduguri. In the background (first right) is a soldier of the Nigerian Army Desert Force.

The drive into northern Borno

Pacing through a camp from which insurgents were dislodged.

Police counterinsurgency personnel – a MOPOL cop(foreground) and a ‘red beret’ of the Counter Terrorist Unit

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  1. johnbest1 says:

    Oga beeg once again you bring us the best,keep up the good work.

  2. johnbest1 says:

    Oga beeg once again you bring us the best,keep up the good work.And thank you for the great photos

  3. beegeagle says:

    Thank you, JohnBest1. Good morning, my brother.

  4. Akin Oges says:

    The last picture is poignant: the condition of the MOPOL’s uniform with caked dry sweat and dirt proves he most probably sleeps and wake in them; this betrays the intensity and exigency of the dynamics of operations in that zone. God Bless guys. You are soldiers of good. You went, you will return with victory under your belt. Good morning Oga Beeg. Doing us proud, and doing a fantastic job Sir.

  5. Tunde Olayinka says:

    Quite impressive pictures.

    Imagine if it was the Proforce array of armoured patrol vehicles. It would have been a lot more appealing and frightening convoy than the Hilux jeeps.

    Anyways, we wish the troops the very best.

    Good job sir!

    • Akin Oges says:

      What sense is there to be stupendously rich in your pocket, and yet fearfully poor socially? The privileged individuals at the National Assembly are quite content to cart away hundreds of millions individually, yet see no sense to fortify our collective security by providing the working tools for the security outfits to do the job of providing security. The country is sufficiently rich enough to commission PROFORCE and others to manufacture the armoured vehicular needs of the security outfits in the NE. What is stopping the civil leadership to do this? Why can’t they see the danger of not taking the issues of security seriously? Is it difficult to see the potential danger of this terrorist crisis engulfing the entire nation on account of inattention and blase attitudes of those at the levers of authority? It is criminal to let things subsist the way they are. This terrorist crisis is akin to the sky threatening to fall; we are all in danger. Few weeks ago, 40 foot soldiers of BH were arrested in Lagos. Last week, the chief bomb maker of BH was arrested shortly after returning from Lagos. Go figure!!

      • camouflage1984 says:

        Oga Akin you no hear say Madam tell ASUU say FG no get money to meet their demand?

      • wocon45 says:

        @ Oga camouflage1984 I hear amoo!. Na so fear take catch me wonders shall never end sha…

      • Akin Oges says:

        @ Oga camouflage1984, Naija get over $46 billion for oyinbo bank; $1billion or $2billion from that plenty money to buy some things wey security want too much?

  6. peccavi says:

    Make una no dey show us this kind picture, its making my bones ache for sand and sweat again

    Why do the boys not have webbing, is there a reason or is it just preference? Where do they keep grenades smoke, water, extra ammo etc? Abi they wan follow the US method of keeping spare stuff in the vehicles

  7. Henry says:

    We keep saying these things over and over, and are becoming to sound like a broken stereo. The widespread use of civilian pick-up trucks for military operations is not only unfortunate, but also very shameful. There has to be a limit to the number of pick up trucks we deploy to theatres, as we are starting to look like a militia instead of a national army.

    A limited use to compliment whatever number of IFV’s, APV’s or APC is what is appropriate. Most countries from india-pakistan-mexico-brazil-south africa all use pick-up trucks in form however in each of these countries, their pick-up trucks are only meant to add up whatever number of armoured vehicles they operate. It is reckless putting the lives of soldiers who have been victims of multiple ambushes in pick-up trucks, when we can get locally sourced armoured options.

    • eyimola says:

      It is very frustrating. I freely admit that I have lost faith in the abilities of the decision making politicos.

    • Blackrev says:

      Oga henry, you never see finish. Very soon you’ll hear one governor just commissioned 200 hilux for the army. While the money for the 200 will buy more than 20 armoured vehicles from proforce.

      I still dey vex for that south african yatch wey dem wan take fight well armed pirates in delta, make i no go compound am with this hilux matter.

    • jimmy says:

      You don talk am.
      History will record how these men and women fought bravely despite people in abuja making BRAIN DEAD decisions.

  8. makanaky says:

    Do our politicians ever read articles on geopolitics, world militarily affairs, economies and how great countries evolve ?

  9. Henry says:

    @ OGA peccavi, The vests made by dicon-marom comes with pouches for extra mags, why troops prefer to tie 5 mags together with celotapes instead of putting the extra mags inside the pouches provided is beyond me.

    Dicon-marom full tactical vest comes with webbings and a holster for a soldiers secondary weapon. However I have only ever seen just 2 troops kitted in this vest. The full tactical vest should be the primary vest for troops instead of this one( pictured above).

  10. anas says:

    Hmm our boys r still usin these 4 wheel drives which r vulnerable to IEDs and small arms fire,somethin has to be done about this

  11. freeegulf says:

    shameless politicians that cant even order 70 MRAPs and 20 light helos in one go! our gallant warriors are selfless and will continue to provide excellence wherever called upon. they just need to be appreciated more and given proper kit to execute their missions. TACOS should make wearing khaki worthwhile.

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